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BHIP MLM Compensation Plan Review


The success and worldwide acceptance of network marketing has been a win-win situation for many. It has allowed a number of people to make a living and lead a life they’ve dreamed of.  Multilevel marketing has already turned into an extremely competitive space. However, it hasn’t stopped other companies like new startups to venture into this field. It goes onto prove how people are making the most of an ever changing marketplace. Something which has a large following may eventually experience a low. Despite such fears and uncertainties, many people don’t think twice to give themselves a chance. To know more about the prospects of MLM Business opportunity click here.

Moreover, there are many MLM companies which allow you to continue with your current profession. By devoting some time and efforts, it is quite possible to generate a decent income in the long run. One of the highly trusted companies in the recent time is bHIP, founded by Terry LaCore in 2007. The company is increasingly exploring new global markets and its business opportunities have led to the making of several self employed entrepreneurs. It has genuine MLM programs which can provide budding entrepreneurs the push to create their own niche in a competitive environment. Those interested in starting a business should consider the product line of this company to get started. This young company has a wide selection of personal care and wellness products to enhance health.

A quick walkthrough of BHIP MLM Compensation Plan


Initially started off in Melissa, TX almost eight years back, bHIP has expanded to a number of locations. It includes MO, Branson, MN, St Paul and many more which features as many as 30 countries. The growth goals of the company suggest an expansion through renewed presence in existing and new international markets. Getting enthusiastic people to turn entrepreneurs into their ranks on a global scale is also one of their goals.

The full range of product can be categorized under multiple sections. It features energy and fitness, DNA support, personal care, health and wellness and weight control. All of these are made up of fresh and naturally obtained and sourced ingredients. It includes superfruits, Aloe, resveratol and various other components which make the product extremely effective.  Thus, bHIP provide all kinds of entrepreneurs to build their own personal care and nutritional supplement business. bHIP has a dedicated team of executive and managerial staff to look after company’s mission. It aims to deliver high quality authentic and unique health and wellness products to cater to the needs of a global audience.

Many people perceive and often pursue MLM companies as a simple way to make money. Everyone loves the idea of generating an income without toiling unlike a 9 to 5 regular job. In order to reach the top rank of distributor, the newly joined distributors needs to fulfill certain sales objectives. There are many people who are successful in generating a high full-time income. They are usually placed in the top of a massive network of downline distributors.

Various training conferences and seminars take place which are participated by newly joined distributors and top ranking officials. The former group who may be struggling are listened to carefully by the latter. These high ranking officials restore the belief in them to go all guns blazing. They can also suggest some ways to recruit more people to expand the business gradually. Referral based growth is dependable on bHIP sales platform promoting warm market sales tactics.  The company also encourages the associated distributors to sell DNA care supplements and self care items to different people within their social circles.

 Review of BHIP MLM Compensation Plan

A closer look at the product offerings and compensation plans of BHIP would reveal a lot. It would be worth your time and effort if you’re willing to pursue it seriously. You’d come across web pages full of criticisms for the MLM programs of XYZ company. It is for you to decide whether you’d like to explore it yourself or work out according to what a xyz person feels and says about it. bHIP is a young MLM company which is gradually developing a strong network of distributors in over 33 countries. It is enough to reveal how quickly the company is spreading its wings despite so much of competition in the MLM business.

Unlike many other unreliable MLM companies, bHIP can be distinguished based on the value it is offering to several aspiring entrepreneurs. However, the business opportunity needs to be approached with a certain doze of realistic expectations and healthy realism. Those who are sincerely interested would eventually find a way or two to put the right strategies in place to fulfill their objectives. There are many users of the product offered by bHIP who claim to have experienced their benefits. All the products do have a scientific basis and have undergone multiple rounds of clinical testing.

For earning commission, the distributors need to keep qualifying one stage after another. The three main types of compensation are incentives, bonuses and commissions. Based on the ranking of a representative’s promotional level, higher is the number of incentives and bonuses as per their eligibility. There are retail sale profits and site-wise sale commissions which increase as soon as the distributor moves ahead through company’s promotional level. Associates make decent earnings in as much as 10% sales commission. They also have options for ordering product for a personal use at as much as 10%. It may increase to almost 30% at the professional level or even the highest level of promotion along the bHIP Ladder. Bonus opportunities may involve qualifications bonus, team bonuses and direct bonuses.

 Membership levels in BHIP MLM Business Opportunity

 In order to start off your innings as BHIP distributor, you need to enroll by purchasing the global software system (GSS) by paying almost $50 US. You’ll also receive an individual BHIP global marketing website. An online retail shop and limitless access to complete back office service may be received for a period of 12 months.  For each customer placing an order by your online retail outlet, you can receive the retail sales profit.

Rising star bonus:

Any single star global leader may earn this type of bonus amounting to $200 US. It is quite possible as soon as they are individually sponsoring up to two newly turned 1 Star global leaders each on the left and right sides respectively. In order to qualify for this bonus, the respective sponsor needs to be at 1 Star global leader rank and active. Sponsor may also achieve this 1 Star GL rank prior to their personal sponsorships.

Superstar bonus

A one-star global leader can also earn super star bonus of up to $1000. However, they need to have two personally sponsored distributors for achieving this rising star bonus on each of the left and right sides. Personally sponsored right and left sided single star global leaders need to earn their respective rising star bonuses with up to 28 days of each other. Sponsor needs to be at minimum of 1 Star global leader rank, active and well qualified.

Global Star bonus

A global leader can earn this bonus amount of  a whopping $400 US due to these reasons:

In first level of global leaders, with personal sponsoring of dual new global leaders, each on the left and right sides and

First of the two levels of global leaders need to sponsor two fresh global leaders. Each of them must be on their left side and right side both.

Override bonus

You may also start off building two different sales teams under RBC by introducing others to bHIP. For each of them registering their RBC under you, you are likely to develop a right and left sales team. You may be able to earn an income depending upon product sales.

Both the groups of National Leaders and Global Leaders may be able to earn the override bonuses based on global commissionable bonus volume. For being able to qualify for earning override commissions, the RBC must be a commissionable rank and fully active.

Compensation plan

The company’s compensation plan is almost centered on the retail salability of the products.     There are as much as eight well defined means of generating an income with bHIP’s global compensation plan:

Retail Profits:

As the global distributor of BHIP, you can go ahead by purchasing the products at wholesale amount. You may be successful in earning a retail profit that amounts to 30% product-wise. With the purchase of global software system, you’ll receive this state of art online retail cart which allows making sales directly through individual marketing site. Whenever a customer is placing an order through the online retail cart, bHIP global would simply process payment and even drop-ship retail order for the customer.

Fast Start Bonus

This type of bonus amount may be earned by sponsoring a global leader, 1-star global leader and 2-star global leader with a ranking percentage. Sponsoring a global leader may provide as much as $100 US as bonus. The amount jumps to $200 US by sponsoring as much as 1-star global leader. By sponsoring a 2-Star global leader, the commission amount could be as much as $400 US.

Override binary commissions

You may be able to grow two different sales teams under a retail business centre by introducing others to BHIP global, products and business opportunity. In case they are registered under you, there may be a later division of right and left sales team. You may also earn an income that’s based on product sales consisting two teams.

The global leaders may also earn override binary commissions which is based on global commissionable bonus volume. In order to qualify for earning the override binary commissions, the RBC should be commissionable rank, active, qualified, etc. Later commissions may be received on weekly basis as per global bonus volume. Override binary commissions is based upon the amount of collected CBV which may be offset by almost double the BV amount.

The global leader or even higher rank goes on to earn up to 15% of global CBV that is generated by 1/3rd of team leg.

Leadership matching bonus

The global leaders are able to make earnings on week basis leadership match bonuses. However, it is dependable on leadership rank which is achieved via last calendar month. The leadership ranks is also based on number of distributors who are enrolled within any active autoship. The global leaders should be active and well qualified in order to remain eligible towards receiving leadership match bonus.

The global leaders with single star leadership may receive up to 20% match upon binary override income through initial level distributors.

There are also global leaders with two start leadership rankings who receive up to 20% match upon binary override earnings through second level distributors. Global leaders with up to 3 Star Leadership rank may receive up to 10% match upon binary override earnings registered by third level distributors. A permanent one star leadership is quite achievable with purchase of 1Star GL package of 600 BV. A permanent two star leadership is achievable with purchase of two Star GL package of 1200 BV, etc.

Leadership bonus

Global leaders can also earn the leadership bonuses based upon achieving a count of autoship participants for their right and left sales team. Autoship participants need to be enrolled within an active autoship of 20 BV or more. Leadership bonus is an amount paid once for each of the rankings achieved.

Lifestyle bonus

For maintaining a leadership rank as per calendar month, global leaders are able to earn a month-wise lifestyle bonus. The amount received as a result could be equivalent to the one specified for leadership rank maintained that particular month.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BHIP MLM Compensation Plan


  • Going through the reviews of BHIP would reveal a lot of positive points about the company. A number of people as distributors are associated with the company which is enough to prove credibility to a certain extent.
  • By reading some of the reviews, you’ll be able to figure out how to go about the MLM programs to achieve maximum profit. People have taken to internet to share how the MLM opportunities have done wonders to their career and financial status.
  • Some of the direct sales firms often need a highly complex matrix to be fulfilled in an attempt to promote. Comparatively, a bHIP distributor can just begin with two downline legs and gradually build up a volume to promote.


  • One of the not so good aspects remains the fact that two legs need to grow up in a balanced manner. Leadership could be really hard to replace at times owing to the depth in a particular team.




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