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This is going to be all about me and this site!  The notebook crazy person here!

I am 33 years old and have owned my own business since I was 25.  Basically I do everything in my power to not get a real job.  This would be why I am so experienced in the industry known as MLM.  I have certainly had my share of successes as well as failures.

Around December 2014 my life completely changed with my latest business venture…but we’ll get to that later.  Right now I want to tell you a little about what this site is going to be.

NotebookCrazy.com is where I’ll be keeping a digital diary — a notebook — of direct sales compensation plan reviews.

Some of ’em I have personal experience with; others, I just do the due diligence for you and present the facts, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to join whatever company’s business opportunity you’re thinking about joining.

I’ll also be introducing you to my partner — also a “Brad” — to tell you a little more about what we’ve been up to, outside of MLM.

Brad used to be a top earner in one of these new school, online network marketing opportunities but in sponsoring nearly 400 independent distributors in a little over a year… he noticed something: MLM on the internet doesn’t exactly work.

I mean, it does, and it doesn’t.  It can work for a little while, but in the end, you slit your own wrists.  Your success becomes your ultimate downfall.  How so?  Well, Brad will tell you more about this in his videos, but essentially, there’s only so much qualified MLM traffic online.

And once a few key players are “hogging up those lanes,” it becomes nearly impossible for anyone else to step in and compete.

What Brad taught me — and what we both do now — solves the saturation problem.  It also eliminates the annoying aspects of MLM that everyone hates: selling to friends and family, 3-way calls, home parties, being a hypocrite (“Hey, come join me in company XYZ and make lots of money… even though I never have!”).


You get the idea: we know we’ve got a solution for the network marketing pollution you’re dealing with daily.  And the other Brad will be sharing it with you in his upcoming video series.  Keep an eye out for that.

The Market has so many options….. Where should I begin with..

The key to a successful MLM business is to start with selection of the right company. Just to give you an idea, MLM is that kind of marketing strategy which utilizes the sales force for generating the sales that they in the end get compensated for. Moreover, they get paid for the sales which the other people make. Sounds interesting, but WAIT.. It does needs efforts and polished skills.

Moreover, you have to make sure that not only you but the people downline which you refer are working in the manner they should be. With more sales and more people beneath you make more money.

It is ideally a great platform we believe. However, there are too many scams to turn you off. YES its true.. we have loads of scammers…. But hey…. There is definitely opportunities which are genuine and can do wonders to your income. These programs value your efforts and the pyramid you create for enhancing your potential to make money. However, don’t fall trap to offers which promise you more than real life.

This is where we try to help you out and make sure you don’t waste your time in choosing the wrong type of business possibility. In this business it needs your whole hearted effort be it full time or part time. There are situations where people start off good and make a pyramid which is quite decent, but in a short time they start reducing their efforts and hence lead to frustrations with reduced sales.

Our experience says that best MLM companies care for their employees and would never try to take advantage from them. But there is a long list of companies which you would hate to work with just for the reputation they have.

Areas to look into when selecting a company or a networking program is to evaluate the existing opportunities and the things which those prospective companies have been doing.

Scrutinize the compensation schemes? Yes you should…. Rather this is what you should look deeply so that you are aware of the opportunities which are up for grabs and how you could make the best out of it.

Following it up, you would a road-map, a plan or a laid down structure like any other business would do. You would not become a millionaire overnight, but the plan makes sure you get steady income over and over again.

Work hard and be willing to learn is the way forward. For everything else you have us here..


How Can We Help You?

Most people join any networking or MLM company as they get the freedom for working on their terms and when they want to. The flexibility and liberty allows them to be their own bosses besides being a part of a reputed brand altogether. On the other hand, even if you have a full time job, you are free to add some extra bucks with the part time opportunity with these programs. Sounds Quite Good Right?

Even we think so…But seems difficult or impossible?

Well then don’t worry we are happy to help you.

SIMPLY SPEAKING!! We will guide you and help you get more leads, get more reps and turn out to be a Top Earner for any MLM program you might like to choose. To know more about our experiences and from what exactly we gained the experience over the mastery for marketing techniques, I would recommend watching our videos.

Once you watch our videos you would come to know why something is like it is and what do you need to know for making sure that thing works. Quite Complicated? Ehh… well we would simply help you out to develop a strong prospecting and closing skills which would make you a good businessman.

To explain you a step at a time we would like to compile what constitutes of the entire process.

  • Add power and potential for online marketing and networking: When each of us joined our own business way
    • back a couple of years ago, trust us WE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT.. To top on to it, we had no mentor or a professional expert to guide through the right process. However, utilizing the opportunities which came our way and backing it up it up by our curiosity to learn more, we went ahead and grasped all the knowledge which could help us make things better. The role of online world did help us a lot. Being an expert for the slippery slope and acquiring the ability of collegiate athlete, the online networking and marketing added a wheel to our entrepreneurialism. Besides offline marketing was just what we started loving when we saw the eagerness among others regarding the opportunities offered. Thus we would offer details, reviews, guides, videos, and what not to help you understand the best approach and help you grow. The focus would always be around strengthen the networking abilities and mastering the online marketing techniques.
    • Ways and Ideas to earn in today’s world: By being a part of the industry and inputs from within, our internal quality controlled research as well as case studies helps to understand the ways and ideas for earning this year. It doesn’t matter if the size, shape or form is different, we are aware of the best approaches which could drive customers to you with tricks and approaches best suited for the present times. As we said, it would be mastered by saving time, money, energy and teaching the ways to exploit as well as execute the best level strategies.
    • Leverage on the opportunity which you have on hand: Our collective effort would be to help you develop a dream work system which saves money, time and energy. Offering you expert research as well as rankings which are vital and creates a profitable, durable, residual, reliable as well as a flexible income stream. The ideal objective here would be to pin point the areas where you can have the first steps for success. SO what you are waiting for, let us develop the best opportunity for the opportunity of a lifetime.
    • Offer detailed training in order to control digital terrain: Our Dedicated ideas and approaches would help you the ways in which experts who are likeminded exercise their efforts and pool in resources which is done by sharing of different skill sets and hence transforming the talent into a profitable venture. Having loads of 1st hand experience clubbed with direct knowledge, we are damn confident that our ability for delivering help for sustaining and expanding your business would be super easy.

    So What do You Need to do?

    After, understanding all what we spoke of above, We are sure that you would be delighted as how could you proceed and use our expertise. In order to do so, we won’t charge you fortune but offer our services for free. You would only need to keep following our regular releases and reviews on the website to stay updated.

    We would be releasing videos off and on to make things much better for you. It is your time, your effort and your choice when it comes to learn the art of marketing and MLM. You would not need any kind of dedicated time sets but just the time whenever you feel like it.

    Why Do You Need US?

    I know, you must be wondering, the stuff we spoke of is something you could do yourself. We definitely believe you can and you have the potential. But won’t you like to go through a smooth road instead of travelling on a road which is full of hindrances and troubles? Definitely you will like to do so.

    The point which we make here is the fact that each of us have the talent and the ability of transforming a business and making it a living.

    But…. It’s the help or proper guidance which could save you fortunes and yes a lot of time. Climbing up the ladder would be damn easy when you know the locks of the door. Similarly, once you are aware what is right and what is wrong which only people with experience can say, there is no stopping you from reaching heights.

    You may be new or still struggling to get the best out of the MLM business you started off with so much expectations….. we would help you leap those with ease. Your sponsored or a friend might be doing way good in the same league but you aren’t making the same money? This is not something to be disappointed with, but it is a place to introspect and understand what you are doing right and what is wrong.

    But now with us around….

    You would not have to worry about anything. Definitely we are not going to bore you with the old technical approaches to list down the market, chase your friend or family members, do some cold callings, and keep on preparing a plan. Those Days Are Just GONE!!!

    The point is that the above does not work in most of the cases. Additionally, they are not too good or super fun to spend your invaluable time on. With our tactics and network marketing business of the group through you could surge to better levels.

    Doing the above would today land in a spot where you friends might start ignoring you or strop returning your calls. You might start working much harder and may be waste more of your time in attempts to keep up to your expectations. We regard this as the one element which makes you end up frustrated and eventually the business you started with t crumble.

    However, with us around, it need not be that way. Really you can be rest assured, it’s much easier than what you believe it to be. We would with your knowledge and experience guide you to effectively as well as quickly create a large network marketing business.

    Any Questions? Any Doubts? Any Suggestions?

    We welcome them all. Just shoot your queries and we would be glad if we could be of some help. Other than that stay tuned to our website for updates, reviews, videos, help, stories, and lots more from the world of network marketing.