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Exfuze MLM Compensation Plan Review


MLM companies are now coming up with huge employment opportunities for common American fellows like you who are desperately in search of a decent job to gain financial stability in their life. But most often you punks made a common mistake when it comes to select the most appropriate firm from such huge clusters of companies to begin your career. So before joining any MLM company you must gather information about all aspects of such firm which includes its current financial background, products and so on for your own convenience to avoid any unpleasant circumstance in the future. In my opinion Exfuze can be the ideal company for your shaping up your future career. So just read the review carefully where you shall know more about the company, its products, compensation plan and much more. One can expect to earn more than 5K per week by giving proper efforts in their compensation plan, to know more about this click here. 

About Exfuze MLM Compensation Plan


Exfuze was established in the year of 2008 and is mainly for selling nutritional supplements, shakes, capsules and much more products in the market. The head office of the firm was based in Florida and at present it generates annual revenues above 11 million. Operating over more than 80 countries this firm has already employed more than 40,000 distributors and is still in the process of hiring more. The distributors of the company sell all these products using the technique of oral advertisements to convince customers use them. The firm recognizes the contribution of every employee and rewards them accordingly.

Products of Exfuze MLM Business opportunity

All its products are FDA certified and the firm uses superior state of the art facilities to manufacture all its nutritional products before being released in the market. It uses natural ingredients for making all these products under the supervision of experienced scientists. There is absence of harmful chemicals and other contaminants with absolute preservation of the essential nutritional elements in the product cans. You can see the FDA approved seals in every product pack with expiry and manufacturing dates clearly mentioned in the labels of these packs. Some of its popular products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • ShapeWay capsules: These are metabolic energy providing capsules with the perfect blend of phytochemicals and flavonoids for assisting the body to transform harmful fats into a useful source of energy. It also helps your body in metabolizing fat in bloodstream for spreading energy in the body instead of storing it. They are also effective in amylase inhibition and for lipase. They help to maintain the normal range of glucose concentrations, triglycerides and plasma cholesterol in our body. You must follow the prescribed guidelines while taking these capsules.
  • Summa Cafe: This nutritional beverage with the taste of pure coffee is quite ideal to replenish your lost spirit to make you feel active and energetic in the workplace. Contains zero calorie and no artificial preservatives this beverage can be consumed as a breakfast drink, post work out drink and for removing lethargy in the afternoon. The manufacturing process and ingredients of this health drink is clearly mentioned in the website of the firm.
  • Greenzilla: It is a nutritional supplement available in the form of mineral water to optimize energy level in the body. It also regulates required levels of physical heat regulation, joint lubrication, hormone regulation and various other tasks in your body. It retains moisture inside your body and prevents drying up from inside while engaging in extensive workout sessions. Before consuming it must clearly read the prescribed regulations mentioned in the product label.

To know more you can log onto the website or can talk with any distributor of the company.

Exfuze MLM Compensation Plan levels

  • Retail profit: As a distributor you have the scope of earning income simply purchasing the products of the company at the wholesale price and re-sell it to your customers at the retail price. For instance if you are purchasing product bottles at the wholesale price of $30 and resell it to your customer at $ 45 then you are pocketing the profit amount of $ 15 inside your wallet. It will not only ensure your immediate earning scope but also plays a significant role in establishing long lasting relationship with your customers.
  • Preferred Customer Bonus: You have the scope of rewarding your customers, as the distributor of the company, with the status of preferred customers for encouraging them to place more orders for the various products of the company. Your preferred customers will be entitled to a discount of $10 in every product purchase as well as they have the opportunity to participate in the autoship program of the company for ensuring regular delivery of products in each month. You will also earn the amount of $10 on every product purchase of the preferred customers with the allocation of your business volume to the weaker team.
  • Fast Start Bonus: You can earn this bonus everytime you enroll personally any new distributor for making any optional product pack purchase during the enrollment processes. For instance on any enrolling any distributor Under Starter pack I you have the scope of earning $20, for enrolling in the Starter Pack II you can earn $40 and $80 for enrolling in the Builder Plus pack. However your commission may be increased depending on the number of persons you are enrolling in any of the following program.
  • Fast Start Match Bonus: It is mainly based on the earnings of your enrolled distributors and you have the scope of receiving fifty percent bonus out of the overall earnings of your personally enrolled distributors. For instance the earnings of your any of the personally enrolled distributor is $80 then you have the scope of receiving $40 as your legitimate share. The more you personally enrolled distributors your amount gets bigger subsequently and it goes on in this manner throughout the year.
  • Team Commissions: To be eligible for this commission you need to achieve the personal volume points of 100 with your enrolled distributors in both legs. You have the scope of earning ten percent binary team commissions on the basis of the business volume points of 300. The amount usually ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 on the basis of your own performance and also that of your down-line members.
  • Plus Bonus: On accumulating the Plus points of 200 with personal volume points of 200 within the period of one month you have the scope of earning twenty percent of the overall team commissions for whole year. 36 points arrive for Builder Plus pack, 24 points come with the Plus Super Pack and so on. For instance on purchasing six Builder Plus Pack everyday you have the scope of obtaining personal volume points of 200 with receiving twenty percent above your team commission in a single year.
  • Director Check Match: It is the attractive matching bonus which is mainly paid to those who have achieved the status of Bronze Director and above. It is paid on weekly basis out of the overall commission volume of the company. A bonus amount of fifty five percent is paid to the qualified distributors after evaluation of their performance including the down-lines. Your earning will be the aggregate of the earnings of the directors in both the legs. For instance you are the Bronze director having similar directors in your left and right legs with successive incomes of $1,000 and $1500 respectively. Then your earning shall become $2500 with that of your own commission as well.

Getting Started with Exfuze MLM Compensation Plan

You have the scope of joining this company as a distributor either with the help of your nearest distributor or enrolling in the website of the company. For enrolling through site you need to pay $ 40 as your processing and enrolling fee. You have the option of starting your business after the enrollment mainly with the help of the following product kits like Promo 1000 Pack, Promo 500 Pack and Promo 250 Pack.  It will be ideal if you start your business with the 1000 promo pack so that customers as well as your friends and relatives can pay attention to your product promotion quite seriously. With this 1000 promo pack you will be getting sixteen cans of Summa Café, sixteen boxes of GreenZilla2o for selling as well as giving to your customers for free trial. If you begin with 250 or 500 promo pack then you will not be seriously taken by the customers. Besides, selecting the promo pack of your choice you shall also receive superior online training kits and the opportunity to work with some of the experienced distributors of the company. Your exposure in the field of MLM marketing shall be automatically improved and you can receive many valuable inputs on generating leads in your product.

If you consume some of these products then you can be confidently convince your customers to take up these products because they can easily see your passion and belief in the utility of these products. But I must tell you in advance it normally takes 3-5 years for every distributor to proceed to the next level. So your sole focus from now on must be to acquire the training under the guidance of experienced distributors and that of the online training modules. You have the scope of earning retail profits not only on selling products but also on enrolling new distributors. The higher ranking you achieve with the passage of time the greater your bonus and commissions amounts. But you also have to focus on the performance of your downline so as to develop a sound team under your disposal. There is no place for complacency in this business and so you need to spend considerable amount of the time for the growth of your MLM business. But if you think on becoming immediate rich joining this company then it is not the ideal firm for you. The firm is quite strict about discipline and generating sales volumes and for non-performing distributors its doors are always shut down. So think about it before joining this company. But if you stayed focus then you can enjoy the most luxurious lifestyles as ever imagined. Besides, your attitude and personality will be dramatically improved and you can start your life with new vigor and zeal.

Conclusion of Exfuze MLM Business Opportunity

Before ending the review you must always remember that the industry of MLM marketing is quite tough and competitive. Here every moment your opponent shall search for opportunity to crash your prospective so as to make much profit. So you have to careful counts your steps before it is too late. The same rule applies for Exfuze also. Many rival MLM firms are jealous of its current progress are resorting to every tactic to overthrow it from the market. They usually target inexperienced people like you to malign the reputation of this company. They spread misleading information about the company so as to confuse and prevent people like you to seek employment in the company. Therefore it is essential to verify all such misleading information before taking any decision. If you take any rash decision then you shall be the sole sufferer but not the company.

You will never find any such company like Exfuze maintaining transparency in every aspect of their business. Starting from product ingredients to compensation plans the firm clearly specifies every aspect without any sort of concealment. Unlike other MLM firms the work environment in this company is quite sophisticated. Every distributor cooperates with each other and never engages in factionalism or other disruptive activities to stall the progress of the company. They always work hard to maximize the progress of the company in this business. The firm in return rewards every hard working employee with suitable commissions and bonus as a gesture of encouragement. Both male and female employees are rewarded suitable promotions and other facilities without any discrimination. Further the training kits and other materials supplied by the company for proper development of your home business ARE also of superior quality in comparison with other companies. Hence you should not waste any more time and join this company at once.







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