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Boresha International MLM Compensation Plan Review


Multi-level marketing is a new business strategy where firms or individuals promote and sell products directly to the customers using the tricks of word of mouth. Many firms using this commercial strategy is obtaining maximum financial prosperity in their coffers. Even the distributors of such firms are also getting maximum commissions and other attractive financial benefits. As a result many people are now joining MLM companies with the sole objective of earning handsome amounts for enjoying financial stability in their personal lives. These MLM companies are the ideal platform for those who want to prove their practical marketing and product selling skills with absolute freedom. Here you also have the option of working as a part-timer and to fix your own business hours. If you want to be a part of any such firm then you can try your luck with Boresha International. Before joining this company read this review first elaborating its products, compensation plans and other opportunities. There have been huge amount of people making more than 5K per week through these MLM plans, to know more about it click here.

Boresha International MLM Compensation Plan Review


This MLM firm was established in the year of 2007 with the primary objective of providing innovative and quality products to the customers all over the world. At present this company is operating over more than eighty nations of the world and is exploring new marketing areas for its nutritional products. It has given employment opportunities to more than twenty thousand distributors and its current annual revenue generation is above twenty million dollars. These distributors mainly utilize the oral advertising tactic to sell the products of the company. The company acknowledges the hard work of its distributors and rewards them with attractive bonus amounts, commissions and other opportunities.

Products of Boresha International MLM Compensation Plan

When it comes to product manufacturing, Boresha International is quite strict about sourcing quality natural ingredients from reliable distributors. It possesses superior state of the art manufacturing facilities where all its products are prepared under the supervision of experienced scientists. All products are FDA approved and additional third party tests have fully confirmed the absence of toxic and artificial ingredients in its products. You can easily view these test results in the official website of the company. All the products are well packed for preserving the nutritional elements and you can easily see the expiry and manufacturing dates of these products. Some of the well known products mainly include the following mentioned below:

Sweet Sutalin: This is clinically approved product is an ideal alternative for natural sugar and can be used for sweetening tea or coffee without any scope of blood sugar and other metabolic disruptions. It can be consumed by the people of any gender and age. It provides the essential source of limited glycemic energy in your body without additional carbohydrates. You will not miss the taste and flavor of the natural sugar as it will compensate the loss to the maximum extent.

Fit Lemonade: This product is made from the juice of fresh lemon extracts and is quite ideal to revitalize and rejuvenate your lost energy. It can also help you to develop effective immune system in your body from all types of diseases. For healthy cardiovascular support this product is best alternative in the market. It helps in the release of nitric oxide to support the heart health.

Lean Coffee: This fresh coffee extract product is perfect for managing your weight to the considerable extent. It not only revitalizes your lost spirit but also plays the vital role of burning excessive calories inside your body. This fresh coffee product is appropriate for improving the metabolic functions of your body. You will notice the difference within few weeks of consuming the product when you do not fill tired easily.

Compensation Plan of Boresha International MLM Business opportunity

The compensation plan of the company allows the distributors to earn in the following ways mentioned below:

  • Distributor Sales Commission: As a distributor you shall receive weekly commissions from the company on the basis of the order volumes from your preferred customers and that of their referrals. It normally begins with $30 and goes on increasing on the basis of the generation of your personal sales volumes.
  • B-Free with Three: Here you just need to refer minimum three paying consumers within single month whose combined personal volumes are thrice the personal volumes of your current autoship. Then you shall receive free autoship in the next month. Your preferred customers will also receive this benefit provided they follow your process according to the letter.
  •  Fast Cash Bonus: To be eligible for this bonus you need to sponsor a distributor on a personal level with the minimum personal order volume of fifty during any given month. For earning higher bonus you have to sponsor your distributor with the personal order volumes of hundred and more.
  • Business Builder Pool: Under this monthly program you will receive a decent share from the overall bonus pool of the company. The bonus percentage is determined on the basis of your share earnings in any specific month on recruiting latest customers and distributors. Each share earned by you shall be established every month and accordingly the payout shall be determined.
  • Team Commissions: It is mainly paid to the eligible distributors every month on the basis of the accumulated group volumes by their weak legs. These are also paid on the basis of your overall generations of the personal sales volumes during the period of qualification.
  • Leadership Bonus: Distributors achieving the status of Directors and other higher ranks in the company are eligible for this monthly bonus on the basis of team commissions that have been earned by their down-line members. It is paid till seven generations and the amount is entirely determined on the basis of the team commissions in your down-line. The higher the rank you achieve, the more will be the payment.
  • Rank Advancement Bonus: It is mainly given to the distributors on achieving any new rank. The sooner you achieve new ranks the higher will be your bonus payment. It is mainly given on the basis of your consecutive progress of six months. If you could exploit the opportunities in the first six months then try to compensate through displaying stunning performance in the next six months.
  • Ambassador Bonus Pool: You shall receive a decent cash amount every week on retaining the position of Ambassador and above consistently. It mainly comprises of one percent share reserved for every high ranking directors from the overall Bonus pool of the firm.

So now you have no problem to understand that this compensation plan has been mainly developed for those who work hard to build any solid down-lines along with generating higher personal sales volumes consistently every week. These distributors will also have the option of achieving higher ranks provided they obtain successful generation of group volumes from their down-line members for specific durations without any kind of failure.

Getting Started with Boresha International MLM Compensation Plan 

If you are determined to begin your career with this MLM firm then the ideal way is to sign up for the position of distributor. You can either contact your nearest distributor or straightaway log in to the website of the company. While enrolling online you need to follow certain steps so as to receive full enrollment confirmation from the company. In the first step you need to choose your marketing area along with forwarding your residential address and contact numbers. In the next step you need to carefully select and purchase the business kit containing essential training materials. It will be ideal on your part if you purchase the costly pack so that you can get more advanced tools to sharpen the basic concepts of multi-level marketing. In the final step you need to select and purchase the optional product pack containing various nutritional products of Boresha International. Here also you need to go for the costly pack so that you get more products for selling, self consumption and to offer your nearest relatives for free trials. Another benefit of purchasing costly pack is that your customers and friends shall take your business investment seriously and will sincerely follow your arguments for using the products of the company. Once you have successfully completed these steps, then you shall receive the confirmation mail from the company. Afterwards you can continue your home business through the replicated website of the company.


Money Earning Opportunities of Boresha International Compensation Plan

In terms of money earning opportunities no other company is as good as Boresha International. Its compensation plan has been mainly designed keeping into consideration the hard working intentions of common American youths like you. No matter whether you are a college student or service professional this compensation structure has the capacity of accommodating people from diverse background. Here you have the scope of earning both immediate weekly commissions and monthly bonus commissions on the basis of your outstanding hard work every month. The compensation plan is based on both uni-level and binary structures and hence is quite flexible and effective. The major advantage of these dual structures is that you have the option of dividing your down-line members into left and right leg and can earn income on the basis of the performance of stronger leg. The only disadvantage of such combination is that you may obtain fewer dividends due to the poor performance of the weaker leg. At the initial stage you have the chance of starting with fifty personal volumes with the weekly commissions of about $20. Then on achieving the executive ranks, your bonus amounts shall rise to the maximum extent.

Training for Boresha International Compensation Plan

The company offers advanced training to its newly recruited distributors with the help of innovative learning approaches. During the entire training sessions distributors are given a very concrete idea about multi-level marketing along with the tricks of generating leads for their products. They are also taught on the basics of convincing the target customers successfully to buy the products of the company. In order to motivate the lost spirit of the distributors the company regularly organizes workshops, conference meetings and other special events. These events can provide you the surplus opportunities of meeting with successful distributors of the company to hone your marketing skills. Establishing rapport with experienced distributors of the company can help you to obtain success during practical work field. But you need to focus on your training as there is no space for complacency in this competitive industry. The firm always backs the hardworking distributors and provides all sorts of supports for solid development of their home business. Distributors who had followed the training of the company have later enjoyed success and those who did not have failed miserably. During the period you will learn how to develop rapport with your down-line so as to maximize your earnings.

Conclusion of Boresha International Compensation Plan

Now that you have read the review you know pretty well that it is not so easy to become successful in this industry without having any hard determination. But you must also know this fact that due to high competition in the industry many firms with the sole objective of grabbing maximum customers are now trying to malign each other in the market. Unfortunately it is true regarding this MLM firm also. Many firms in order to malign this company are spreading false information to discourage youths like you to join this company. They know pretty well that once you stop visiting this firm its progress shall stall permanently. But you must not lure into their traps otherwise you shall be the lone sufferer. Always verify their facts before taking rash action. You guys now pretty well that nothing is wrong about this company. In terms of products it has clearly displayed in its site all the test results without any kind of concealment. In terms of compensation plan it has thoroughly mentioned the immediate ways of earning incomes without omitting any fact. Not only this, there is not a single issue of employee unrest or factionalism. Every distributor works as a team and never tries to beat one another unfairly. The firm rewards all its employees without any sort discrimination. So you must not wait anymore and join this company at once.






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