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Belcorp MLM Compensation Plan review


Introduction to Belcorp MLM Compensation Plan

It has been more than four months since I began my current project, my quest to review as many multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities as I can.  Some of the MLM companies I have reviewed have to be seen to be believed, like the one that makes you sell a magic wand and try to convince people that applying this wand will put some pep into the potato cells in their French fries, but most of the time, the MLM companies I have identified and reviewing have turned out to be pretty boring, more of the same old overpriced nutritional supplements, anti-aging skincare products, and costume jewelry sold at home sales parties (quadruple crown diamond barf).

One of the most surprising things about this project has turned out to be just how many MLM companies there are out there.  Just when I think I have reviewed almost all of them, I find out that there are more.  Casual observers have heard of Amway and of Avon cosmetics, and you do not need to go to an MLM convention to find a parking lot with a Mary Kay pink Cadillac parked in it, but the MLMs that people have actually heard of are just the beginning.  Every fruit and vegetable in the produce aisle probably has an MLM company out there somewhere saying that supplements made from it are the secret to good health and wellbeing.  Part of the reason that there are so many different MLM companies out there has to do with the fact that a lot of MLM businesses fizzle out within the first two or three years.  Other MLM reviewers have described the life cycle of a “pump and dump” MLM operation, and things often get quite ugly during the “dump” phase, usually with high-ranking distributors, emboldened by their success with this MLM, taking their downline sales team (who have not accrued nearly the riches that their upline sponsor has) and starting a new MLM, usually leaving their hapless downline distributors with basements full of unsold merchandise.  If they are wise, they sell the discontinued merchandise at a loss on eBay, just to get it out of their basements.  Even when they are wise enough to do this, however, the peroxide smile of their upline sponsor, turned founder of a new MLM, lures them into autoshipping whatever the new MLM is having them distribute, and the cycle repeats. 

But another part I can’t explain.  There is a saying that insanity is when you continue doing the same thing over and over, but you expect different results.  If people have joined four different MLM business opportunities and tried to market four different nutritional supplements, and they have lost money every time, why do they think that they would have more luck with a fifth?  If the founders of MLM companies keep having to pay huge settlements in lawsuits, and some of them even get sent to jail for fraud, if you happen to make it to the top with a pump and dump MLM scheme, why would you go on to found another MLM instead of quitting while you are ahead?

This Belcorp review cannot answer those questions.  My goal in writing each review is to identify what, if anything, is unique about each MLM company so that, if you have your heart set on playing the MLM game, I can help you choose one that will be the least disastrous to your finances.  Thus, the purpose of this review is to point out what, if anything, is special about the Belcorp business opportunity.

Belcorp: The Company and Its Products


When I find out about a new (or, at least, new to me) MLM company, one of the first things I ask myself is where it got its name, and in the case of Belcorp, the Belcorp website answered that question almost immediately.  Belcorp is named after its founder, Eduardo Belmont.  From reading the About Us page on the Belcorp website, I also found out that Belcorp has been in business for decades in Peru and has since expanded throughout the Americas, such that the Belcorp business opportunity is also available in the United States.

When I found out that Belcorp is based in Peru, I realized how little I know about that country, and so part of my time researching my Belcorp review was spent reading bout Peru.  The thing that really caught my attention when I was reading about Peru is that it is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.  Its ecoregions include the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Pacific Ocean.  I knew then that I wanted my Belcorp review to include a shout out to one of Peru’s many amazing and underappreciated species.  There are so many of them that it was really hard to choose, but I think I have decided to give a shout out to the Amazon River dolphin.

The Amazon River dolphin is the largest species of freshwater dolphin in the world.  It is slightly bigger than an adult human, and it is adapted to swimming in much shallower water than its marine cousins.  Whereas most dolphins in the world are gray, Amazon River dolphins tend to be a mix of gray and pink, and some of them are solid pink.  I know that most humans do not consider pink a fearsome color, but the Amazon River dolphin is no milquetoast.  It is one of the few species in the world that eats piranhas.  It is also very difficult to domesticate.  There are only three aquariums in the world that can count an Amazon River dolphin among their menageries.  One is in Peru, one in Venezuela, and the last in Germany.  The last captive Amazon River dolphin in the United States died in 2002.

Like some of the other MLM companies I have reviewed here on the pages of Notebook Crazy, Belcorp was designed to be a business opportunity for women.  As I have mentioned in almost all of my reviews of other MLMs directed at women, there are many better ways to go into business for yourself than through MLM.  I know that there are some people out there who will say that, since I am a dude, I should mind my own business and not offer opinions about the career choices of women, but I have to give the thumbs down to business opportunities that make you sell cosmetics to your friends, when your friends can buy cosmetics from Wal-Mart or from the Internet.

There are several product lines described on the Belcorp website.  The Belcorp products to which the Belcorp reviews I have been able to find devote the most attention are the skincare products and French perfumes sold under the L’Bel brand.  Esika is the Belcorp’s makeup brand, while Cyzone is a product line of makeup and accessories aimed at teenagers.

I did not find a complete list of countries in which the Belcorp business opportunity is available, but the Belcorp website can be viewed in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Belcorp Compensation Plan

I was able to find neither hide nor hair of a Belcorp compensation plan document on the Belcorp website.  Likewise, my Google searches for “Belcorp compensation plan” turned up nothing except Belcorp reviews that seem to be search engine optimized for the search term “Belcorp compensation plan”.  This by itself does not surprise me.  There are quite a few MLM companies out there that make you actually attend one of their awful home sales parties before they tell you any details about the compensation plan.  Luckily, some of the people who get sucked into attending those MLM home sales parties (quadruple crown diamond barf) have the presence of mind to post slideshows of the compensation plan documents of the MLMs that they either joined or were wise enough not to join.  not so with the Belcorp compensation plan document.  Another possible source about MLM compensation plans is reviews written by reviewers who have managed to get their hands on a copy of the compensation plan document, but I also had no luck finding details about the Belcorp compensation plan in any of the Belcorp reviews I was able to find.

My difficulty in finding the Belcorp compensation plan may stem from the fact that I am an English monolingual.  I did click a link on the Belcorp website about joining the Belcorp business opportunity.  That page was all in Spanish, but it had a drop down menu of countries.  I clicked on the menu, but the United States was not listed; only Spanish-speaking countries were listed.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • When you join the Belcorp business opportunity, you get a Belcorp website, which removes some of the pressure to look for friends in the eye as you try to talk them into buying Belcorp products.
  • At least Belcorp products are not nutritional supplements, and no one is claiming that Belcorp products cure cancer.


  • The Belcorp business opportunity involves selling Belcorp products at home sales parties. I feel the same way about Belcorp home sales parties as I do about all other MLM home sales parties, to wit, quadruple crown diamond barf.
  • The fact that there is an entire category of Belcorp products aimed at teenagers gives me the creeps. It is unwholesome enough to try to make people sell overpriced products to their friends, but marketing MLM merchandise to people who are too young to be financially independent takes things to a whole new level of sleaze.  To add insult to injury, the page of the Belcorp website that describes Cyzone (the product line geared toward teenagers) says that it is the company’s mission to prevent eating disorders, as if the cycle of financial instability that MLM companies perpetuates is beneficial to the mental health of teenagers.
  • The lack of a Belcorp compensation plan document anywhere on the Internet really raises red flags. It may be the case that Belcorp really is about direct sales and not MLM, but it would at least be nice to see an official document showing what the commissions are for the sale of Belcorp products, and perhaps some guidelines for Belcorp distributors hosting those dreaded direct sales parties.
  • While we are on the subject of shortcomings of the Belcorp website, it also does not seem to contain a catalog of Belcorp products.


I cannot in good conscience recommend that you join the Belcorp business opportunity.  Some of my reasons for this are specific to the details of the Belcorp business opportunity, and some of them have to do with the MLM industry in particular.  First, the Belcorp website, or at least its English version, does not contain nearly enough detailed information about Belcorp products or the Belcorp compensation plan.  It is too much fluff about a company that makes women feel beautiful.

Again, I have seen more unsavory MLM websites in my time, and it is very possible that Belcorp really is a company where people just sell products and earn a commission on the.  Even if that is the case, any business model that requires that you sell products through home sales parties raises major red flags for me.  There are so many simpler ways to make money.  Besides, MLM, where you have to host insincere home sales parties and use your real name to adopt a phony persona on social media, is about the closest thing I can think of to selling your soul for a paltry sum.  For reasons I cannot quite put my finger on, MLM companies that claim that they are about an appreciation for women’s beauty, friendship, and business sense, particularly rub me the wrong way, perhaps because I have the privilege of being outraged about them from an outsider’s perspective.  If there is anything I learned today, it is that there are lots of things in Peru worth finding out more about, but the Belcorp business opportunity is not one of them.

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