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DS Domination Compensation Plan Review


DS Domination business networking plan

In the MLM industry, stamina is the name of the game.  It’s a new year, and you probably know plenty of people who have made New Year’s resolutions, and you probably also know people who have already broken them.  If I were the kind of person to make bets and invest in ecommerce biz, I would bet you that someone in your household made a resolution this year to give up eating junk food and is currently pigging out on chili cheese fries at Steak ‘n’ Shake as you sit here, continuing your quest to find the right MLM plan that will allow you to dump your soul-sucking cubicle farm job or retail job for good.  Given the propensity of human beings to give up when they don’t see immediate results, you probably also know a few people who got started with one or another MLM but then quit after a month or two, costing you a commission for which you had been hoping.  But not you, my friend.  You are not a quitter.  You are in this for the long run and I, Brad, am here to make your journey easier by reviewing as many MLM programs as I can.  Today, I am reviewing DS Domination.

A quick walkthrough of DS Domination

DS Domination

DS Domination is a multilevel marketing (MLM) program, which means that you are required to pay a fee or buy some of its products in order to join, and you are also required to recruit others to sell its products.  (A essential component in MLM is recruiting multiple tiers of people.  If Adam recruits Ned, Ned recruits Olivia, Olivia recruits Pete, and Pete recruits Quentin, all of this is to Adam’s benefit.)  In some MLMs, there is a specific product to sell; form example, Q Sciences revolves around the sale of nutritional supplements.  The “bread and butter” of DS Domination, however, is drop shipping, which in the case of DS Domination, means buying products from Amazon and reselling them on eBay.  Roger Langille, the founder of DS Domination, made a big fortune selling products on eBay.  Langille is no longer with DS Domination, however, having left the company in the summer of 2015 ; the company’s website now lists Kevin Hokoana, Hitesh Juneja, and Kevin Rose as its leaders.

To get started working with DS Domination, you need an Amazon buyer account and an eBay seller account.  Of course, if you are experienced in experimenting with sources of income that may eventually let you ditch your day job, you probably already have these things.  Then you can go to the website and join.


DS Domination and the importance of drop shipping

The “DS” in “DS Domination” stands for “drop ship”.  The DS Domination website contains listings of products for you to resell.  You buy products from sellers (usually Amazon) through the DS Domination website, then resell them on eBay.  This is good news if you are already experienced at selling things on eBay.  If I were the type to make bets, I would be willing to bet that you, in your quest to earn a full-time income from home, probably have a eBay window open on your computer now and are clicking back and forth between this blog post and the items you are trying to sell on eBay.  If you are an experienced eBay seller (you know who you are), you have established a name for yourself by selling certain types of products, and you have repeat buyers for them.  Now for the bad news.  You are buying products from Amazon and reselling them on eBay.  Amazon is not a wholesaler; it is another retailer.  It’s a little bit like buying merchandise at Target and reselling it at Walmart.  Some people think this is madness.  That by itself is enough to turn some people against DS Domination.

Of course, if drop shipping and selling products on eBay are your thing, you might have more success with DS Domination than with other MLMs.  You have some choice over which products you sell.  You don’t have to grit your teeth while extolling the virtues of some snake oil nutritional supplements, for example.  And while drop shipping is a type of ecommerce, it is not pay per click, so you don’t have to wrack your brain to come up with an endless stream of click bait.  Another nice thing about drop shipping is that the shipping is taken care of.  You don’t have to store the products in your house or pay a fortune in postage.  Raise your hand if your basement is full of unsold merchandise from other MLMs.  I thought so.

Now let me tell you about the membership levels of DS Domination

Like all MLMs, DS Domination involves different levels of training, which you can attain by paying more and selling more.  Each level involves instructional videos that are only available to members who have reached that level.

DS Domination Pro Level

The Pro Level is the lowest level; it costs $19.95 to join and then $19.95 per month.  The videos at this level cover the basics of getting started, such as setting up the required accounts on Amazon, eBay, and PayPal.  At this level, the goal is to earn between 3 and 20 dollars in profit per item sold.  The bad news is that the PayPal fees are steep, as much as 15%.

DS Domination Elite Level

It costs $99.95 per month to advance to the second level, the Elite Level; that is about the market price for the second level of an MLM program.  The videos at this level deal with using keywords to increase the rankings of the products you list.  Of course, if you are really committed to the work from home lifestyle, you probably know all about keywords and SEO.  One perk of the Elite level is that you can choose from products listed on sites other than Amazon; the prices at which you buy are lower, which means you have the opportunity for bigger profits.  You can expect to earn between $20 and $150 per item, but the 15% PayPal fee is still painful.

DS Domination Unleashed Level

Advancing to the Unleashed level requires a one time payment of $249.  You have to hand it to the DS Domination guys for eschewing gemstone names for their marketing levels and instead giving the levels more bro-out names.  I don’t know about you, but the idea of joining something called the “Unleashed” level makes the “Like a Boss” song from Saturday Night Live run through my head.  At this level, the videos show you how to reduce the PayPal fee from the excruciating 15% to the still painful 5%.  Profits at this level are between $150 and $500.

DS Domination Monopoly Level

You can advance to the Monopoly level with a one time payment of $499.  At this level, you can sell on Amazon instead of eBay.  You buy from the non-Amazon sellers with which you dealt at the Elite and Unleashed levels.  The opportunities for profits are even greater this way.

DS Domination Genesis Level

It costs a one time payment of $1499 to attain this level.  At the Genesis level, the videos show you how to work with wholesalers in China and the United States, instead of just buying from similar sites.  The buyer in this case is Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

DS Domination Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of DS Domination is where the multi-level recruiting side comes in.  Joining the affiliate program is optional; if you are a whiz at selling things on eBay but jaded and cynical about recruiting others to sell, you do not even have to join the affiliate program at all.  It costs $9.95 to be part of the DS Domination affiliate program, but staying active at the Elite level is also a requirement.  One caveat: the DS Domination affiliate program is actually MLM, rather than an affiliate marketing program in the strictest definition of the term.  Affiliate marketing most accurately refers to a program where you get commissions on promoting and advertising the product, instead f recruiting others to sell it, and they are always free to join.  The DS Domination Market Xtreme Pack costs a one time payment of $199.95.  It is a training course designed to show you how to recruit other sellers more effectively.



Advantages and disadvantages


  • If you are already experienced at selling items on eBay, the learning curve is not very steep for selling items through DS Domination; you get to do more of what you have already been doing.
  • The affiliate program is optional, so if your relatives, coworkers, Facebook friends, and MLM forum buddies are sick of you trying to recruit them for all sorts of MLM schemes, you don’t have to bother them with this one.
  • DS Domination is one of the less expensive MLM programs out there. There are not impossibly high levels up there that cost quadruple digits to join.
  • You are buying and selling real products, unlike some MLM plans, where you are really just selling thin air.
  • You get to choose which items you sell. You are not selling bogus weight loss products and overpriced vitamins that you could get at the supermarket for a fraction of the price.


  • At the lower levels of membership, there are limits to how many products uou can list at a time and therefore how much money you can make. As with almost any MLM, you have to spend money to make money.
  • The PayPal fees take out a substantial portion of your earnings, especially at the beginning. Not only that, but until you sell 25 items or $250 of merchandise, there is a 21 day delay until the money is released to PayPal.
  • Many reviewers have pointed out that reselling Amazon products violates the terms of Amazon Prime. Even when you are at the higher levels and not buying from Amazon, there are much more straightforward ways to do drop ship or otherwise resell items for a profit.
  • There are no refunds, so you can’t get your money back if DS Domination doesn’t work for you.



If selling items on eBay is your thing, you will be right in your element with DS Domination.  If you already have a profitable eBay store, as many of the people who join DS Domination do, then you can look to DS Domination as a way to improve the performance of your already successful business.  That is what made my decision to include DS Domination on my list of the top ten MLM programs.  It does not pretend to create successful businesspeople out of nothing; it is designed to attract people who already know what they are doing when it comes to selling items online.  It also lets you do what you are good at, instead of forcing you to recruit other sellers or sell products in which you and your customers have no interest.  It also doesn’t make you buy its products and store them at home, leaving you with a basement full of junk.  However, if you are already making considerable amounts of money through your eBay store, then it seems kind of silly to pay big fees to have access to instructional videos about things that you already know or could use your eBay selling expertise to figure out.  On the other hand, there are plenty of people out there, including some who have made a living selling items on eBay, who find that DS Domination’s business model gives them the creeps.  You might consider it a waste of energy, or even unethical, to buy retail items on Amazon and sell them at a markup on eBay.  Another downside of DS Domination is that its website is not very informative at all; almost the only way to get any information about DS Domination is to read blog posts and forums from people who have actually tried it.

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