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Ardyss MLM Compensation Plan Review


It is a commonly known fact that MLM companies at present provide surplus scope of money earning opportunities to millions of unemployed American youths and hence they play a vital role in preventing these youths to earn money in a wrong way. Besides, these firms are perfect for those people who prefer to earn money from their home without parting away from their loved ones. There are several MLM companies that have sprung up at present and so it is quite impossible for common American fellows like you to select the most appropriate among them so as to earn a decent living. Before joining any of these firms first set your product preference otherwise you will not be successful in this business. If you have interest in body reshaping products, personal care products as well as in nutritional products then Ardyss is the ideal company for you. To know more about the company its products, compensation plan and much more glued your eyes on this review. People with good network and proper promotion efforts can know more about learning more than 5K per week by clicking here.


About Ardyss MLM Compensation Plan

Ardyss was originally established in the year of 1989 in Mexico which was relocated in May 2007 in Las Vegas of USA and at present is a leading MLM firm of the country. When it had transformed its commercial model of direct sales into network marketing model it resulted in surplus scope of income opportunities for the unemployed youths of the country as they got the scope of starting their business from the home. At present the firm operates in nations like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Canada, USA and so on with worldwide distribution centers above 40. The company was mainly specialized in manufacturing wellness and health products which the distributors using the word of mouth technique convince the customers to purchase them.

Products of Ardyss MLM Compensation Company

All its products are primarily designed for the health and diet conscious consumers with no side-effects and other harmful consequences. The firm uses superior state of the art facilities and natural ingredients to manufacture all these nutritional products following the guidelines of the FDA. The firm has mainly acquired recognition for its top quality body reshaping garments for men and women for reducing fat and acquiring a nicely shaped body. The most notable products belonging to this product line mainly include Body Fashion, Body Magic and Body Reshaper for women and Lumbo Men, Men’s Sharper and so on for the men. Similarly its antioxidants products are equally popular as well. Le’Vive is the most powerful nutritional anti-oxidant juice that will provide you with surplus energy, maintain your overall health of the heart, promoting joint health and much more. Other products in this category mainly include Pure Noni, Cran Aloe, Le’Vive Plus and so on.

The skincare products of the firm are equally impressive and you can spot the difference within few weeks of usage. The most popular product is Instant Wrinkle Remover that can instantly remove wrinkles and other tiny skin spots from your face once you applied it following the proper guidelines mentioned in the product label. Other products mainly include Mild Facial Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, Eye Repair Serum and so on. All these products are FDA approved and you can clearly see the approval seal in all these products besides the expiry and manufacturing dates mentioned in the labels properly. To know more you can click on to the official website of the firm.

Compensation Plan of Ardyss MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of Ardyss is quite unique so as to encourage the distributors to generate maximum sales volume of all its products for generating surplus revenues in the coffer of the company. The distributors are mainly compensated in the following manner mentioned below:

  • Retail Sales: Here distributors have the scope of purchasing products at forty percent discount in the wholesale price which they can later directly sell it to the retail consumers at retail cost for earning profit percentages in between 40- 100.
  • Express Bonus: It is mainly based on first order from those customers that you enroll personally and who are not enrolled in Power Pack. Here you have the scope of earning between twenty to thirty percent on generating volumes till the value points of 300.
  • Unilevel Bonus: It mainly comprises of 10 percent bonus that you can get on enrolling distributors personally. You shall also receive additional bonus of 5 percent on the basis of the recruitment performance of the down-line under your supervision. Overall bonus earnings will be 15 percent.
  •  Generational Bonus: This mainly includes extra bonus percentages when any distributor prefers to join the Ardyss Business Career. It begins when any distributor generates sales volume of 10,000 to qualify for receiving the additional bonus of four percent for every purchase in their down-line.
  • Rank Bonus: You will be entitled to the rank bonus of $ 100-800 every month for efficient maintaining of the rank. If you are unable to maintain your rank then you will not be eligible for this bonus.
  • Car Bonus: As you proceed up the level you have the scope of receiving monthly car bonus for fulfilling certain criteria. To enjoy this facility you have to qualify in achieving the group volume of 500,000 in two successive months with other essential qualifications mentioned in the website of the firm.
  • Power Pack Bonus: You have the scope of earning about $80 every month for enrolling your distributors through the Power Pack of $299.
  • Power Start Bonus: The firm offers a matching bonus of hundred percent for the accelerated growth of its business to the distributors. You have the scope of receiving above $500,000 on the basis of your personal enrollment of each person under Power Start Model.
  • Presidential Pool: It is the extra quarterly bonus out of the 1.5 percent of the national sales of the products of the company which are paid to the people belonging to the rank of Presidents.
  •   Presidential Bonus: You have the scope of earning $3000 on helping your downline members to achieve the rank of President in the company.

Getting Started with Ardyss Compensation Plan

If you want to join this company then the ideal way to start your career is to join as an independent distributor and then after acquiring the required marketing skills you can proceed to the next level without any difficulty. There are three ways through which you can join as a distributor of the company. These mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • $30 Membership: It is the primary membership scheme which is quite ideal for every American fellow to start with investing little money from their wallets. At $ 30 you have the scope of purchasing products at the wholesale price rate to resell it to your customers or give them for free trial. Once you able to convince your customers you have the scope of earning legitimate bonus and commissions on the basis of generation of sales volumes as well as recruiting new downline on your below. However, in this scheme you will not be entitled to receive the Power Start bonus amount of $500,000 as well as the retail site for free.
  • $100 Autoship: Here you have the scope of placing order for one body magic garment besides the overall autoship orders with investing just $39.90 in this scheme. All your products shall be shipped on monthly basis and you have the scope of changing the orders of the items at least three days before the scheduled shipment. Every product is included in this scheme apart from the reshaping garments. You have the scope of developing profitable business in this scheme with every available commission and bonus with the exception of Power Start Bonus. However, you can get retail website for free as it is included in this scheme.
  • $299 Power Pack: This option is quite ideal for those distributors who are serious in developing their profitable business quite fast. Here you have the scope of receiving $500,000 for developing the business with the use of Power Start Model besides, the hundred percent matching above $500,000 in the bonuses of every people enrolled by you personally who do the same. It comprises of free retail site, more than $500 products at your disposal, sophisticated marketing materials and $ 30 membership of Ardyss.

Besides you need to make a monthly product purchase of $50 for maintaining your active status as well as you need to make a monthly product chase of $100-150 for receiving bonus and commissions every month. If you are a fresher then it will be a great opportunity for to get required exposure in the MLM marketing. In the company of experienced distributors you will come to know the process of convincing your customers to purchase products besides the techniques of generating leads for your products. The training kits would further boost your knowledge and through the free retail site you can obtain the order of the customers as well as that of yours for generating the required sales volumes to earn your legitimate bonuses and commissions.

Why most fail people fail in MLM marketing:

If you are thinking of becoming rich quickly as well as enjoying the lavish facilities of Ardyss then this MLM firm is not for you. It takes for distributor to work for 3-5 years before proceeding to the next level for enjoying luxurious facilities and other privileges. Majority of the people like you in the process of getting rich quickly lose their focus quickly after one month of joining and so perform disastrously which ultimately result in their tremendous failure in the business. Not only this day dreaming but also the attitude or approach on your part also determines your success or failure in this company. If your approach is lackluster then your business shall suffer lot resulting in poor revenue earning as well as end of the business pre-maturely. But if you stay focus and alert then you can enjoy surplus revenue from this home business and your financial condition improves. So you must think carefully before joining this company. From my personal experience I can say you that it requires very sincerity and dedication to become successful in this business. So once you join this company just keep your focus before proceeding to the next level.

Conclusion of Ardyss Compensation Plan

As you are all aware that the industry of MLM business is quite competitive many rival firms are in the attempt of maligning the image of this company so as to enjoy the upper hand in the market. They usually target young folks like you for propagating false rumors and facts so as to prevent you from joining this company. But you should fell into the traps of such propaganda and false information without proper verifications. Remember it is ultimately you who would be the sole sufferer not the rival companies. Ardyss is one such MLM company that maintains transparency from its products, compensation plans and many other facilities. You will never find such company like this one so open about its compensation plan as well as about its product contents. Very few firms are so open and transparent about their internal affairs like this one. In addition to that the firm pay due recognition to the hardworking of every employee and rewards them without any discrimination.

Both male and female employees of the firm receive promotions and other rewards without any gender discrimination. It is the ideal firm for the fresher to begin their career in MLM business. It provides top quality training kits and other facilities to the new comers so as to enable them to earn decent money. You can purchase both products and product kits at the discount level so as to re-sell it to your customers or offer them free trial so as to generate leads for your products. You will lead a completely new life once you join in this firm and it will be evident from your body language and personality. Your sole focus would be based on generating surplus volume for your company so as to prove your mettle.



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