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Celebrating Home MLM Compensation Plan Review


Welcome to my page! Hi it’s Brad here with some good news for all of you. It is not my sole purpose to be here but I would like to share something with all my readers. Do you have any idea about MLM? If your answer is ‘No’, don’t worry for I am here to discuss the entire thing. Abbreviated as MLM, multi level marketing refers to a marketing strategy involving sales people that are paid for generating sales. They are also well compensated based on people recruited by them. So, it is a serious business which requires hard work and dedication as against ‘shortcuts’. I have witnessed some cases where people look at them as instant earning opportunity. It is impossible to earn lots of money after two days or a week of joining just like any other profession. Companies like Celebrating Home provide genuine opportunities to pursue this on part time or full time basis. It won’t be like a familiar 9 to 5 job with an intimidating boss or team leader. Celebrating Home has lighted up the lives of many people through their genuine MLM opportunities. You can be one of them and keep reading to go deeper with your understanding. If you give it proper time and efforts then you can expect to earn more than 5K per week, click here to know more.

 A Quick Walkthrough of Celebrating Home MLM Compensation Plan

If you’ve come across this unbiased review, you must be gathering more information about this company. You can stay here as long as possible to not miss any information on Celebrating Home. I would be explaining you step by step to ensure well informed decision making on your part. I have tried my level best to examine the company from multiple perspectives. It is basically on the kind of products offered and MLM business opportunities available. As the name suggests, Celebrating Home specializes in offering home decoration products ranging from cookware and dinning essentials to exclusive pottery and framed art.

Celebrating Home

The Company came into origin in 2009 with the efforts of husband-wife founders namely, Penny and Steve Carlile. Home & Garden Party and the Home Interiors & Gifts were two direct selling companies merging combined to form this company. Both of these companies were formed with the intent of empowering women through career growth opportunities. Celebrating Home cares about being able to satisfy different lifestyles by offering a suitable product. With its head office in Texas, Celebrating Home has more than 50,000 independent representatives or distributors across the globe.

Home and Garden Party allowed many women to be financially independent. They have worked as home and garden designers to increase overall earnings. Similarly, another company Home

Interiors and Gift was founded which allowed women to change their lives. They have worked as decorating consultants and this business went on to gradually produce over 10,000 decorating consultants all over USA. Celebrating Home, after coming to existence following a merger has turned into one of the leading part plan home décor companies in USA. The main product categories are wall décor, scents & fragrances, dining and entertainment, home accents, patio and garden, gourmet foods, decorator florals, etc. All of these products are offered via big network of Celebrating Home designers. They are often witnessed at fundraisers, catalogue parties, home parties, etc.

The company was formed with strong Christian principles at the helm. It progresses with purpose and commitment of keeping the lives of others on track. This legitimate MLM company also features on shows and different publications. This includes Living Magazine, Good Morning America, and Family Circle. It is one of the active members of Direct Selling Association. Celebrating Home values an approach which states faith first, family second and career third. Their growing network of independent designers host unlimited home parties and events to allow freedom of building a business parallel to a full time profession.

 Review of Celebrating Home Compensation Plan

Irrespective of seeking full time career or part time business opportunities, there may be something for everyone interested. Celebrating Home comes across as proven opportunity to gain self confidence and financial freedom. Moreover, the business is well established and recognized throughout United States which is enough to prove its credibility. All of the products in different categories such as wall décor, home accents and others should be marketed well by distributors. These products are mainly reaching more and more people through occasions and events such as in-home parties, fundraisers, catalogue parties and online websites. This online platform support is provided by the company for distributors.

Many people are gradually realizing the real potential of direct sales. More and more people are starting to work for their own instead of other companies. They are banking on self employment opportunities and it’s almost the same with Celebrating Home. Independent representatives, distributors, and designers are paid as per sales volume generated by them individually. It is done by selling products on person to person basis. An independent distributor can also form a team working under him or her. The person will make money based on sales generated by downline sales force. You will have a great opportunity of earning retail profits, leadership advance incentives, team commissions, lifestyle bonuses, and more. The other option could be selecting to host a party without building the business.

Celebrating Home is a much better company compared to other MLM firms. It can provide you with a reliable income provided you’re pursuing it seriously. Some distributors tend to experience slow progress based on their marketing skills and luck to a certain extent. There are instances of representatives who’ve struggled initially but managed to earn significantly. It may happen with anyone who is short on marketing skills. The sole act of going after family members, colleagues and friends may not always provide you with best results. To achieve success in direct sales, learning the essential marketing strategies will take you places. Work hard with full dedication to turn into a motivator and later a team leader. Many distributors have done it and just like you may intend to, they had to start from scratch only.

 Membership Level of Celebrating Home MLM Compensation Plan

Getting started with Celebrating Home is quite easy which requires purchasing one of their starter kits. Turn into a celebrating home designer by purchasing one of their starter designer kits. Depending upon the total number of products to have in order to share, there are four for a selection. Most of them may just come with a price tag of $149 which is inclusive of shipping charges and applicable taxes.

After becoming a home designer, you’ll have the chance of earning 30% to 45% commissions on each product sale. When you keep on recruiting more and more distributors within the team, you’d be earning decent bonuses and get the cream as per sales numbers registered by fellow team members.

As a new distributor, you may undergo training to proceed skillfully. You can achieve a major part of the sales by organizing home parties. It is up to you to communicate and schedule these parties inviting closed ones. Friends, family members and colleagues and co-workers should be targeted. These gatherings will allow you to introduce the products within different price ranges. You should adopt a pro-active approach and accept orders apart from recruiting new designers. You should be really passionate about pursuing the MLM business opportunity. To be precise, the training undergone would be based on this kind of marketing methods.

Celebrating Home is offering hostess benefit program for distributors. It allows them to earn a decent amount of product discount and free merchandize based on the sales volume achieved at home. It provides incentives for the hostess to invite as many people as possible for attending such gatherings. More the number of friends and family members better would be the rewards. The hierarchy levels include 1st generation executive, 2nd generation executive, 2nd level designers, 3rd generation executive, 3rd level designers, 4th generation executive and it goes on.

Affiliate Program of Celebrating Home MLM Compensation Plan

It can be really easy to sell products to an already existing customer compared to someone who’s fully new. Promotion of affiliate products should be fine to sell them to the already existing customers. The affiliate products are primarily instructional web products like ebook, training based membership websites, and many other digital products. It must be used for educating the network marketers about techniques and skills for increasing the total volume. It may be relatively easy to earn up to $20-$100 commission on each sale of affiliate product.

The sale of affiliate products may bring multiple benefits. It leads to better earnings per customer and lead. The customers obtain more value out of their relationship with you which mean higher satisfaction. Repeat sales are likely to go up as those customers buying from you are likely to purchase on your recommendations in future.

Variety of kits can be there to choose from for all the starters. It may cost $149 which includes handling and shipping apart from mandatory applicable charges. They will mainly comprise of products which need to be showcased at catalog parties, home gatherings and fundraisers. Being a multi level marketing business, the method of communicating with closed ones will be applicable.

Review of Compensation Side of Celebrating Home MLM Compensation Plan

Compensation plan is particularly based on a uni-level structure. It enables you to sponsor a massive amount of distributors. A commission ranging from 30-40% on product sales is almost fixed. There are also some products which cost from $15 to $200 providing chances of gaining bonuses. Based on designated startup kit charges and minimal commission, consultant’s expected revenue after selling $1000 total product worth should be at least $201. It is much better compared to average payout in some of the well recognized MLM companies. After a sale of products worth $10,000, the expected revenue may be $2901.  Parties organized at home could be a great way of selling products across categories such as home, décor, candles, tableware, autocare, etc.

After meeting a certain sales requirements on monthly basis, the designers are eligible for personal commission rebate. It is paid at month end and calculated as a percentage of personal volume (PV). This PV thing measures the retail sales volume to check the qualification of designer for computing commission and other payments.

There is a smart start program meant for the newly joined designers during their initial months. It is basically an incentive scheme where designers receive payments as per certain factors. They can receive supplies free of cost for bringing three or more orders at the first month with Celebrating Home. There may be a reward amounting to $50 by the submission of four or extra qualified orders at the second complete month. The reward amount stands at $100 for bringing five or more orders at the third complete month with Celebrating Home. In case a designer ends up meeting the listed three requirements, she is eligible for a complete refund amount of joining fee or starting kit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Celebrating Home MLM Compensation Plan


  • Celebrating Home is a genuine and trustworthy company providing decent business opportunities. They believe in fair compensation and always promote nothing less than high quality products.
  • A well respectable management welcomes you at the company with a generous compensation structure. They are not a scam or fraud but a legitimate firm selling quality products.
  • More often, the entire thing will come down to three simple things – ability of marketing products, sponsoring fresh distributors, and ultimately duplicating these efforts.
  • You may proceed with a customized generic online and attraction marketing mechanism. It will help a great deal in promoting the business and ensure endless stream of prospects for exposing business.
  • After getting accustomed to leverage a proven web marketing mechanism, blend it with offline strategies. It may give you an edge in the competition and set the path for unstoppable growth.
  • Two companies were merged to form this single company, Celebrating Home. Both of these companies were in business for 40 years. It shows their credibility, popularity and mass appeal to a certain extent. You shouldn’t think twice and go ahead with the decision of joining.
  • Direct sales of high quality products prevent customers to seek offline retailers. There is no requirement to invest a huge capital or inventory for starting out the business independently.
  • Provided you’re doing it correctly, you’ll earn a decent commission amount in long run. There are bonuses like catalogs, travel, car, and product packages to make the most of opportunities.
  • Women who pursue this business may end up gaining some key marketing knowledge and learning essential skills. Consequently, they are likely to achieve financial freedom in long run.


  • High quality products or even low price may not always guarantee sales and profits. The ability to succeed depends on registering more and more sales. One needs to sponsor new distributors within the team and motivate them to give their best shot.
  • It can be a challenging task to find likeminded people who are interested to join the business. You need to face the challenges with patience by gradually educating yourself on successful implementation of marketing tactics.
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