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GNLD MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to GNLD MLM Compensation Plan

The French movie from the 90s, The Dinner Game, which was remade in English in 2010, as Dinner for Schmucks, is about a group of friends who each invite the biggest idiot they can find to dinner.  If your guest is the biggest idiot of all, you win.  In my quest to review as many multilevel marketing (MLM) companies as possible, it has occurred to me that there is great potential for an MLM version of the Dinner Game.  Whoever brings a pitch for the MLM company with the most ridiculous products and the dumbest business model wins.  It would be a lot more fun than the traditional MLM home sales party, and the prize money would be transferred to you more quickly and in greater amounts than your downline sales commissions.  Winning the MLM Dinner Game would certainly be easier than making it to the elusive MLM bonus pool.  But be warned.  The MLM company I have chosen as my idiotic dinner guest is Amega, home of the Amega AM Wand that mesmerizes your cytoplasm into promoting optimal cellular function.

If you have just come from an MLM pep rally of some sort (especially if it was your first one) and all you have been hearing is how nothing can possibly go wrong with the business opportunity being pitched at the event, then you may be a bit surprised to read something as cynical as the above paragraph on an MLM review site like this one.  But that is because I have been at this awhile.  The first time I walked away, starry-eyed, from an MLM pep rally was eight years ago (not as starry-eyed as the first time I walked away from a Pink Floyd planetarium show, but that is a story for another day), and last year my friend the other Brad and I started this blog, Notebook Crazy, for the purpose of reviewing as many MLM companies as possible, both the ones with which we had direct experience and the ones with which we did not.  I have seen MLM companies that sell teenybopper handbags at career woman prices, MLM companies that sell drugstore cosmetics at prices only an it girl could afford, MLM companies that sell opportunities to click on coupons for things you cannot afford even at discounted prices, and MLM companies that rely on your having the nerve to tell your friend, wife, or mother-in-law that a body-shaping garment would change her for the better. And that’s not even counting the nutraceuticals.  If MLM companies had their way, you would be drinking goji berry juice, coral calcium, aloe vera, and plankton (yes, plankton), so, understandably, I’m a bit jaded.

And then an MLM company like GNLD comes along.  When I started doing research for this GNLD review, I discovered that GNLD has been in business since 1958, which makes it a contemporary of Amway.  I also got the impression that GNLD has quite a presence in Nigeria, making it the only MLM company that I know of that has a strong foothold there.  MLM is, by nature, an international industry; Gano Excel is big in South Korea, and Agel is big in Israel, but this was the first time I had heard of an MLM company that was big in Nigeria.  Now, I know very little about Nigeria other than that it is in West Africa.  Naturally, the first question that came to my mind was whether a certain other resident of West Africa is there.

If you have been reading Notebook Crazy since I began my quest, then you can guess who I mean: Mr. Petsuchos himself, the West African crocodile.  If you are just joining us, I will fill you in on what exactly is so special about the West African crocodile.  The West African crocodile looks almost exactly like the Nile crocodile of eastern Africa, but whereas the Nile crocodile is so vicious that it will snap at you even if it just waddled away from a buffet, the West African crocodile is actually pretty chill.  There are places in West Africa where crocodiles live in rivers and lakes in areas with a sizable human population, but there have been no crocodile attacks on humans in historical memory.  Some lakes in Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana have even become tourist attractions famous for their friendly crocodiles, and you can actually go there to pet the crocodiles and even sit on them or lift up their tails.  (You can probably think of a cat that would bite you if you tried to pick up its tail.)  DNA tests performed on mummified crocodiles have recently shown that the Petsuchos, the sacred animal at the Crocodilopolis temple in Faiyum, Egypt, was a West African Crocodile.  (Presumably, the species’ range extended as far north and east as Egypt in ancient times.)

Once I went to Wikipedia to find out if the range of the West African Crocodile extends as far as Nigeria (I have mostly heard of it in connection with Burkina Faso and Ghana), I found out even more than I had bargained for.  Not only is Nigeria home to a population of West African crocodiles, but it is also inhabited by the dwarf crocodile and the critically endangered slender-snouted crocodile.  I had never heard of either of these species before.  I encourage you to search online for images of the dwarf crocodile.  Have you ever seen such a cute little fella?  They feed mostly on fish and crustaceans.  They mostly live in the tropical parts of western and central Africa, but their range also extends north to drier regions.  In the summer, when water is scarce and some flowing streams dry up into little more than patches of mud, the dwarf crocodile burrows down into the mud and aestivates.  Aestivating is the summer equivalent of hibernating.  Likewise, the slender-nosed crocodile has too small a mouth to eat anything except fish and crustaceans.

Anyway, enough about reptiles.  Onto my GNLD review.

Note: Upon further inspection, I have discovered that there are other MLM companies besides GNLD that do business in Nigeria; there are at least 14.  Some of the other MLM companies I have reviewed on this site that also do business in Nigeria include 4Life (the cow colostrum one), Agel (the vitamin gel one), Organo Gold (the fungus one), and Forever Living (the aloe vera one).  My first impression of GNLD was, however, based on the fact that when I searched for GNLD reviews, no fewer than three GNLD blogs based in Nigeria appeared on the first few pages of my search results.

GNLD: The Company and Its Products

GNLD stands for Golden NeoLife Diamite.  (NeoLife is the flagship line of GNLD products.)  Its founder, Jerry Brassfeld, suffered from allergies and asthma was a child, and his mother found that nutritional supplements improved his health, which is what inspired Brassfeld to go into the nutritional supplement business.  (That and the fact that the late 1950s were a time when nutritional supplements were becoming really popular in the United States.)  The company now operates in 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, several countries in the Caribbean, over a dozen countries in Africa, and almost every country in Europe.

The GNLD products run the gamut of nutraceuticals.  NeoLife, the company’s flagship brand, includes vitamin supplements, energy drinks, and meal replacement shakes.  Besides the NeoLife brand, there are other GNLD products, such as skin care products, hair care products, and household cleaners.

The GNLD Compensation Plan

When you enroll as a GNLD distributor, the company will set you up with your own GNLD distributor website.  You also have the option of selling the products in person, if that is more your style.  Like all MLM companies, GNLD offers GNLD distributors several ways to earn money.  The GNLD compensation plan includes the following opportunities:

  • Retail profits – GNLD distributors earn a 33% profit on the sale of GNLD products.
  • Referral Bonus – You can get referral bonuses “four levels deep” for recruitment of new GNLD distributors. Depending on how many sales the new recruits make at the beginning of their tenure as GNLD distributors, the bonus ranges from 7% to 10%.  This means that if Adam recruits Micah, Micah recruits Nancy, Nancy recruits Orville, and Orville recruits Preston, Adam can get bonuses based on all of their sales.
  • GNLD Advantage Program – If you sign up to have GNLD products sent to you on autoship, the amount of money you can get for some types of bonuses increases.
  • Advantage Distributor Add-On Bonus – You can get additional bonuses for recruiting additional “legs” of downline. Even though Adam’s recruit Micah has recruited three additional levels of downline, all of them count as only one “leg” of Adam’s downline.  To get the Advantage Distributor Bonus, Adam must have at least four legs of active downline members.  If Adam also recruits Ross, Stephanie, and Tyler, he will be eligible for the Advantage Distributor Add-On Bonus, even if none of his recruits except Micah go on to recruit other distributors.
  • Exceed Bonus – This is a bonus you can earn after advancing in rank within the company. The rank levels above Distributor are Manager, Senior Manager, Active Director, Qualified Director, Sapphire Director, Ruby Director Level 1, Ruby Director Level 2, Ruby Director Level 3, Ruby Director Level 4, Ruby Director Level 5, Diamond Director Level 1, Diamond Director Level 2, Diamond Director Level 3, Diamond Director Level 4, and Diamond Director Level 5.
  • Leadership Development Bonus- After you achieve the Qualified Director rank or higher, you stand to become eligible for this bonus. You get the bonus based on how many people in your downline have achieved Qualified Director status.
  • Infinity Bonus – This bonus is reserved for GNLD distributors who have reached the rank of Ruby Director Level 2 or higher.

The GNLD compensation plan is available in PDF form online, so you can read in detail about the requirements for all of the leadership levels and bonuses.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • GNLD helps you get started with a GNLD distributor website. That is a huge improvement over the alternatives, such as selling boring vitamin supplements at home sales parties.
  • GNLD has longevity. Think about how many companies have been founded since 1958 and how many of those are now flourishing on five continents.
  • The idea that you can get credit for recruiting as many legs of downline as possible is far preferable to the binary structure. It is great for people who are able to convince several of their friends and relatives to become distributors but cannot convince their friends and relatives to also recruit other distributors.  It is much more practical than making people achieve a long chain of downline before they can get any substantial bonuses.  And best of all, unlike with the binary structure, your commissions are not based on the less successful sellers on your sales team.


  • If you live in an area where the market is already saturated with MLM nutraceutical companies, it can be hard to compete, since, as I have mentioned before on this blog, one MLM multivitamin is quite like another.
  • No matter what the details of the compensation plan are, it is never easy to reach a high rank in an MLM company.


I include GNLD among the top ten MLM business opportunities, because it has my respect.  I cannot in good conscience call it a flash in the pan when it has lasted nearly as long as Amway and has a presence in dozens of countries.  Nutraceuticals MLM business opportunities are not my cup of tea, but if you have a plan for being successful marketing them (for example, if you already have a blog about nutrition), then GNLD is a safe bet.

Have you tried all the MLM business opportunities on my top ten list and found that you are still getting nowhere?  If so, schedule a call with me, and I can tell you what you can do to make your work from home business profitable.


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