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Charle Corp MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Charle Corp MLM Compensation Plan

Welcome back to Notebook Crazy, where the goal is to review as many multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities as possible but where the discussion sometimes leads us far afield of MLM, and we end up on some pretty interesting subjects.  In a previous review, I discussed movie MacGuffins.  A MacGuffin is an object that the characters in a movie are trying to find, transport, destroy, or protect, although, from the audience’s perspective, the MacGuffin is not what makes the movie interesting.  I gave the example of Pulp Fiction, where the MacGuffin is whatever is in the briefcase.  Quentin Tarantino, ever making a point about movies and why we love them, never even lets us see what is inside the briefcase, and we don’t even care, because there are so many other things in the movie for us to enjoy.  In a similar spirit, I shall begin this Charle Corp review by arguing that lingerie is not the most interesting thing about The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This is not to belittle the Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes.  Wikipedia credits Sue Blane, the costume designer for both the stage play and the movie based on it, with influencing punk rock fashion, with its ripped fishnet stockings and its outrageous hair colors.  Indeed, all the female characters in the movie (Nell Campbell’s Columbia, Susan Sarandon’s Janet, and Patricia Quinn’s Magenta), look fetching in their costumes, and I have also seen some girls in real life wear Rocky Horror-inspired clothing with aplomb.  But cool clothes are not enough to keep people coming back to the theater to see the same movie for 40 years in a row.  If that were the case, we would all be lining up for midnight screenings of Barry Lyndon.  No, the appeal of The Rocky Horror Picture Show has to do with a lot more than just clothes and makeup.

First, allow me to explain what qualifies me to give my opinion on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I have seen the movie twice, both in the summer of 2000, once at a theater screening with a “shadow cast” and once on VHS at a friend’s house in preparation for said midnight show.  It was inevitable that I would eventually see it, for two reasons.  First, it is only a small leap of logic from a Pink Floyd laser light show to a Rocky Horror midnight show.  Second, some of my friends in high school filled their time with extracurricular activities like drama and yearbook, and if you were a teenager in the 90s like I was, you know that such territory is rife with Rocky Horror fans.  As I said, I have only seen the movie twice, but I have danced the Time Warp at numerous parties, and my friends peppered their conversation with quotes from the movie.  My name is Brad, so that kind of ruined my enjoyment of the movie; if my parents had given me any other name, I probably would have watched Rocky Horror many more times and enjoyed it a lot more.  (The other Brad, the cofounder of Notebook Crazy, has never seen the movie, and refuses to ever see it, for this very reason.)

I realize that in places like New York City, there is a Rocky Horror midnight show every week, and some people’s social lives depend heavily on regular attendance.  I, however, grew up in a remote part of the Midwest, so Rocky Horror and its shadow cast only came through my town once, in the summer after I graduated from high school.  I just wore my regular clothes, but most of the people in the audience at the midnight show were either dressed as characters from the movie or were otherwise decked out to be seen.  I can’t say which gender had more makeup on.  What I can say is that at no other point in my adolescence were so many raging insecurities together in one room.  It was as if all the guys and all the girls who never got noticed finally had their only chance to show the world how awesome and unique they were.  I am sure that 75% of the people in the audience decided once and for all that night that they were getting out of our remote little corner of the Midwest.  Not me, though.  There is no place I would rather be.  I have had quite a few years to think about it, and I have decided what are the elements of the Rocky Horror Picture Show that are better than the fishnets and corsets worn by the cast, and they are as follows:

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show takes place in Denton, Ohio, which is not too far from here.
  • Instead of shaking hands or exchanging high fives, the movie’s extraterrestrial characters exchange congratulations by bumping their forearms together in a fluid gesture that moves from wrist to elbow. Adopting this greeting would be a practical move, from a germophobe perspective, as it would use one part of the upper limbs for exchanging greetings (usually not even involving skin to skin contact, except in the summers) and another part for handling food.  This reassurance would leave germophobes a lot less vulnerable to MLM sales pitches advertising antibacterial cleaning products and immune boosting nutritional supplements.
  • The best part of the movie is, by far, the opening titles sequence, which shows Patricia Quinn’s disembodied red lips lip synching as Richard O’Brien (who plays Riff Raff) sings the theme song. The song is a more loving tribute to the art of genre film than all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies combined.

You can get red lipstick anywhere (including from more MLMs than I care to count), and fishnet stockings probably aren’t too hard to either.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that is not what makes it special.  What makes it special is its weirdness and sincerity, and those things are very hard to find in the world of MLM.

Charle Corp: The Company and Its Products

When I review an MLM company for my blog, I usually start by reading the company’s website, and then I read other reviews of the company, written by customers, distributors, or MLM reviewers.  I am indebted to other Charle Corp reviews for most of my information about the Charle Corp business opportunity, because I have been unable to find a version of the Charle Corp website in English.  According to the Charle Corp review on the MLM review site Better Networker, the Charle Corp business opportunity was founded in 1993, and the company is headquartered in Hyogo, Japan.  I had not heard of Hyogo, Japan, before researching this Charle Corp review, so, research head that I am, I looked it up on Wikipedia.  It turns out that the largest city in Hyogo Prefecture is Kobe, the namesake of Kobe beef, which I have heard of.  The Better Networker Charle Corp review says that most Charle Corp products are undergarments for women, and that there is also a product line of cosmetics.  It says that Charle Corp products are sold through a direct sales business model, but it does not go into any more detail than that.

Meanwhile, the Charle Corp review on Networking Star says that the Charle Corp business opportunity was founded in 1975.  This Charle Corp review says that Charle Corp distributors have the choice to sell Charle Corp products at stores, door to door, or at home sales parties.  The most interesting piece of information on the Networking Star Charle Corp review has nothing to do with MLM.  It says that, in 2007, Charle Corp set a world record when it hosted an event where 4,898 people shook hands simultaneously.

The information I found in the Charle Corp reviews I read was not sufficient to let me know whether Charle Corp products are reasonably priced.

The Charle Corp Compensation Plan

The more I try to research this Charle Corp review, the more impressed I am that the good people of Better Networker and Networking Star were able to find as much information about the Charle Corp business opportunity as they did.  Neither of the Charle Corp reviews I found had any details about the Charle Corp compensation plan.  In a strange twist of search engine optimization (SEO), when I typed “Charle Corp compensation plan” into a search engine, most of my search results were for something called the “delayed compensation plan”, which is offered by Charles Schwab.  I have made more money through SEO than I ever made through MLM, but that is a story for another day.

If you do happen to get your hands on a copy of the Charle Corp compensation plan, and not only can you understand Japanese well enough to read it, but you also have a strong enough stomach to get past the fact that there might be home sales parties, keep a few things in mind before deciding to become a Charle Corp distributor.  The more of your potential income is based on your own sale of Charle Corp products, the better.  Direct selling works best when your reliable income comes from selling products.  The bonuses from recruitment and the commissions based on sales made by your recruits should not be your bread and butter.  They should not be what determines whether you are able to pay your bills at the end of the month.  If an MLM company puts lots of pressure on distributors to recruit and recruit quickly (and if it takes away their bonuses if their recruits drop out), then it is a pyramid scheme in all but name.  If it bases your earnings on recruitment of a downline sales team and then proceeds to nickel and dime you about which “leg” of your downline team your team sales are coming from, that is also a red flag.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • For the most part, I have no beef with the Charle Corp business opportunity, but that is mostly because it is so far away and in a different language, and because Charle Corp products are mostly marketed to women. Thus, as a dude in the Midwest, it is highly unlikely that someone would try to sell me Charle Corp products or recruit me as a Charle Corp distributor.  In fact, it is futile for them to even try to get me to read the Charle Corp website.
  • By researching this Charle Corp review, I found out where Kobe beef gets its name.
  • It is rare to find an MLM that will let you sell its products in stores, so if you can do that with Charle Corp products, as the Networking Star Charle Corp review says you can, that is a point in favor of the Charle Corp business opportunity.


  • Do we really need more MLM companies that sell cosmetics?
  • I can’t confirm this, because the Charle Corp website is in Japanese, but at least one Charle Corp review says that Charle Corp distributors are encouraged to sell Charle Corp products at home sales parties. If that is the case, then quadruple crown diamond barf.
  • This will probably never apply to me, since I am a dude, and besides, I am not nearly as much of a prude as my namesake in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it has to be awkward to try to sell lingerie to your neighbors and coworkers.


There is an unwritten rule in the MLM world that, in order to succeed with an MLM company, you have to join before everyone else does, or else you will be too far down the food chain.  If you are bilingual in Japanese and English, you might do well in the Charle Corp business opportunity by being one of the first Charle Corp distributors to sell Charle Corp products to English-speaking customers.  Better yet, you could even make an English version of the Charle Corp website.


Hey, Notebook Crazy readers!  Want to taunt me about how few times I have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Schedule a call with me.


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