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Discovery Toys compensation plan review


Network marketing has the potential in offering you to sell vast range of products under different categories with overwhelming choices. There are enormous number of opportunities up for grabs and it just needs you to hold on to the reliable and the most lucrative one. MLM is certainly something where you are the boss of your job and it is you who decides the work hours and the way it should be carried forward. I will help you get some great avenues to explore in this league. If you are passionate about selling kid’s products then your ideal destination is Discovery Toys. Discovery Toys as we know is a network marketing as well as a direct sales company which manufactures educational toys for children. The MLM model of the company is for selling as well as distributing the products offered by the company. In simple language you would be an educational consultant who would be selling the products through word of mouth advertising. Haa! You might be surprised why I am so enthusiastic about selling educational toys as it would not only generate side income but also most noble profession in place of selling toy guns to the children.

Discovery toys

About Discovery Toys

It was established in the year of 1978 under the charge of childhood educator Lane Nemeth. Taking the advantage of having very supportive family besides managing to obtain a surplus loan of $ 5,000 she established this company. Within short time frame of two decades the annual revenues of the firm were more than $ 100 million before being sold to the Avon. It manufactures educational toys under the following categories mentioned below:

  • Budding Brains.
  • Early Explorers.
  • Little Learners.
  • Clever Connectors.
  • Mighty Minds.

The products are great for young parents having kids within the age group of 0 to 8 years. The product portfolio which you would be selling would also include some special products for the special children suffering from autism. All its products do have the guarantee of life time within the price range of 20 $ and less. The products mainly focus on the development of expression, thinking, motor, language, reading, exploration and mathematical skills among children. The firm focuses on MLM marketing as it believes that educational toys need direct demonstration rather than displaying it in stores. Besides, oral advertising is much powerful than financial marketing and also obtains positive response from the consumers. So coming to the point after so much of bla.. bla.. of what exactly the company is and what you need to do, I will explain you the process.

Getting Started:

To start with it you need to search for a sponsor who would be sharing the business opportunity with you and would agree for training you as well as helping you. With the popularity of the program this might not be a huge task to achieve. The moment you find the perfect friend the next step is to pay the registration fee and sign on the acceptance for rules and regulations of the company.  Jumping to the next step after all these formalities it would need you to purchase the starter pack that would offer several sample toys as well as business material. This contains all you might need for doing business with their products. To join as an educational consultant you have to sign in the firm’s website. Here you would be first selected as the downline of somebody. He may be your known or unknown person and that person will be selected randomly on inserting your specific zip code. From there fee must be paid and you will obtain your kit. Then you will soon having the opportunity for training to initiate your small business. It’s a cool set up.

How you earn money:

Coming to the real terms, you must be wondering as when and how you could start making money from this program. To keep it simple move ahead and start with some in home parties. Top it up with a sales presentation for sharing the benefits of these products. Products are quite attractive and would definitely appeal to the kids and their parents. So it just needs the right direction and a little effort from you to start selling. Moreover, making money as an income by sharing by sharing the business opportunity is definitely what you do by helping others start their own Discovery toys business. Additionally, the more referrals you make, the more overrides along with commissions for their sales. The perks go beyond the general benefits mentioned here; you may be eligible for free trips, recognitions for your business, etc. I would conclude in simple terms, Discovery Toys needs you to follow the 3 steps below and make it your money earning business, they are:

  1. Sell products
  2. Sponsor others
  3. Build leaders.

As the consultant you have the scope of earning revenues when team members under your charge are making their own sales. This is as simple it could be and is an opportunity for almost anyone. Backed by a company having a reputation as well as strong financial backing, it just needs a little marketing effort from your end.

Tips for building the business of Discovery Toys:

If your are planning to set up the business of your Discovery Toys you need to follow certain regulations so that you have no problem in enlarging the business network all over the world. It is obvious that your are required to utilize products that are familiar to you as you have the prior knowledge of its advantages and features. Once you have this prior knowledge it will be easier for you to sale it comfortably. You need to devote much time on your business even if have started it as a part time source of your income. You have to spend at least few hours every week and would have been much better if you continue this for few years to have a permanent foot hold in this industry of educational toys. You must take cue from the fact that every business do take some time to generate profit for the investors and the same principle applies here also in the perspective of Discovery Toys. Devoting much time in your business also help you to develop appropriate strategy for its growth and expansion. This is quite essential because without having any business plan or strategy it would be impossible for you to attract representatives, customers and leads which are essential for the proper growth of your business. You must select such mentor who is quite successful to help in your business and play an active role in its huge profit margin. It is your responsibility to give utmost priority to the business that you have established so as to enjoy surplus profit in the long run. Developing profitable business is a time consuming process and without sincerity success cannot be enjoyed easily. Some people join Discovery Toys as a fulltime employee to earn surplus salary while others do receive pleasure for working as a part timer. Many representatives join just for getting discount from their purchase and avoid spending much on educational toys. You must be very specific as the role you want to play for your company.

Building of a team:

It is important that you show some skills and practical approach while selecting sales team underneath to achieve the target volume of the company. Besides, for attracting new customers, sponsors and stakeholders you need to have a well trained team of professionals that can bring more prosperity for your company. The process does not end here because you need to teach these people follow your path and ultimately run the chain of MLM marketing for maximizing the promotion and sale of products even in remote places of the country. Majority of the distributors are able to sponsor large number of people of about 50 -100 to train them and then to allow them to follow their footsteps to sponsor new recruits at the grass root level. In such process you can have many subordinate teams working underneath to achieve the target set by the company in every successive month. If you stick to this team building process you have no problem in selecting leaders for your sales teams to share the workload between different levels of workers. If these leaders under your charge seem equally serious like you then you can dispose them with the responsibility of achieving your sales targets to enjoy more profits.

What else you can do:

You have the scope of online marketing to reach before a vast audience to promote your educational toy products. In this case blog can be the appropriate tool for such purpose. Here you can write about the benefits of your products along with its features. If your content is good and you include relevant information about the products then you can draw the attention of huge number of users within few seconds of its postings. For reinforcing your content you have the scope of adding videos and images to have a long lasting impact on the mind of the viewers. It is obvious that you would require a hosting site for the blog postings. WordPress can be a suitable site for posting blogs which has both paid and free services. Your purpose can be served if you can avail its paid service at nominal charge. When you are attempting to attract potential customers and lot of viewers through attractive blogs then you must develop your own website mentioning your full address and contact numbers. That would impart a very professional approach on your part which surely going to create certain extent of curiosity among the viewers.  I would mention only simple two steps for making your own professional blog site:

  • You must acquire a specific domain name with suitable address and it must be unique and must not appear stereotypical in comparison to other sites.
  • Then you must try to obtain a trusted hosting service for your domain name. This would ensure your ownership of the site and you have the sole prerogative to do anything with it.

After that you are free to post your own blogs and sell it online. You must be passionate on the topic and must include all relevant information to drag the attention of viewers on your site. You must ensure that people can feel your passion while reading your blogs.

Things you should know

Hey buddy after stating the lucrative prospects on working with this company it’s time for you to digest some hard core reality so that you do not blame later. As you know like every MLM firm, this company will also compel you to work for lengthy time period to bring money. In majority of the multi- level marketing companies people above the downline have the scope of earning huge money. As majority of people are not above the downline they have to be satisfied earning limited income only. Besides, opportunities of every MLM are walked in a thin line of pyramid structure. While the firm is legitimate and provides much needed products in the market but the individuals have to make an advance payment before joining the company and the firm in return also offer rewards for building root level recruitment. So people like you always focus on building downline recruitment for receiving fees and do not focus on selling the toys. So you must very careful before joining this company.


So as a your most earnest well wisher I am advising you to grab this opportunity where your oral skill of advertising as well as persuading consumers particularly the mommy’s would determine your sales target on quarterly and monthly basis. If you manage to reach above the downline do not forget to thanks me for you would be having handsome salary at your disposal to enjoy a star studded life. The initial journey may be competitive but after you would be having a smooth going.







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