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SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan Review

There is no doubt that the industry of multi-level marketing will continue to exist in the near future due to its increasing popularity among the people of diverse backgrounds. It provides the most needed platform to the people who are in search of opportunities to exhibit their skills in marketing and product selling. People who are bored working in other service sectors can join this industry as it gives absolute freedom to people to set their own job durations. There are no such strict eligibility criteria to join this industry and all MLM firms are in need of distributors. As a result, many unemployed people can earn a decent living on joining these companies. At present there are many MLM companies that deal with various products and services. For the health conscious individuals like you, SevenPoint2 can be the most ideal firm. But before you join, read the review first highlighting its products, compensation plan and other exciting opportunities. People have been earning more than 5K per week through these compensation plans, to know more click here.

About SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan Review


SevenPoint2 was established in the year of 2011 and is committed to provide the best nutritional products to the consumers in the market. At present this company is operating in more than sixty nations of the world and is exploring new markets for its products in other countries of the world. The firm mainly deals with selling alkaline based products which have so far received positive response from the customers all over the world. It has created job opportunities for more than thirty thousand distributors and still is in need of dedicated and hardworking youths like you for maximizing the sale of its products. The distributors mainly use the tactic of word of mouth advertising while convincing people to purchase the products of the company. The firm acknowledges the hard work of the distributors and rewards them with attractive commission, incentives and bonus amounts.

Products of SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan Review

The company never compromises when it comes to quality of the products and always tests all such products before being released in the market. It imports all the natural ingredients of its products from reliable wholesalers and processed them in the advanced state of the art facilities. The experienced scientists of the company added permissible limits of alkaline in all its products keeping into consideration the overall health of the customers. The use of alkaline is the major achievement of this company as no other companies have tried it when supplying quality products for the consumers. Several third party and FDA approved tests have found that use of alkaline is quite beneficial for the health of people and does not cause any side-effect. Some of the well known products mainly include the following:

7.2 Shake: This clinically approved product mainly comprises of powerful blends of alkaline fiber to provide you the much needed energy while working outside. With its help you can burn the extra calories which are responsible for fat formation inside your body. You can notice the difference over your body within few days of consuming these products. It can also improve your appearance and can help in the formation of strong muscles to impress others.

7.2 Curb: This product is quite ideal in controlling your appetite, sugar cravings, weight loss, fat burning and many more. It mainly comprises of pure extracts of herbal ingredients that are perfectly blended with gluten free alkaline extracts. You can easily identify the difference when you will have less appetite within few days of consuming the product.

7.2 Greens: It is mainly used for nourishing the cells inside your body with essential alkaline extracts to develop effective defense mechanism against every type of disease. It does not contain any toxic chemicals and also replenish your lost energy through energizing your body to the fullest extent.

These are some of the products that are mentioned and if you want to acquire more knowledge about all the products, then you can contact your nearest distributor or directly visit the site of the company.

Compensation Plan of SevenPoint2 MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of the company is mainly designed for encouraging young and hardworking distributors like you. It encompasses all your requirements so that you do not have to suffer from fund crunch while opening your own home business. It is based on unilevel structure where every new distributor and preferred customers working at your disposal shall form new down-lines under you. This compensation plan allows distributors to earn in the following ways mentioned below:

Retail sales: This ensures your scope of earning immediate income once you join this company as a distributor. Here you just need to buy the company products at the wholesale price and sale it to your customers at a fixed retail price. The profit amount shall be determined on the basis of the difference between wholesale and retail costs. Not only that, you have the option of pocketing maximum profit amount once you sell products to the more number of customers.

Initial Purchasing Bonus: Here you will get a specific bonus amount from the company for every initial product order which is place by your personally enrolled distributors or customers. It is paid till four generations within the organization and also includes the up-line of the existing distributors as well. You have the scope of receiving twenty percent in the shape of bonus from the overall value of initial order. The upline belonging to the first generation shall receive ten percent while the remaining up-lines of two generations shall get five percent.

Fast Track Bonus:  When any newly recruited distributor of the company achieves different membership levels within the fixed durations of six months after joining the company, then he/she shall be considered eligible for the bonus. It is mainly a single time commission and any upline member who became eligible for this bonus shall also get extra bonus of fifty percent for sponsoring other member.

Elite Car Bonus: As per this program you will receive a monthly payment of six hundred dollars when you achieve the position of Gold and above for purchasing any luxury car like Fisker Karma or BMW. But if you fail to retain your high ranking position then you shall cease to receive this payment and have to bear the responsibility of paying miscellaneous expenditures of such car.

Matching Income Bonus: It is mainly paid to those distributors who have achieved the position of Platinum and above. It is normally paid on the basis of every uni-level commission which is generated by the enrolled distributors of the Platinum and other high ranking members of the company. The matching bonus for the Platinum members is ten percent, fifteen percent for Black diamond members and twelve percent for the Diamond members.

Leader Enrolment Pool: Each month from the overall commission payouts of the company, only two percent is drifted to the Leader Enrolment Pool of the company. Then from this pool, the appropriate bonus amounts are given to the high ranking distributors who have generated prescribed shares in a given month. It is mainly for the distributors belonging to the rank of Silver and higher.  In order to participate in this pool, your minimum share points must be seven.

Black Diamond Bonus: Against the backdrop of eight levels of payment via unilevel commissions, this infinity bonus is paid till nine levels and above. It mainly involves a flat commission of two percent and is mainly given to the members belonging to the rank of Black Diamond.

Getting Started with SevenPoint2 MLM Business Opportunity

Once you have determined to join this company, then the ideal way to start your career is to sign up for the position of distributor. In order to enroll as a distributor you can either contact your nearest distributor for filling the enrollment form or can straightaway log on to the official website of the company. While enrolling online you need to follow certain prescribed guidelines for successful enrollment. In the first stage, you have to choose your nearest marketing zone along with filling certain essential information column. In the second step you have to carefully select and then buy the appropriate business builder pack containing important training materials for shaping up your concept in multi-level marketing. It is advisable that you buy the costly pack so that you can get more materials to learn the success tricks in this industry.  Then in the final step, you have to choose and buy the product pack containing bottles of various product lines of the company. Here also you go for the costly pack so that people can take your investment seriously. Apart from that, you will get more products for personal use, selling and offering to your nearest persons for free trials. Once you have successfully completed these processes then you will receive a confirmation mail from the company on your successful enrolment. After that you will receive the link of a replicated website in your email. Then on activating this link you will forward the product order of your preferred customers and enrolled distributors directly to the company.

Training for SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan

Newly recruited distributors of the company are first given well documented introduction of the industry of multi-level marketing and then they are provided with simple explanations of different concepts associated with the industry. After properly shaping up of their concepts, distributors are then taught how to set up autonomous home business without incurring much financial loss. Apart from giving formal training of running home business, the company provides every type of support to the distributors who are not afraid of taking risk. Then the mentors of the company impart lessons on lead generation and how to locate the target customers. For motivating the existing and new distributors, the firm organizes annual events like workshops, seminars conference meetings and office parties. On participating in these events you have the chance of meeting the successful distributors of the company. Through them you can get additional inputs on how to retain and achieve success in this company.

Income Opportunity in SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan

In terms of income, the compensation plan of this company is providing you with several opportunities to maximize your commission and bonus amounts within short period of time. For instance, the retail sales enable you to earn fifteen percent profit from selling products of the company at a retail price. Then there is another option where you will receive handsome bonus amounts for enrolling new distributors and customers on a personal level to buy the product of the company. Here also your income can increase if the order generation is higher from those enrolled distributors. You will also get bonus amounts on achieving any high ranking position like Platinum within the duration of six months after joining the company. Once you join as a distributor you will have the right to devise your own marketing strategy and to claim your legitimate shares from your down-line members.

Conclusion of SevenPoint2 MLM Compensation Plan

Before wrapping up this review I must tell you that you must thoroughly read the compensation plan of any company before joining otherwise you shall have to face the consequence for your wrong decision. In addition to that, you must never give importance to the blog posts that propagate misleading information about MLM firms. These posts are merely the handiworks of the unsuccessful distributors who are scoring their vengeance against these companies. They know very well that once you guys are discouraged then the prosperity of such firms will be automatically stalled. You will be surprised to know that this wonderful company is also on their target lists. But as you guys have read this review, you know pretty well in terms of transparency this firm is much ahead. For instance, it has clearly mentioned the constituent ingredients of all its products along with the test results in the website. Even in the compensation plan, it has clearly specified the ways of earning monthly, weekly and yearly bonus and commission amounts for the distributors. There is not a single incident of employee unrest in this company and every employee works as a team. The company rewards every distributor as per their hard work and there is no discrimination. Hence, instead of wasting your time you must join this firm at once.



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