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Ampegy MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Ampegy MLM Compensation Plan

If you have just arrived on this page through an accident of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), let’s say, if you Googled “classic rock band origin stories” or “world’s most beautiful fungus” (or, if you’re a true kindred spirit, by Googling “Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoises” or “placebo receptors”), this is what is going on.  I am Brad, and, like my fellow Midwesterners the Blues Brothers, I am on a mission.  Unlike my fellow Midwestern Blues Brothers, the purpose of my mission is not to get the band back together, although there have been many stations along the way that reminded me of bands I wish would get back together.  The purpose of my mission is to review as many multilevel marketing (MLM) companies as I can set the sites of my Google searches on, and to everyone who does SEO all those companies I have not gotten around to reviewing yet because they have not yet turned up in any of my Google searches, shame on you.  How do you ever expect any future members to find you?  I am a researcher by nature; I love clicking through page after page of search results.  The people who believe everything they read about MLM.

But enough admonitions about SEO.  If you arrived her on purpose and not through the alchemy of SEO, then that is not why you’re here.  (If you want to read more admonitions about SEO, I encourage you to read my review of Pure Leverage on this very blog.)  In all likelihood, the reason you are here is to investigate MLM business opportunities, so I will not make you wait to read my Ampegy review.

But in case you are a fellow traveler, finding out as much as you can about all the MLM companies out there, and there are many more than I imagined there would be when I walked out of the movie theater after seeing The Big Short a few days after Christmas, fired up to get the truth out about an industry that preys on people’s lack of research skills, I will tell you a little bit about some of the things I have discovered on my quest.  First of all, I hate vitamins.  I was never crazy about them, but I would be lying if I said I had never tried to sell them as part of a MLM business opportunity.  The fact that there are boxes of unsold vitamins still piled up in my basement (and yours, too, let’s be honest) is not what makes me hate them.  The reason I hate vitamins is that there are so many MLM companies who think that people are foolish enough to spend big bucks on an opportunity to sell an overpriced version of the vitamins they can buy at Meijer, and people keep falling for it.  Another thing I discovered is that vitamins are just one of the silly ideas that keep getting repeated ad nauseam in the MLM industry.  It is as though a business that prides itself on offering “outside the box” business opportunities is a desolate wasteland of unoriginality.  So many MLM companies have a binary structure as part of their compensation plan (barf) or want you to sell your merchandise to your longsuffering cousins and neighbors at home parties (quadruple crown diamond barf), and don’t even get me started on how the leadership levels in all those MLM companies start to sound alike.  Sometimes it gets so depressing that I have to throw in something like a shaggy dog story about rock bands and SEO to lighten the mood.

One day, I got so sick of reading about vitamin supplements and other nutraceuticals that will supposedly make your life take 180 degree turn for the better that I decided to borrow a lyric from the old song “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” and hang the jerk who invented vitamins.  I discovered that there is not just one person on whom we can blame our society’s willingness to abandon all financial literacy as soon as a pill or smoothie promises to make them thin and alert.  Since Ampegy is an MLM business opportunity that owes its existence to the deregulation of the energy market, while doing research for my Ampegy review, I started to wonder how and why the deregulation of the energy market got started and which other sectors have been deregulated, so I did some research.

What I found out was too much to condense into my Ampegy review or, generally, to write about on a light-hearted blog that reviews MLM business opportunities.  I read about the days of the Gilded Age capitalists with their mansions and their monopolies, about the Progressives who, even before World War I, were calling out the big corporations on their excesses.  I read about the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and about how Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and William Taft placed more regulations on business than their predecessors.  Meanwhile, Presidents Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge relaxed some of these regulations, and then, in an effort to rebuild the U.S. economy in the wake of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced new regulations.  As for the presidents after Franklin Roosevelt, that is recent enough that, if you listen carefully, you can still hear your relatives bicker about their economic polices over Thanksgiving dinner.

All in all, it was a good way to spend an afternoon during an election year.  It was a useful exercise in civics to think about what Presidents actually do.  Too often, and thanks to our short attention spans that only focus on pop culture, it is easy just to think of Calvin Coolidge as a curmudgeon of few words and to remember Teddy Roosevelt only for being all kinds of awesome and for having a son named Kermit and a pet snake named Emily Spinach.  I cannot say with certainty that government deregulation of industries is always good or always bad.

I also did not find a shocking story about the events surrounding the passage of the law in 1996 that relaxed regulations on the energy sector.  This law made it possible for Ampegy and other companies to sell electricity and natural gas within an MLM business model, the way that some other MLMs sell vitamin supplements, cosmetics, and the occasional magic wand.  (I’m not kidding about the magic wand.  If you don’t believe me, read my Amega review.)  And the rest is history.

Ampegy: The Company and Its Products


The Ampegy MLM business opportunity is the MLM aspect of Spark Energy, an electricity and natural gas company that operates mostly in the southwestern U.S., plus a few states closer to home.  My research did not yield an explanation as why Spark Energy would want to make an MLM doppelganger of itself.  I would imagine that everyone would just buy their electricity and natural gas from Spark Energy itself without bothering with all the business of having to recruit downline members.  From my understanding, the services you can buy from Ampegy are the same as the services you can buy from the original Spark Energy.  Strangely, although the Ampegy homepage clearly states that it is a division of Spark Energy, the main Spark Energy website makes no mention of its Ampegy services or of the Ampegy MLM business opportunity.

The Ampegy Compensation Plan

The Ampegy website gives only a few details about the Ampegy compensation plan; I found out more details about the Ampegy compensation plan by reading some other Ampegy reviews, as well.  It costs about $400 to join the Ampegy MLM business opportunity, and after that, you have to pay a monthly fee to keep your own Ampegy website up and running.  (The cost of maintaining your Ampegy website is listed as $19.95 on the Ampegy home page and on one Ampegy review that I read.)

Once you have registered as an Ampegy Independent Representative, you can start getting customers to sign up for Ampegy services on your website.  Both the official Ampegy website run by the company itself and independent Ampegy reviewers agree that the most lucrative part of the Ampegycompensation plan is in the form of Fast Start bonuses.  A Fast Start bonus is when you enroll three customers within a certain period after becoming an Ampegy Independent Representative.  You can also earn commissions based on the Fast Start bonuses of members of your downline sales team.

But the really bad news is that the Ampegy compensation plan has a binary structure.  That means that the customers and Ampegy Independent Representatives you enroll are divided into two teams.  The one that brings in more income is termed your “right leg”, and the other one is your “left leg”.  Unless you are completely new to the world of MLM, you can already see where this is going.  Most of your commissions and bonuses are paid based on your “left leg”.  If that sounds a lot like trying to win a marathon by hopping on one foot, you are starting to understand why so many people become disenchanted with the MLM industry.  This left leg business is more widespread in the MLM industry than you would think.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • There are no vitamin supplements.
  • There are also no MLM home sales parties. Thank God for small favors.
  • Electricity and natural gas are things that people actually use; if I were the sort of person to make bets, I would bet that you are using at least one of them right now. Therefore, if you are an Ampegy Independent Representative and someone at a Fourth of July picnic asks you what you do for a living, you can actually give them an answer that makes sense to them.
  • The Ampegy websites that you get with your membership do look eye catching and user friendly.


  • There may not be any overpriced vitamin supplements, but that does not change the fact that the Ampegy MLM business opportunity asks you to sell people something that they could find for a better price if they would only click their mouse as many times as it takes to say “hello” in Morse Code.
  • You are not dumb enough to join an MLM business opportunity that pays commissions based on your left leg team sales, and neither is anyone in your warm market. I would say that binary structure compensation plans are for the birds, but even birds, with their proportionally tiny brains, are smart enough to hop on both legs.  Binary structure compensation plans are for the sleeping flamingoes.


Okay, but why?  The Ampegy MLM business opportunity does not offend me on a visceral level like some MLM business opportunities do.  It does not make me want to barf or to challenge everyone to a duel who ever suggested that his co-worker would look better if she were wearing more make-up or a body-shaping foundation garment.  It likewise does not make me want to offer a salute or a shout out to anyone who thought of any part of this lackluster business opportunity.  I can’t imagine that anyone would make any money with the Ampegy MLM business opportunity, not in 2016.  These days, consumers are too well informed.  Everyone goes online and does research to make sure that they are getting the best prices on utilities and on anything else.  And that includes everyone, even the elderly and non-native English speakers, the people who make up a large portion of the customer base of electricity MLMs.  The first time I heard about an MLM company doing this, I said “shame on you” more times than I ever have in such a brief blog post, but that was a long time ago.  I am a lot more jaded now.  I do not feel the need to warn people that they are losing their money.  I am sure they will figure it out, and Ampegy will fizzle on its own.

If you want to know more about online business opportunities that actually do pay off, schedule a call with me today.


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