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Free Life International MLM Compensation Plan Review


This time I would recommend you a new MLM firm for earning decent money through starting a home based business. I know how it’s to be felt when you have no source of income and in spite of that have to face many responsibilities to your families and your loved ones. You know folks the industry of healthy supplements and skin care products are generating higher revenues for many companies who have entered in this competitive market. Ha! Ha! You must be wondering what makes me today so enthusiastic about healthy skin care and anti-aging products because Free Life International is one such MLM firm which deals with such products every day. Before I begin my review you buddies must pay extreme attention to the details so that there is no scope for any misunderstanding between you and me. There are various tactics that you can use to earn good compensation by building a good network. To know how to earn more than 5K per week click here.

About Free Life International:

Free Life International was established in the year of 1995 under the leadership of Kevin Fournier and Ray Faltinsky and is mainly specialized in producing wellness and healthy products with quality ingredients under the supervision of expert scientists. At present the firm operates in countries like Barbados, Hong Kong besides USA and generates revenues above $ 100 million every year. The head office of the firm is based in Phoenix in the state of Arizona. It uses direct marketing tools to sell its products directly to the customers. Its distributors play a vital part in selling all the products through convincing customers using the tools of oral advertising. The firm always encourages innovation and out of the box thinking in discovering new healthy supplements and other products. It also encourages distributors and other executives to formulate innovative ways of making direct network marketing more effective and fascinating.

Free Life International


The firm was previously specialized in selling nutritional supplements but it has now acquired distinction in producing Goji Juice under the following product lines that comprised of Himalayan Goji juice and latest range of iGochi juice. The firm continues to sell supplements and shakes and conducts shows on weight loss challenges for proper marketing of these products. These products are simple to promote before busy women, men and executives who seek to lose their weight considerably. Every product is FDA approved with bonafide seals in the packet label. Expiry and manufacturing dates of these products can be clearly viewed in their labels. The firm is extremely careful while manufacturing shakes and supplements and always uses state of the art facility and unique technology in producing such items. It also sponsors independent research of its products before being launched in the market. For instance when an independent agency performs research study on the qualities of its Goji berries it has been found that this product is quite suitable for enhancing sleep, athletic performance, calmness and mental wellness to the people of all age group. Subsequently similar observation has been made by the researchers of FDA. So buddies you can easily guess the qualities of its products.

Compensation Plan of Free Life International MLM Plan

As per the compensation plan of Free Life International there are 13 ways of earning money in the company. Though these earnings are entirely based on team growth and sales volumes each of it can be maximized and specifically targeted for surplus profits. These 13 steps mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Product rebates: Marketing Executives considered autoship qualified and active have the scope of earning 10-20% in between the back of product rebates. To sum up marketing executives can earn 10% for placing personal product order above 100 AC. This percentage of commissions subsequently increases to 15-20% when the distributors register increased personal volume from 500 to 1000.
  • First Start Bonuses: This bonus has been designed for providing quick income for those working for seeking to start with the company soon. Any moment distributor providing new team members in the downline with more than 100 points in first month can earn fast start bonus. The actual value of this bonus is mainly derived from the earned percentage points. A first grade qualified sponsors can earn a commission of 20% on placing minimum order of 100 dollars. The power start bonus for qualified sponsors in the second level is actually 25% for placing minimum order worth $ 200. On generating order through Automatic Delivery program there is the scope of earning commission percentage of 30%.
  • Quick Start Bonus: When any marketing executive begins through purchasing Gold or Platinum Quick Start Pack they are eligible for receiving Start Director IV and car bonus of Lux. They also have the scope of earning the guarantee pack of Star Director at $ 75. Each team receives payment till $ 130 everytime when any member of their downline organization buys a pack of Quick Start.
  • TaiSlim Weekly Bonuses: Payment of TaiSlim Weekly Bonuses every week is based on the numerical strength on the members of the new team that you have enrolled under specific package of autoships product. Points earned on the basis of numerical strength of your enrolled people and are usually paid on the basis of points scored by them individually which are then clarified with the overall weekly profit of the firm.
  • Commissions of Nine Level Organization: Nine Level Organizational commissions are presented on the basis of enrolling marketing executives and latest autoship customers to the leader of the team. Usually you develop a team to the depth of nine levels to offer payment for generating considerable sales volumes in every level. Executives have the scope of earning 1-5% in the primary level in response to the sales volume generations of their downline team. Normally, debutant marketing executives receive payment in the initial two levels of its downline together with every leadership promotion ensuring payment for new generation of team members in the downline.
  • Star Director Advancement Bonus: This include bonus amounts between $ 300- 600 paid to the marketing executive advancing to the levels of Star I and Star II for the very first time. The amount can be enhanced till $ 1000 when earned during the timeline of fast track.
  • $75 Star Director Monthly Guarantee: Every Star Director and those working above are ensured to have a monthly commission of $75.
  • Lux Car Club: It is mainly paid to those who are working above and within the level of Star Director IV with handsome amounts ranging from 300- 1000 dollars every month for purchasing luxury cars. Every luxury car which is obtained by lease through the company is offered to the leader subsequently. They need to continue the payment of lease even they are dropped from the leadership charge.
  • Matching bonus: Star Directors who are qualified and above are eligible for earning matching bonuses on enrolling marketing executives at a personal level in the downline. Amount ranging from 20- 54% are paid once in a month on the basis of fast start bonuses and sales volume. For instance an Ambassador has the scope of earning matching bonus amount of 32%. If his distributors who are personally enrolled earned an overall commission of $ 2500 then you have the scope of earning matching bonus of the amount $800.
  • Ambassador Advancement Bonus: This bonus is mainly awarded to those who have reached the level of Emerald from Ambassadors for the first time. It can be considered as a congratulatory award on your progress. Amount ranging from $ 15,00- $ 1 million are solely based on the level of advancement reached by you as well as personal performance in the perspective of volume of sales of the team and new enrollment leg.
  • Ambassador Generational Bonuses: It mainly comprised of 2% commissions on the points earned by ambassadorial ranked leaders above 4 generations in your upline and downline of your organization. It is always included with other earnings that a leader can be entitled to from the same commission based points.
  • Royal Ambassador bonuses: A series of bonus facilities are available to the employees working in the top leadership level of the firm. It includes depth bonus, royal bonus and cash bonus.
  • Leadership Development Pools: This reward is mainly for the marketing executives who have successfully enrolled debutant promising leaders and helped them to realize their capability. To be eligible for this pool you need to earn minimum 10 points and must be a director of Star II level.

Business opportunity Free Life International MLM Compensation Plan

Now punks like you must be relishing their mouth so as to join this company but as I have said you need to show lots of patience as I am now elaborating on your scope of entering MLM business with this company from your home. As you are well acquainted with its various levels of compensation plan so have the scope of joining this company as a Marketing Executive for directly promoting the products with the help of your team members or as the Star Director where marketers will be working beneath you or as the energetic ambassador for actively promoting the products on yourself only. Besides, you will be entitled to receive online training kits and other kits for marketing products directly. Once you sign up for any of the affiliated program you do get a complete set of products for personal use and to share with your casual acquaintance also. Besides, you will be able to save considerable amount of money once you sign up with any of the affiliated program of the firm. Being a debutant marketer you have the scope of learning with many experienced distributors and sales executives of the firm and so it would be a great exposure for your business prosperity. Usually fellows like you began their earning with $ 1,750 every month and once you began recruiting qualified people in the downline your earnings will be enhanced to a considerable extent. So think about it buddy. The firm will also help you in setting your own professional website so that you can reach before a large number of people to promote your product. You can easily reach to the community of TaiSlim to promote your nutritional supplements and can organize online contest for such communities to win your products as a prize.

Is Free Life International for ALL:

Well you must look up for that question it’s not for me to say anything about it. Many pals like you often in the big dream of earning surplus money forget to generate considerable volume of sales and also fail to build their downline. This is quite unfortunate. Chaps like you at first must put your whole attention in developing your business first and then can think about vacations with hot chicks. You must consider this business as your own invested one and must spend majority of the time for its growth and expansion. Don’t consider it as a part time job otherwise you would fail to create any impact in this competitive business. Believe me buddy I am telling you this out of my personal experience entirely. So as you can adopt every unique step that you think appropriate for creating solid base of your business. If you are planning to become rich immediately then this company is not for you, join some other sucker firms.


Before ending my review I am suggesting you don’t fall in the trap of rival firms as they are always in the attempt of luring innocence pals like you into their offices to serve as petty clerks without decent pay. For this purpose they also spread baseless facts about the company so as to divert your attention from it. It will only harm your career and not the company at all. You will never find such top class MLM firm like Free Life International where all its products are genuine and healthy, where every staffs do get their legitimate share of compensation without any delay. Tell me will you ever find such other company as this one?





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