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Avon Compensation Plan Review




Hi, it’s Brad on the other side and I am sharing this important information which can help you earn quick bucks. I’ll be taking you through the MLM plans of Avon. It’s an income multiplying opportunity for those who are seriously interested in ecommerce. Believe me, it’s no rocket science and you may start liking it more after a firsthand experience. Avon was started off in 1886 by David H. McConnell. He was previously working as a travel book salesman. It is one of the well recognized MLM players making the most of direct selling or multi level marketing model for decades. It is possible for anyone including you to earn on commission basis by investing time and effort. From the comfort of home, you can learn the steps and tricks to apply them later and make profits. It’s not confusing and I am right here to guide you in this endeavor.

Avon Business Opportunity 

Avon as a cosmetic MLM company focuses mainly on different personal care items. It includes jewellery, make up products and skin care products. It successfully cruises easily to revenue of almost 11 billion per year. It has a strong network of 6.4 million freelancing consultants globally. Avon has been primarily marketed by women from the humble beginnings. With popular home parties and catalogue drops, many women have managed to earn well enough though the MLM model. The same opportunity has gone through changes with the advancement of technology. To get started with Avon, there is a first time investment of just $10. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest buy-ins with an MLM program. Avon will pay you up to 50% commission with first four orders.  It is also applicable on orders valuing more than $50 which are placed online. If you consider the first order to be $20 or more, you can regain the full investment amount with the first order.

There is a great opportunity waiting for you to be explored. Avon is known to get nearly 10 million or more searches on Google search engine during a month. It may be just the customers or even fresh potential recruits. MLM industry is making waves on Google and being an Avon representative you can see your profit multiplying consecutively.

As a representative, after the first four orders, you’ll be paid well enough ranging from 20 to 50% on orders up to $25. According to Avon, you aren’t compelled to keep the inventories available. If one is verifying it from a logical stance, things should be clearer. For making a substantial income, you should focus on creating a large customer base. With so many Avon reps out there, it may not be easy to compete.

Another available option is to make the most of Multi-Level marketing aspect of Avon and recruitment of sales representatives. Guess what? You have the bumper chance to earn $20 with every recruit above 2 throughout the campaign period which is almost two weeks. In case you’re looking to make money of your sales team’s volume, you must reach the rank of a unit leader.

The qualifying aspects to reach the position of unit leader are mentioned below:

-At least $250.00 in personal

-Up to five recruits totaling sales figure of $1200.00.

There is a chance for you to earn nearly 3-7% on each order which is made by your recruits. However, it must be minimum $100 and also 0.5 to 1% with orders from the recruits made by them which should be minimum $100.

In order to earn a fortune as Avon distributor and make the most of pay plan, you should be geared up to obtain as many customers as possible. The recruits made by you should be able to bring customers as well. If the equation is broken down, for earning up to $500 a month, there is a need to sell enough to reach $1000. With the average order being $25, as much as 80 customer orders should be fine.

Avon MLM review 

Don’t feel the pressure that you are starting from the scratch. With the right intention and enthusiasm to work, the training process may seem to be easier than you think. The training provided by Avon is a low key affair compared to other MLM firms. For understanding the compensation plan, there are both online and offline training offered. Avon representatives are not merely trained to cater to the needs of family members and friends who are always there to support businesses. The marketing strategies by Avon representatives let them to move towards a broader reach.  The products and other opportunities reach individuals who are predisposed to purchase, sell and enroll to Avon. Their search for a mentor within the MLM industry to find a support system ends here only.

Avon representatives find a mentor who is completely familiar with their working ways. It won’t be hard for you either. It makes the way ahead easier for these representatives who enjoy the struggle and come out of it victorious. Many representatives even apply the marketing skills learned with their association to Avon into other professions or ventures later.

It is not at all hard to market the Avon business online. For marketing a product online successfully, there is a need to connect with as many people as possible. It should be place to share information to generate as many leads as possible. One must be well positioned to be easily found on the internet through search queries without any hassle. You can simply offer value to new prospects and convince them by providing a reason to collaborate in the business. It’s not as hard as you think.

Avon compensation plan review 

Now allow me to elaborate on the compensation side of Avon to answer all your queries which have been creating a slight doubt or confusion in your mind. Let me be very specific as per the documents of Avon a representative has the option of earning income in two main ways. These mainly include earning through sales leadership program and through product sale proceeds however, the structure of pay is quite complicated and is beyond the understanding of ordinary people. The profits received from the sale of products differ as per the nature of campaign. The term campaign mainly refers to the time period of two weeks for covering a single promotional flyer. Greater the number of products that a representative is able to sell through campaign there is the possibility of enjoying higher wholesale discount with greater percentage of commission being earned. There is a fixed commission of 40% that a representative earns from his first campaign after selling core products. Then they enjoy 20% commission on the earning of fixed products. During your early period you have the scope of enjoying 20-50% commission on sliding scale mainly dependent on your overall sales from the campaign. So hurry what are you waiting for do not let such chance to slip from your grip.

You can also earn decent commission through participating in the program of sales leadership. Here your commission will be based on your ability to hire maximum representatives for the team you are leading as well as registering maximum sale of the products through them in the market. The Unit leader must have 4 newly hired representatives at his disposal. But being a unit leader also implies that you must achieve sales target of not lesser than $ 1000. You will also have the option of enjoying commission between 1-5% on maintaining this sailing target. If you planning to become the Advanced Unit Leader then you must have newly appointed 10 subordinates under your disposal who would carry out the designated sales target of $ 3000 or more. This would ensure you and your team to enjoy surplus commission up to 1%, 2% and 4% on successive generation of sales.  Your sales volume will be bigger up to $ 8000 if you have any ambition of becoming executive leader with 12 sales representatives at your disposal. You and your sales team have the scope of earning between 1-10% in the first quarter of sale, 2-4% on registering sales in the second quarter and 2 % on third quarter of sale. Your sales target becomes stiffer if you aiming for the post of senior executive leaders though it guarantees surplus earning but your sales target shall soar up to $ 20,000 and more.

There is also scope for you to enjoy bonus if you promoted to the level of the rank of executive level. There is a scope for earning title bonus if you receive promotion for the first time. Then there is the scope of enjoying mentor bonus if you develop your hired representatives as an asset of the company. Besides, the company provides regular incentives like vacations, cars and other benefits to every employee irrespective of the rank and order.

What I have mentioned above is to give you the actual compensation structure of the company and now you will understand how hard it is to receive compensation from a privatized firm when you need the most in case of emergency situations. In reality 85 % employee of the firm actually earns 500 dollars less from their sale campaign. Similar is the situation of paid distributors who earn lesser than $ 5000. This does not imply that it is tough to meet the diverse sales target of the firm but that requires innovative thinking from your part. To understand more of the compensation package of the company you need to refer to the webinar.

Advantages of performance based compensation

  1. It raises the motivational level of the employees: No doubt that there is certain issue with the compensation rate of the company but it must be admitted that often performance based compensation had raised the motivational level of the employees to work hard to meet the specified sales target of the company with the scope of enjoying intermediate commission.
  1. Employees agreed to work for extra hour: Fair compensation packages often encourage the employees to work for extra hours to meet the stiff sales target of the company. Here they also get the solid backing of the team leader as he is accountable to the executive

Disadvantages of performance based compensation

  1. Increased rivalry: As evident in the case of Avon performance based compensation often results in higher rivalry and factionalism between different levels of representatives besides their leader to enjoy surplus pay package from the firm.
  1. Work environment gets bitter: With increased rivalry the normal work environment goes missing and a tumultuous situation prevailed in the company.        



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