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Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan 2.0


Introduction to Empower Network MLM Compensation Plan

Welcome, fellow traveler.  If you have arrived here at Notebook Crazy, you are doubtless already well versed in the genre of articles about how to make money from home.  I am Brad, and I have always been averse to the idea of working for a boss and jumping through hoops set up by other people.  Ever since I dropped out of college over a decade ago, I have tried out so many different ways of making money through pursuits that are not mind-numbing and that don’t make you feel like a hypocrite.  I have worked at fast food jobs by day while reading voraciously by night, but that doesn’t pay nearly enough.  I tried work at home transcription, but, as I am a hunt and peck typist, it did not suit me.  If I had been just a few years older when the dot com boom hit, perhaps I would have gone to California to get in on the action, but on second thought, who am I kidding?  I know I would never want to leave the Midwest.  My Y chromosome makes my brain immune to the thrill of extreme couponing.  Even if the sugar baby scene had been around when I was in my 20s, I would not have fit in for so many reasons.

To make a long story short, I have owned my own business since I was 25, and it has taken me a few tries to get a successful business going.  Multilevel marketing (MLM) has been both a blessing and a curse for my career.  It’s much too long of a story to go into in this post, but my successes and failures with MLM have led me to my current quest, reviewing as many MLM companies as possible.  Today I am reviewing Empower Network, but before I get started on my Empower Network review proper, I must acknowledge the elephant in the room: making money through blogging.

Yes, it is possible to make money through blogging.  First, there is the whole lifestyle blogging scene, which does not suit me at all.  With lifestyle blogging, companies pay you to promote their products.  I guess that is OK if you think of it in terms of your job being to write advertising copy, but I imagine that this prospect is soul crushing for a lot of bloggers who started their blogs because being a writer is in their bones.  It’s a little too much like selling your soul, or at least letting your opinions be bought.  I remember I once saw an episode of a TV series based on the Anne of Green Gables universe in which a young woman puts her heart and soul into writing a short story, and then her friend adds one sentence of product placement to it and submits it to a short story contest sponsored by a baking powder company.  The writer is mortified that her creative work, which she wrote sincerely, has been reduced to a baking powder advertisement.  That is how lifestyle blogging is at its worst.  This fact is made worse by the fact that it usually targets blogs on which women write about deeply personal subjects like parenting, so much so that “mommy blogger” and “lifestyle blogger” have both become euphemisms for vehicles of this type of product placement.  How far have we really come since the days of Anne of Green Gables?

I do agree with the “make money by blogging” articles, and so does Empower Network, that it is possible to get your website noticed through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Whether you are selling products on your site or operating on a pay per click business model, SEO is a process of writing keywords into the content of your site so that they rank higher on Google searches.  To some extent, keywords write themselves because of the subject matter of your blog.  For example, the phrases “MLM companies”, “network marketing”, and “downline sales” occur frequently on this site.  But then, sometimes keywords end up writing themselves in weird ways by accident.  Thus, if anyone out there is Googling “South Beach caffeinated octopus”, “placebo receptors”, “Ebertfest nightshade”, “sit on keister spring equinox”, or “quadruple crown diamond barf”, Google is going to direct them straight to this site.  But it is usually more straightforward than that.  Most likely, you Googled “Empower Network Review”, and thanks to the power of SEO, Google brought you here, so, as promised, here is my Empower Network review.

Empower Network and Its Products


The flagship product of Empower Network is the Katalu Blogging System.  Empower Network claims that the Katalu Blogging System is designed to make blogs that will attract a lot of traffic and help you make money even with little training on the part of the blogger.  You can theoretically write about anything you want to write about, and the Katalu Blogging System will do the rest.  It comes with your choice of themes that will make your blog most conducive to doing what you want visitors to do with it.  It also comes with a built-in SEO tool.  On the surface, it sounds like a dream come true.  I think back to when I was sixteen, and I started writing a classic rock blog.  One night, I went to a Pink Floyd planetarium show, and it inspired me to put all my ideas about music into writing.  Imagine how different my life would be if, when I was sixteen, the Katalu Blogging System had been there to draw money toward my site while I just wrote anything I wanted to write.  Of course, when I was sixteen, the Katalu Blogging System wasn’t there.  When I was sixteen, the word “blog” wasn’t even there.  And what’s more, you know what else comes with a built-in SEO tool?  Your brain.

The Katalu Blogging System is by far the most practical of the Empower Network products.  It gets a lot worse from there.  Inner Circle is a series of motivational audio recordings.  Top Producer Formula and Team Builder Formula are, for all practical purposes, MLM training materials.  Mass Influence Formula is a training course on how to influence people.  If you are thinking about how twisted it is for an MLM company to sell a training course on how to influence people, you have probably been on this MLM journey for a while.  But even a seasoned MLM veteran will still be shocked by the price.  Mass Influence Formula costs $3500.  If you have tangled with even one MLM company before, I would not be surprised at all if you have $3500 of credit card debt related to MLM merchandise and training materials, but I would also imagine that the debt took at least several months to accumulate, rather than a single transaction.

The Empower Network Compensation Plan

If you have dealt with MLM before, it should not surprise you that, before you distribute any particular one of the Empower Network products, you are strongly encouraged to buy one of said product and use it yourself.  Now think about the price tag on that Mass Influence Formula, and you will see how this is a flaw in the Empower Network Compensation Plan.  If you actually have $3500 lying around to put into a lucrative activity, you can use it to put a sizable down payment on a respectable used car and deliver pizzas.  There are a lot more people out there who are hungry enough and lazy enough to order pizza delivery than there are people who are rich enough, insecure enough, and financially illiterate to buy Mass Influence Formula from a slime mold like you.

These are the ranks of the Empower Network Compensation Plan and the requirements for achieving them:

  • Boss – You must sell 5 subscription products in one month or have 20 members with active subscriptions (not necessarily new that month).
  • Boss Maker -Someone in your downline achieves Boss status.
  • Bronze – You must sell $2,000 of Empower Network products in one month.
  • Silver – You must sell $5,000 of Empower Network products in one month.
  • Boss Maker Silver – You must meet the requirements for both Silver and Boss Maker in the same month.
  • Gold – You must sell $10,000 of Empower Network products in one month.
  • Platinum – You must earn $20,000 from the combination of product sales and commissions, but at least $10,000 must come from product sales.
  • Diamond – You must earn $30,000 from the combination of product sales and commissions, but at least $15,000 must come from product sales.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is nice that there is an MLM company out there that encourages people to write. It is the only MLM company that I know of that does this.  There are lots of people with placebo receptors in their brains that want to ingest something from a bottle that says “vitamin B12” or “creatine”, and if Nature’s Sunshine is to be believed, there are humans out there somewhere whose placebo receptors light up at the thought of ingesting catnip, but there are also those of us who get a bigger kick out of writing than out of anything that could pass through our esophagus.  It is refreshing to see the MLM world acknowledge us for once.


  • The fact that most Empower Network products are subscription based is a major negative. If you have tried to make money through MLM before, you will understand why.  Almost anyone will buy one bottle of overpriced multivitamins, lotion or, if the folks at DoTerra could have their way, cilantro oil from you just once to get you out of their face, but paying into your lame-brained get rich quick scheme is more than most people can take.  With the Empower Network Compensation Plan, you have to keep people enrolled in order to increase your rank.  Your relatives will subscribe for a little while, but unless they have loads of disposable income, they will cancel their subscription so that they can spend the money on something they actually need.  If they do have that much disposable income, they would be better off buying you video games or making car payments for you, or something that will shut you up so that they can go on spending their money on things that are important to them.
  • The Empower Network products that are not subscription based are prohibitively expensive. Money cannot buy motivation, and it cannot buy eloquence.  The people on your warm list know this.


It appears that this journey has taken us right back to where we started, most of us not a penny richer, and so our quest continues.  While most of the products Empower Network is selling seem to be only for the most desperate and gullible of people, and while trying to project enough confidence to get other people to project enough confidence to get other people to project enough confidence to sell Empower Network products to people who are even more desperate and gullible than they are is a fool’s errand if ever I have heard of one, I do like the idea of people who are on a quest like mine, a quest to break free of the soul-sucking cubicle farm and make a decent living doing something more interesting writing what they feel.  To many of us, blogging is what feels natural.  It is for me.  So I will end this Empower Network review by tipping my hat to the first serious writing project I ever did, my classic rock blog, which I had already abandoned by the time the word “blog” even made it into the dictionary.  I leave you with the final words of the title track of A Trick of the Tail, the first album Genesis recorded without Peter Gabriel.  In the words of Tony Banks, “Hello, friend, welcome home.”


As much as I love writing, I have many more ideas about making money through MLM than my poor finger can type.  If you would like to hear about them, give me a call.


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