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CieAura MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to CieAura MLM Compensation Plan Review

MLM companies are becoming hot favorites among people who are in search of opportunities to lead a decent life with greater financial autonomy. Apart from that, it is allowing people to set their own job durations and to devise their own marketing and product selling strategies without answerable to anybody. Even many qualified professionals from other sectors are also joining such firms due to the ever increasing demands of distributors which never ceases in situations like recessions. It also provides part time income earning opportunities to people who are already engaged in other professions. But most importantly, the main benefit that people gain in joining the industry of multi-level marketing is that of the team building and leadership development skills. There are many multi-level marketing firms that are dealing with varieties of services and products. If you have interest in health and wellness products, then you can try out with CieAura. Before joining this company, read the review first that elaborates on its products, compensation plans and other exciting opportunities.

 About CieAura MLM Compensation Plan


This MLM firm was established in the year of 2009 and has received positive feed backs on all its nutritional and fitness products since its inception. At present it is operating in more than eighty nations of the world and is exploring new markets to sell its products. The company has given employment to over thirty thousand distributors but is still looking for more distributors to maximize the sale of its products in the market. The distributors use the strategy of word of mouth advertising to convince the customers in using the products of the company. The firm fully acknowledges the hard working efforts of the distributors and rewards them with handsome commissions and bonus amounts.

Products of CieAura Compensation Plan

The scientists working in this firm always employ the advanced scientific technology to manufacture the healthiest products for the customers. A remarkable scientific achievement of the company is the introduction of holographic chips that are mainly designed to give relief from various types of problems.  All its products are FDA approved and have passed the criteria of other third party tests as well. Some of its well known products are mentioned below:

Pure Relief: This product is quite suitable to give you relief from sever body pain along with soothing and calm experience. Just apply it to your affected body parts and you will reap the benefits within few hours of usage. It contains special holographic chips that provide essential energy to the discomfort body part. It contains no harmful ingredients and do not affect the skin tissue. On the contrary it percolates deep down to the source of the problem and provides instant relief from the unbearable pain.

Pure Energy: This product also contains specially designed chips of the firm with the sole objective of providing energy to your body. When you are felling tired and exhausted just open the pack and apply these chips to different parts of your body. You will notice the difference within few seconds. Due to the presence of chips, it can be used when you are engaged in outdoor activities as well.

Pure Rest: This product shall ensure your sound sleep without taking sleeping pills and other medicines. Just try it for few weeks and you will automatically notice the difference within days. It will not only give you perfect sleep but will also refresh your mind and body when you wake up in the morning. There is no possibility of any side –effect as it normally works through the holographic chips of the company.

Enhance: The specially designed chip of this product is quite useful in improving the mood of the couples to renew their close relationships. Due to excessive workload and other stressful factors, the relationship between couples often gets loose. But with this product, they can again enjoy life to the fullest extent with close companion of each other.

Compensation Plan of CieAura MLM Networking

The compensation plan of the company is mainly designed for motivating the hardworking distributors with handsome commission and bonus amounts. As per this plan, distributors have the scope of earning incomes in the following manners mentioned below:

Retail profits: Once you join as a distributor of the company, you can buy products at the wholesale price and sell it to your customers at a fixed retail price. The profit you earned in this process is mainly determined on the difference between wholesale and retail costs. It is an immediate income earning opportunity and the profit amount will be further enhanced on the basis of the order volumes of your customers.

First Order Commission: On enrolling new distributors for purchasing the product pack of the firm, you will have the chance of earning this commission and the amount shall be determined on the basis of the product pack purchase within first days of the enrollment period. Once your enrolled distributors manage to stay with the company for more than thirty days, then you will cease to receive this commission any longer. Hence you should enroll new distributors every month for purchasing the product pack of the company in order to enjoy this commission continuously.

Preferred Customer profit: In order to enjoy this profit, you just have to enroll preferred customers to generate order for their products via autoship. Your profit amount will be determined on the basis of the autoship order volume of the preferred customers. As preferred customers normally receive discount for their autoship orders, so you have no problem in enrolling such customers in large extent for maximizing your profit amount.

Team Sales Commission:   Every qualified distributor under you shall have the scope to earn the overall commissionable sales volume of ten percent in response to the performance of their weak legs. But if you manage to balance the overall commissionable sales volumes up to 120 through the combined order volumes of your both legs, then a commission amount of $12 shall be generated uniformly without any delay. In order to be eligible for this commission you need to achieve the position of Tow Star Retailer and have to generate sufficient amount of order volume regularly.

Top ten monthly bonus: It is mainly given to the top ten distributors of the company which comprises of both new and active retailers who retain the essential criteria to become eligible for this bonus. In order to become eligible for this bonus, you must generate the minimum commissionable sales volume of about 840 from the newly enrolled distributers. In order to maximize your chance for this bonus, your enrolled distributors must purchase any product pack within the same period so as to maximize the commissionable sales volumes of yours. As one of the top ten retailers, you have the chance of earning $500 for your individual and group volume generation subsequently.

Four Star Bonus: On achieving the position of Four Star retailer within your initial thirty days you will be considered eligible for this bonus. Here you have the chance of earning handsome cash amounts for enrolling new distributors every month. In order to become eligible for this position, you need to enroll minimum four distributors which mainly involve two on the left and two on the right leg. Apart from that, the combined sales volumes of these enrolled distributors must be thirty or more during the initial period of thirty days.

Getting started with CieAura MLM Business Opportunity

If you are eager to work with this company, then the ideal way of starting your career is to join as a distributor. In order to sign up as a distributor, you can either contact your nearest distributor or can directly start the enrollment process on your own after logging the website of this firm. While enrolling online, you need to follow certain step for your successful enrollment with the company. In the first step, you have to choose your marketing area along with filling other important columns like residential address, contact number and so on. Then in the second step, you have to carefully select and purchase the business builder pack which contains essential training equipments. It is recommended that you go for the costly pack so that you get more materials to properly develop your concept on multi-level marketing. In the third step, you have to carefully choose and buy the optional product pack to start your home business. Here also you must buy the costly pack so that you can get more attention of the people for selling products. Another advantage of purchasing this costly pack is that you get more products for self consumption, selling and offering to the nearest persons for free trials. Once you have successfully completed these steps you will receive a confirmation mail from the company for your successful enrollment. Then a replicated website shall be forwarded on your name from where you will forward the order volume of the preferred customers directly to the firm.

Training for CieAura MLM Compensation Plan

Newly recruited distributors are usually trained on how to develop their home businesses without incurring much financial loss. But at the same time the firm strongly supports and encourages distributors who adopt innovative approaches and do not afraid of taking risks. Those who have joined the company from other sectors are first thoroughly acquainted with the basic concepts of multi-level marketing in a simple manner. For motivating both new and existing distributors, the firm organizes workshops and seminars and other official events. If you attend these meetings, you have the chance of encountering with the successful distributors of this company. You can gain many valuable tips from them on how to achieve success in this industry. While on the field, the company will give you all types of supports on how to locate your target customers and to generate leads for your products.

Business Opportunity of CieAura MLM Compensation Plan

Before joining any MLM firm always read its compensation plan so that you do not have to regret later once you join such company. It is this compensation plan which shall thoroughly update you with immediate, weekly and monthly income earning opportunities. As far as the compensation plan of this company is concerned it is based on the binary structure where you shall two team legs. But unlike other binary plans, this binary structure is comprised of opportunities that can surely maximize your commission and bonus amounts. For instance, the provision of retail profits shall allow you to earn immediate income on just selling the products of the company at the retail price. This can be further maximized with the order volume of your preferred customers via autoship.

Conclusion of CieAura MLM Compensation Plan

Before closing this review, it is essential on your part to know that it requires years of dedication and sincerity to become successful in the MLM industry. Apart from that, you must also remember that in this industry, firms often engage in rivalry with each other for attracting more customers for their products. Unfortunately, it is also true in regard to this firm also. Many rival firms in order to stall the progress of this company are spreading baseless facts about it in the market. They are trying to discourage young people like you to join this firm and for that they mainly target youths like you who can be easily molded. But now you have read the review about this company, you know that in terms of transparency it is much ahead than the others. For instance, it has clearly mentioned the chief ingredients of all its products along with the test results of every agency. In its compensation plan also it has clearly explained the ways of earning immediate income. Not only that, it also thoroughly rewards both its male and female distributors without any discrimination. There is not a single incident of employee unrest and work strike. Every employee of this company works as a team to maximize the profit of the company. The company also encourages all its distributors to adopt new means and has given them absolute freedom to devise their own strategies without any interference. Hence you must waste any further time and join this company at once.







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