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AMS Health Sciences MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to AMS Health Sciences MLM Compensation Plan

My original intention was to begin this AMS Health Sciences review with a feel good story about sharks, since, if you read far enough in this AMS Health Sciences review, you will eventually find a shark story that is not terribly uplifting, but it turns out that feel good shark stories are few and far between.  Here on Notebook Crazy, I try to balance out the bad news with good news.  The main purpose of this blog is to review multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities, and in the world of MLM it is almost all bad news.  It is a constant stream of over-hyped nutritional supplements and unattainable cash bonuses.  As if that were not bad enough, a disproportionately large number of MLM companies are based out of Florida, which is home to some scary wildlife, but thanks to the fact that its climate is such that introduced species brought in from other tropical climates can survive there, the wildlife of Florida just keeps getting scarier.  These days, if your canoe capsizes in a Florida swamp, you not only have to worry about American alligators, but also Nile monitors lizards (which are like a leaner, more aquatic version of a Komodo dragon) and even a few Nile crocodiles, which are the second scariest reptile on Earth.

I know that most people who read MLM review sites are looking for some good news, so instead of telling you that this or that MLM nutritional supplement will enable you to fit into the jeans you wore for your senior photo or that this or that MLM business opportunity will make your credit card debt disappear by Christmas, I look for good news where I can find it.  Instead of offering SEO-friendly false hope, I have written about things like the adorable sugar gliders that my friend Drew just adopted (Drew lives in Florida, so I am not sure it would be practical for me to get my own sugar gliders here in the Midwest, even though they are just darling) and the West African crocodile, which looks so similar to the Nile crocodile that it was only through DNA testing that zoologists were able to classify it as a separate species but which is so gentle that you can literally pet it (within reason).  There are some lakes in Burkina Faso and northern Ghana where you can actually go and pet a real modern day Petsuchos.

Since there are cuddly crocodiles, I was sure that there had to be a cuddly shark somewhere, but finding out about one turned out to be harder than I had expected.  My first thought was that the nurse shark is harmless and probably a good candidate for a cuddly shark to balance out the disturbing shark story that you will read later on in this AMS Health Sciences review.  On one of our road trips to Florida for purposes of attending an MLM convention, the other Brad (the co-founder of Notebook Crazy) and I ended up at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, which contains a shallow water aquarium that you can actually stick your hands into and touch the sea creatures.  One such denizen of this aquatic petting zoo was a nurse shark that was about a foot and a half long.  I petted it, and it seemed harmless.  (In retrospect, other residents of the aquatic petting zoo included a close relative of the stingray and a sea urchin, so I guess there is harmless and then there is Florida harmless.)  Naturally, when I was preparing to write this AMS Health Sciences review, I looked up nurse sharks on Wikipedia, expecting to find out that they make great pets.  Instead, I found out that they can grow as much as ten feet long and that they have been known to kill humans.  Wikipedia even says something to the effect that, no matter how big your aquarium is, you should not get a nurse shark, because it will outgrow your aquarium quickly.  So much for my cuddly nurse shark story.

I went back to Wikipedia’s list of sharks and kept clicking on different shark species, hoping to find something cuddly.  For a while, the cookie cutter shark seemed like a safe bet.  How could it not be cuddly with a name like that?  I found out that cookie cutter sharks are not very big; there is a picture of a cookie cutter shark on Wikipedia which shows that the shark is about three times the length of a standard number 2 pencil.  I also found out that cookie cutter sharks usually just take a small, cookie cutter shaped bite out of their prey and then swim away, allowing their prey to heal.  I was sure I had found my harmless, cuddly shark.  (I guess there is harmless, and then there is shark harmless.)  But then I kept reading the Wikipedia article, and I found out that even cookie cutter sharks have been known to kill humans.  It seems that they feed in groups, kind of like piranhas.

The closest thing I found to a cuddly shark was the gummy shark, which resides in the waters just off the coast of the southern half of Australia.  It is hard not to want to cuddle a shark that shares its type of name with a gummy candy.  The gummy shark got its name based on the fact that its teeth are flat for breaking the shells of shellfish rather than pointy for biting.  The Wikipedia article on the gummy shark is not very long, but it appears that the gummy shark is harmless to humans.

AMS Health Sciences: The Company and Its Products


When I started looking for information about the AMS Health Sciences business opportunity in order to write this AMS Health Sciences review, the first few AMS Health Sciences reviews I found mentioned several high profile AMS Health Sciences lawsuits.  One of them had to do with a lawsuit filed by people who became ill after taking shark cartilage supplements sold by AMS Health Sciences.  It turned out that these AMS Health Sciences products were contaminated with Salmonella, a type of bacteria that can cause symptoms in humans that range from stomachaches to death.  Salmonella is a fairly common cause of food poisoning; you can easily get it from eating undercooked chicken or turkey, for example.  Another way that humans can get Salmonella poisoning is by handling reptiles, which is why it is imperative to wash your hands thoroughly after handling your pet turtle, iguana, snake, or monitor lizard.  Shark cartilage supplements are not a common source of Salmonella; they would have had to have been contaminated by the equipment on which they were processed.  The AMS Health Sciences lawsuit about the contaminated shark cartilage supplements was fairly recent; the offending supplements had expiration dates in 2014.  Another AMS Health Sciences lawsuit was settled in 2006.  This was a wrongful death suit related to AMS Health Sciences products that contained ephedra.  Ephedra, a substance derived from a certain type of Chinese herb, was a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements in the 1990s, but it was banned once people realized how dangerous it was.  AMS was far from the only company to make weight loss supplements that contained ephedra, and it was far from the only company that ever got sued for it.

The desktop version of the AMS Health Sciences website is an exercise in frustration.  It has a button for you to click if you are not an AMS Health Sciences distributor but you want to shop for AMS Health Sciences products, but when I clicked that button, nothing happened.  I was able, however, to find a mobile site about Saba products, which seem to be the flagship line of AMS Health Sciences products.  It looks like the Saba product line has something for everyone.  It has supplements for building muscle mass, supplements for increasing mental clarity and relieving mild anxiety, calcium supplement, digestive cleanses, the whole nine years.  As for flagship ingredients, it seems to enter several contestants in the superfood beauty contest that nutraceutical MLMs seem to be conducting.  Chlorella has as its flagship ingredient a type of freshwater algae, which the AMS Health Sciences website has the courage to actually refer to by the term “algae” instead of using a euphemism like “sea vegetables”.  For those who like their supplements to contain some kind of super-fruit, there is a supplement made from borojo, a large, round fruit that grows in northern South America.

The AMS Health Sciences Compensation Plan

The mobile version of the AMS Health Sciences website contains what I can only describe as a teaser about the AMS Health Sciences compensation plan.  It says that the earning opportunities in the AMS Health Sciences compensation plan are direct sales, fast start bonuses, team building bonuses, weekly residual team commissions, matching bonuses, and monthly bonus pools.  It says that you can earn “Fast Start Bonuses every time you directly sell a new Associate or Preferred Customer a product pack.”  If that is all there is to Fast Start Bonuses in AMS Health Sciences compensation plan, it is a relief, indeed.  It does not say anything about how you have to enroll X number of autoship customers within a certain timeframe.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • I am not usually a big fan of websites that use white text on a black background, but the mobile version of the AMS Health Sciences website is quite nifty. I like the parts where there are lime green images on a black background.
  • AMS Health Sciences products do encompass quite a variety of nutritional supplements, which is better than when MLM companies have only one product and try to convince you that everyone you know will jump at the opportunity to buy this product. (You would think that at least one MLM company that engages in this practice would name their products Thneeds after the immensely popular product that brought financial gain and ecological ruin in The Lorax, a product which purported to be the answer to all of life’s problems.)
  • At least according to the company’s policies and procedures document, if an AMS Health Sciences distributor quits the AMS Health Sciences business opportunity less than a year after enrolling, the distributor will receive a refund for his or her enrollment kit.


  • I do not care for nutraceuticals, even when they are not made from shark cartilage and do not have the same health effects as kissing your pet iguana.
  • The AMS Health Sciences website gives almost no details about the AMS Health Sciences compensation plan.


I have said this so many times before on this site that you are probably getting tired of hearing it, but the more nutraceutical MLMs I read about, the more they start to sound the same, and the more I am convinced that nutraceutical MLMs, including the AMS Health Sciences business opportunity, are not the way to start a successful business or make money.  If people want vitamin C, B vitamins, and calcium, they will just buy vitamin supplements from the supermarket at a much lower price than what any MLM offers.  If, for some reason, they really have their hearts set on ingesting shark cartilage or single celled freshwater algae, they can find these things at a nutritional supplement store, whether it is a brick and mortar store or an online store, and again, they can get their shark cartilage fix or their freshwater algae fix much less expensively than if they went through MLM.  MLM seems to serve no other purpose other than to make people’s lives complicated.  You would be much better off spending the money you would invest in the AMS Health Sciences business opportunity and using it as capital for almost any other type of business.

Did I miss a cuddly species of shark?  Schedule a call and give me an earful about it.  While I have you on the line, I will give you my advice about how to make your Internet business successful.




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