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Brain Abundance MLM Compensation Plan 2.0


Introduction to Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

I once heard a Freakonomics podcast about the relationship of boredom to decline of cognitive function.  It talked about at study that showed that, the longer the people in the study kept working and postponed retirement, the better their memories were.  The researchers suggested that boredom was tied to memory loss and, in general, to gradual loss of mental faculties.  Further evidence of this was that retired people who engaged in activities that challenged them and required them to think quickly, such as volunteer work, performed better at memory-related tasks than retired people who did not engage in social activities that required them to think.  It is a widely accepted fact that keeping your mind active, such as by always learning new things and, especially, learning to do new things, keeps your brain healthy and keeps you feeling young.If you are young, you might think it is silly that all those people on the train who look old enough to retire play Sudoku on the way to work, but by working and playing a challenging game by Sudoku, they are protecting their health in two important ways.  Think about someone you know who is in their sixties or older and seems to feel a lot younger.  Chances are that that person either still works or says very socially connected to friends and family members, regardless of what physical health problems he or she may have.  That person knows that people are counting on him or her for a response.  If you haven’t friended your grandma on Facebook, this is reason enough to do so.

Of course, a healthy diet and regular physical exercise also contribute to maintaining good cognitive function, and the previous paragraph does not mean that the next time your spouse gives you a hard time about being a couch potato, you should pull up this post on your phone and use one hand to wave your phone in your spouse’s face the next time he or she passes by the couch where you are sitting, while using the other hand to continue stuffing your face with cheesy poofs.  Physical exercise is one of the best ways to relieve mild to moderate depressive symptoms.  I am sure I told you about my wager with the other Brad, who runs this website with me, that I will run a certain number of miles on his treadmill this winter or else buy him an unlimited supply, within reason, of diet Vernors.  As much as I wouldn’t want the other Brad to hear me admit this, exercising really does make me feel good, not while I’m doing it, and not immediately after, but in general.  It makes me a more efficient researcher and writer.

Despite what experts say, my own observation is the thing that contributes the most to thinking clearly and steering clear of abysmally bad moods is feeling like you are on a quest.  Call it optimism or call it the gamification of life, but I feel the best and function the best when I feel like I am going somewhere in my life.  My current quest is to make sense of the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry and to help others make sense of it.  That is why I have made this site, Notebook Crazy, in order to review as many MLM companies as I can find substantial and specific information on.  Today the MLM company I am reviewing is Brain Abundance.

Brain Abundance and Its Products

I have reviewed a lot of MLM companies, and that means I have read a lot of spiels on MLM companies’ website about how this or that company’s nutritional supplements can change your life.  I have to hand it to Brain Abundance that it has a brand identity.  Its supplements are supposed to help with everything from improving mental alertness to reducing the severity of the symptoms of everything from ADHD to (I’m not kidding) alcohol addiction.  Again, there is nothing wrong with vitamin supplements.  Pills containing folic acid and vitamin B-12 probably aren’t going to hurt you, but so much of the language on the Brain Abundance site seems to be aimed at tapping into people’s desperation.  The website tells people indicates that supplements can make your brain “work smarter, not harder.”  There aren’t very many ways to get rich from MLM, but perhaps one way is to get paid a nickel every time someone tells you to “work smarter, not harder.”

And then there are Brain Bears, the Brain Abundance supplement for children.  These supplements are designed to “support a calm and happy mood”.  I can’t imagine how desperate someone would have to be, and how lacking in self-awareness, to think that vitamin supplements could change their child’s temperament.  Your kid is giving his stepmother attitude?  Just give him Brain Bears instead of listening to his point of view.

One bottle of the company’s flagship product, Brain Fuel, has a retail price of $79.95.  The recommended dose is three tablets per day, so if you find someone whose placebo receptors really gibe with this particular product, you can potentially sell a lot of product.  By the way, how much do you want to be that some MLM company’s website is going to think that the phrase “placebo receptors” has a nice ring to it and start advertising vitamin supplements that nourish the placebo receptors in your brain?  If you think I’m being cynical, just read the product descriptions of enough nutraceutical MLM products, and you will agree that “placebo receptors” is one of the more plausible aspects of fictional physiology in the MLM world.

Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

Whoever wrote the compensation plan section of the Brain Abundance website really could have used some grapeseed extract, or whichever one of those ingredients is supposed to improve mental concentration.  It contradicts itself so much that I cannot for the life of me figure out how the Brain Abundance compensation plan is supposed to work.  (Maybe it’s all a ploy to get readers to buy Brain Abundance merchandise.  Confused?  Try Brain Fuel, and this website will make perfect sense.)  For starters, Brain Abundance describes its compensation plan as “one of the most aggressive in the industry”.  The SEO receptors in my brain are telling me that if you Google “most aggressive MLM”, the search results will include both the Brain Abundance website and Notebook Crazy’s own review of ASEA, in which I explained how difficult it is to domesticate the Nile crocodile, one of the most aggressive animals in the world.

As is typical of MLM companies, Brain Abundance requires its sales representatives to earn at least 50 points worth of sales volume per month.  As is also typical of MLM companies, the Brain Abundance website does not explain how points are assessed.

Here goes nothing.

  • Powerline Bonus – This bonus is paid to you based on the first three people you recruit. If looks as though, if Adam recruits Ulrich, Valerian, and Walter, he gets a bonus of $5, $3, and $2 respectively.  According to the website, “The Powerline Bonus is paid out one time and is paid out weekly.”  I hope the weekly part is true, because even the most loyal friend will not allow you to sully his basement with a shipment of Brain Bears just so you can get a lousy one-time payment of two bucks.
  • Retail Profits – You earn $20 in profit on every bottle of Brain Abundance supplements you sell.
  • Fast Start Commissions – These are commissions on your downline sales. You earn a 50% commission on the sales of people you directly enroll.
  • Override Bonuses – When you reach the higher levels in the company, you can receive commissions on sales made by people who are very far downline from you.

The Brain Abundancecompensation plan is better than some other MLMs’ compensation plans in that you start getting bonuses as soon as you recruit two people, whereas with some MLM companies, you have to wait until each of your recruits has recruited several other people.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The products page of the Brain Abundance site contains a nifty feature where you hover your mouse over the names of any of the ingredients in the supplements, and it gives you an explanation of the nutritional benefits of the ingredient. The last sentence is usually a wildly exaggerated claim, but the rest of each paragraph seems legitimate.
  • You can start earning bonuses even when your downline consists of only two people. The bonuses are not very big, but earning small bonuses frequently is less demoralizing than constantly pressuring your friends to pressure their friends to recruit moresellers before you even see a penny of bonus money.
  • Brain Advantage states clearly on its website what the ingredients of its supplements are. It’s an improvement over, say, Boresha International, which only mentions “science-based ingredients.”
  • There are people out there who are terrified of letting their minds grow old or whose lives are full of stress and they are desperate for a quick fix to keep them young and calm. What they really need is some physical exercise, a question or topic to occupy their minds, and a friend to really listen to them.  You could always try to sell them Brain Fuel instead, but shame on you.


  • For a company that specializes in products that improve mental clarity, the Brain Abundance website is hopelessly muddled.
  • Lacking in mental clarity though they may be, most people are not dumb enough to pay 80 dollars per month for a nutritional supplement unless they are absolutely sure it is the only thing that will keep their chronic illness from relapsing. Most people who are stressed out to the point of not being able to think clearly don’t have 80 bucks per month to spare, anyway.
  • The idea that a vitamin supplement can make your child more manageable is downright offensive.
  • Much of the writing on the Brain Advantage website makes no sense at all. I can’t figure out whether it is intentional or whether proofreading is not a mental faculty that you can get from taking Brain Fuel.
  • The website lists only two products. If there are more, it is a sign of a poorly designed website.  If there are not, then the company doesn’t really provide the opportunity for sales representatives to tell potential customers it has something for everyone.


Taking vitamin supplements most likely isn’t going to hurt you, but the products Brain Abundance is trying to sell you are something you can get at your local supermarket for a fraction of the price.  Perhaps more importantly, the mental well-being that Brain Abundance is trying to sell you is something that cannot be bought.  While a better diet and enough free time for physical exercise can be achieved by increasing your income, the most important component of maintaining your emotional and intellectual health, namely, keeping your mind active, does not cost anything at all.  There are plenty of people in the world who are rich and idle, and I can assure you that they are not happy.  If you don’t believe me, turn on any reality show.  If you are feeling stuck and are too broke to travel, type the weirdest search term you can think of into Google and see what happens.  (“American Petsuchos” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoises” will both lead you to this very blog, incidentally.)  Read the talk page of a Wikipedia article.  Have a real conversation with someone with whom you have only ever exchanged greetings.  If you do get mixed up with Brain Abundance, do it for the opportunity to meet new people and learn from their experiences.  True intellectual engagement and true emotional connection are priceless.  And they are free.  No amount of money and no amount of nutritional supplements can give them to you.


Stimulating conversation can help keep your mind young and healthy.  If you want to brainstorm about how to make money in the MLM industry, give me a call.


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