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Life Max Compensation Plan Review


The concept of multilevel marketing is becoming quite popular among today’s youth. It is providing them with the fair opportunity of displaying their hidden marketing skills to convince the customers to use the products of any company. You may have a faint image of multilevel marketing in your childhood when sales officials would knock on your door to sell the products of their companies. This image is not at all different from the present concept of multi-level marketing. But now it is not considered to be a part time job rather the bright scope of earning money through running your business from home. At present there are many MLM firms which have ushered their businesses in USA. But three things you have to keep in mind before joining such companies. These mainly include stability, quality and types of products they sell as well as compensation plan. Based on these criteria you can try your luck with Life Max. To know more about the firm and its opportunities just read the review carefully. To know more about earning more through MLM compensation plans click here.

About Life Max Compensation Plan


This MLM company was established in the year of 2008 with the sole of objective of offering customers with top quality nutritional products within affordable price. At present this firm is operating in more than thirty nations of the world with the annual revenue generation of more than $20 million. It has given employment opportunities for than twenty thousand distributors who play a vital role in the current financial prosperity of the company. These distributors directly sell the products of the company before the customers and convince them to purchase it via using the technique of oral advertising. The firm acknowledges the hard work of its distributors and rewards heavily to motivate them.

Products of Life Max compensation Plan

The main products of the company comprise of the proprietary blend of the chia seed which according to the company is the perfect manufacturing ingredients for all its health and wellness products in the market. The firm utilizes superior state of the art facilities to manufacture all its products under the supervision of experienced scientists. Every product is thoroughly tested and approved by FDA and is well packed before sending to the shopping stores. You can clearly see the expiry and manufacturing dates along with the approval seal in every label of the products. Its products are quite helpful in controlling problems like stroke, heart attack, higher level of blood pressure and diabetes. These have also been proved via third party tests. Anyone considering for consuming these chia blend products must follow the prescribed norms mentioned in every pack.

Compensation Plan of Life Max MLM Business Opportunity

As per the compensation plan of the company distributors have the scope of earning income in the following manners mentioned below:

  • Retail Sales: As a member you have the chance of earning the decent cash amount of $10 for selling each product pack of the company at a fixed retail price. When you receive the reorder for the same products from your preferred customers then you have the chance of earning the additional amount of $5. The profit that you grab here is mainly determined on the difference between the wholesale and retail price.
  • Group Bonus Volume: These payments are usually paid on weekly basis and are entirely based on ten percent of the overall volume the weakest leg within your organization. No matter how your right leg performs but if your left leg is unable to deliver the requisite sales volume then the entire effort of your team goes to vain. As a team leader your income shall be determined on the basis of the performance of the weak team.
  • Business Partnership Bonus: Members having strong team leaders in the down-line have the scope of earning this matching bonus which is mainly paid on the basis of the ten to fifty percent of the matching bonus of the down-line members. The bonus is paid on a monthly basis and if your leaders cease to perform well then you shall lose this bonus.
  • Mentor Bonus: Everytime when any of your personally enrolled distributor’s achieves the position of qualified, enrolled or activated then you have the scope of receiving this single time bonus amount of $50. This bonus has no specific time limit and so it does not matter at which time period your distributors achieve these status.
  • Senior Leadership Bonuses and Developer Bonus Pool: Such bonuses are mainly paid to those working at the highest ranks of promotional levels like Diamond Director, Ruby Director and so on. These high level bonuses are mainly paid in the form of shares from the global pool of the company on the basis of corporate sales in each month.
  • Car Bonus: If any member becoming the Platinum or Gold affiliate after joining the company within sixty days then he/she will be eligible for this bonus once achieving the membership rank of Ruby Director.
  • Leadership Travel Award: On the basis of changing criteria for qualification the firm invites the members of the Diamond Executives to travel in exotic destinations for holiday enjoyment. Sapphire Directors have to achieve the required qualifications to be eligible for such annual pleasure trips of the company.

The compensation plan of this company is making it possible for the distributors to start the initial phase of their career through earning twenty five percent of the overall sell of the products to the preferred customers. This commission percentage can be further enhanced up to 71% on the basis of their level of leadership and position in the company. Life Max follows the binary structure of payment. It implies that as the leader you need to develop both right and left legs within your organization. Sales volume of your each leg has to be traced every month and you have the scope of getting decent payment if your two legs generate the same volume.

The main advantages of this structure mainly involve the emphasis on developing quality team and the possibility of shifting the latest recruits in the down position so that you can get the scope of upgrading your downline quite easily. The disadvantage with this pay structure is that it can prevent your scope of receiving decent cash amount due to the poor performance of your weak leg. Hence it will slow your progress of receiving higher promotions in the company.

Getting Started with Life Max MLM Compensation Plan

If you are seriously considering the option of joining this company then it is better to start from the low position of distributor. Once you have acquired the basic marketing skills as the distributor then you can easily proceed to the higher levels of the company. To enroll as a distributor you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly log in to the website of the company for completing the enrolment processes in a systematic manner. During online enrolment you need to follow certain steps so that you can receive full confirmation from the company about your enrollment. In the first step you need to select your marketing area. It is better to select the nearest location for your marketing purpose so that you can easily convince your friends and relatives to use the products of the company. In the second step you need to choose and purchase the business kits of your preference. It is the most important step because these kits contain valuable training materials to develop your concept in MLM marketing. Then in the final step you need to buy the starter product kits of your choice. It is better to purchase the costly kits so that you can get more products for self consumption, selling and offering it to your neighbors for free trials. Once your enrollment is acknowledge by the company then a replicated website will be made for you. Using this site you can forward the orders and reorders of your preferred customers directly to the company.

The compensation plan of the company shall allow you to earn series of performance incentives, bonuses and commissions. Usually new representatives like you have the scope of achieving promotions up to five sales levels for reaching the position of director with extra nine leadership levels above the level of director. Every promotional level can be earned through the fixed number of down-line members with the achievement of monthly volumes within your organization. On earning promotion in each of the level there is the bright opportunity of increased commission checks as it offers access to the increasing bonuses, incentives, and group volumes. To become eligible for earning immediate commissions distributors like you need to maintain at least sixty business volume orders in every month.

For the purpose of motivating new distributors like you the firm uses opportunity presentations and videos. You shall receive all sorts of supports from the firm to develop your business from home. But you need to put focus on your MLM business otherwise your dividend will be quite lesser than your investment amounts. It will be ideal on your part if establish rapport with some of the experienced distributors of the company. Then you can easily acquire the tricks of reaching your target consumers and generating leads for your products. You must attend the conference meetings, seminars and other events of the company to sharp your skills in the multi-level marketing. The other benefit of working in this company is that you will get discount on your wholesale product purchase and the remaining expenditure you can easily compensate through selling the products at the recommended retail price. As a distributor you have the scope of fixing your own retail price. On achieving the level of Diamond Directors and Ruby Directors you get the chance of experimenting through devising unique ways of product marketing to your subordinates.

Conclusion of Life Max Compensation Plan

Now after reading this review you are well aware of the benefits, opportunities and compensation plans which are being offered by this company. However, you must realize that the industry of MLM is full of unknown challenges and tough competitions. Here many firms for the purpose of maximizing their product selling would leave no leaf unturned to malign each other before the customers. They mainly resort to baseless and fictional propaganda against each other. Unfortunately the similar is the case in respect of this company also. Many rival firms in order to ruin its reputation in the market are targeting youths like you. They simply want to discourage you people from joining this company through raising suspicions in your mind. They want to present this company as a fraudulent so that you give up the idea of joining this company. Therefore you must verify such concocted information before believing it blindly. If you consider such facts to be true then you shall be the sole sufferer but not the company. You know better anyone that this firm is quite transparent in every aspect of its marketing. Starting from products the firm has clearly specified the constituent ingredients of its products. This fact has been well established also through many third party tests which have been performed at the pressure of the rival firms.

Despite of the positive result there is no attempt from the rival companies to malign this company. Then they began to target the compensation plan of the company which according to them is a complete hoax. In terms of compensation also there is no case of hide and seek. It has clearly specified the options of earning immediate income for the distributors in its compensation plan. Not only this, it has also explained its binary compensation structure lucidly for clear understanding of the new recruits.  You will be delighted to hear that the firm rewards both male and female employees without any distinction for their hard works. The payment of every employee is delivered on time and there is no issue of factionalism and labor unrest in this company. The firm always encourages the employees to devise unique approach of marketing for acquiring more customers for the products. Therefore you should waste much time and join this company at once.








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