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Amway Compensation Plan Review


Hello guys! As you have already stumbled upon this page, let me introduce you to something big and special. How about earning some cash through multi level marketing? Are you hearing the term for the first time? Don’t worry for I’ll be there to gradually enlighten you on this subject. It is a genuine way to make money as a distributor. It can be done on a part time basis without compromising on hard work and efforts. There is no need for large scale investment as it begins almost like an independent business venture. You’ll have to know the basics in order to be successful at the highest level. Gradually, you’ll also get opportunities to grow your pocket and earn a substantial amount of income. You may or may not come across the name ‘Amway’. It is a successful and established network marketing company doing business for decades.


Amway and its business opportunity

Amway has helped innumerable people in becoming independent business owners. It isn’t an ‘easy to get rich scheme’ as may be conceived by some people. Just like any other serious profession, it takes time and effort to reap the benefits. It requires constant communication and the right mindset to build a customer base. Amway is a multinational direct selling company which uses the multi level marketing approach to sell a number of products. Through this technique, a broad range of health, beauty, personal care and home care products must be sold. The company, based in Michigan, was founded by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel in 1959. It is conducting business in number of ways through various companies across the globe. People from different walks of life have selected Amway which in return have changed their lives.

There are basically four fundamental pillars for Amway to proceed. It includes freedom, family, hope and reward. Out of all the MLM companies, Amway features one of the most diverse product portfolios. You will be paid based on sponsoring new people into this business. There is no need to get into confusion as the Amway business is running strong in number of countries. All the products available through Amway ensure high quality for a lot of research and hard work goes into their production.  The company was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the biggest private companies of United States. Thus, it is enough the credibility in the eyes of readers and viewers.

Thank you for stopping by and showing the patience of reading. I would like to proceed further by telling you that complete assistance and support would be provided. Product specific training, business education, mentoring programs, and self improvement are some of the aspects of the coaching program. It will provide the essential guidance and support required to establish your business and take the next step. If you are still reading this review, it must have intrigued you in a certain way. Those who are seriously interested in earning an extra income should consider this option. Please let me explain the process further and dig in deep further.

Review of the Amway compensation plan

Financial independence is cherished by all and Amway can lead you into the right direction. Anyone willing to start a new business faces hurdles like the lack of funds to invest in resources. Being an established company, Amway won’t require you to think about arranging the capital. If you are just willing to put some spare time, effort and hard work, it will be decisive of the heights you’ll scale.

Although there are no such hardcore rules, the approach is crucial in determining success. After becoming an Amway independent business owner, you’ll have convenient access to comprehensive training and expert guidance. It is meant to assist you in best possible way to lay the foundation. There are both business and leadership training courses emphasizing various aspects of overall learning. You have the freedom to choose out of online or in-person training. It is particularly for the purpose of deeper learning on product and sales strategy. As a new recruit, you’re likely to receive training and assistance from your sponsor and senior IBO members. There will be a customer service department for answering your relevant questions.

Amway has a broad selection of environmental friendly products ranging from brands such as Nutrilite, XS, Legacy of Clean and Artistry. Several products are available to help you towards building you own retail business. There are also products such as air and water purifiers from reputed brands. Personal care, home care, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics and dietary supplements are also there. As the company is centered on MLM, it requires you to recruit more people and provide adequate training. To be seriously successful, you need to teach them how to bring in more people for earning a substantial sum of money. There is no need for any marketing degree or similar qualification as it is not going to be a 9-5 job. Amway is a bit different from other MLM companies out there.

As a member, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk to a number of people. You need to have pro-active approach and it is not for everyone. Those with a dislike for cold calling or flowing up on leads should be careful before taking the decision to join. As mentioned above, there would be challenges in form of selling physical products to prospective customers. They can be from your professional and personal circles. Consequently, you may also face other challenges like answering their questions and queries. Some people may not be very satisfied after using the products and you may have to deal with them.

Membership Levels in the Amway compensation plan

It is a simple process to join the network of more than three million people worldwide. As a result, it will be quite easy to enjoy the satisfaction and reward of owning the business. Even signing up as a customer will provide access to a wide selection of body care products. You may start up by a payment of $62 which provides a welcome kit and step by step guide. It comes with an opportunity for 100% money back guarantee with the first three months of joining. The step by step guide is provided in order to understand the business, training resources, product brochures and training resources. Apart from the welcome kit, there is marketing support and best in class training facilities.

The new recruits will have access to the compensation plans. You need to be in constant touch with your sponsor. This person can help you throughout the training process and enlighten you on compensation plan. Being a multi level marketing program, you can make money only when you are selling the products. Those who are recruited or sponsored through you need to sell the products successfully to customers. You’d be fully responsible for extract the best performance over your recruits. It will be directly crucial to your own success for making a decent earning. Amway rewards you for your contribution and performance. Being your business, the onus would be on you to a certain extent for proceeding further. It is entirely up to you to figure out the amount of effort and time to put in.

Members would also get an option of purchasing the welcome product kit at $83.99. It comprises of full sized products and samples apart from product brochures. It can assist you to a great extent in promotion of the merchandize among customers. It is a decent way to sample and also learn about the products firsthand. Members are also getting almost $160 worth of full sized products for both trying themselves and sharing with others. There would be useful tool and brochures for introducing the products in best possible manner.

The earning and moving up the leadership ladder is mainly categorized into three courses. Firstly, the retail margin which is based on the total products sold by you. Secondly, there are monthly bonuses based on your actual performance after a certain period of time. Thirdly, some growth incentives can be also earned by progressing ahead in this path. Thus, plenty of rewards might be waiting for you giving away numerous opportunities for climbing up the ladder of success. As a plain customer, you have the option of shopping with an IBO or independent business owner. You are likely to benefit a great deal from expert product related advice, tips and suggestion. You’ll have convenient access to special promotions, personalized service and free shipping on certain orders.

Affiliate Program

Those interested in becoming an affiliate may contact a registered business owner.  IBOs get paid on the basis of products sold by them personally. Similarly, they’re also getting bonus and incentives out of the sales generated by people working under them. It is possible for you to create a web destination for connecting with friends and prospects to sell the products. The global product catalogue kit provides step by step guidance on ways to make money.  IBOs need to rely upon MLM and network resourcing for producing an income. Total amount of hours gone into convincing others to purchase Amway products could be an essential attribute.

Amway’s network in America, Europe, Greater China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, South Africa and Australia speak volumes of its size. Thus, it is not a hard exercise to get in touch with a registered IBO through its official site. Money can also flow into private bank account by selling books, CDs, guides, seminars, manuals, etc. The cash box will keep growing with more IBOs within your network and the sales going up constantly.


Review of compensation side

The compensation plans of Amway are designed to reward the performers. It requires you to understand certain standard marketing principles. Each affiliate needs to recruit as many new members as possible to work under him or her. These people in turn need to recruit more for multiplying the work-force consistently. You are mainly paid out based on personal sales volume and whole sales volume of the distribution network formed.

Ever product has a value referred as business value and point value, abbreviated as BV and PV. The amount of BV collected within a month determines the total money you can make. Point value determines the percentage of BV your own business has made. In case an IBO managed to sell goods worth 100PV, he or she might be paid 3% of BV. It may go up by 6% after selling up to 300 PV and so on. Sometimes the privileges could be 3% or even 25% based on month wise sales value. It is important to learn and acquire the necessary skills crucial to bring success.

When a person within your network sells more than you or manages to create a team selling more, they’ll make more money. There is no cap in terms of earning potential which makes it an open to all arena. The IBOs achieving the platinum status may earn a fat bonus along with four compensated vacation.  It will also motivate those working under him or her to push more for greater success. Diamond status is the next level where can grow on autopilot mode as your downline is also striving for scaling new heights.


 Advantages and disadvantages                     


  • There is a great chance to develop a family run business which can strive for long.
  • A mobile application is developed for placing orders and online business management.
  • Amway has provided bonuses and cash incentives to distributors more than any other MLM company.
  • You may be getting once in a lifetime chance to assist others towards building a successful business.
  • Amway provides a decent working environment with courteous co-workers.
  • Educational meetings and business gatherings take place in international destinations
  • Cash bonuses and incentive tips are offered for performance
  • It is an affordable venture allowing you to develop it both locally and internationally.


  • Those who are completely new into the field with no prior experience may find it difficult initially. It may be intimidating for those who were never exposed to or unfamiliar with direct sales.
  • This is a competitive market owing to the presence of Amway for so many years. Someone in your area may be miles ahead compared to a newbie. Some of the products may be slightly overpriced and not affordable for all.
  • You may not always have the perfect product to suit every ones needs. It is no one size fits all and one has to deal with product issues and unsatisfied customers.



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