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Gano Excel MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Gano Excel MLM Compensation Plan

Roger Waters and Roger Barrett were the best of friends since their school days, since even before the latter Roger was given the nickname “Syd” after he wore a flat cap to his upper middle class school.  When his classmates saw him wearing the hat, they said that it was the kind of hat that would be worn by a man who makes his living through the work of his own hands, a man who, by their logic, was likely to be named Syd.  If this were any other multilevel marketing (MLM) blog, I would tell you that if you stick with me, I will make you so rich that you can send your kids to a posh school where they can tease their classmates with names that sound like they belong to the common people.  This is Notebook Crazy, and I am Brad, seeker of truth and erstwhile classic rock blogger.  (When I wrote my classic rock blog, the word “blog” wasn’t even part of the lexicon, but that is a story for another day.  A detail about me that is perhaps more relevant to the present story is that Notebook Crazy is a project I share with my friend the other Brad, and it is our hope that one day it will get as big as that project that Roger and Roger-turned-Syd did together.)

To make a long story short, there were lots of kids in Britain in the late 1950s and early 1960s whose happiest moments consisted of buying a jazz or blues record at the record shop, taking it home, putting it on the record player, and listening to it again and again until they could play every song on the record note for note.  There were plenty of parents in Britain during that same time who thought that these noisy records and the young generation’s enthusiasm for them were so much rubbish, but Syd Barrett’s mother was one of the parents who encouraged her son in his musical endeavors.  (Keith Richards stands out as another influential rock musician who received some encouragement from his mother.  By contrast, Paul McCartney’s dad harrumphed at the success of the song “She Loves You” on the grounds that “yeah” was an Americanism that had no business coming out of a proper Englishman’s mouth.)  During their time as schoolmates, Roger Waters would often visit Roger Barrett at his house and listen to him play music.  By the time the two Rogers and their bandmates go to rehearsing in the tearoom of their school, Syd Barrett was already an established musician, having entertained his family members on the guitar and ukulele.  The band went through a lot of names, but Syd Barrett finally came up with one that stuck, the Pink Floyd Sound, named after two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

By the mid-1960s the British breed of what is now known as rock music had really taken off and even spilled back across the Atlantic to its original homeland.  The press called it Swinging London, and the colors of the devastatingly modern clothing were exponentially brighter and bolder than anything that occurred naturally in the gray British landscape.  It seemed like there were fashion photo shoots and television cameras everywhere.  Everyone wanted to be seen.  Everyone wanted to be cool.  Syd Barrett seemed not to be bothered by all the hype; he was weird but genuine.  His Pink Floyd bandmate Nick Mason described him as “unfashionably outgoing.”

Of course the mid-1960s also saw the rise of psychedelia, the musical and artistic movement inspired by the use of hallucinogenic substances.  (LSD, which is a synthetic drug, is the hallucinogen most commonly associated with the 1960s on both sides of the Atlantic, but other hallucinogenic substances can be found in certain plants and certain types of fungi, the proverbial “magic mushrooms”, like the ones Bridget Jones ingests by accident in one of the Bridget Jones movies.)  The first time Syd Barrett took hallucinogens was in the summer of 1965.  By the time the night was over, Barrett was transfixed by an orange and a plum, claiming that the two fruits represented Jupiter and Venus.  This happens to be much more solid logic than what you hear from most MLM companies about why you should be transfixed by whatever fruits they have taken as their mascot.

It only got worse from there.  Pink Floyd enjoyed success as a live band and recorded their first album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, a literary reference, to the book The Wind in the Willows, Syd Barrett’s creativity again.  Lots of people in the British rock music scene experimented with hallucinogens (if I remember correctly, Roger Waters tried hallucinogens exactly once, on the Greek island of Patmos, where the Biblical Book of Revelation is believed to have been written), but for Syd Barrett, they became a way of life.  His behavior became more erratic.  Sometimes he would disappear, and it would be days before his friends could find him.  More often, he was present in body but not in mind.  He would play one note throughout an entire concert.  It got so bad that one day in April 1968, he bandmates decided not to stop at his house to pick him up on the way to rehearsal.

And so two friends parted ways.  They had been brought together by music, by a shared first name, by both having lost their fathers, and they were separated by hallucinogens.  The band continued without Syd Barrett; in fact, every Pink Floyd song you have ever heard on the radio was recorded without him.  But in all of their music from the 70s, you can hear an empty space where he should be.  He is present there in spirit, but not in body.  The album Wish You Were Here is about him.  He is the proverbial “crazy diamond” in “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, the nine-part opus that makes up most of that album.  During the recording sessions for Dark Side of the Moon (I think; I’m not about to look it up, because the image on that Wikipedia page is way too disturbing to look at at this time of night), Syd Barrett showed up at the recording studio, virtually unrecognizable.  He had shaved off his hair and eyebrows, and a chubby figure and unremarkable white T-shirt had replaced the old skinny frame draped in polyester shirts of garish colors.  The only thing about him that hadn’t changed since 1968 was the vacant expression in his eyes.  His bandmates wept.

If you’re ready to be shaken to the core, listen to Wish You Were Here (which essentially means listening to “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” with some songs you have heard on the radio inserted into the middle).  If you don’t need to sleep any time in the next few weeks, look at the picture on the “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” Wikipedia page.

The moral of the story is that life was a lot simpler before all the expensive fungi came into the picture.  If you are the kind of person who follows rock music lore closely, so closely that you have heard the other Pink Floyd members tell the story in interviews, you are probably also wondering what the big deal is about being thin.  At least one of the members of Pink Floyd (I don’t remember which one) made it sound like the most disturbing thing about that day was seeing Syd Barrett’s squishy physique where a skinny one had been.  And it isn’t just Syd Barrett.  If you ever listen to interviews where contemporaries lament the loss of Keith Moon or Jim Morrison, the subject always comes back to how they were less skinny in their final months on Earth than they were in their heyday.

But if you think fame and hallucinogens ruin friendships, you should try recruiting your friends into yet another MLM scheme.  And that is what brings me to my current quest.  Here on Notebook Crazy, I am reviewing MLM companies so that you can know which ones to approach cautiously and which ones to stay away from.  So speaking of weird mushrooms and an aversion to weight gain, here is my Gano Excel review.

Gano Excel: The Company and Its Products

Gano Excel

We have established on this blog that many nutraceutical MLM companies have a signature ingredient that is in almost all of their products.  The plankton of Forever Green and the goji berries of Free Life International are notable examples.  Likewise, many of the Gano Excel products feature Ganoderma lucidum, a type of mushroom that grows in temperate regions of China.  Gano Excel’s flagship products are coffee and tea drinks featuring the Ganoderma fungus, but it also manages to put everyone’s favorite fungus into nutritional supplements (surprise, surprise) as well as toothpaste and soap.  If this sounds a lot like something you have heard before, perhaps even here on Notebook Crazy, it is because Organo Gold is another MLM company I have reviewed on this site, and its products also feature the very same fungus.  That’s right.  Gano Excel products don’t even have a unique signature ingredient.

The GanoCafe beverages are quite a varied line of products.  If your friends insist, you can choose any flavor from chocolate to ginseng to hazelnut coffee.  Gano Excel products claim to have all kinds of health benefits, from reducing inflammation to assisting with weight loss, but in all honesty, after hearing the same line from so many other MLM companies, this doesn’t interest me very much.  Same fungus different day.

The Gano Excel Compensation Plan

If it were not for the Gano Excel compensation plan, then this post would just be a story about Pink Floyd followed by a lukewarm shout-out to a reasonably attractive fungus.  (I do encourage you to look up pictures of G. lucidum.  It is kind of pretty.)  The Gano Excel compensation plan pays you a commission on your sale of Gano Excel products.  Of course, the thing that makes it MLM is that you also have the opportunity to earn additional commissions and bonuses to recruit other people to sell Gano Excel products.  You get bonuses when your downline recruits sign up and additional commissioned based on their sales.  Be warned, though, that you build your downline team on a binary model, which is a recipe for trouble.  At the higher levels, there is the dreaded bonus pool.  So there isn’t anything that special about the Gano Excel compensation plan, either, no interesting names leadership levels.  If I could name them, the Gano Excel marketing levels would be called Button, Shitake, Portobello, Wood Ear, Toadstool, White Rabbit, and Lucy in the Sky, but alas.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is possible to sell Gano Excel products online. You are not required to host home parties, which is an enormous relief.  Everyone who has ever attended an MLM home party knows that they are about as much fun as the puking phase of a magic mushroom session.


  • Your friends don’t want to brush their teeth with a fungus.
  • The Gano Excel compensation plan pays bonuses based on a binary structure. You should know by now to hop away as fast as you can on your right leg every time you hear the words “binary structure” mentioned in connection with MLM.


You might say I’m being a hypocrite for coming down so hard on fungus, since, after all, I have been known to eat other fungus-containing foods, such as supreme pizza, bleu cheese, and miso soup.  But the difference is that I can partake of them without feeling pressured to autoship any of those things to my friends’ houses so that they can fungus up my friends’ basements month after month and ruin their credit. If you think that Gano Excel products and the Gano Excel compensation plan will make you healthy and wealthy in ways that Organo Gold did not, then be my guest.  Wear out your welcome with random precision at your own risk.

If you can tell just by reading this that I am mispronouncing the word “fungi” and you want to set the record straight, give me a call.  For your trouble, you will end up getting some sound advice about how to make MLM work for you.


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