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Job Killing MLM Compensation Plan Review


Hello everyone, it’s me Brad here. Have you ever wondered how Job Killing turned into a 6-figure earner through its simple marketing technique. This venture by Brad Campbell and Dan has changed the algorithms of online marketing. You would be amazed to know the benefits of this work and how different people are considering it as a regular business opportunity.

Since the last three decades or so, hordes of people have been taken for a ride by networking marketing companies that have mushroomed all over the place. Many people have already been swamped up by the MLM brigade and lots of people still do. If a survey were to be carried out on the number of people who’ve earned a fortune working as a business associate or distributor of a multilevel marketing company, the findings would be dismal for sure.

Brad Campbell who is now minting money and laughing all the way to the bank with his cutting-edge start-up portal-http://jobkilling.com/-once used to be just another face in the MLM crowd. While pushing the envelope as a MLM associate, he found out that there were better ways of earning a handsome amount he was already making without even having to leave home. What really pissed him and made him say goodbye to his MLM engagement(s) was that a considerable chunk of his hard-earned money was being diverted to fill the company coffers.

Secondly, more than 95% of his downline recruits were not even making 10% of the amount that they had been promised they’d be earning if they took the plunge. So, Brad Campbell, who made a 7-figure sum as an erstwhile associate marketing guru went ahead and established an internet start-up venture with Dan Klein who was already amassing a gargantuan sum as a self-established online marketing consultant. Brad who was making a killing netting nearly $35,000 by generating leads for local enterprises, bumped into Dan while surfing on the net who was also making as much, and Job Killing happened.

Job Killing provides both Brad and Dan with a platform from where not only earn an enviable sum each month but also get to keep 97% of their earnings. Before I, Brad, give you the lowdown about Job Killing let me present some facts in a clear-cut manner. Job Killing is very much unlike any MLM business you’ve heard of or may have worked with in that it’s a one-man (or woman for that matter) venture.

The best thing about working with and working for Job Killing is every dime that you earn is yours for the taking. Since you don’t need to bring anybody else into this business, it follows that you don’t need to carve up your earnings with anyone either.

Job Killing is Making Headlines


Who doesn’t like to be his or her own boss? There’s no nobody in this big, bad world that’d not give up a monotonous job in return for a life where he’d make more than what he earned from his job and yet get to spend more quality time with family and self. And Job Killing is one place where you can make the most out of your time as well as savor your freedom to the fullest.

Through Job Killing, you’ll not only be able to earn as much as you wish to but also get a kick out of making money. Without an iota of doubt, Job Killing is the most lucrative business model that you can follow in 2015 and get rich quick. And there are plenty of good reasons why you should be onboard Job Killing:-
You’ll always be guided by experienced and scrupulous mentors

You’ll always have an integrated and simple action plan to follow

You’ll get a time-tested tutorial on how to maximize your earning potential that’ll give you the impetus to chuck your job

You’ll always get the backing and support of a moneyed community of Job Killers.

About The Innovators

Job Killers was destined to become a reality because Brad Campbell and Dan Klein were ordained to meet. Brad used to be a pharmacist who soon got tired of pushing pills over the counter and it was time before he realized-“Damn, this sucks” according to his own admission. And before he knew it, he, like most other twenty-something with fire in their bellies, he was burning the midnight oil, googling for ways to rake in the moolah. After slogging for months and squandering thousands of dollars searching for that one and unique money-spinning technique, his gamble paid off.

He knew instinctively that he had struck gold when he realized that he’d be literally swimming in money if he could help improve bottom-lines of individuals and institutions by optimizing their sites. And he achieved all these not by locking himself up in the attic or garage but lolling around the poolside. He was all of 31 years old when he got down to laying the foundations of Job Killers in 2014 and was already optimistically looking forward to retirement.

As luck would have it, Brad unexpectedly came across Dan in the world of websites, and not in some conventional weekenders’ club as you might have wondered. Dan who used to be a car salesman once was earning almost as much Brad was by increasing the traffic or flow of leads to sites of local businesses. Dan and Brad after getting acquainted with each other intuitively knew that they were predestined to work in unison and that collaboration was in the offing. So, it was just a matter of time before Job Killing happened and burst upon the online realm.


What is Job Killing all About?

Job Killing happened because Brad and Dan came together to find an optimal way of exploiting the internet for maximizing personal financial gains by first improving the bottom-line of website owners. The essence behind laying the bedrock for Job Killer was simple, practicable and beneficial for both the beneficiary and the benefactor. Job Killing would go all out to drive as much traffic (read online surfers and visitors) to websites and portals as possible that in turn would lead to heightened lead generation. Increased lead creations signified that sites had more opportunities of converting leads into customers, and consequently improve the financial health.

In return, the benefactor or the individual behind the lead generator would be entitled to receive a payback or commission. And the beauty of it all is that it is not a temporary, one-time venture where you kill the golden goose and get your hands on the golden eggs. It’s a business that fetches you regular, recurrent returns and the rates or proportions at which commissions are reimbursed, burgeons and multiplies as the lead generation process becomes self-sustaining.

Now, if you’re wondering whether you can get started without investing a fortune then neither you’re very nearer to the truth nor quite far away from it. Job Killing charges a bare minimum for mentoring you on the nitty gritties of directing traffic to portals and websites with the sole objective of engendering leads for their owners. The training program comprises of making live calls to prospects under the watchful eyes of the mentors, video-coaching support, personalized Facebook account for round the clock support, and webinars.

There are a variety of payment plans to choose from including a $1,000 coaching scholarship that is offered if you fulfill certain terms and conditions. Besides the costs of mentoring program, you’ll have to spend another $100 for registering your domain name, renting web hosting services, having an UPS business address, contact number, and images for your site. Once you’re through with the training and complete all the formalities for having your own website that’ll function as a launching pad for spawning leads for online shops and outlets of local firms and businesses.

This’ll be your personal portal that’ll generate money for you for as long as you remain active by consistently creating leads for your clients. In case if you’ve ever worked for and on behalf of a MLM company, you’ll find this job much more engaging and exhilarating. You’ll really swell with pride when head honchos of large business organizations request you to support them by offering your expertise. The most beautiful part of the job is that you won’t have to chase people pleading them to join your team, in fact it’d be the other way round.

Poised to Become the Topmost Online Startup in the Near Future

It can be predicted with a substantial degree of conviction that Job Killing is poised to become the topmost online startup in the forthcoming years. There are valid and practicable reasons why Job Killing is standing on the threshold of becoming the top online business in the coming years. Since there is a crying need for all businesses to be financially viable in the world of websites, you’ll be making a windfall if you can help them accomplish their online marketing goals.

Then again, as more and more people start exploring the net for fulfilling their daily needs, the need to generate leads on a perpetual basis will always be there. In other words, as a Job Killing business associate you’ll continue to be in heavy demand for a long period of time. The Job Killing business model is no rocket science so understanding the same is unbelievably easy, and therefore eminently doable.

You don’t have to be a techno geek or very tech savvy to work as an online leads generator; just a basic knowhow of computing skills will suffice. What you’ll actually need is an insatiable urge and lust to earn by making the most out of your inherent and acquire skills. You’ll just need to make a mental image of the search engines thriving in the online world and the almost infinite number of websites squabbling and competing amongst themselves to achieve a good rank.

You’d be raring to go and get aboard Job Killing if you’re told that:-

  • 93% net surfers come back to browse after their first surfing or browsing experience and eventually become regular online users
  • 70% URL links that one gets to see on the SERPs (search engine ranking pages) of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Hotmail are original
  • Only the first page of the SERPs groupings are browsed by 75% users
  • Online surfers constitute 39% of a branded product or service’s consumers
  • 72% businesses opting for a SEO marketing plan have been able to scale up their bottom-lines

It might sound like a pipedream to you, if you’re said that sooner or later you’ll be making around at least $1000 from your site. So the best way to find out whether you’ve a whisker of a chance to make as much, you simply need to schedule a chat with either Brad or Dan.

Compensation Plan

The proof of the pudding they say is in the eating and so it’s best to update testimonials of some individuals who’ve really made some money by signing up with Job Killing. The official site of Job Killing declares in its ‘results’ pages that it has enlisted more than 1,000 students who decided to take the plunge and a majority of them are pretty excited about their performances.

Jack opines ‘booking taxi leads, wedding photography leads, carpet cleaning leads, and limo leads! Got deals in place now for all of them, and I only started working away at JK about a month back…..It’s time to start raking in the Benjamins!

Abdul Samad Farooqi, a guy who’ll soon approach the $25K/month mark says ‘BOOM! $750/month recurring baby’ He has shared two snapshots of checks-the first valued at$750 and the next of $5,000.

Ibi says that he’s clinched a deal which will pay him thousands of dollars in the subsequent years. He blogs “The following day the owner called me up and asked for us to meet! After two hours of discussion, I walked out with the following deal:

$500 for website content on my existing website

$750 for SEO (month#1)

$500 for SEO (month#2)… and so on









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