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Amore Pacific MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Amore Pacific MLM Compensation Plan

I thought I’d seen it all in the multilevel marketing (MLM) world, but this Amore Pacific review contains a twist that even I didn’t see coming.

Amore Pacific: The Company and Its Products

Much of the information about the Amore Pacific business opportunity in this Amore Pacific review comes not from another Amore Pacific review but rather from an article in Forbes Asia about the history of the Amore Pacific business opportunity. Like so many of the multilevel marketing (MLM) companies I have reviewed on this site, Amore Pacific started out as a family business.  The story of the Amore Pacific business opportunity begins long ago, in the 1930s, when direct sales made sense and door to door selling was the norm, before there were cynical social media posts promising to make you a debt-free business owner within the year if only you would host one or more parties a month in which you sell nutritional supplements or personal care products that are allegedly so irresistible that your cash-strapped friends of friends will come up with a way to pay for them.  This is not to say that there were no questionable nutritional supplements before the Internet age or before the “Me Generation” of the 1980s.  In the 1950s, it was clear to TV audiences that Lucy Ricardo’s plan to get rich selling Vitameatavegamin was misguided, and I believe that the term “snake oil” dates back to the 19th century.  It’s just that selling products directly to your neighbors made a lot more sense back then, before it was affordable and time efficient for your friends to drive to the outlet mall or order vitamin supplements online.

In the 1930s in Korea, traveling salesmen used to sell camellias, the flowers of Camellia sinensis, the plant from which tea is made.  Yun Dok-Jeong, a mother of six children in a small town called Gaesong, started the business that eventually became Amore Pacific when she started making hair conditioners from oils she extracted from the camellias and selling them from a small shop in town.  Gaesong is now part of North Korea, but at the time that Mrs. Yun started making Amore Pacific products, Korea was all one country.  Of all of Mrs. Yun’s six children, the one that took the most active role in the business was her son Suh Sung-Whan.  He used to ride his bike to neighboring towns, sometimes biking as far as 88 miles in a single day, in order to collect bottles and other supplies for his mother’s business.  By 1945, when Suh Sung-Whan was a young man, he took over the business, which had expanded its product line from just camellia-based hair treatments to also include skin creams.

Under Suh’s leadership, the business remained strong, even though Korea was undergoing a period of instability.  Japan’s occupation of Korea ended in 1945, and the Korean War began several years later, resulting in the partition of Korea in 1953.  By this time, the family’s business was headquartered in South Korea.  Suh Sung-Whan named the business “Taepyeongyang”, which means “Pacific Ocean” in Korean.  It was always part of Suh’s vision to expand the business beyond the Korean Peninsula, but before that could happen, he made two other important business decisions that were essential to the company’s survival during the difficult years following the war.

Suh Sung-Whan opened a research lab in 1954, for the purpose of testing and developing new Amore Pacific products.  It was part of his business strategy to develop new products and refine the formulae of existing ones on a continual basis, and even today, Amore Pacific devotes 3% of its budget to research and development.  According to Forbes Asia, Amore Pacific was the first personal care product company to establish its own research lab.  Another important business decision that shaped the Amore Pacific business opportunity was that, in 1964, the company adopted what would today be called a direct sales business model.  Women would sell Amore Pacific products door to door.  The “Amore girls” became as recognizable in South Korea as the Mary Kay ladies were in Texas around the same time, except that many of the Amore girls were war widows whose income from the sale of Amore Pacific products was their only means of supporting their children in postwar South Korea.

According to Forbes Asia, Amore Pacific was the first company to make personal care products out of certain ingredients which later became globally popular.  How many times has someone made the ginseng content of an MLM product the focus of a sales pitch of which you were on the receiving end?  Well, Amore Pacific products have been made with ginseng since 1966, when Mary Kay pink Cadillacs were about the same size as most of the other cars on the road.  If you are reading this Amore Pacific review, the there is a very good chance that, at some time in the last year, someone has told you, either in person or over the Internet, that matcha green tea would make you healthier and better looking.  Once again, Amore Pacific is ahead of the game.  It has been making skincare products out of green tea since 1979.

Today Suh Sung-Whan’s son Suh Kyung-Bae is the chairman of Amore Pacific.  The company has a number of different product lines which are sold in stores in the United States.  I was able to find listings for Amore Pacific products on the websites of U.S. department stores including Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.  It seems that there is quite a price range for Amore Pacific products, with some of them being luxurious and others more affordable.  Amore Pacific products have gotten celebrity endorsements in China and South Korea, which has even further increased their popularity in those markets.

The Amore Pacific Compensation Plan

Now here is where things get complicated.  The history of Amore Pacific is well attested online, including in big, mainstream publications like Forbes.  When you search for Amore Pacific products online, you find them for sale at several multinational department stores.  You can also find Amore Pacific products for sale on the Amore Pacific website, which looks the way the website of a big, international retailer should look.  So far so good, but what about the Amore Pacific compensation plan?

The websites of most MLM companies have a tab that says “opportunity” or something similar, and the more honest of those have a link on their Opportunity page that lets you open the compensation plan document.  The Amore Pacific website, however, does not contain any mention whatsoever of an Amore Pacific business opportunity or an Amore Pacific compensation plan.

What I did find, however, was an Amore Pacific review on the MLM review site MLM brothers.  It purports to evaluate the Amore Pacific business opportunity and the Amore Pacific compensation plan, and when I first decided to write an Amore Pacific review, I took the existence of the MLM Brothers Amore Pacific review as existence of an Amore Pacific MLM compensation plan.  This was before I read the MLM Brothers’ Amore Pacific review.  I simply saw the headline in my list of search results and decided to add Amore Pacific to my list of MLM companies to review.  And now it is all making sense.

The Amore Pacific website does not say anything about an Amore Pacific business opportunity or an Amore Pacific compensation plan, and neither does the Forbes Asia article.  It is true that some companies that sell products in stores have an MLM division; one such company is Swarovski Crystal.  This made me think that there must be Amore Pacific products sold in stores and a separate line of Amore Pacific products sold through MLM, which is what Swarovski does.

Having discovered all of this, the more I reread the Amore Pacific review, the fishier it sounds.  It looks like a classic exercise in the search engine optimization (SEO) tactics typical of the MLM review industry which, based on my firsthand experience with both, is not squeaky clean but is definitely less sleazy than the MLM industry itself, the one that involves actually dealing in the sale of MLM merchandise and the recruitments of MLM distributors.  Listen, I’m not trying to get on my high horse.  It’s not like I have never had a little fun with SEO here on this blog.  (Case in point, one of these days, “quadruple crown diamond barf” is going to be a trending term on Google.)  But I at least review MLM companies that exist.

I should have seen the writing on the wall.  Everything the MLM Brothers Amore Pacific review says about the Amore Pacific compensation plan is perfectly generic.  It even uses the Google-baiting keyword “Is Amore Pacific a scam” as a bold headline.  So I guess I owe you an apology.  The MLM Brothers Amore Pacific review misled me into writing this Amore Pacific review.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Amore Pacific is a reputable brand with name recognition, and best of all it is known for something other than being an MLM. It is sold in stores that even shopophobes like me have actually heard of.  (I admit that I had not heard of Amore Pacific before I set about writing this Amore Pacific review, but then again, I am clearly not the target audience for Amore Pacific products, and furthermore, if there is such a thing as a shopaholic, then there must be such a thing as a shopophobe.)
  • In researching and writing this Amore Pacific review, I learned more about the history of Korea than I had ever known. I also don’t think I knew that tea and the camellia come from the same plant.
  • There may not even be an Amore Pacific MLM business opportunity. The evidence I found for the existence of an Amore Pacific compensation plan was so scant that it left me wondering whether the Amore Pacific compensation plan even exists.  I can only see that as a good thing.  I know I always count it as a disadvantage when MLMs are secretive about their compensation plan documents, and worse, when they make you pay to see them.  And then, in the worst case, there are companies that have an MLM compensation plan, but no products, the worst case scenario being OneCoin, the MLM company that sells opportunities to invest in a virtual currency that doesn’t even exist.  (I don’t mean that, being a virtual currency, it doesn’t physically exist.  I mean it doesn’t exist at all, not even as computer code.)  But a company that just sells products and doesn’t deal with all the MLM madness?  That is music to my ears.


  • Amore Pacific products are sold in stores. Therefore, if people want to buy them, they will buy them from the store instead of going through all the hassle of buying them from you “in order to help you realize your dream of owning your own business” or whatever desperate plea you throw at them when they point out that they can buy Amore Pacific products from the store without dealing with MLM.


As companies go, Amore Pacific is the real deal.  It is not just another copycat MLM upstart selling low quality products at exorbitant prices and under the pretense of outrageous gimmicks.  I see no reason not to buy Amore Pacific products if you want them, and I see even more reason to buy them if you can get them at lower prices than those for which they are listed on the websites of department stores.  (I happen to be among the people who consider department store prices exorbitant, and there are many here in my little corner of the Midwest who are inclined to agree with me on this matter.)  None of this, however, justifies going through the charade of MLM and the suspension of logic and of business sense that it requires.  That is, if the Amore Pacific MLM compensation plan even exists.  In short, Amore Pacific products, yes.  Amore Pacific business opportunity, no.

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