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Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan Review

MLM companies are at present gaining the maximum attention of the people. It is because of the fact that these companies have the potential to provide job opportunities to millions of unemployed youths across the world. In addition to that, companies who are running their business based on this innovative commercial model are also getting more distributors to maximize the sale and promotion of their product and services in the market. It is also offering the opportunity to set up home business for those people who want to work independently on fixing their own job durations. People from other professions can also participate in this industry to earn surplus money through working part-time. These MLM companies provide the ideal platform for budding entrepreneurs to acquire the skill of leadership and team building. But the problem occurs when it comes to selecting the appropriate firm. As there are innumerable MLM firms, the choice becomes naturally difficult. However, this problem can be solved easily if you focus on your preferential are. For instance, if you have knack in the technology field, then Empower Network will be the ideal firm of your choice. Before you join, read its review first elaborating on its products, compensation plan and many more. To know more about earning better bonuses through these plans click here.

About Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan Review

This MLM firm was established in the year of 2011 and was founded by David Wood. This company is based in St, Petersburg and its sole objective is to enable the owners of small business and entrepreneurs to acquire the technique of using the internet technology for drawing large number of customers much easily. At present it is operating in more than sixty nations of the world and is still exploring the markets of other countries to launch its products. So far it has provided job opportunities to more than twenty thousand distributors and can offer more if young and hardworking people like you are ready to join this company. The company runs its business through MLM model where its distributors directly interact with the customers for selling its products. Distributors working here use the tactic of oral advertising to sale the products of this company. The firm acknowledges the hard work of every distributor and rewards them with attractive financial perks.

Products of Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan Review

This company hosts the biggest online publishing platforms and blogging communities apart from providing services and products of educational training to the owners of small and home based businesses, start up and online marketers. It offers 6 marketing and business software tools and products. These mainly include its video hosting, signature system of blogging, various coaching packages for the medium and small sized businesses, home based businesses and start up. Some of its well known products mainly include the following:

Mass Influence Formula: It mainly helps you in winning the trust and respect of your customers for influencing them to take action as per your will. This platform is based on persuasion principles and scientific influence for obtaining desired results from the people you want. It helps you in acquiring communication skills, unconscious phenomenon and linguistic patterns.

Team building formula: It comprises of the exact laws of forming business team that you can conveniently apply in your business at the time of developing your own team. Once you apply these laws in your business then you shall witness tremendous growth of qualified manpower for fetching maximum profit in your business. This online kit is also helpful for encouraging team duplication where you are having large down-line members and you want them to replicate your success.

Top Producer Formula: This online platform helps in educating people regarding the basics of online marketing. It contains the teachings of the sponsors of well known industries and is a useful tool for the start ups. You can get much valuable information regarding how to find target customers on a step to step basis. It also offers training on other aspects of online marketing which include lead generation and brand awareness.

Kalatu: This blogging platform has been primarily designed for the marketers. It helps in optimizing the online marketing initiatives of the start ups and other commercial firms. It is thoroughly customizable for meeting the requirements of every individual. It arrives with SEO tool, multiple themes and many more. Through this blog platform you can communicate your target customers more easily.

Compensation Plan of Empower Network MLM Marketing Review

The company follows a uni-line compensation structure which accommodates infinite number of down-line members in a single chain of command under a high ranking distributor of the organization. It offers surplus scope for the distributors to maximize their bonus and commission amounts. It provides you with the opportunity to earn up to seventy percent on direct sales. Apart from that on progressing to various leadership levels you will get rank advancement bonus and other residual commissions. Your bonus and commission amounts will be entirely determined on the basis of product subscription and types of products purchased at a single time.

Affiliate ranks of Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan

It mainly comprises of 8 level ranks and includes the following mentioned below:

Boss maker: Here you just have to maintain and recruit at least one affiliate who has been successful in achieving the rank of Boss. It will instantly guarantee you in achieving this position in the upcoming months.

Boss: You just need to sale any of the five products of the company either to your recruited affiliates or retail customers. This will fetch you with the position of position in the next month.

Bronze: For achieving this position, you have to generate the monthly income of $2000 in the shape of core income during any specific month. Just ensure you earn this stipulated fast so as to reach to this position quickly

Boss maker Silver: You can achieve this position once you are able to fulfill the criteria of achieving the position of Silver and boss within the same time period. The most essential criteria that you need to observe is to earn above $5,000 in the Silver position so that in the next month you can achieve this position.

Silver: For achieving this affiliate rank you need to earn at least $5000 in a given month so as to be considered for the position in the coming month.

Gold: The sole criterion to achieve this position is to start earning 10,000 in the form of commissions during any specific month.

Diamond: This position can only be achieved by those affiliates who have the potential to earn $30,000 during any specific month.

Platinum: Before reaching the position of Diamond, you have to achieve the level of Platinum. This can be easily done once you earn $20,000 then you can reach this position from where you can proceed to the level of Platinum.

Commission Qualification of Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan

There is a specific set of qualifications that are attached with every product of this company. It is on the basis of these qualifications that the commissions are actually paid on their sales. It normally begins when any affiliate of the company themselves buy any product or sale it to their retail customer or down-line member. These qualifications become quite relevant while earning in the following ways:

Direct sales bonus: It is a single time commission that is given on the basis of single time product fees and subscriptions. Here a commission of seventy percent is given on the initial monthly fees as the payment for the subscription services. Then you will also get a thirty percent commission which is given for the single time product fees.

Producer bonus

It involves receiving extra bonus percentage apart from the bonus of direct sale. The amount of this bonus is usually determined on the basis of the affiliate ranking of any distributor in the company. For your convenience I am mentioning some of these below:

Affiliates working in the position of Boss Maker have the chance of pocketing ten percent on the product subscription and ten percent on the single period product fees along with their usual commissions.

Affiliates belonging to the position of Boss have the opportunity to earn producer bonus of five percent on the product subscriptions with the single time products fee commission of ten percent together with their general bonus amounts.

Silver affiliates do earn ten percent on products subscription and five percent on the single time fee of products together with the usual bonus amounts of the direct sale.

Bronze affiliates have the chance of pocketing extra bonus amounts apart from their usual bonus. It mainly includes bonus of ten percent on product subscription with the addition of five percent single time products fee.

Leadership Bonus

It is the continuation of the additional bonus percentages and is normally paid with the Producer and direct sales bonuses. For your convenience, here are some instances on the pay structure of this bonus on the basis of ranking below:

Gold affiliates have the chance of earning five percent bonus on the products subscription of level one and two. This does not include the bonus of single time product fee.

Diamond affiliates have the scope of earning the bonus percentage of 7.5 in level one and two along with the single time products fee bonus of five percent.

Platinum affiliates have the chance of pocketing the bonus of five percent on the products subscription in level one and two.

Ways of making money with Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan 

The company offers you the bright chance of expanding your home business through selling all its products once enrolling in its affiliate program. Usually the simple way for the start ups to earn money with this firm is to begin blogging. Flagship product of the company is viral blogging system through which you can initiate blogging from the day one itself. You do not need to have special technical knowledge or skill to develop this online platform. In addition to that, it is not mandatory for you to become a web designer for making this blog website attractive. It is because this online platform will allow you to customize its appearance and other aspects according to your choice and requirements. As a member of this company, you can use its blog platform for sharing your service and business to the global audience. Its vital architecture will persuade people to log on the banners of footer, header or side to directly fetch them to sales funnel or other locations that you desire for the blog users to visit. This platform supports customization in every aspect that can suit your business to the fullest extent. Here you have the chance of earning money in three ways which include sharing the blog posts, daily blogging and to receive payment when people will visit your site in large numbers. But for that, you need to sign up with the company first and it involves very less expenditure of from your pocket.

Conclusion of Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan Review

Before closing this review, you guys must always remember that there is no better alternative to hard work. Many distributors owing to their lack lusture attitude had suffered tremendous failure in this industry. So you guys must always put your whole hearted effort and sincerity while working in this industry. It also important that you guys must stay alert from false propagandas that are usually spread by the rival competitors just to malign any established MLM firm in the market. In case of this firm also there are several rumors that have been spread in the market. The sole purpose of such wrong information is to discourage youths like you to join this company. The rival companies know pretty well that once you people are discouraged then the progress of this company will automatically stall. But as you have read the review, you know pretty well that there is nothing wrong with the company. In terms of product benefits it has not omitted any single point and in its compensation plan it has clearly enumerated the ways of income earning opportunities for the affiliates and members. So instead of wasting your time, join this firm at once.














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