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Disrupt Worldwide MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Disrupt Worldwide MLM Compensation Plan

Hey, it’s me, Brian.  Notebook Crazy is my brother Brad’s multilevel marketing (MLM) review site, but I am writing this Disrupt Worldwide review as a guest post.  The first two reasons have to do with my 9 to 5 job.  (I am a high school English teacher.)  That got your attention, didn’t it?  MLM blogs are supposed to be all about kicking your 9 to 5 job to the curb and out-earning your former boss, but my 9 to 5 job has given me two reason to want to review Disrupt Worldwide.  First, speaking as someone whose job it is to help students develop a good writing style, something about the name “Disrupt Worldwide” just sounds unidiomatic to me.  Why would you want to name a company Disrupt Worldwide?  Can anything good come of a worldwide disruption?  Worldwide Disruption doesn’t sound like a very good name for an MLM company, either (if anything, it sounds like a cheap knockoff of Project Mayhem), but at least it is clearly a noun with an adjective in attributive position.  Disrupt Worldwide, I suppose, is a verb being described by an adverb, but it isn’t very meaningful when the verb doesn’t have a subject or object.  Who is disrupting what, exactly?

Not only that, but my decision to write this Disrupt Worldwide review was precipitated by an onslaught of ungrammatical and unidiomatic phrases that put “disrupt worldwide” to shame.  (Yes, I am an English teacher, and I intentionally used passive voice.  It is, at best, an insidious stereotype that you should never use passive voice, and you can tell your teacher that Mr. Kartoffel, the most awesome English teacher in the Midwest, told you that.)  This three-day weekend has arrived at just the right time, after my first week of school.  Earlier this week, I gave my students an in-class writing assignment to write about something that happened this summer that changed their perspective on something, and those essays were a lot of fun to read, but this weekend, I am grading the first practice essay question for AP English, and it is painful.  It is just the beginning of the year, so I assigned it to get a sense of where students are starting, but it is really tedious to read all those essays on the same subject with the AP rubric in mind.  Most MLM bloggers would take this as an opportunity to gloat about the fact that I am a chump who has to teach all week and grade essays all weekend while all they have to do to make money is click, but my brother Brad is not most MLM bloggers.

Brad and I both take a fair measure of pride in our writing abilities, perhaps Brad even more so, because he fancies himself an eloquent college dropout while I stuck around for a lot more postsecondary education than he did.  It is against this backdrop that Brad offered to grade as many of my students’ essays as he can in the time it takes me to write this Disrupt Worldwide review.  Have fun, Brad.

But my reasons for volunteering to write this Disrupt Worldwide review do not begin and end with my students and their phrases that are as awkward as “Disrupt Worldwide.”  I actually wanted to comment on two of Brad’s other reviews, one of which is for a MLM company that is related to the Disrupt Worldwide business opportunity.

The Disrupt Worldwide business opportunity rose from the ashes of Wake Up Now, an MLM company that Brad reviewed this summer.  I have read every single one of Brad’s MLM reviews on this site, and his Wake Up Now review is one of my all-time favorites.  In the introduction to that review, Brad tells the story of when Jean Shepherd, the writer of A Christmas Story (which is my second favorite Midwest movie after Planes, Trains, and Automobiles), generated enough word of mouth publicity to get a non-existent book onto the New York Times bestseller list.  It’s a great story, and Jean Shepherd is one of my favorite writers.  I like to have my students read his stories because his descriptions are so vivid.  If I had to choose a favorite Jean Shepherd story, it would be the one about the county fair, because of the nostalgia it invokes in me for Midwestern county fairs.  I was once the little brother who ate county fair food until I puked, like Randy did in the story, and you can bet that I ate just as much county fair food the next year.  (I didn’t puke the second time, though, perhaps because my stomach was a little bigger by then.)

I also wanted to write this Disrupt Worldwide review because I wanted to comment on Brad’s recent Zyn Travel review.  While I agree with Brad’s assessment that there is little to be gained from joining the Zyn Travel business opportunity, I consider his Zyn Travel review a missed opportunity.  Sure, the Guano Islands Act is interesting, as is the series of events that led up to it, but in my opinion, the most interesting character in that story is Leicester Hemingway, and Brad only wrote a few sentences about him.  If it were my Zyn Travel review, I would have made the whole thing about Leicester Hemingway.  So many people have never even heard of Leicester Hemingway, and he is so interesting; I think he is as interesting as his more famous brother.  I would never had heard of him if I didn’t teach Ernest Hemingway’s stories in my classes.  Leicester was an author in his own right, and the idea of founding an entire country for the purpose of oceanographic research!  I mean, I am more interesting than my more famous brother (Brad is more famous than I am by default, because he has a blog, and I don’t), but it never would have crossed my mind to use the Guano Islands Act to found a country where the economy was based on the demand for stamps, and the contributions of philatelists with disposable income were used to fund oceanographic research.  As if this story couldn’t get any better, the Hemingway brothers were born in Oak Park, Illinois, which is not too far from here.

One thing I will say in defense of Brad’s Zyn Travel review, however, is that Guano Island Pete is a fun name for an Internet Troll.  Brad can have Pigeon Blood.  If I get tired of grading practice AP essay questions and decide to become an Internet troll, my name will be Guano Island Pete.

Disrupt Worldwide: The Company and Its Products

Image result for disrupt worldwide

Disrupt Worldwide is a new MLM, so new that some of the Disrupt Worldwide reviews online are based entirely on pre-launch information.  The Disrupt Worldwide website is up, however, and as the authors of the Disrupt Worldwide reviews I read have said, it does contain a considerable amount of hype.  In 2015, Wake Up Now imploded after it ran out of money to pay its distributors, and the Disrupt Worldwide business opportunity rose from its ashes shortly thereafter.  Jason Elrod, who was the president of Wake Up Now, is one of the founders of the Disrupt Worldwide business opportunity, as is Rea Nichols.  The Disrupt Worldwide website gives the impression that Nichols has had quite a storied career in MLM as well as in several other fields.  It says that he introduced as existing MLM to South Korea and the Northern Mariana Islands.

OK, kids, back to AP English for a moment.  If you only learn one thing from AP English this year, I want you to learn how to make inferences from things you read.  When I read that sentence on the Disrupt Worldwide website about Nichols introducing an MLM to South Korea and the Northern Mariana Islands, an inference came to my mind, and unless you are Rea Nichols, it was not a very pleasant one.  I inferred that, since Nichols brought an existing MLM to these new markets, every single distributor of that MLM in South Korea and the Northern Mariana Islands is part of his downline team, which means that they all paid some of their commissions upline to Nichols.

As several other Disrupt Worldwide reviewers have pointed out, Disrupt Worldwide products are very similar to Wake Up Now products, which did not have much appeal when they were part of Wake Up Now and still don’t, now that they are part of Disrupt Worldwide.  Most of the Disrupt Worldwide products are software programs and apps that do things like help you track your expenses, prepare your tax returns, and look up health information.  Those things are harmless by themselves, but Turbo Tax, Wikipedia, and WebMD are free, and Quickbooks Online is very inexpensive.  Beyond that, your success in the Disrupt Worldwide business opportunity relies on your recruitment of new Disrupt Worldwide distributors.

The Disrupt Worldwide Compensation Plan

A common theme among the Disrupt Worldwide reviews I read was that the reviewers were not able to find much information about the Disrupt Worldwide compensation plan.  For a minute there, I was about to gloat about my research skills, because I found a link on the Disrupt Worldwide website that claims to lead to the English language Disrupt Worldwide compensation plan document, but when I clicked on said link, I was sorely disappointed.  It may well be the cover page of the Disrupt Worldwide compensation plan document, but that is about all.  It has a picture of a guy wearing a backpack and facing away from the camera, but it does not have any information about the Disrupt Worldwide compensation plan, and  it does not appear to have any other pages.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is fun that some of the high ranking Disrupt Worldwide distributors quoted in Disrupt Worldwide reviews have pseudonyms, such as Seemore Green, Fluent Cash Flow, and Antonio Unemployable Johnson. However, with the possible exception of Antonio Unemployable Johnson, none of their pseudonyms are nearly as inspired as the troll names on Notebook Crazy, such as Pigeon Blood, Guano Island Pete, and another personal favorite of mine, the NefflonNimbat.  (Yes, I started a sentence with “however,” even though I realize that is a no-no in the eyes of some English teachers.  However, you can tell those English teachers that Guano Island Pete says “phooey.”)
  • As Brad always says when reviewing MLMs that sell virtually non-existent products, most Disrupt Worldwide products will not pile up in your basement. (One Disrupt Worldwide review makes it sound like one of the Disrupt Worldwide products, called Thunder, is some sort of energy drink.  It says that one of the business starter kits includes a “box of Thunder,” which sounds cool.  Even though I don’t particularly want MLM merchandise piling up in my basement, it would be kind of fun to tell my kids that a box of Thunder arrived in the mail.)


  • Disrupt Worldwide products are lackluster at best. I will repeat Brad’s warnings about business tools MLMs, because even though Disrupt Worldwide products are not business tools on the order of My Millionaire Mentor products or Iguana Biz products, they are still software that lets you do things you can already do with free websites or with apps that came included on your phone.
  • I agree with the other Disrupt Worldwide reviewers about the difficulty of finding information about the Disrupt Worldwide compensation plan.


You have little to gain from joining the Disrupt Worldwide business opportunity, but you probably didn’t need me to tell you that.  You probably inferred it from reading the rest of my Disrupt Worldwide review.  Anyway, thanks for reading, everyone.  Students and teachers, have a great school year, make lots of inferences, and tell everyone that Guano Island Pete says that you can use passive voice and start sentences with “however” to your heart’s content.

I’m sure Brad is in the mood to talk after helping me grade all those essays.  Schedule a call with him.



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