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Forever Green MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Forever Green Compensation Plan

Almost all the economies around the world are still smarting from the adverse effects of the universal economic depression of 2008 and haven’t yet fully recovered from that financial crisis. A vast majority of white and blue collar professionals since that watershed year have taken to supplementing earnings from their main source of livelihood by opting for part-time engagements. Quite ironically, numerous business organizations, including a range of multilevel marketing, niche marketing, and network marketing enterprises have spotted a silver lining amidst the foreboding clouds of economic recession.

Multilevel marketing companies have been able to convince numerous working individuals that becoming a self-starter by working as a business consultant insure them against an unexpected job loss or retrenchment. Additionally, the workforce, especially those approaching superannuation are beginning to realize that their pensions and nest eggs just won’t suffice for seeing them through the twilight phase of their lives. Hence, there is a growing sense of urgency amongst middle-aged working people that they need to hike up their savings and/or generate extra income by working beyond the 9-5 schedule. People have earned huge through this business opportunity and you can know more about this by clicking here.

About Forever Green Compensation Plan

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Direct selling and MLM companies, in this regard proffer various ways and multiple opportunities to people desirous of respectably making at least a couple of thousand bucks. ForeverGreen is a renowned MLM company that has been providing hardworking, honest, and sincere individuals a sound way of becoming self-established entrepreneurs through networking and sales promotions. ForeverGreen was established in 2004 by Ron Williams, the CEO and chairman with the venerated objective of letting people stay healthy by delivering at their doorsteps a slew of eco-friendly and biodegradable products.

This MLM organization, realized early on that human resources would prove instrumental in enabling them to achieve their ends. ForeverGreen, right from the outset was committed to letting people around the world to enjoy the fruits of LPG-Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization. ForeverGreen since 2004 have been furnishing people ample opportunities to augment earnings by developing their skills and capitalizing on it.

Products of Forever Green Compensation Plan

ForeverGreen deals in a basket of environment-friendly products that play a vital role in allowing you to stay in the pink of health. The entire product line has been formulated taking into account human diseases and disorders, the need to supply the body with nutrients and supplements, and the necessity of weight management. The company produces, supplies, and retails four distinct categories of products under two separate divisions-FGXPRESS and FARMERS MARKET.

Under the FGXPRESS section there are three hugely useful items-POWERstrips, SOLARstrips, and BEAUTYstrips. The FARMERS MARKET division itemizes products under three sub-categories of Primary Nutrition, Weight Management, and Supplements. Classed under Primary Nutrition are items that go by the names of AZUL, FREQUENSEA, PURE, and PULSE. FIXX, THUNDER, and KETOPIA are grouped under Weight Management subcategory. AIM, PULSE, and RETROME make up the Supplements subdivision.


POWERstrips are topnotch medicated patches constituting a unique and exclusive formulation that provide fast relief from niggling aches and pains. Natural and organic elements like germanium, red ginseng, and marine phytoplankton have been infused to make POWERstrips. These medicinal strips come in hugely handy when you need complete relief from a nagging headache or a numbing backache.

POWERstrips work by transmitting natural heat emanating from the body and energy to body areas where they’ve been pasted. The adhesive lining the patch has also been made from natural elements rendering it safe for use. Apply a POWERstrip patch to get quick respite from sprains, routine body aches, arthritic soreness, muscular strains, aching joints, and muscle stiffness.


SOLARstrips replenishes and fortifies your body with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Every sachet of SOLARstrip contains 37.5mg of phytoplankton that abounds in the seas and oceans around the world. These sachets have been designed in such an innovative manner that they dissolve easily after you place them on your tongue.

Slide these sachets into your shirt or trouser pocket or tuck them in your purse and fish them out to place on the tip of your tongue whenever you feel tired or listless. SOLARstrips are just what you need when you want to sleep soundly, boost up your mood, keep glycaemic levels normal, feel, and remain energetic all day long.


Formulated using moisturizing agents, antioxidants, and a slew of groundbreaking ingredients BEAUTYstrips help you to look youthful and radiating by maintaining the natural sheen of your skin. The chief ingredient in BEAUTYstrips Serum is Telagenex-5™ which is reinforced with cycloastragenol-a molecule that boosts the production of telomere in human DNA. BEAUTYstrips Serum permeates perfectly through the pores on the epidermis and trickles down to the innermost layer ridding it of grime and dirt and moisturizing it fully.

Kelp seaweed is the most vital ingredient of BEAUTYstrip Mask that keeps the skin well-nourished, hydrated, and supple by nurturing it with vitamins and minerals. Apart from kelp, another 31 naturalized ingredients go into making BEAUTYstrips Mask the ultimate skincare product it promises to be. The system of BEAUTYstrips helps maintain the suppleness and natural radiance of your skin thereby enabling you to look younger than your years.


AZUL is another standalone product from the ForeverGreen stable that packs in quite a punch in a small sachet. Prepared by blending 24 natural whole foods with marine phytoplankton as the base ingredient, even a single packet AZUL goes a long way in promoting your health. This nutrition pack does not contain any preservatives, artificial additives or flavors but infused with purely organic ingredients including mangosteen, goji berry, pomegranate, GAC fruit, acai berry, and coconut to name a few.

The product is created with painstaking care using state-of-the-art and scientific food processing technologies. You can easily carry sachets of AZUL in your purse or shirt pocket and make a health drink for yourself by emptying the contents in a bottle of filtered water. Regular consumption of packets of AZUL will enhance your concentration skills, keep you energetic throughout, improve liver function, enable you to regulate blood sugar levels, and help you to sleep soundly.


FREQUENSEA is as effective as AZUL in facilitating you to stay trim and fit all through your life. Every bottle of FREQUENSEA is packed to the hilt with natural and organic elements sourced from land and the depths of seas and oceans.

Compensation Plan of Forever Green MLM Network Marketing

The FGXpress Compensation Plan offers you the perfect launching pad to supplement your present earnings which in turn will enable you to live life like a modern-day jetsetter. This payment plan from ForeverGreen has been structured in such a manner that the same furnishes a 62% regular reimbursement coupled with an 87% FastStart returns on your total sale value. ForeverGreen’s weekly pay program and its supremely achievable monthly QV/CV prerequisites let you earn a lucrative amount quickly through sincere efforts-which is the only worthwhile investment you’d need to make.

ForeverGreen extends you seven distinct ways of making a handsome sum and each scheme is as tantalizing as the other. These seven distinctive compensation plans are:-

  1. Retail Rebate
  2. Get 2 & 1 For You
  3. 25% FastStart Incentive
  4. X-Tribe Bonus
  5. 12% Group Bonus (payouts going up to $ USD 20,000 every week)
  6. Matching Bonus Pool
  7. Rank Advancement Bonus      


  1. Retail Rebate

You gain automatic access to a customized business portal once you join as a registered member of ForeverGreen. Your customers can place their orders directly on your site and every time you bag an order, you end up making the amount that is left after the direct membership price is deducted from the retail price of the ordered product(s). For instance, if the retail sales price of a product is $40.95 and its membership price is $30.95, you stand to gain $10 for every sale.

  1. Get 2 & 1 For You

The distinctive attractiveness of the ‘Get 2 & 1 for You’ compensation scheme is that you earn the privilege of receiving ForeverGreen products free of cost when you’ve ‘Preferred Customers’. Retail consumers who place shipment orders on a recurring basis attain the status of a ‘Preferred Customer’.

And for every two such customers who order the pack prescribed for ‘get 2 & 1 for you’ plan, you’re entitled to receive identical product(s) for free. So, the more ‘preferred consumers’ you’ve, the more free products you’ll enjoy! Your preferred clients are also eligible to receive rebates on certain specific products in case they keep on placing orders periodically.

  1. 25% FastStart Bonus

25% FastStart Incentive system allows your customers, whom you’ve convinced to become ForeverGreen Compensation Plan members, to avail of products at membership prices. Once a customer of yours subscribes as a member and places at least one online order in the first four successive commission periods, you earn 25% QV/CV for each such order. So it follows that each time one or all of your steadfast customers who join as a member, you qualify to earn the abovementioned commission.

In order to ensure that your earnings are maximized, FGXpress earmarks specific product packs to be delivered exclusively to those members who’ve joined recently for the first four payout periods. You make the grade to receive a whopping 87% commission-62% payout on overall sales of your team and the 25% FastStart Bonus.

X-Tribe Bonus

Qualifying for the X-Tribe Bonus plan offers you the head-start and the platform for maximizing your earnings via the FGXpress compensation program. The modus-operandi of X-Tribe Bonus requires you to register at least four PEMs (personally enrolled members) in the first tier. Thereafter, encourage PEMs to sign up greater number of members in order to achieve a cumulative commissionable corpus of 1000QV/CV at the first two tiers in a four-month commission period. You’ll be in line to get an extra US$100-200 once every quarter (i.e. every four months). To make $200, your entire team (including you), should’ve 100 QV/CV on their portfolio, and for earning $100, every member should’ve at least 50QV/CV in their sales basket.

Team Bonus

The Team Bonus is all about sowing the seeds of a ‘Placement Tree’, and the more entrenched the foundations of your placement tree-standing on two legs, the faster its growth. You’ll be receiving about 8-12% as commissions from the total sales turnover of your smaller leg. To qualify for getting the aforementioned payout range, you’ll be required to have a minimum of 1 functioning PEM each in both the legs.

Through the Team Bonus scheme, you stand to make a maximum of US$20,000 in a week.

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus plan comes into play as your enlistment tree grows and   at this stage, you receive a proportion of ‘team incentives’ payable to your PEMs perched at the four levels. To qualify to receive matching bonuses, you’ll have to attain a 2-star rank and you can earn this incentive every time you along with your PEMs satisfy the prerequisites. The Matching Bonus is actually a payout pool, where ForeverGreen is committed to grant 25% FastStart Bonus and up to a maximum of 62% commissions on remaining incentives.

ForeverGreen’s Compensation system first pays out dues on FastStart, X-Tribe, FastTrack X-Tribe, Team Bonuses, and Rank Cash. Whatever payments are outstanding after this tranche of payouts get collected in the Matching Bonus pay pool. Your rank together with the team incentives made by PEMs will determine the exact amount you deserve to get from Matching Bonus scheme.

Rank Advancement Cash Bonus         

Your enrollment or enlistment tree that comprises a total of four tiers or level earns you Matching Bonuses depending upon your status or rank and the total payouts earned by PEMs. There are a total of 7 rank categories-the lowest being the 2-star status and the topmost being the ‘All Star’ rank. In case you skip a rank as you rise up the enrollment tree, you’ll still qualify to get the bonus as per the standings or rankings you failed to attain with the belief that you achieve the same in the near future.

So no matter wherever you live on this Lonely Planet, you can aspire to fulfill your long cherished dreams by becoming a FGXpress business consultant.









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