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Evolv Health MLM Compensation Plan Review


MLM firms are opening up vast scope of employments to millions of unemployed American youths to lead a decent and prestigious life. These firms are offering these unemployed youths the option of gaining financial stability to enjoy life in their own way. But the task becomes bigger when it comes to selecting an appropriate MLM firm to begin the career. Without proper information if you join such company then you may have the possibility of losing your prospects of leading a luxurious life. In this context if you are so willing to try out your luck then you can join Evolv Health which mainly deals with selling weight loss and different nutritional supplements to the consumers. To know more about the company, its, products, compensation plans and other facilities read the review carefully. Through MLM network business opportunity people can expect to earn more than 5K a week, to know more about this you can click here. 

About Evolv Health Compensation Plan


Evolv Health was established in the year of 2009 under the guidance of Brent Hicks and Trey White with the sole objective of offering qualitative and healthy products to the customers. The head office of the company is situated in Dallas area of Texas and at present is the leading MLM firm in the industry of weight loss and nutritional supplements. The annual revenues of the firm are now crossed over 11 million and it provides employment opportunities to several unemployed American youths in the country. At present it operates over 80 countries and has employed more than 20,000 distributors to carry forward its mission all over the world. The distributors with the technique of oral advertising do convince customers to purchase these products and hence play a vital role in the present prosperity of the company.

Products Evolv Health Compensation Plan

The firm mainly uses natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables and other pure herbal materials to manufacture its nutritional products. All products are FDA certified and customers can clearly view the approval seal in the product labels with the manufacturing and expiry dates. The firm uses superior state of the art facilities under the supervision of experienced scientists to manufacture these products. Some of its notable products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Evolv fuel: It comprises the cellular energy activator which functions smoothly with the energy path of your own body to make you active and fit in the workplace as well as eradicates lethargy completely from your body. It contains no artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners unlike other energy drinks in the market. This energy drink is ideal for consumption after extensive physical workouts as well as for removing the hangover after the night party bash.
  • Evolv shake: This product is quite ideal for developing muscles and managing weight of your body. It comprises of healthy and tasty combinations of minerals, vitamins, six organic grains, eighteen amino acids and three proteins. You shall notice the difference within few weeks when you feel active and energetic with considerably light weight.
  • Evolv glow: This lotion is perfect for rejuvenating your skin tissues to make your skin younger and shiny again. It also smoothly removes your small tiny skin spots within few weeks of application. You need to apply this lotion gently onto your skin to get the desired results within few weeks. It contains no harmful chemicals that can affect your skin.
  • Evolv limitless: It mainly comprises of two capsules with unlimited potential to eliminate or reduce your body aches with other discomforts that affect other parts of your body severely. It contains perfect concentration of the betalains for reducing inflammatory markers till forty seven percents. While going to work you can consume one capsule to remain fit and active for a long duration to complete your tasks perfectly.

To know more you can log on to the website of the company or can contact your nearest distributor for more information before joining this company.

Evolv Health Compensation Plan bonus and commission

The compensation plan of Evolv Health specifies eight different options for earning income to the distributors. Every option is based on the ability of the distributors to meet certain goals like acquiring loyal customers, hiring new distributors, meeting retail sales targets and much more. These eight options mainly include the following:

  • Retail Commission: Every product sold on the basis of two values mainly binary volume value and cash profit value. The more you sell these products at the retail price greater is the commission percentage that can be earned with lower percentage volume included in your binary tree. For instance, on selling product volume below $1000 every month you have the scope to earn five percent retail commission with seventy five percent out of the overall wholesale price which is included in your binary volume. On selling between $1000-2000 you have the scope to earn a retail commission of ten percent with the cash profit value of sixty five percent included in the binary volume. On selling above $2000 you have the scope to earn a retail commission of fifteen percent with cash profit value of fifty five percent which applied in the binary tree.
  • One Two Free: This program enables you to obtain autoship free every month on your successful recruitment of three new preferred and autoship customers. This amount of autoship credit is entirely based on average purchase pricing of these lucrative enrollments of yours in each month.
  • Fast Start Bonus: Distributors have the scope of earning between ten to fifteen percent on every order that are forwarded by the new down-line members of the team. This also ensures hundred percent cash profit volume in your binary leg. These orders must be generated by the new recruits within the first four weeks to be eligible for the commissions.
  • Team Commissions: Team earnings are usually paid on weekly basis which are equal to the ten percent of the weakest leg in your binary volume. For instance if you possess three thousand binary volume in left leg and five thousand binary volume in right leg then you have the scope of earning $600 only. It implies that remaining two thousand will be unpaid because of the strong and weak legs of your team.
  • Evolv Driven: This car bonus program is mainly designed for enabling you to pay for your luxury car. Those achieving the Emerald rank and above are entitled for this bonus to be used for purchasing Benz or Bentley car on lease. It usually ranges from six hundred to three thousand dollars every month on the basis of the performance of the individuals of such rank. If any leader is unable to achieve the leadership rank for four weeks only then he would lose this bonus but shall continue to pay the lease amount from their pocket. Those who do not seek to have any luxurious car are provisioned with an alternative payment by the firm. Every qualified distributor has the option of taking cash payment which twenty five percent lesser than lease agreement.
  • Matching Bonus: It is mainly paid to the team leaders recruiting personally solid down-line. It involves paying the percentage of binary omission check to the personally enrolled members of your team. This percentage differs on the basis of the depth of your team member within the structure as well as on the personal rank of yours and this bonus ranges from fifteen to forty five percent.
  • Rank Advancement Bonus: These bonuses are mainly designed for rewarding personal and advancement growth. These are one time disbursements which are paid to those working in the Emerald promotional rank and above. These bonuses are paid for several weeks and the leaders are required to maintain the rank for many consecutive weeks for receiving entire bonus. It ranges from $1000-30,000 on the basis of performance in such ranks.
  • Leadership Pools: It is mainly available to those working at Ruby rank and above and mainly involves paying one- two percent out of the commission volume of the firm every month. It is provided in the form of shares as per the performance and rank of the leaders and its actual amount differs every month on the basis of the overall performance of the company.

The greatest advantage of this binary team structure is its ability to allow the team leaders in focusing their energies and efforts to a minimum number of commercial centers as well as sharing the team responsibility with other leaders for smooth coordination. This will not only increase the growth of your team but also improves your leadership skill to shine and lead your downline effectively.

The main disadvantage is that the payment is always based on the volume amount generated in your weak leg. As a consequence huge percentage out of the total team volume is always unpaid and the overall effort of your team goes in vain. This normally occurs when one leg is much ahead than the others. It also implies that if the weak leg performs slowly and the strong leg performs rapidly then the leader shall be held responsible for such vast difference in volume generation in both these legs.

Getting Started with Evolv Health Compensation Plan

If you want to join this company then the suitable way to start your career is to enroll yourself as the independent distributor of the company. You can either contact your nearest distributor for enrollment or can log on to the website of the firm for online enrollment after filling the necessary information. Once you enrolled you can purchase the products of the company at a discount price which you can re-sell to your customers at the retail price. You can also enjoy bonus for enrolling three new preferred and autoship customers every month and the bonus shall be based on their average purchasing amount. Once you have enrolled successfully, you will receive both product and training kits from the company to increase your exposure and experience in the MLM industry. You can purchase different product kits at reduced cost to share with your closed acquaintances for free trial. It would be much better if you consume some of these products to easily convince the customers. You must sincerely attend the training session of the company and must devote considerable amount of time in the growth and expansion of your business.

As a leader it shall be your duty to make your both down-line legs strong to obtain high payment from the company. The company will provide you with valuable insights regarding generating leads and how to attract more consumers for your products. The experienced distributors can provide you with valuable inputs if the performance of your team is slow. It is essential to team up with experienced employees because majority of the newly recruited distributors often have to face failure due to poor experience of drawing customers for their products. This can only be overcome on concentrating hard on your professional training. It normally takes 3-4 years for every distributor to achieve the successive ranks of this organization. But you plan to become rich then this company is not for you. Besides if you fail to improve the performance of the down-line then you will be disqualified from the leadership level.

Conclusion of Evolv Health Compensation Plan

Before ending the review you must always remember the fact that the industry of MLM is quite competitive and so many firms often resort to unfair means to win over others. The same applies to this company also. As it is a leading MLM firm in the country many rivals are in the process of maligning its image in the market and for it they normally target innocent punks like you. They try to feed you with misleading information so that you give up the idea of joining this firm. But the reality is quite different. You shall never find such a transparent and honest firm like this one in the country. It is quite transparent regarding its products and the constituent ingredients as well as with the compensation plan without beating the bush. It acknowledges the hard work of its employees and rewards them accordingly as a gesture of encouragement and congratulation.



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