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Forever Living MLM Compensation Plan Review


Hi punks! It’s me Brad and this time I am here as usual to provide you suitable guidelines for acquiring good jobs. It is a known fact that many common American fellows like you after completing studies are spending time uselessly or desperately searching for new jobs. So first I must tell you that MLM firms are opening several scopes for decent living through earning money from the home. I hope guys you sure want to try out your luck with such companies so that you are in constant touch with your loved ones even while working. In this regard I shall suggest you to first try your luck with the MLM firm Forever Living Products. The reason is I know that you people are quite fond of taking care of your health and Forever Living Products is one such company that deals with health and nutritional products. Before arriving to a conclusion just read the reviews about the firm, its products, compensation plan and business opportunities below. Forever Living MLM  Compensation plan provides enough opportunity through its wellness products and applying proper techniques can help you in earning good money. To know more about the MLM Compensation Plan techniques click here. 

About Forever MLM Compensation Plan

Forever Living Products is a MLM firm which operates in more than 145 nations of the world with the overall distributors of 8.5 million or more across the globe. It is generating annual revenues of over $2 billion and all its products have sufficient demand in both domestic and international markets. The firm uses the strategy of direct network marketing where the distributors have to reach out to the customers and convince them to use and purchase these healthy products through oral advertising. These distributors are the main source for the present superior position of the company in the market and so it presents a good option for you guys to prove your mettle. The firm was established in the year of 1978 and the main office is situated in Scottsdale area of Arizona in the United States.

Forever Living

Products in Forever Living Compensation Plan

The firm uses natural and nutritional ingredients in manufacturing all its products. It has mainly acquired recognition in the market for selling products containing aloe vera and bee pollen. Though I have not tested all its products but I can tell you that its popular products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Aloe Vera Gel: This drinking gel can offer your body with the most superb nutritional ingredients that you can hardly find in other nutritional drinks. As the name suggests this health drink is mainly composed of aloe that helps in detoxifying our body system gently without causing any side effects to the body. Once you try this product you can easily spot the difference within few weeks for properly convincing your customers.
  • Aloe Vera Gelly: This product contains similar benefits like that of a natural aloe and is quite soothing and protective while applied to the skin topically. Its deep penetrating features can cure any internal wounds and cuts completely and you shall no longer have to endure the pain as it will provide you a calm and soothing experience.
  • Aloe Propolis Cream: This product comprises of a higher concentration of Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera Gel and is quite useful for reducing and curing rashes, burns and scrapes. The soothing feature of this product is further enhanced with the introduction of comfrey and camomile.
  • Forever Bright Toothgel: This stabilized toothgel combined with Alove Vera and Bee Propolis is quite useful for strengthening, nourishing and cleaning gums and teeth. This toothgel does not contain fluoride and is quite ideal for your family to have a new brushing experience.
  • Aloe Lips: It is quite small and easy to carry and is the most appropriate stick of aloe. It comprises of high concentration of Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera and is the most effective seasonal lip care product that helps to protect our lips from all types of weather.
  • Bee Propolis: This product is primarily obtained from trees through harvesting the sticky resins of the bees. It is considered to be the best natural antibiotic and is a natural and pure health aid for your entire family.
  • Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo: This shampoo contains Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera for moisturizing, nourishing and cleaning the hair for making it manageable, soft and shiny. It can be applied on every type of hair and is quite mild when used for children and babies.
  • Aloe Heat Lotion: This heat lotion contains Aloe Vera as the primary ingredient for providing soothing message to relief the pain of aching muscles as well as for providing relief from the pains and strains of an entire working day.
  • Aloe Ever Shield Deodrant: This deodorant made of aloe is quite useful for providing protection from unpleasant body odor without causing any stain in our clothes.
  • Aloe Liquid Soap: This liquid soap made from Aloe Vera is quite ideal for moisturizing and cleaning every portions of our body in a regular basis. It can be applied as a body cleanser and shampoo to the children babies and children as it contains the formula of no tears.

All these products are FDA approved and you can see the genuine approval seals in all these products. The manufacturing ingredients and their proportions are clearly mentioned in the product pack besides the manufacturing and expiry dates. The firm uses superior state of the art facility under the supervision of experienced scientists to manufacture its products.

Compensation Plan of Forever Living MLM Business Opportunity

Once you join this MLM company as a distributor you have the scope of earning money in the following distinct ways mentioned below:

  • Retail Commissions: It can be earned when any distributor purchases products at the wholesale price from the company and re-sells them to the retail consumers at the marked up price. This exact markup differs from 17-43 percent on the basis of localized tax rate as well as on the particular product in question. It implies that any distributor can earn between 15- 30 percent on each product they sell through the personal inventory. The advantage of focusing on the retail commission is that money can be earned quickly and the disadvantage is that the distributor must bear the expenditure of physical inventory.
  • Personal Volume Bonus: These bonuses are actually the monthly commissions that are paid to the distributors who directly purchase the products of the company. You have the scope of earning this bonus on purchasing any product from your pocket money for personal or inventory use. Exact bonus earning depends on leadership level that you have gained and it mainly ranges from five percent for the Assistant Supervisors to eighteen percent for the managers. It is a unique bonus as it is calculated on the basis of retail selling price and not at wholesale price.
  • New Distributor Bonus: It is mainly available to the employees working at the level of Assistant Supervisor and above. It is equivalent to the overall sales volume of the new distributor between five top eighteen percent. It has been designed for compensating the energy and time of the team leader that are being invested to help the new distributor for developing a team and generating sales.
  • Group Volume Bonus: Those working at the level of Assistant Supervisor and higher are eligible for receiving extra team volume compensation through this bonus system. It is paid on the basis of difference between the level of promotion of yours and that of the level of promotion of your leaders in the team. Bonus percentages vary from three to eighteen percent on the basis of your affiliated downline performance as well as on your personal performance.
  • Leadership Bonuses: It is based on a concept of unilevel team design and has been designed for rewarding leaders developing large affiliated team. This structure of unilevel compensation is mainly given to those working at the level of manager and higher besides those who generate minimum twelve case credits each month. It is then paid on the basis of six percent on the managers in first three layers of the generational structures of yours.

Besides these the firm also offers other exclusive series of compensation plan including vacational packages, special incentives, single time opportunities and many more for encouraging leaders to develop large affiliated teams and to generate sales volume.

Scope of earning money with Forever Living MLM Compensation Plan

I know that after reading the compensation plan you are relishing with the scope of working with this company. But don’t be so eager because there are still some avenues that you can explore to earn money while doing business with this company. The main advantage of working in this firm is that nobody can put the seal on your earnings and so by sheer determination and hard work you have the scope of achieving the higher rank and order in the company. There are three ways that can help you to earn decent living when you join this firm. It is important in this perspective to mention that there is no joining fee for attaching with this company. You have the option of beginning your career through purchasing the Business Owner Box for $ 200. It contains the best selling products of the company as well as the essential training materials for maximizing your exposure in the MLM industry. You have the scope of earning in between $200-$400 every month on generating the superb consumer base of customers. Besides you will be getting thirty percent discount on purchasing product of the company for reselling it to the customers at the fixed retail price.

Though you have the scope of earning through selling products at the retail price but if you develop a team it would ensure much larger share of commissions on your wallet. The firm will give you through training on team building but you need to utilize that training in actual ground level. You shall receive the overall guidance of identifying the promising team members, their introduction to this business and guide them to become successful in this team. Here you have the scope of earning dual commissions on the basis of your downline performance and personal performance. You have the scope of earning in between $800-$2000 each month on the basis of developing and recruiting the team.

On successfully developing your new downline you can also devote time to develop and mentor such more downlines for achieving the status of chairman in this way. Not only you will receive the bonus amount of above $2500 each month but also be entitled to other facilities like foreign travel, bonus incentives and much more. So why are you wasting time and try to join this company at once so as to change your financial conditions and fortunes. But make sure of one thing never lose your focus at once otherwise you will fail in this business miserably. I am telling this from my personal experience and it normally takes 3-5 years to become successful in this business. So think about it carefully before joining this company.

Conclusion for Forever Living MLM Compensation Plan

Before finishing my review I just want to tell you clearly guys that never believe in misleading facts and information without proper verification. As you are aware that Forever Living Products is the most successful MLM firm many rival firms are in the process of maligning its image in the market. The sole aim of such firms is to make the company suffering losses from the financial perspectives. But I am telling you this company is quite perfect in its products, compensation plans and money earning opportunities as well as on other fronts. The firm always emphasizes on transparency in every aspect of its business growth and product promotion. This firm acknowledges the contributions of every level of employees and rewards them accordingly. Both male and female employees receive equal appreciation and salary shares on the basis of their contributions and there is no place for gender discrimination in this company. Employees are quite cooperative with another and there is no issue of employee unrest and factionalism. Hence it is the perfect MLM company for your future career prosperity.








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