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Forever Green MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Forever Green MLM Compensation Plan

Do you know the song “The Big Rock Candy Mountain”?  If you don’t, you can easily find it; it plays in an early scene of the movie O Brother Where Art Thou.  That song is running through my head now for two reasons.  The first reason is that rock candy is hugely underrated.  You haven’t really lived until you have been to one of those resort towns that is only open during the summer and gone into a little family-owned candy shop and seen the sticks of rock candy lined up in all the summer resort town colors green and pink and purple and blue and natural rock candy color.  You always stock up on rock candy, but somehow it all manages to disappear on the car ride home.  If you still need to get your fix, luckily, it is very easy to make rock candy at home.  The only ingredients are water, sugar, and patience.  We made it in science class in fourth grade.  It was so easy that my brothers and I went on making rock candy for the rest of that summer.  We dyed it different colors with food coloring.  There are only four colors in a package of food coloring, so it didn’t take long before we started mixing them to get the grossest possible colors of rock candy we could.

The other reason the song “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” is the lyric that says that the eponymous mountain is “where they hanged the jerk who invented work.”  If this were any other multi-level marketing (MLM) blog, this would be where I would tell you that if you stick with me and my MLM scheme, you will be so rich that you can personally hang the jerk who invented work.  But this is not any other MLM blog.  This is Notebook Crazy, and this winter I am on a quest to review as many MLM companies as I can, so that discerning readers like you can decide which ones are worth your investment and which ones to avoid like the plague.  If you have ventured into the world of MLM before, you have probably noticed how many MLM companies there are out there that deal in vitamin supplements.  In fact, I would be willing to bet that the very thing that drew you to this blog is that your basement is full of vitamin supplements that have been autoshipped to you through MLM companies, and you have finally realized that there must be more to life than this.  Today, I am reviewing Forever Green.  I started reading about Forever Green, and when I found out that it is another vitamin supplement company, I made a resolution to hang the jerk who invented vitamins.  Naturally, my next stop was Wikipedia, to find out who the jerk who invented vitamins was.

It turns out that it’s not so simple.  The definition of a vitamin even varies by situation.  A vitamin is defined by what it does. A vitamin is any organic compound that a living being needs to ingest in order to stay healthy, but the amounts required are very small.  (If large amounts of the substance are required for good health, the substance is a food, not a vitamin.)  Ascorbic acid is that which we call vitamin C, but humans are the only species in which ascorbic acid acts as a vitamin.  In ancient times, people were aware that certain foods had certain health benefits, and in modern times we attribute the health benefit of these foods to the presence of certain vitamins.  For example, in ancient Egypt, people knew that eating liver improved people’s ability to see in low light.  You may have heard the story of how, in the 18th century, James Lind discovered that eating lemons and limes could cure and prevent scurvy, although it was not until much later that it was discovered that it was the vitamin C in citrus fruits that had the beneficial effect.  The term “vitamin” was coined in 1912 by Kazimierz Funk, who, according to Wikipedia, also conducted research into cancer, diabetes, celiac disease, and even hormones.  In some way, you probably have Kazimierz Funk to thank for your good health.  Clearly, he is not to blame for the vitamin supplement-induced ennui felt by me and by so many other disgruntled MLM marketers.

If anything, the distinction of “the jerk who invented vitamins” goes to (surprise surprise) the mass media.  During World War II, feeding vitamin supplements to children came into vogue.  If your parents are Baby Boomers, they were probably forced to drink cod liver oil when they were kids.  They will tell you that it tasted bad enough to motivate you to eat a mountain of Brussel sprouts just to get out of taking the dreaded cod liver oil.  They can probably also still sing the jingle for Bosko, a chocolate-flavored powder that you would add to milk; the reason for making kids drink it was that it contained vitamin D, which advertisers called “bottled sunshine”.  If we have anyone to blame for the proliferation of MLM companies that autoship vitamin supplements to your house until there are so many of them that you can barely see out the windows, we should blame the magazines and newspapers that published all these vitamin ads.

But who am I kidding?  Pointing fingers and casting blame isn’t going to do any good.  Nutraceuticals are here to stay, whether I like it or not.  The best I can do is to determine which MLM nutraceutical company to get involved with if you are determined to stay in this business, so here goes my Forever Green review.

Forever Green: The Company and Its Products

Forever freen

Forever Green was founded in 2004, but to hear the Forever Green website tell it, it didn’t become an overnight sensation.  The rhetoric of the Forever Green website seems directed toward veteran MLM sales representatives who are weary of all the appeals to instant gratification.  Too many times, an MLM company burst out into the spotlight, and social media gives it its 15 minutes of fame, and too many of us have jumped onto the bandwagon during the 14th of those 15 minutes.

Forever Green sells a considerable variety of nutritional supplements.  One of the most popular Forever Green products is Forever Green FrequenSea, a drink that contains no fewer than 16 active ingredients, everything from rose to frankincense.  Its ingredient list reads like a stroll past the scented oil kiosk at the mall.  The secret ingredient in Forever Green FrequenSea is, however, phytoplankton.  Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that live in the ocean; they are about as close to the bottom of the food chain as you can get.  Phytoplankton is the breakfast of zooplankton, zooplankton is the breakfast of small fish, small fish are the breakfast of medium sized fish, and so on.  According to the Forever Green website, phytoplankton is beneficial to your joints, liver, and immune system, among many other health benefits.  Good for phytoplankton.  Do you know what else you can do if you want to ingest plankton?  Go swimming in the ocean, and do not make a particular effort to keep your mouth closed.  If you live in a coastal area, this is a much less expensive option than all the autoship and other obligations that come with MLM.

Forever Green FrequenSea is by far the most interesting of the Forever Green products that you ingest.  There is also a plankton supplement called Pure, but unlike Forever Green FrequenSea it does not combine plankton with the universal symbol of love and one of the gifts of the Magi.  Beyond that, there are just your standard dark red fruits, vegetarian sources of protein, and so on, nothing you haven’t seen on numerous other MLM websites.

Things do start to get interesting again, however, when you look at the Forever Green FG Xpress product line.  These products are bandages that you stick onto your skin for the purpose of improving your physical health.  According to the Forever Green website, Forever Green FG Xpress are a class 1 medical device.  (Other class 1 medical devices include disposable gloves, Band-Aids, Q-Tips, thermometers, and tongue depressors.)  Forever Green FG Xpress Power Strips are designed for the relief of aches and pains.  They are medicated with ginseng, geranium, and, of course, plankton.  I find this a little more believable than some of the other MLM products out there that are designed for you to stick on your skin for better health.  I would take Forever Green FG Xpress over those CieAura hologram Band-Aid things any day.  If nicotine can be applied trans-dermally, why can’t ginseng, geranium, and plankton?  (By contrast, I refuse to believe that holograms can be absorbed through the skin.  If they could, I would have come out of the Pink Floyd planetarium show looking a lot different.)  Of course, if you really want to walk around with the plankton equivalent of a nicotine patch on your skin, a less expensive option, if you live in a coastal area, would be to apply a Band-Aid to a non-injury and go swimming in the ocean.  It would seem that a cloth Band-Aid would work better than a plastic one for this purpose.

The Forever Green Compensation Plan

An identifying characteristic of MLM companies is that they offer their sales representatives several different ways to make money.  With Forever Green, there are seven different opportunities, perhaps one for each of the seven seas.  These are the seven opportunities of the Forever Green compensation plan.

  • Retail Rebate- All Forever Green distributors get a business website provided by the company. When customers order merchandise through your website, you earn a commission on it.
  • 2&1 for You Bonus – When you enroll two customers for autoship, you get freebies of the same products that they ordered. Oh, joy!  It’s like getting plankton in your stocking at Christmas.
  • 25% Fast Start Bonus – You get this bonus for recruiting other sellers.
  • X-Tribe Bonus – You get this bonus when you have recruited a certain number of people who have recruited a certain number of people.
  • Team Bonus – This is a bonus of up to 12% of the sales of the “left leg” of your binary team.
  • Matching Bonus – This bonus comes from a bonus pool. It is reserved for the higher ranks.
  • Rank Advancement – This is a bonus you get for reaching a higher rank.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • A product line of nutritional supplements based on plankton does stand out from the crowd.
  • Germanium does smell nice, and I can’t help but be curious about the taste of frankincense.
  • It is very nice that the company sets you up with a retail website and gives you credit for the sales made to people who just found your site by accident when they Googled “plankton frankincense pomegranate”. It takes away some of the pressure to try to talk your friends into getting monthly shipments of plankton drinks to pile on top of their boxes of vitamin gel and who knows what other MLM merchandise you have already talked them into buying.


  • Shamu himself could not possibly ingest all that plankton. Even he would cancel his autoship after a while.
  • I have never been a fan of the binary structure where you get a commission on the left leg. And couldn’t Forever Green a least call it the left fin?


I have nothing against plankton.  I’m sure plankton is great.  I just am not sure if it is worth running up lots of credit card debt on autoship and ruining your already strained personal relationships.  If your warm market consists of first graders with disposable income and you can convince them that buying Forever Green products are the next best thing to eating breakfast with SpongeBob, then you might be onto something.  Otherwise, your efforts are best spend elsewhere.

Are you tired of being at the bottom of the MLM food chain?  Give me a call, and I will advise you on how to make your MLM business profitable.


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