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Fuxion MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0



Introduction to Fuxion MLM Compensation Plan

Hey, everyone.  Welcome back to Notebook Crazy.  As you may know, this winter, I am on a quest to review as many MLM companies as possible, and you have arrived just in time to read my Fuxion review.  I am rather enjoying the winter, because it means I get to sit on my keister and do research on MLM companies, so when Punxsutawney Phil goes looking for his shadow tomorrow, I do not really have a preference as to whether he sees it, but I’m sure most of you are pretty sick of winter.  If this were any other multilevel marketing (MLM) site, I would remind you that, in the southern hemisphere, it is summer right now.  I would tell you that, if you stick with me, I will make you so rich that you will be able to chase the summer from one hemisphere to another throughout the year.  But this is not just another MLM site.  This Fuxion review of mine is part of a serious endeavor to find out what makes each MLM company unique so that you can decide with one is the best fit for you.

Fuxion: The Company and Its Products


Fuxion was founded in Peru by Alvaro Zuniga Benavides, and the company now operates in any countries in Latin America, as well as in the United States.  The Fuxion mobile site features the flags of the countries in which Fuxion does business, along with their flags, but the names of the countries are listed next to the flags, so I was unable to take a similar impromptu geography quiz at the Fuxion mobile site to the one I took on the Flavon Max homepage.  The Fuxion website accessible from a laptop computer simply says that Fuxion operates in 12 Latin American countries.

The Fuxion products are divided into the categories of weight loss, athletic performance, and anti-aging.  I wish I could tell you more about them, but as soon as I clicked on the catalog on the Fuxion site, the products displayed only as pixelated images, so enlarged and distorted that I could neither read anything about them nor tell how they looked.  Based on reading sources other than the Fuxion site, I was able to tell that the Fuxion products include the following:

  • RGX1 – a supplement designed to improve digestion
  • Veremas – a multivitamin that presumably contains the same vitamins and minerals as the multivitamins in your medicine cabinet now, and the same ones that are in the countless unopened boxes of MLM merchandise in your basement
  • Probal- a supplement for men and women, designed to restore hormonal balance
  • Termo Te – a weight loss supplement, something about fat burning (I tend to turn off when I hear the words “fat burning”)

There are so many different nutraceutical companies, and as much as they start to blur together after you have worked in the MLM industry long enough, each one does have its own angle, whether it is a gimmick ingredient like Free Life International’s goji berry juice or Forever Green’s plankton (I still can’t get over that one), Fuxion draws its South American identity not just from the fact that the company was founded in Peru but also from the fact that many of the botanical ingredients in its supplements are sourced from their native regions in the Andes and the Amazon.  Some of the botanical ingredients in Fuxion products also come from Asia, but when I find an MLM nutraceutical company that was founded in the homeland of the goji berry, I will count that as a mark in that company’s favor.

The Fuxion Compensation Plan

Fuxion is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company, but there are very few details on the English language Fuxion website about the Fuxion compensation plan.  This may be because it has only recently expanded into the United States.  It does have a well-established presence in many Latin American countries, as well as a very strong social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but almost all of the posts and videos related to Fuxion products and the Fuxion compensation plan are in Spanish.  This is not a hindrance as far as Spanish-speaking markets in the United States are concerned, but as far as English-speaking consumers are concerned, the Fuxion website and Internet presence suffers from the same flaw as the Flavon Max website, namely a lack of information written in idiomatic and easy to understand English.

I do not say this to be ethnocentric.  This Fuxion review is only one of several reviews I have written of MLM companies that operate in many countries and many languages.  MLM is by no means the exclusive province of the United States or the English-speaking world.  While Avon, which would become the world’s first MLM company, was founded in the United States, many companies have expanded internationally, and it is not unheard of to attend an MLM convention where over 60 nationalities are represented.  Being a successful multilingual company, however, is not quite as simple as just having your website translated.

There are plenty of companies, MLM and otherwise, that produce strong marketing materials in their original language, but when the companies expand into other countries, they just come across sounding translated, and as a result, the products do not sell as well as they could if their materials were written by someone with a better command of the language.  Flavon Max seems to be the perfect example of an MLM companies that has spread itself too thin in too many languages.  When you visit the Flavon Max website, the first thing you notice is a row of 19 tiny flags across the top.  When you hover your mouse across them, you discover that no fewer than 16 languages are represented across these 19 countries.  I clicked on the U.S. flag for U.S. English, and nothing I read convinced me that the writer of the U.S. English Flavon Max website understood me or really knew what the people in my warm market may want to buy.  For one thing, the writer seemed to think that the color red was, by itself, a selling point for nutritional supplements.  It felt like the U.S. English version of the Flavon Max website was trying too hard to be all things to all people, and I could only imagine that it would also come across that way in Czech, Danish, and Portuguese.

An MLM company that stands out to me as having done a good job of studying its international markets is Agel.  It has had its products certified kosher and halal in the case of products that meet the requirements for those certifications.  It seems to me that Fuxion would have as good a chance with English-speaking markets in the United States as any other nutraceutical MLM company if more information were available in English on its website about the Fuxion products and the Fuxion compensation plan.

On the other hand, Fuxion has been very successful in 12 Spanish-speaking countries.  If almost everyone in your warm market is proficient in Spanish, you may find no shortage of Fuxion review videos to show them and Fuxion-related social media groups to join.

What the Fuxion compensation plan part of the English website does say is that there are 15 different ways to make money as a Fuxion distributor, but it does not specify what they are.  It has a diagram of the leadership ranks, which appear to be called Executive, Senior Executive, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Diamond Millionaire (I think), Double Diamond Millionaire, and Triple Diamond Millionaire.  I wonder why silver is not one of the ranks.  The Fuxion website says that sellers of Fuxion products can earn profits of up to 43% on their own product sales and up to 75% based on the sales of their teams.  It says that the Fuxion compensation plan operates on a hybrid binary model.

Other English language Fuxion reviewers have come down hard on Fuxion because of the incomplete information on its English language site, but the erstwhile classic rock blogger in me, the one who wrote just to write and not for reasons that had anything to do with business, sees a few phrases that sound like the makings of an engaging website.  For one thing, all the parts of the website that have to do with the MLM aspect of the company are categorized under the heading “financial health”.  Even though so many MLM nutraceutical companies are constantly trumpeting about helping you achieve a sense of wellbeing, the Fuxion site is the first one I can think of that uses the phrase “financial health”.  Then there is the tab that says “emotional health”.  One of the subheadings under the emotional heading is called “I am the protagonist of my life”.  I liked the sound of it, and I decided to click.  When you click on it, there is a video in Spanish.  The text on that page is neither the English nor the Spanish version of Fuxion’s “I am the protagonist of my life” blurb, but rather the same sample text in Latin that your computer uses in sample documents to show you what various layouts would look like if they had text in them. I’m sure you have seen the text before.  It is the one that begins “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.”  Don’t ask me what it means, as I am no linguist.  If I were, I would be making the big bucks fixing up the Flavon Max website and filling it with adjectives other than “red” in all the languages I knew.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Fuxion seems to be very active on social media in the Spanish language and to be very well established in Latin America. If you speak Spanish or have ties to any of the countries in Latin America where Fuxion does business (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, or Venezuela), then you may be able to market Fuxion products in the United States before everyone else does.
  • It is possible to buy and sell Fuxion products online, which means that you can avoid some of the most unsavory aspects of the MLM industry, such as home parties.


  • It’s still a nutraceutical company, and it’s still MLM. Nothing I have seen leads me to believe that Fuxion products will do a better job than Agel products, Forever Green products, Free Life International products, or any other type of MLM nutraceutical products of not taking up space in your basement for months and years on end.  MLM nutraceuticals are almost always much more expensive than similar products available from local stores.
  • There is so little detailed information available in English that I cannot tell you with certainty that the company, for example, does not base commissions on the sales of the left leg of your downline team.


There is a chance that you will make money working as part of the Fuxion business opportunity.  There is also a chance that you will make money with another MLM business opportunity, nutraceutical or otherwise, but people who have worked in the MLM industry for a long time know that those chances are not very big.  There are plenty of better ways to spend your efforts.  My adventures on my MLM review quest this week, having led me to the websites of the Pan-American Fuxion and the Pan-European Flavon Max make me think that a far more profitable investment of your time would be to study a foreign language.  Then you really could market any products you wanted in more than one language, with slogans and products that appeal to the target culture.  MLM training videos always tell you that you have to invest more time in MLM to get it to be profitable, but the fact is that there are plenty of other things besides MLM that deserve your time.

If you want to pass the time until the summer returns to our hemisphere, call me, and I will give you my advice on how to make money through MLM.


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