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Zija International MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Zija International MLM Compensation Plan

People working in other sectors are becoming increasingly interested to work in various multi-level marketing firms. They know very well that this MLM industry has emerged to stay forever and there is no such alternative industry at present to challenge its existence in the market. Another cause for such interest is the never ending demands of workers which never ceases even during the time of global recessions in this industry. Multi-level marketing firms also ensure that you develop your leadership skills to lead your down-line members in the right direction. Here people working in other sectors can participate for earning handsome incomes. But above all, in MLM you get freedom to display your product selling and marketing skills in your own ways. Now if you want to work with any MLM company, then you guys can opt for Zija International. This MLM firm is quite ideal for health conscious persons to acquire knowledge about its products and to demonstrate their benefits before the target audience. Before joining this company, properly study its compensation plans and other facts in this review for your own benefits. People have been earning more than 5K per week through these compensation plans, to know more click here.

About Zija International MLM Compensation Plan


Zija International was established in 2004 with the ultimate purpose of offering quality nutritional supplements to the consumers within reasonable prices. At present this company is operating over more than forty nations of the world and is exploring new markets to sell its products. All its products have received positive reviews from the customers and the firm is exploring the possibilities to provide advance nutritional products to the customers at cost effective prices. More than twenty thousand distributors are now working with this firm and it has no problem to accommodate additional workforces at its disposal. These distributors sale the products of the company using the skills of oral advertising and receive encouragement from this company to adopt innovative approaches. The company rewards them with attractive financial perks in order to acknowledge their hard working efforts.

Products of Zija International MLM Compensation Plan

The company thoroughly checks the quality of the manufacturing ingredients that it buys from trusted wholesalers. After that, these items are forwarded to the advanced manufacturing facilities of the company to process them under the supervision of experienced scientists. Every third party and FDA accredited tests have not found the existence of toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients in its products. The company ensures tight sealing of the product packets to prevent entry of germs and loss of essential nutrients. Some of its exciting products are:

Smartmix: This product is quite ideal to clear your digestive tracts and other harmful toxic chemicals from your body. This dietary supplement can be added with a glass of water and can be taken any time. Its herbal extracts completely dissolves inside your body and improves the overall digestive functions within few weeks of consumption. Other than that this product also improves blood circulation in your body and increases mental sharpness.

XM Protein: This nutritional shake comprises of essential minerals to reduce your fatty layer to a considerable extent. You can automatically notice the difference on having a slim and stout body within few weeks of using this item. To prevent cholesterol and obesity there is no better alternative than this one. It also assists in compensating your body with nourishing elements and helps in proper muscular developments.

Daily Moisturizer: It is a light and silky quick absorbing body lotion which is quite ideal for rejuvenating the younger appearance of your skin and other affected areas. It removes your skin wrinkles within fortnight and nourishes your skin tissues to the fullest extent. It prevents your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays but allows accumulation of Vitamin D inside your body.

Compensation Plan of Zija International MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of the company allows distributors to earn in the following ways mentioned below:

  • Retail Sales: It provides you with the chance of earning immediate income when you begin your career as a distributor in this company. You just have to purchase the products of the company at the wholesale price and sale it to your preferred customers at a fixed retail price. The profit is determined on the basis of the difference between wholesale and retail costs which is approximately twenty percent on the sale of every product. With increasing product order from the customers, you can have double the amounts in your pocket.
  • Leadership Check Match Pool: Here you have the scope of receiving handsome shares from the team commissions of your enrolled distributors along with their down-line team members within the organization. It is continued up to eight generations and if the down-lines of your enrolled distributors and that of their members continue to expand, then it will guarantee surplus matching shares in your coffer.
  • Team Commissions:  It is the considered to be the backbone of this compensation plan. Here you possess the advantage of to be placed in any of the two legs as per the situation within the group of your own sponsors. After that you will be compensated with fair amounts of commissions if you successfully build your own legs. It will not only ensure commissions from your personal sales but also that from the sales volumes of the down-line members of both legs within your organization. These commission amounts are entirely determined on the basis of specific volume generation both from your teams along with you.
  • Diamond Leadership Pools: The company has reserved till four percent of the overall commissionable volumes for the eligible executives of the Diamond. When you continue to progress the ladder of leadership levels along with the creation successful of leaders in the down-line, there is the high possibility of earning more points in this pool. Here the bonus is given on weekly basis and the amount is determined on your proportional earning in this pool.
  • Multiple Business Center: When there is a rapid growth of your organization, it provides you with the opportunity of sponsoring your investment through adding extra business centers within the existing number of centers. As a result you have the bright chance of earning decent commission amounts of about $10,000 in every weak along with other regular payments. It normally begins from the Diamond executive ranks. For instance, on achieving the position of Triple Diamond you shall receive the second commercial centers and on reaching the position of Diamond Elite you will get to set another two commercial centers.
  • One Time Bonuses: These are normally paid for advancing various levels of Diamond Elite rank and are paid on a single time basis. The amounts are revised on the basis of your individual performance along with that of your enrolled leaders in your both legs.
  • Special Promotions: The company has promotional incentives and bonus amounts for its successful distributors who have greatly improved its profit margin through stunning sales volumes on a personal capacity as well as that of building solid down-line members in both legs. Through these attractive awards the firm maximizes the motivational level of its distributors to take various uncommon marketing and product selling routes.
  • Luxury Car Program: On achieving the rank of Gold you will become automatically qualified for the luxurious car program of the company. Your bonus amounts shall be utilized for buying and maintaining Benz car along with other miscellaneous expenditures. But to receive this amount continuously you have to either retain your existing higher rank or achieve the new one.

Getting Started with Zija International MLM Compensation Plan

The best way to start with this company is to join as a distributor. For that you need to contact your nearest distributor for obtaining the enrollment form. Other than that you can straightaway log on to the website of the company to begin the enrollment process yourself. During online enrollment you need to follow certain steps to complete your enrollment task successfully. In the first step you have to choose your market area and also have to fill certain information columns. In the second step you need to select and buy the optional business builder pack containing training modules. You will be benefitted much if you purchase the costly pack which contains more training manuals and other advanced training tools. In the final step you have to carefully select and purchase the optional product pack. Here also you must purchase the costly pack so that you get additional products for personal consumption, selling and to offer your nearest persons for free trials. Another advantage of buying costly product pack is that you can grab the attention of the target customers quite easily as they will take your investment quite seriously. Once you have successfully completed these steps then you will receive a confirmation mail from the company on your successful enrollment. After that a replicated website shall be generated on your name from where you shall forward the product orders of your customers directly to the company.

Business Opportunity of Zija International MLM Compensation Plan

Before joining any MLM firm, always study its compensation plan properly so that you do not have to regret later for not getting adequate remuneration from the management. The compensation plan of Zija International, unlike other companies, is much flexible and dynamic as it allows distributors to earn money in multiple ways as possible. You have the chance of earning money as soon as you land up with the job of distributor in the shape of retail sales. You will not only get commissions for generating decent sales volumes but also for enrolling new customers and distributors to use and purchase the products of the company. In addition to that, when your organization will grow then as a mentor and team leader you have the right to obtain a share from the sales volumes of your enrolled distributors and that of their down-line members in the form of team commissions. As a distributor you will also have the privilege to fix your own marketing and product selling strategy without any interference from the top-line.

Training for Zija International MLM Compensation Plan

The company usually offers formal training of setting up home business with less financial loss to the distributors. But at the same time it also encourages distributors to adopt unique approaches and imparts special skill training to such risk loving distributors. They also receive training on building sold down-lines and to generate leads for the products. For increasing the motivation of the distributors, the company regularly organizes annual conferences, workshops and other official events to enable them to meet with its some of the successful distributors. In order to firmly develop the basic concepts of MLM, it will be quite appropriate on your part to establish rapport with the experienced distributor of the company. It will not only help you in learning the tricks of achieving success in this industry but will also help you in the practical field of selling product.

Conclusion of Zija International MLM Compensation Plan

Before wrapping up this review, it is my responsibility to warn you in advance that it is not so easy to achieve success in MLM industry. Distributors like you normally take 3-5 years to settle down in this industry because of its high competitive environment. You need to have sharp focus and determination to succeed in your goal. Apart from that, you will encounter various fake posts in the website which are spreading negative feedbacks about the firms of this industry. These blog posts are merely the handiworks of unsuccessful distributors who are avenging their anger against these companies. Unfortunately this company is also falling under their attack list. But now you guys have read the review, you know well that there is nothing wrong in this company. For instance, in terms of its products it has clearly mentioned the manufacturing ingredients along with the outcomes of various accredited tests. In compensation plan also, it has clearly elaborated the immediate money earning options for the distributors. It has not concealed any single fact from the people and has furnished detail report of its annual average income in its website. There is no issue of employee unrest in this company and everyone works as a team. Hence you must not waste your precious time and join this company at once.







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