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GBG MLM compensation plan review


Introduction to GBG MLM compensation plan

SEO is a curious thing.  This isn’t where you were expecting to land when you Googled “doppelganger fitness”, is it?  Welcome to Notebook Crazy, you world-weary search engine voyagers.  On this site, we review multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities, with the occasional detour into the vagaries of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Stay awhile, and you will see what I mean.  For the time, you have arrived just in time for my GBG review.

GBG: The Company and Its Products

When I first started doing research on this GBG review of mine, the first thing I wondered was what the initials “GBG” stand for.  If you have read any of my other reviews of multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities here on Notebook Crazy, then you know that some MLM companies have very logical and even clever stories behind their names, while others have names that refer to everything and nothing.  It did not take me very long to find out that GBG stands for Guided by God, a reference to the Christian faith professed by Stuart Finger and the other founders of GBG.  I did not find this out from the GBG website, however, but rather from reading another GBG review.  While it definitely considers itself a Christian company (there are quite a few Christian MLM companies out there, actually), it does not trumpet its Christian values the way that some other MLM companies do; Amway and Thirty-One are MLM companies that come to mind as explicitly Christian MLM companies.  The latter is named after a chapter in the Biblical Book of Proverbs, while the former has, over the past few decades, donated huge amounts of money to political candidates who ran on evangelical Christian platforms; it is one of the biggest campaign donors in U.S. history.

The good news (I guess its good news for the sake of the brevity of my GBG review) is that there are only two GBG products, but the bad news is that they are both nutraceuticals.  Even though I recently wrote an MLM review in which I described my partial reconciliation with superfoods, within reason, provided that they taste good, deep down in my heart, I am still a grouch when it comes to nutraceuticals.  One of the GBG products is called GBG 10-in-1 Chewable, and it is a multivitamin very similar to the ones that are sitting on your kitchen counter as we speak, with the notable difference being that GBG 10-in-1 Chewable vitamins cost a whole lot more, but if you have any experience at all with the MLM industry, you already knew that part was coming.  At least the GBG website lists the vitamins and ingredients in GBG 10-in-1 Chewable.  I guarantee they are very similar to the vitamins in the multivitamin supplements you paid for with your Extra Care Bucks from CVS: Vitamin A, loads of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, various B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, that sort of thing.  Being an MLM vitamin supplement, GBG 10-in-1 Chewable also contains a few super-fruits, and the GBG website is even kind enough to show us pictures of them.  GBG 10-in-1 Chewable contains some of the usual suspects among super-fruits, such as goji berries and acai, as well as the Helen of Troy of super-fruits, the lovely Miss Mangosteen.  It also contains something called amalaki, the Indian gooseberry, also known as amla.  If you have ever been to an Indian or Middle Eastern grocery store, you have probably seen hair oil made out of amla.

Rounding out the list of GBG products is MA+IGP, which stands for Master Antioxidant plus Intracellular Glutathione Producer.  I have to hand it to GBG that all of its acronyms stand for something.  MA+IGP is a powder made of whey protein, but GBG markets MA+IGP from a slightly different angle from the angle from which most MLM companies market their protein powder, and of all the MLM companies I have reviewed, the great majority of them have at least one protein powder in their product lines.  You should see the other Brad, who runs this site with me, market protein powder to people.  He sells it to them on the platform that it will help them lose fat and build lean muscle mass, and unless they already have a basement full of MLM merchandise, they usually go for it.  But GBG’s angle is a bit different; it tries to sell you MA+GBG on the basis that this particular protein powder stimulates the production of glutathione within the cells.  Glutathione, it claims, it the body’s own “master antioxidant”, which helps the cells do things like regenerate themselves and heal wounds, which sounds plausible.  (The fact that my Spell Check acknowledges “glutathione” as a real word is enough to convince me that it is real.  My Spell Check has no tolerance for made up scientific terms; it does not even believe me that mangosteen is real.)   According to the GBG website, it is also not possible to ingest glutathione (or, if you did, it would not reach the parts of the body that it needs to reach, which I would also be willing to believe.  Where I start to smell MLM spin is the question of why your old favorite cheap protein powder wouldn’t also do the job just as well.  The sales pitch for MA+IGP on the GBG website is, at the very least, not the most far-fetched description I have ever read on an MLM website of what MLM merchandise does to cells.  That distinction goes to the Amega AM Wand, which allegedly makes your cytoplasm dance the Lindy Hop, the Viennese Waltz, and the Highland Fling.

The GBG Compensation Plan

There are plenty of MLM companies out there that begin their compensation plan documents by explaining that their compensation is not really unilevel, not really binary, and not really stair-step breakaway, so when I read statements to this effect on the GBG compensation plan document, I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but there actually is an element to the GBG compensation plan of which I have not seen the likes in any other MLM compensation plan.

Well, actually two things.  First of all, the GBG compensation plan does not make a difference between retail customers and GBG distributors.  Anyone who buys GBG products from a GBG distributor (and that is the only way to buy GBG products) is automatically considered an “affiliate”.  That is bad news for people who just want to buy a bottle of vitamins for the debt-ridden lady at their church who won’t stop posting on Facebook about the MLM business opportunity she has just joined and needs to generate a certain amount of sales volume in order to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus.  It is good news, however, for GBG distributors themselves, who are trying to build a large downline team in order to qualify for the perks that having a large downline team brings.

But for GBG distributors who are trying to build a large downline team as quickly as possible, the GBG compensation plan offers even better news.  You know how, at the higher levels of some MLM compensation structures, the company will give you double credit for certain types of downline sales, or even double certain commissions?  Well, the GBG compensation plan does those other MLM compensation plans one better.  It gives you something called Pay Points.  What are Pay Points?  Well, they are, for all practical purposes, Pay Points are doppelganger affiliates that GBG adds to your downline matrix as a reward for you recruiting new affiliates.  (Keep in mind that, according to the GBG compensation plan, there is no difference between retail customers and distributors.  Everyone is an “affiliate”.)  That means that, in most MLMs, is Adam recruits Blake and Blake recruits Cyrus, Adam has two levels of downline.  Meanwhile, if that scenario happens in GBG, the GBG compensation plan calculates Adam’s downline matrix as though Adam has recruited Blake, Blake has recruited doppelganger Adam, and doppelganger Adam has recruited Cyrus.  And, of course, the more recruitment goes on, the more your downline sales team blooms with doppelgangers all qualifying you for more money. That is more than you usually get for your early efforts at MLM recruitment, but, as any MLM veteran can tell you, it would be better if the GBG compensation plan just paid you actual U.S. currency.  While the idea of a whole bunch of doppelgangers of me running around is kind of cool, the whole idea of this being part of an MLM compensation plan smells a bit like winning bonus lives in a video game.  I know I have written before on this site about how gamification is a valuable mindset in MLM, and indeed in business in general, but I have been on this planet long enough to know what a short jump it is from an MLM company paying you doppelgangers instead of money to someone’s tween daughter maxing out her parents’ credit card buying Kim Kash to use in one of Kim Kardashian’s game apps.

It raises an interesting question, though.  What would I do if I had five doppelgangers, and I could make them do anything except give me actual money?  Let’s see.  I would make one of them take my dog Floyd for a walk whenever he wanted to go.  I would make the other one bring me pizza or Steak and Shake or whatever food I was in the mood for.  I would make the other three take turns running on the other Brad’s treadmill so that I could actually win this fitness bet I have with the other Brad, because without them, it’s looking like I’m going to lose and have to buy him all the diet Vernor’s he can drink between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.  Of course, I will share my garlic knots with the doppelgangers, that is, if doppelgangers have digestive systems.  This is the first time I have ever thought about this question.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The whole Pay Points aspect of the GBG compensation plan is certainly novel. Look, it made me think more about doppelgangers than I ever have.  Imagine what it can do for you.
  • The fact that GBG is a Christian company but is not preachy about it can be a good thing. You can play up its Christian aspect when marketing to your church friends but play it down or not mention it when marketing to non-believers.


  • GBG is still an MLM company, and GBG products are still nutraceuticals.
  • If you think the idea of having a doppelganger is creepy, the fact that GBG compensation plan regards everyone as an affiliate is downright nerve-wracking. It reminds me a little bit of the dystopian scenario in the criminally underrated song “Get ‘Em Out by Friday” by Genesis.


I always say that, in order for nutraceutical MLM companies to stand out from the crowd, they have to offer something that other nutraceutical MLM companies do not, and GBG definitely fulfills this requirement with its weirdo doppelganger compensation plan, but I am still not convinced that, even with all those doppelgangers, you will make money as a GBG distributor.  The fact remains that, if GBG products were that great, you would not need an MLM business model to sell them.

Look, as much as it would be cool to have a bunch of doppelgangers to do my bidding, everyone you know already has all the vitamin supplements and protein powder they need.  It is piled high in their basements from the last time you tried to pull this stunt.  In fact, you probably have enough nutraceuticals in your basement right now to feed a whole army of doppelgangers, that is, if they have digestive systems.



Do you have a doppelganger, and, if so, how does it work to share food with him?  To ponder this question, as well as the question of how to make money in the MLM industry, schedule a call with me.



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