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Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan

At present many firms are replacing their traditional marketing models with the arrival of multi-level marketing. It is not only ensuring them full profit in terms of revenue but also making product selling much easier and interactive. There is no such educational qualification required to join in this innovative business model. As a result, many people with or without any educational degree or diploma can participate in this industry to earn full or part time income. Firms working in this strategic model are always in need of employees to work as a distributor and this demand never ceases even in circumstances like recessions as well. So in a way you have the chance of getting employed in this industry at anytime which contributes to its growing popularity among people working in other professional sectors. With the establishments of various MLM firms no doubt your choice has got much wider as well as difficult. But it can be easily sort out on the basis of your preference. For instance, if you have knack for healthy products then you can try with Flavon Max Network. Before you join, read its review first so as to obtain full information about this company.

About Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan


This MLM firm was established to offer the best nutritional product in the market. The company operates its business on MLM model where its distributors directly interact with the customers to know their choice, preference and expectations and on the basis of these inputs the company spends resources in manufacturing the ideal products. So far all its health products have received positive approval of the customers but the company is exploring to bring out products having more health ingredients for improving the overall health of the customers. At present it is operating in more than seventy nations of the world and the firm is assessing the markets of remaining nations to launch its products. The company is always in need of distributors and so you have pretty chance to find job in this company. Its distributors mainly rely on oral marketing technique to convince customers to experience the benefits of its products after buying. The firm recognizes the contribution of its distributors and rewards them sufficiently.

Products of Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan

All its nutritional products are made of perfect blend of fruits and vegetables ingredients. The company always maintains strict quality control of its products and so far all these products have received full clearance of the FDA and other quality testing agencies. All its products are well packed so as to prevent the entry of harmful germs and loss of essential nutrients. Scientists working in this company use the advanced processing technology to obtain the finest products in the industry. Some of its known products mainly include the following:

Flavon Protect: This dietary supplement is quite useful in nourishing your body with essential nutrients. It is perfect for every age to consume and contains no artificial or harmful chemicals. It helps in compensating the loss of essential nutrients from your body and makes your body immune to the disease causing germs. For experiencing the benefits buy this product at once.

Flavon Joy: This clinically approved product helps to protect your body from oxidative stress and provides essential nourishments to those who work frequently and is also a source of mental relaxation and energy. Its natural ingredients try to boost your capacity to absorb shock, learning skills easily and physical/mental characteristics. Buy this product at once so as to witness its impact on your health within few weeks.

To know more about its other products you can either contact any distributor or visit the website of this company.

Compensation plan of Flavon Max Network MLM Network Marketing

The compensation plan of this company is quite flexible in the market and is mainly focused on maximizing the earnings of the distributors. It has been designed for encouraging those distributors who are eager to leave a permanent impact in this industry with their marketing skills. As per this compensation plan, distributors can earn in the following ways:

Rebate for the personal turnover: Here you have the chance of receiving rebate of about twenty percent for placing order for any product pack. In order to receive this rebate, you just have to sale at a fixed retail price above one carton products of this company within the date of your joining as a distributor. This rebate can be further maximized if you are able to deliver increased order volume within stipulated time period.

Income on the basis of levels: As an active distributor you have the bright chance of pocketing five percent commission till twelve levels. To receive this commission, you just need to forward the product orders of those affiliates who are enrolled in various levels of sponsorship through the system of GPS but are not part of the quick start program.

Quick Start: In this program you have the chance of pocketing twenty percent commission for placing the product order of enrolled distributors or customers. It is continued till three levels and you have to place their product orders within the period of initial two months since their enrollment. This not the end, as you have the chance of grabbing ten percent commission for placing the product orders of those distributors who have been enrolled through the latest GPS system of the company.

Leadership Bonuses in Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of the company provides an additional differential bonus of five percent to those distributors who are eager to participate in the leadership ladder of the firm. As a result, here you have the chance to make money in the following ways:

Team Leader: As the active leader of your team you have the chance of participating in various events of the company free of cost. For that, you just need to acquire hundred points within specific month within six active levels of leadership within the organization.

Elite: Here you have the bright chance of getting leadership bonus of two percent on every active level of the company. To be eligible for this bonus, you just need to generate five hundred points within specific month and must also have active down-line members.

Team Leader Plus: In this level you have the chance of receiving the leadership bonus of one percent along with other benefits. You just have to generate sales volume points of about 250 within specific month so as to become eligible for this bonus amounts.

Elite Plus: At this position, you need to generate points of about 750 within prescribed period so as to become eligible for the leadership bonus of two percent. But the conditions are entirely different for those who have been enrolled through the system of GPS. This leadership bonus is till twelve levels within your organization and will be continued till you achieve the next level of leadership.

President: To acquire this prestigious leadership position, you need to generate volume points of about 2500 within fixed period. You will also get leadership bonus of four percent along with top quality training facilities in foreign countries. This leadership bonus will be on twenty levels within your organization and so you get the sole authority to claim your legitimate financial shares from your down-line teams.

Diamond Elite Plus: In this level, you have the chance of earning leadership bonus of three percent and are paid till 12 levels within your organization. In order to qualify for this bonus, you have to generate the sales points of about 1750 within fixed deadline.

Diamond Elite: For achieving this position you need to generate points of about 1000 within prescribed month. In this position, you have the chance of receiving leadership bonus of three percent till twelve levels of your organization along with luxurious training facilities in foreign countries.

Get Started with Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan

If you are determined to begin your career in this company, then the ideal way to start this initiative is to sign up for the position of distributor. For signing up as a distributor you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly log in to the website of the company to begin this enrollment process yourself. During online enrollment, you need to follow certain prescribed steps so as to make your effort a successful one. In the first step, you need to select your marketing area along with filling important information columns. Then in the second step, you need to carefully study the different business builder packs and then buy the appropriate one to meet your purpose. As these business packs contain useful training materials, it will be good for you to invest more on the costly pack. Then in the third stage, you need to carefully view the various optional product packs of the company to buy the perfect one. Here also you need to go for the costly pack so that you can have more products to sale and offer to your nearest people as a free trial. Apart from that, if you buy the costly product pack then your investment will appear serious before other customers as well and they will then listen to your explanation and demonstration regarding the usefulness of these products. Once these formalities are completed, you shall receive a confirmation mail from the company congratulating for your successful enrollment. Afterwards, a replicated website on your name shall be generated from where you shall forward the order volume of your customers and distributors straight to the company.

Training in Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan

The company provides top quality back office training to its newly enrolled distributors. During the first phase of their training, they are given brief but well documented introduction of multi-level marketing. Then they are given proper explanations on various concepts of MLM so that your base becomes strong and you can utilize them in the actual on-field marketing of products or services. Though the firm usually offers traditional training on setting up home business without much loss but it thoroughly backs distributors who are eager to adopt innovative and unique strategies to create an impact in the industry. Such distributors normally receive full supports in terms of men and money from the company and even if they witness loss then they are not all rebuked by the company management. In the subsequent training periods, they are imparted the knowledge of generating leads and spotting the target customers for the products. You will be much benefitted if you establish friendly relation with any experienced distributor of the company. Through his/her help, you can easily learn the tricks of convincing your target customers and can receive other on-field supports as well. For motivating the distributors, the company organizes various events. On participating in these events, you shall have the opportunity to meet with the successful distributors from whom you can receive many tips to become successful in this industry.

Business Opportunity of Flavon Max Network MLM Compensation Plan

You can engage in commercial transactions either as a distributor or independent consultants with this MLM company. The compensation plan of the company ensures maximum profitability for both the distributors and autonomous consultants. It mainly begins with the turnover rebate where you have the chance of saving more money on product purchase if you manage to sell the previous order volumes at a recommended retail price. Then you have the chance of pocketing handsome bonus amounts once you enroll and forward the product orders of your enrolled distributors under the program of Quick Start. It is only the beginning because as you progress through the leadership ladder, you have the chance of pocketing higher amounts of leadership bonuses on generating prescribe points on each level. In addition to that, as a team leader you have the sole authority to determine the marketing strategies of your down-line members without answerable to anybody.




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