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BHIP MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to BHIP MLM Compensation Plan

In the multilevel marketing (MLM) world, you always hear that you need to stay focused on the goal.  Lots of MLM training materials and seminars repeat this maxim as though the only reason you are not making any money with you MLM business is because you aren’t focusing enough, when actually you have done nothing but focus on your MLM business or businesses for the last several years.  You focus on them so intensely that, if telekinesis were possible, you would have been able to will the unsaleable MLM merchandise in your basement to levitate its way into the basement of a paying customer.  You are probably thinking that, if one more MLM website tells you to stay focused on your goal of untold riches, you are going to scream.  Luckily for you, this is not just any other website.  This is Notebook Crazy, I am Brad, and I am not here to tell you that you need to focus.  This time I am here to tell you that you need a distraction.

You may recall from a previous post that I have an ongoing bet with my friend, the other Brad, who runs this website with me that, despite my wishes to sit on my keister all winter, I will run a certain number of miles on his treadmill by the spring equinox, and if I do not keep up my end of the bet, I will buy him an unlimited supply of diet Vernors, within reason.  So far, things are going well, but I will always be a couch potato at heart.  When I am getting tired but I want to keep running in order to keep getting closer to my goal, it helps if I do thought experiments that are absorbing enough that they take my mind off of what my feet are doing and how the rest of my body wishes they would stop.  For example, I try to think of a recording artist from every state in the Union.  Macklemore is from Washington State, Ice Cube is from California, Prince is from Minnesota, and so on.  The first time I tried that one, the first six recording artists who came to my mind were Bryan Adams, Drake, Geddy Lee, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, and Neil Young, all of whom are Canadian.  Thanks, brain.  Here is another favorite of mine.  I read that Susannah Jones, the oldest living woman in the world, eats four strips of bacon for breakfast every day.  To keep your mind busy while working out, you can calculate how many strips of bacon she has eaten in her life.  Even though she probably didn’t eat four strips of bacon in one sitting when she was a young child, t probably evens out to four bacon strips every day because there were probably times when she also ate a BLT for lunch or bacon-wrapped shrimp for dinner.  If you are from parts of the Midwest where people instinctively know how many bacon strips you can get from one hog, you can also try to figure out how many hogs worth of bacon the world’s oldest living woman has consumed in her long life.  The important thing is that you have to do these while running, or else they are not sufficient distractions.  If you are not trying to keep up with a treadmill, you can just whip out your phone and calculate how many days Mrs. Jones has been alive and then multiply it by four, or you can Google “recording artists from Iowa” or whichever state you get stuck on, but when you are working out, you probably can’t even manage to puff out the words, “Hey, Brad, is Stevie Nicks from Texas or California?”  The only way to find the answer to these intentionally distracting questions is to think about them.

Of course, we could argue that my fitness bet with the other Brad is itself just a distraction from our real mission, which is to review as many different MLM companies as we can so that you don’t have to waste your time and money getting involved with the ones that will only disappoint you.  Today, I am reviewing bHIP Global.

bHIP Global and Its Products



The bHIP Global company was founded in 2007 in Texas (where else?) by Terry and Jennifer McCore, ad it now operates in more than 30 countries.  It specializes in wellness and personal care products, and its product line makes up for in breadth what it lacks in richness.  There are other MLM companies out there that have pages and pages of nutritional supplements for you to scroll through.  bHIP Global offers one dark purple beverage made out of some sort of South American fruit (that isn’t acai, although it is similar in color), one prickly pear extract, four vitamin supplements, one appetite suppressant, and two meal replacement shakes.  MLM products are known for being overpriced, but 75 dollars for a two week supply of a meal replacement shake sounds a bit excessive, if you ask me.  Everyone in the Midwest has at least one extreme couponing aunt who managed to acquire a year’s supply of Slim Fast for ten bucks through coupons, rebates, and sheer determination, and she is probably tired of seeing it take up space in her basement.  You have nothing to lose by calling her up and asking her to share it with you.  At least no one will end up 75 dollars poorer.

The one thing I can say in defense of bHIP Global products is that they do have snazzy looking packages. bHIP Global nutritional supplements really look like they’re something special, even though they probably aren’t that different from the vitamins you get at Wal-Mart or Costco.bHIP Global sales representatives can distribute bHIP Global products through virtually any avenue they choose, although they are required to maintain a Retail Business Center (RBC), which is essentially an online store that bHIP Global sets up for you.  If you want to sit on your keister while people click on your website and bHIP Global drop ships your products, that is fine, but you also have the option of ordering them at wholesale prices so that you can sell them at a flea market (there’s an idea you don’t hear all the time in the MLM world), pressure your friends, relatives, and coworkers into buying them (barf), or try to sell them by hosting home parties (quadruple crown diamond barf).

I have to say that the fact that bHIP Global actually encourages you to sell its merchandise at flea markets is another thing that makes it stand out from other MLMs.  The modest selection and New Year’s Eve party color scheme are very well suited to a flea market kiosk.  They also look quite fetching online, except for the fact that you only have to scroll down a little bit to see the price.  At the flea market, you can post prices in inconspicuous places, if at all, and if you are sufficiently talented in the art of spin, you can even prevent people from asking about them.  But that doesn’t work online, because cheaper vitamins are only a click away.  There are plenty of vitamin supplements online that look like they’re dressed for an after party, but they don’t cost as much as a month’s worth of car insurance.

bHIP Global Compensation Plan

Some MLMs have more levels than a Super Mario Brothers game, but bHIP Global only has four, namely Associate, Partner, Executive, and Professional.  You can join as an Associate for $49.95 per year, and these annual membership fees stay the same, even as your rank increases.  The membership fee includes access to your own Retail Business Center (RBC), the website through which you order and sell bHIP Global merchandise.  There are weekly payouts, based on a pay cycle that ends every Sunday night at 11:59 p.m.  The money gets deposited into your bHIP Global account, from which you can withdraw it to a PayPal account.  Or purposes of determining your rank advancement within the company, each item that you sell has a point value, and your personal volume (PV) points are assessed based on the products you sell personally, while your Bonus Volume (BV) points are based on the combined total of your personal sales, downline sales, and bonuses.  In order to keep your RBC active, you must earn at least 18PV each month, or else you have to start again from zero in the company.  That probably means that, if you are having a slow month, you end up buying a bunch of merchandise from yourself, just so you can have the opportunity to have more luck next month.bHIP Global is far from the only MLM with that rule; it accounts for lots of MLM merchandise piled up in people’s basements all over the U.S.

To advance in rank, you have to recruit at least two new members. The first two members you recruit are called your left team and your right team, based on which one does more selling and recruiting.  Guess which one determines your commissions.  If you guessed the left team, the less successful one, you have been in the MLM scene for too long.

These are some of the bonuses available to bHIP Globalmembers:

  • Qualification Bonus: This $50 bonus is available to all new members who set up their RBCs and recruit two new members.
  • Direct Bonus: You get this bonus when you convince a new member to join. The value of your bonus depends on the price of the membership your new recruit bought.
  • Team Bonus: For every 500 BV earned by both of your teams (individually), you can get $50, which means that if your teams’ sales are really strong, you can potentially earn thousands of dollars in bonuses.
  • Leadership Matching Bonuses: Executive and Professional members may earn leadership titles, which entitle them to bonuses equal to a percent of the team bonuses of the members who are downline from them. The leadership levels are Manager, 2 Star Manager, 3 Star Manager, Director, 2 Star Director, 3 Star Director, Vice President, and President.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The bHIP Global website is easy to read and navigate.
  • The membership fees of $49.95 per year are affordable. Some MLM memberships cost that much per month.
  • You have the choice between selling online and leaving all the shipping to drop ship or having the merchandise delivered to you so you can sell it in person, if that is what your target market prefers.
  • The product packaging is attractively designed. If I were a celebrity, I would probably dress in the bHIP Global products color scheme.


  • bHIP Global products are really overpriced, even for MLM products.
  • Even if you have a warm market that likes to buy nutritional supplements, bHIP Global does not have a very big selection of products.
  • You have to stay in the rat race to keep your membership, which will probably eventually mean using your credit card to buy bHIP Global merchandise that you don’t need and can’t afford.


There are so many MLM companies out there, and so many of them sell nutrition supplements.  Other than the nice looking packaging and the outrageous price tag, there is really nothing that makes bHIP Global stand out from other MLM companies.  The bonuses look very attractive on the surface, but, as with any MLM, earning them is much harder than it looks.  If you happen to have a flea market kiosk, some prickly pear supplements and diamond-encrusted Slim Fast (or whatever ingredient is in there to make it so expensive) will make your kiosk an attractive distraction.  Other than that, bHIP Global is nothing special.


I have seen all sides of MLM, from flea markets to home parties to drop ship and online stores.  If you need somebody to brainstorm with about how to make your work from home business profitable, give me a call.


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