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ASEA MLM Compensation Plan Review


There has been a steady influx of many MLM companies in USA which has indirectly opened vast scopes of employment opportunities to millions of unemployed American people in the country. These MLM firms are providing opportunities to every unemployed people of the country to prove their mettle besides earning decent amount of money. But the task of finding the most suitable firm remains a difficult challenge for many inexperienced American youths. If you are sincerely finding job in any MLM company then you can try your luck in ASEA. Before joining this company read its review which includes information about the company, its products, compensation plan, business opportunities and much more. MLM business opportunity has opened new doors for people to earn more through smart networking techniques. To know more about earning better from this opportunity you can click here.

About ASEA MLM Compensation Plan 


This MLM firm was established in the year of 2010 with the sole objective of providing sound health to every human being irrespective of their socio-economic status. The firm mainly manufactures nutritional dietary supplements and other nutritional products using the superior state of the art facilities. At present this operates over sixty nations and has created employment scopes for fifty thousand distributors all over the world. These distributors have played a significant part in the present economic prosperity of the company. The firm now generates annual revenues above 37 million and rewards every distributor for their hard working. These distributors usually apply the word of mouth technique to sell all these nutritional products directly to the customers.

Products of Asea MLM Compensation Plan

ASEA mainly manufactures its healthy products using quality natural ingredients under the supervision of experienced scientists. All its products are FDA approved and customers can easily see the approval seal in its product labels along with the expiry and manufacturing dates. The production units of the firm undergo daily inspections of the FDA officials and so there is no problem in claiming that its products are manufactured in a secure and healthy environment. Harnessing science the firm is offering products which are capable of utilizing the molecules of the human body for enhancing the essential cellular activities. Its certified redox technology is capable of improving the overall body health for better functional activities within the body. The most popular products of this firm mainly include the flagship nutritional supplements of the firm, Renu 28, which is revitalizing body skin gel and Asea Redox Supplement and so on. For additional information you can refer to the official website of the company.

MLM Compensation Plan Bonus of ASEA

The official compensation plan of the company mainly uses a primary binary structure for encouraging distributors to ponder on leading every building and leg in a balanced manner. This compensation plan has been designed for awarding 3 distinct activities mainly leading, recruiting and selling. Every action is demonstrated in the revenue growth and downline which ultimately results in ensuring surplus earning for the distributors. If any new distributor is uniformly generating leads for converting them into the sales, besides signing new member, then there arises the consistent growth of his commissions every month.

  • Retail Sales: It begins when any member of the compensation plan of this company begin their business through selling the bottles of Asea Redox to the retail customers for earning the cash profit of $30. It would not change either due to promotion or experience and is mainly the result of the difference between wholesale and retail cost of per bottle.
  • Preferred Customer Bonus: The firm seeks to encourage every distributor for enrolling the loyal consumers in the preferred Customer Program for maximizing the sale of its nutritional products to a considerable extent. Everytime when any preferred consumer signs up in this program for placing order for the healthy products, the sponsored distributors have the scope of earning the bonus amount of $25.
  • Fast Start Bonus: When any of your newly recruited distributor chooses to begin their business through purchasing the inventory then you have the scope of receiving this bonus. The bonus amount normally extends from $5- 160 on the basis of the latest position of your newly recruited distributor in the downline along with the size of the product pack they choose to purchase.
  • Team commission: When any team leader develops both the left and right legs of the down-line then he has the chance of earning the team commissions. It is equal to the ten percent of the overall volume in the weakest leg of any distributor.
  • Check Matching: It permits distributors in earning a check which matches to that of their associates whom they have enrolled personally. It is mainly paid till the depth of seven levels with a cap amount of $2,500.
  • AAA Bonus: This bonus is largely acclaimed to be the most profitable portion of the compensation plan of the company. This bonus usually amounts to $750 every month and is normally based on number of the downline team members with the active autoships of any month.
  • Executive Momentum Bonus: You have the scope of earning the decent pie of global volume for a particular time period on advancing through the various executive ranks of the company. Funded with three percent of the overall global CV this bonus pool is mainly shared on various tiers on the basis of the achieved rank every week for a particular time period.

Owing to the binary structure of this compensation plan it is the responsibility of all team leaders for ensuring the uniform growth of their left and right legs simultaneously for maximizing the sale of the products of the company. Those involve in team building have the scope of getting promotions in any of the eleven promotional ranks of the company. Every promotion will be based on the performance of weaker legs of the teams with the personal sales volumes. These eleven leadership levels mainly include Triple Diamond, Double Diamond, Diamond, Platinum Executive, Gold Executive, Silver Executive, Bronze Executive, Director 700, Director 300 and Associate Director. For achieving the highest promotional level you need to generate the solid group volume of 2500 with the similar personal sales volume generations every week in a consistent way. For information on the compensation plan you can visit the official site of the company or can visit your nearest distributor for additional information.

Advantages and disadvantages of the compensation plan of ASEA

The major advantage of this binary payment structure is that the team leaders are not exhausted easily and can easily focus on the process of team building. Unlike in other compensation structures where the tasks of managing several legs are quite lengthy and boring, the binary structure provides the option of responsibility sharing between the leaders of left and right legs respectively. This is quite evident when you begin developing the down-line members of your left and right legs leaders for generating equal performance within your organization. It implies that both your chosen left and right legs leaders can share responsibilities of motivation and training which usually makes easy to control the growth of these legs.

The major disadvantage of this compensation structure is that every commission payment and promotion is dependent on performance of your weaker leg. It implies that a huge percent of the volume of team leader goes in the vain. Many times you have noticed that after developing one solid leg a team leader struggles hard to find a suitable leader for leading the second leg and in the process the overall performance of these teams are wasted. Despite the solid performance of one leg the team leader is mainly paid on the performance of weaker leg.

Getting Started with ASEA MLM Business Opportunity

If you are seriously considering the option of working in this company then the ideal way of starting your career is that of an independent distributor of the company. To enroll yourself as an independent distributor you can either contact your nearest distributor or can visit the website of the company to begin the process of enrolment. For enrolling via the firm’s website you have to fill certain essential information and then in the next step you will be asked to select the business kit of your choice. This kit mainly comprises of valuable training materials for giving you the essential guidance for starting your business from home. Then in the following steps you need to select the bottle enrollment pack of your choice. You must go for the costly enrollment product for that would make your business initiative quite serious before other customers within your locality. On purchasing the costly optional product pack you can use products for your personal consumption, selling it to your retail customers or can lend to your nearest relatives for a free trial. In this way you can slowly develop your MLM business. Besides working with experienced distributors of the company will enhance your exposure in the field of MLM marketing and you will automatically acquire the techniques of generating leads for your products. It is a fact that most of the distributors do not know how to spot the ideal customers for the products. To overcome this problem the training provided by the up-line members always focus on providing practical insight to such distributors in one to one session while working in the field and help them to get hold of the ideal customers of the products. This training session is proved to be quite helpful as it has enabled many distributors to generate decent sales volume every month.

Not only selling but also building a strong down-line at your disposal can ensure your bright chance of earning slid commissions and bonus amounts. Your commission will substantially grow when you enrolled new customers every month and forward their orders to the company’s site. It would goes on when your donwline members enroll new customers or they themselves purchase any product of the company. When you achieve the rank of Diamond or Platinum Executive you shall be entitled to numerous other facilities like car bonus, vacational leaves and many more exciting opportunities. But never join this company with the disillusionment of becoming immediate rich otherwise you would fail miserably in this business. To avoid such failure you must focus on your training and regularly participate in the company events and other seminars to know the tricks of generating surplus sales volume in the organization. Always remember that it normally takes a very long period of time to become successful in any MLM business and so you folks must not lose your patient and try something silly.

Conclusion of ASEA MLM Compensation Plan

MLM industry is highly competitive and so only few firms are able to survive while majority of them are either lose the race or wrap up their business from the market. The remaining firms for the purpose of dominating the market resort to all mean tricks to outscore over others. Such firms for the purpose of maligning the images of leading firms like ASEA often engages in propagating misleading facts in the market for discouraging common American youths like you from joining this company. They mainly target people like you as you have no previous working experience in such wonderful MLM company. So on hearing any such misleading information first verify the content through your faithful and reliable sources and then take a proper decision. If you take any rash action you shall have to face the unpleasant consequences but not the company. Do not leave space for any doubt in your mind because you will not find any transparent firm like ASEA in the market.

This firm maintains absolute transparency regarding its products, compensation plan and other business opportunities in detail. Here you can see that both male and female employees do get reward for their hard work without any type of gender discrimination with absence of labor unrest. The firm is always prepared to provide quality training support to inexperienced youths like you. There is no instance of delay in payment as the firm ensures that every employee must get their payment on time. Besides the perks and vacational leaves which are offered by the company when you achieve higher promotional level is quite outstanding. So don’t waste any further time and join this company at once.






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