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Brain Abundance MLM Compensation Plan Review


Many people are now eager to work in MLM firms as they offer the platform for proving their hidden marketing and product selling skill. In order to become successful in any MLM company you must have the solid passion and determination to face all sorts of challenges and competitive environments. Here you also need to develop your own solid performing team for sharing the loads of product selling and marketing. Another notable feature of these MLM firms is that they have the abundance space to accommodate all types of people irrespective of the education qualification. In short, there is no dearth of job opportunities unlike other professions. Even people working in other sectors can participate in these firms to supplement their incomes and hence does not follow any strict criteria rules for hiring people. If you are quite sincere about joining any MLM company then Brain Abundance is appropriate for that purpose. To know more about the company, its products and compensation plans just read this review carefully. People have been earning huge through MLM money earning opportunities, to know more about this click here. 

About Brain Abundance MLM Compensation Plan

Brain Abundance

Brain Abundance was established in the year of 2013 with the primary objective of providing high quality products to the customers in the market. It is committed to help people to remain healthy and young. It is the sole company in this industry to provide you with high quality brain health products. At present this firm is operating over eighty nations of the world and has given employment opportunities to more than twenty thousand distributors. These distributors have played vital role in the current financial progress of the company. They mainly convince the customers using the tactic of word of mouth to buy the products of this company. The firm acknowledges the contribution of its distributors and rewards them heavily.

Products of Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

The company uses advanced state of the art facilities to manufacture its products. It imports pure natural ingredients from reliable wholesalers which are processed in its superior manufacturing facilities under the supervision of experienced nutritionists, scientists and formulators. All its products are FDA approved and have received the no objection certificate from other third party tests which were conducted occasionally. You can clearly see the expiry and manufacturing dates in the product labels along with the approval seals of leading agencies. The firm has mainly acquired recognition for its Brain Fuel Plus product. This clinically approved product has been designed for maintaining the healthy functions of your brain. It is the only product to contain 13 powerful ingredients for maximizing and supporting the healthy performance of your brain. The capsules of this product can help your body to cope with anxiety and stress, support cognitive activities and many more. Just follow the prescribed guidelines before consuming these tablets.

Compensation Plan of Brain Abundance MLM Network Marketing

According to the compensation plan of this company distributors have the scope of earning income in the following manner mentioned below:

  • Power Line Bonus: It is mainly paid when three new people join the company after you. It does not matter whether they are enrolled by you or not but they must have minimum fifty business volume in terms of their personal sales volume. You shall be entitled to receive $5 for the first person, $3 on the second person and $5 for the third person. It is a one- time bonus and is paid on weekly basis.
  • Retail Bonus: The retail cost of the Brain Fuel Plus product is only $79.95 in every bottle. As a distributor you have the chance of purchasing this product at a wholesale cost of only $59.95. On reselling this bottle to your preferred customers you have the chance of earning the profit amount of $20 as a retail bonus. You can either directly sale the products to your customers or can place their product orders in your website and forward it directly to the company. In either way your profit is guaranteed.
  • Fast Start Commission: You have the scope of earning between twenty five dollars to seventy five dollars on initial product order of your newly introduced persons in the company. Along with that you have the chance of earning extra four commission levels on every referral within your team. There is no earning limit in this commission and you have the chance of enrolling as many people as you can.
  • Infinity Coded Overrides: Once you cross the five generational levels of the Fast Start Commission you have the chance of receiving higher payments on infinite sales levels within your whole enroller tree. It starts with the sixth level and you have the scope of receiving extra one to four percent of overrides commissions on every level up till Diamond.
  • Accelerated Binary Commissions: This payment structure is quite unique in comparison to the traditional binary structures. Under this new commission structure you just have to enroll only one person in your both legs and there is no issue of late payment. Under this commission structure you shall get seventy five percent in every sales period. In order to be eligible for this commission you must have one active enrolled member with the minimum business volume of fifty in the personal volume of your both legs.
  • Rank Achievement Bonuses: These are single time bonuses which are usually paid along with your existing monthly commissions on the basis of your third month qualifications. It can be overlapped or paid in the same period. For instance, in the month of February you have reached the position of Platinum and in March you have achieved the position of Diamond then you shall receive the respective bonus amounts along with your monthly commissions as long as you can retain the eligibility criteria.

Getting Started with Brain Abundance MLM Compensation Plan

If you are interested to work with this company then the ideal way of starting your career is that of a distributor. To enroll as the distributor you can either contact your nearest distributor or can visit the website of the company to begin the online process of enrollment. In online enrollment you need to follow certain steps for confirming your full enrollment from the company. In the first step you need to select your market area along with mentioning your contact no, residential address and so on. In the second step you need to choose and buy the business kits containing training materials and other essential stuffs like motivational videos and so on. It is essential that you purchase the costly one so that you get more materials to sharpen your skills in multi-level marketing. In the third step you have to purchase the optional product kits of your choice. Here also you must buy the costly pack so that you get more products for personal consumption, sales and offer them to your neighbors for free trials. Besides, purchasing costly product pack you can draw the attention of the people as people will consider your business investment quite seriously. Once your entire process is completed you shall receive a confirmation mail from the company. Then you shall get a replicated website where you can forward the orders of your customers directly to the company.

Making money with Brain Abundance MLM Compensation Plan

On joining as a distributor of this company you shall be entitled to various money earning opportunities that arrive with the official compensation plan of this company. Once you aim for the higher dividends you have the chance of getting yields for your financial investment. The main bonus that you receive on joining this firm is that of power line bonus. In this single time bonus you have the scope of earning money on the basis of the number of people joined after you with a minimum business volume of about fifty in their personal volumes. Subsequently this bonus will go on increasing with the number of people being enrolled by your down-line members. Then you have the scope of earning profit through reselling the products of the company at a fixed retail price to your preferred customers.

Then you have the option of fast start bonus which has been designed for motivating the people to join as a distributor of the company. Here you have the scope of receiving up till seventy five dollars on the basis of first purchase of your enrolled customers. Your profit will go on increasing the more you can forward the purchasing orders of your enrolled customers. Not only this you also have the option of receiving commissions on the product order of your down-line members as well. The accelerated binary commission makes your task further easier as you can place one people in your both legs for continuing the momentum of generating decent sales volumes for the company. Till five levels you shall receive this commission and for more earning beyond these levels you need to have at least one active down-line member with the fifty business volume in both legs.

Training in Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

The back office training method of the company is quite unique in comparison to other companies. It mainly focuses on asking the distributors to adopt innovative approach in their marketing and product selling skills. Inexperienced distributors like you do receive adequate training on reaching the target customers for the products as well as on the ways of generating solid leads for their products. The company shall also arrange for special events so that you get the scope of meeting with some of its successful distributors. Through them you can get additional inputs on sharpening your marketing and product selling skills. The company always extends all sorts of assistance for the hardworking distributors and these also include forwarding replicated websites in your name. It will be better if you establish rapport with some experienced distributors of the company so you can get the appropriate exposure in the grass root level in this industry. But if you lack motivation then your failure is inevitable. It is the sole reason why many distributors after certain period of time could not progress to the next level of higher payments. So in order to retain the motivation of the distributors the firm sometimes organizes office party and vacational trips to exotic islands to refresh the tired spirits of its distributors. Its leadership program provides essential skills to the distributors to make them fit for taking higher responsibilities as a leader in the future.

Conclusion of Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

Before closing this review you should always keep this in mind that the road to become successful in this industry is not so easy. It is filled with many obstacles and unknown challenges along with high competitive environment. Many MLM firms with the ultimate objective of attracting more customers resort to malign the image of each other in the market. This is quite true in regard to this company also. Many rivals in order to stall the prosperity of this company are spreading baseless facts about it in the market. They mainly target inexperienced punks like you so that you never set your foot in the doorstep of the company office. Hence it is important that you should lure into the traps of such companies. You must verify all information and then decide your next course of action. If you take any rash action then you shall be the sole sufferer and not the company.

Now that you have read the review you are fully aware that in terms of transparency this company is much ahead than its rivals. Coming to the products, it has clearly specified the constituent ingredients of its Brain Plus product along with the outcomes of various third party tests.  Even in case of compensation plan it has clearly mentioned the ways of earning incomes for the distributors without any kind of concealment. You will be surprised to hear this is the only company in this industry where there is no unpleasant incident of employee unrests and factionalism. The employees work here as a team and support one another to maximize the financial prosperity of the company. There is no incident of gender discrimination and the company rewards every employee without any kind of biasness.








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