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Youngevity MLM Compensation Plan Review


The internet has become a great way to multiply your income. By devoting some time to an activity apart from regular mundane tasks, you can make a decent income. It would apply to so many things but I am here to discuss about multi level marketing, commonly abbreviated as MLM. Hello! This Brad and I’d like to share significant information which may change your life forever. I understand you’d be busy with your professional and personal life. However, if you want to achieve something, you have put the efforts in the right direction. I am here to enlighten you on this and more. MLM or multilevel marketing has transformed the lives of many people. It has provided them with financial stability which their professional failed to do. If you want to be one of them, you may keep reading my post.

Youngevity is a network marketing company operating through direct selling of health and wellness products. With a unique product line, it is offering genuine MLM opportunities to double your present income. All you need to do is devote sometime from your regular schedule and believe me it may work out like you’ve never expected. Since the establishment of this company, it has progressed faster than other MLM businesses. There are various MLM programs that can help you make more than 5K per week and prove to be a good earning opportunity. To know more about these plans click here.

A quick walkthrough of Youngevity MLM Compensation Plan 


As the name suggests, Youngevity focuses on helping the consumers to make informed decision on health. The company was started off by Dr. Joel D. Wallach in 1997 who was involved in biomedical research for a long time. After witnessing the harm inflicted by selenium deficiency and mineral insufficiencies on animals during veterinary practices, he wanted to address the issue immediately. It prompted him to come up with a series of health and wellness products. These are meant to address the nutritional deficiencies and are prepared from natural and organic sources. The consumption and use of these products improves health by ensuring the body gets the appropriate dose of omega, mineral and vitamin. To put it all together, these products help you to maintain a youthful look, both inside and outside.

Dr Wallach is referred as pioneer by many in the competitive world of research. He became a leading expert to work on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals. He has been awarded for his contribution by several prestigious organizations. All of these combined to lay the foundation of a company which would come up with product which helps in living longer, looking and feeling younger. Nutrients remained the key which the physician was accustomed to by learning from his past experience. His knowledge and expertise was enhanced by working upon thousands of autopsies including animal and human. It was almost a full circle as soon as he started off with his own study and the rest is history. The outcome of this research study was Youngevity, a unique blend of healthy products and a compensation plan. Products of the company are sold in more than 65 countries.

Review of Youngevity MLM Compensation Plan

Youngevity function through a multi level marketing structure and a massive network of independent business owners. These members advertise and market the company products, recruit others to provide such opportunities. All of the independent sales executives are paid out as per official compensation plan of the company.  Team members are well paid for their contribution and performance including personal sales, recruitment of more team members and sales conducted by team members.

User reviews on the products, compensation plan and other aspects provide a mixed perspective.  The unique product line is known have been certified by none other than FDA. This organization has also confirmed on selenium reducing the risk of some types of cancer while Omega three can lower the risk of arterial disease. Consequently, it gives the company an edge over the competitors of this field or industry. As an independent distributor of personal care products and nutritional supplements, you are also addressing the health concerns to a certain extent. The effectiveness and impact of the products against specific diseases or conditions are well proved.

The products manufactured and sold through this MLM business are different. They contain a blend of 90 essential nutrients which is missing from the diet of many people. Youngevity has produced five different product categories or supplementation programs. All of these are implementing the key nutritional formula which is a win-win situation for users or consumers. The nutritional programs cover the aspects like weight loss, health nutrition, blood sugar, digestion support, bones and joints, heart and brain, performance of athletes, etc. For the fresh users, there is a fitness quiz to find out the plan which suits their needs.

Among the flagship products of the company, there are 90 For Life Nutrition, Healthy Body Challenge, Transformation Challenge, and Distribution Enrollment Packs.  When it comes to health and wellness products, there is healthy weight loss, healthy body paks, plant derived minerals, and liquid nutrition. Youngevity has also ventured into manufacturing of beauty care and food products. The former comprises of products such as aromatherapy, essential oils, jewelry, fashion, hair-care, mineral, make up, spa and personal care. The latter features products such as energy drinks, sports drinks, Be the change coffee, wholesome foods and healthy chocolate. Home and family line up of products are also unique and up to the mark. It includes various high quality products for use and pet supplies.

With so many products in their lineup, Youngevity shows a versatility missing with other competitor companies. Thus, it is okay to place your trust and invest your time in their MLM business opportunities.

Membership levels in the Youngevity MLM Compensation Plan

There are different membership ranks assigned to distributors in the leadership ladder. It defines their retail commissions, incentives, bonuses and overall benefits. Extra performance related bonuses and stock options are also available. The compensation plan of Youngevity features the below mentioned membership ranks:

A junior sales representative or marketing director should register a personal value of 50 per month. With this target fulfilled, the new target comes to maintaining the PV level at 100 per month.  In the next leadership rank i.e. regional marketing director, you should maintain a PV of 150 per month and recruit up to three entry level sales representatives.

Executive managing director is the next rank which requires maintaining up to 250 PV. At the same time, you need to recruit up to 3 independent marketing directors. You need to have the below three levels of team members generating a minimum of 1000 general value per month.  The position up the leadership chain is senior executive managing director. It requires maintaining 250 PV per month and recruitment of a minimum of 3 regional marketing directors. The below lines of team members need to bring a minimum of 5400 general value per month.

Vice presidential marketing director requires maintaining up to 300 PV per month. There is a need to personally recruit a minimum of three senior executive marketing directors. The following three levels of team members in downline should bring in up to 7500 GV per month.

The next highest position is named as presidential marketing director. These are the sales representatives who need to register a minimum of 300 PV per month. There is also a need to recruit up to 5 senior executive marketing directors. Following three stages of downline team members need to generate up to 10,500 general value or (GV) per month. Above this position is the vice chairman marketing director, a step below the supremo. It requires maintaining 300 PV per month, recruitment of 6 senior executive marketing directors with three levels of downline generating up to 27,000 GV per month.

The last and highest position in this hierarchy is senior vice chairman marketing director. It requires maintaining up to 300 PV, recruitment of 9 senior executive marketing directors. The downline members up to three levels should be generating a minimum of 43,200 GV per month.

Affiliate Program of Youngevity Compensation Plan

Retail commission payments are offered after the sale of company products. It is paid out to non affiliates based on the difference between wholesale price and retail cost of products. As per the company’s compensation plan, it may be almost 30% of the charged retail price.

After the purchase of a CEO package by a recruited affiliate costing $399-$499, a commission amount of $100 is paid out to the person responsible for recruitment. This is a commission paid out as soon as an affiliate buys the package to join Youngevity or may be later.

The orders made by freshly recruited affiliates during the entire one month can generate up to 30% quick start bonus for the person who is responsible for this recruitment. To be eligible for quick start bonus, an affiliate needs to have an autoship order of atleast 100 PV or may be more.  Residual commissions are well paid out by using a unilevel compensation structure. Through this structure, an affiliate is placed on peak of a unilevel team. However, every personally hired affiliate is positioned below them. When the entry level or level 1 affiliate keeps on recruiting more members into their downline team, they are promoted to the next level. When the level 2 affiliates recruit more and more affiliates into their team, they progress onto the third level. The cycle goes on with this pattern to climb up the leadership ladder. A total level an affiliate is paid down depends on their exact affiliate membership ranking.

Compensation Plan in the Youngevity MLM Program

If you are seriously interested to be a part of Youngevity, it is important to be aware of their compensation structure. It is arguably one of the most generous compensation plans you’ll ever come across. To understand it clearly, one must go through the pattern of reward offered on personal sales and recruitment of downline independent distributors. There are different ways of earning a residual income by the Youngevity program. It is significant to develop a plan which is centered on specific goals and lead generation for growth.

Compensation plan of Youngevity can be categorized into several promotional ranks. As an entry level distributor, you may start off as junior marketing director. The highest rank achieved through successful completion of all stages is the position of Senior Vice Chairman. However, the entry level distribution personnel need not worry about fulfilling sales objectives. These people are paid out with 5% flat commission rate based on their product sales. After hitting up to 100 dollars in terms of sales volume, you’d be marked as an independent marketing director. With this, the commission levels would increase by up to 8% flat rate.

After crossing the first level as a new entrant, you should look out for opportunities to get as many team members as possible. Keep on recruiting more and more downline distributors in your team. It can help you to fulfill the monthly objectives and you can move to the next level. After entering a new level, you should register a sales volume of 150 dollars with three downline members for promotion.  It will gradually open up further downline payment levels which would allow you to receive payments on initial four generations within the downline.

High ranked consultants need to register 300 dollars in sales volume every month. Their overall team goals with every level till it hit senior vice chairman. With this position, make sure that your downline team is registering up to 42,000 as sales volume per month. During this stage, you may be earning from 2% to infinite depth with access to attractive bonuses and incentives.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Youngevity Compensation Plan


There are plenty of retail products featuring within the Youngevity product lines. It has something for almost everyone which is not the case with maximum health care companies. Using their products would settle the needs of many people.

-People with experience in direct sales would find it more beneficial compared to rest. You’d be provided with personal workstation along with the essential supplies to market the products. New members or sales representatives can learn a lot from the success stories of those who are place above their rank.

– Compensation plan of Youngevity is well designed to grow as per the performance levels of affiliates. There are no external factors but how you go around working hard with dedication which decides your success.

– This is a legitimate profit making opportunity as against so many other unlawful MLM companies. Everything is crystal clearly explained which leaves almost no room for confusion and misunderstanding.


As mentioned above, people with sales experience would find it more convenient. However, people with no sales experience need to work hard on their communication skills. There is no substitute to hard work, passion and dedication. One should be really passionate to progress beyond the fear of failure.

-The internet is full of criticisms for MLM companies and their schemes. However, these are usually written and spread by people who’ve failed to make a mark in their MLM careers. It shows that only a limited number of people taste the sweetness of success.






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