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Genesis Pure MLM Compensation Plan Review


Multi-level marketing is providing the unique scope for many educated and unemployed Americans to prove their marketing skills in selling the services and products of any firm directly to the consumers. In this field young people irrespective of their educational qualifications have the scope of earning money to lead a financially independent life of their own. Many multi-level marketing firms are now coming up in the United States which not only recruiting young people but also improving the dismal employment conditions of the country to a considerable extent. This can be easily avoided if you know your area of interest. For instance, if you are a health conscious individual then Genesis Pure is the appropriate company for you. To know more about the company, its products and compensation plan just read the review carefully. People have been earning more than 5k per week to know more click here. 

About Genesis Pure MLM Compensation Plan

Genesis pure

This MLM company was established in the year of 2008 with the sole mission of providing quality nutritional products to the customers at a reasonable price. At present this firm operates over more than seventy nations of the world and also exploring other options to tap new client bases for its health and wellness products. It has recruited over more than twenty thousand distributors who play the most essential role in selling the products of the company to the customers directly. They mainly utilize the skill of word of mouth in convincing the consumers to buy the products of the company. The firm owes its current annual revenue to its hard working distributors and rewards them heavily as an acknowledgment of their efforts.

Products of Genesis Pure MLM Compensation Plan

Genesis Pure mainly deals in selling nutritional supplements, weight management and such other nutritional products of various categories. The firm manufactures and processes all these healthy products in its ad advanced state of the art facilities under the supervision of experienced scientists. The firm is also quite strict in using good quality of natural herbal ingredients and always obtains them from the reliable dealers only. All its products are FDA approved and also has acquired the approvals of various third party tests that are conducted on different times. You can see the approval seals with the expiry and manufacturing dates in all its product packs. Some of its well known products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Go Yin: It has been designed for helping your body to deal with various stress causing factors. It has been manufactured on the line of ancient Chinese medicines and contains the appropriate blend of natural fruits, herbs and other natural ingredients. This nutritional supplement is perfect for the consumers of every age and plays the vital role in rejuvenating your lost spirit and infuses frsh energy inside your body.
  • Coral Calcium: This nutritional supplement is perfect for providing proper vitamins, magnesium and calcium which you may not receive from your regular diets. It is quite tasty and can be smoothly absorbed inside your body. Calcium presents in this liquid can help in the proper development and strengthening of your bones and teeth. It can also improve your hormone secretion through helping your muscles and blood vessels to contract and expand without any biological hindrance. Similarly magnesium contained in this liquid is quite useful in regulating the level of blood sugar, blood sugar, muscular and nervous functions of your body.
  • GPS Hydration: It helps in replenishment of essential nutrients, electrolytes and other body fluids that you lose during extensive workout sessions. The natural ingredients of this product satisfy thirsts through infusing fresh dose of vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates inside your body. Make this product an essential portion of your workout schedule in keeping your body hydrated during the exercise.
  • C’VOSA Cleanser: It helps in smooth removal of dirt and other toxic components of your skin and making it soft and splendid. You can notice the difference within few weeks of using this natural product. It contains no artificial ingredients and is perfect for all types of skin. You can apply it to your face and other parts of your body before going to bed or before visiting any event.

To more about the other products of the company you can either contact your nearest distributor or can log on to the official website of the firm.

Compensation Plan of Genesis Pure MLM Business Opportunity

According to the official compensation plan of this company distributors have the scope of earning income in the following ways mentioned below:

  • Retail Commission: It refers to the cash profit that can be earned when any distributor purchases the products of the company at a wholesale price and sells it to the preferred customers at retail price. Here distributors have the scope of earning maximum commission of twenty five percent on the basis of retail price that they fixed in selling these products to the customers. In fact they obtain the difference between retail and wholesale prices while selling the products to the consumers.
  • First Order Bonus: When any team leader sponsors any new distributor they have the scope of earning bonus on the basis of the volume of the first order of the latest recruit. Here you have the chance of receiving ten percent bonus on the personal volume order of hundred and twenty percent bonus on the personal volume order of over two hundred.
  • Revenue Sharing Pool: Distributors who have enrolled and placed their initial order over three hundred personal volumes are qualified for this pool. It implies that they are earning the share of two percent pool from the overall commissionable volume of the firm every week. If you are personally sponsoring any latest autonomous business owner who also buys minimum three hundred personal volumes as an initial order every week then you develop the scope of earning points for this revenue pool. Then you are paid on the basis of the earning of your points and also on the overall sale of the firm during that specific period.
  • Team earnings: These are usually known as the generated residual income. You are eligible for this commission on sponsoring new distributors and developing two legs within your organization. Every week you have the chance of earning ten percent commissions on the volume of your weakest leg. It implies that if the right leg in terms of volume has $1000 and the left leg in terms of volume has $300 then your team commission will be $30 which is the ten percent of the volume of your left leg.
  • Generation Check Match: It comprises of $12,500 earning cap every week which is equal to the five percent of the personal volume generations of the both sides of the teams within your organization. Those who have been promoted to the level of Silver Director and above are qualified for the payout as it ensures payment on the highest amount of the team volume as it is paid on your both legs.
  • Leadership Pool: It is mainly paid in the form of shares and those achieving the status of Blue Diamond and above are eligible for this pool. The share points which are earned are entirely based on the promotional level of an individual and every share helps them to fetch a minimum percentage of leadership pool which is three percent of the overall commissionable volume of the company every week.
  • Luxury Car Bonus: It has been designed for making payment on the luxurious car of your preference on achieving the rank of President and above. For obtaining this bonus every month you should maintain the level of your promotion. It is paid in twelve months and normally differs from $750 to $1500 on the basis of the promotional rank of yours.

The compensation structure has been mainly designed for paying considerably much to those who have recruited a vast team and helped them in generating bigger sale volumes. In brief this plan rewards both who can recruit and help those new recruits to in spending above the first product order of three hundred volumes. It puts the latest distributors at a position of disadvantage as they invested heavily on their business previously and are desperate to cover the deficit first before achieving the maximum profit.

Getting started with Genesis Pure MLM Compensation Plan

If you are seriously considering to start your MLM business with this company then the ideal way to start so is to enroll yourself as an independent distributor of the company. For enrolling you can either contact your nearest distributor or can log on to the website of the company. While enrolling online you have to follow the prescribed strictly so as to enroll yourself properly. In the first stage of the enrollment process you have to select your marketing area and it will be ideal if you select your residential area at the initial stage of your career. Then in the second step you have to select and purchase the optional business kits. It is the most essential stage because these kits mainly contain online study materials with audio cassettes and cds. It will be quite appropriate if you go for the costly one then you can get much valuable study materials to sharpen your skills. Then in the ultimate stage you need to select and buy the optional product pack of your choice. Here also you should go for the costly pack as you can get higher quantities of products for self consumption, selling and giving it to your neighbors as a free trial opportunity.

The firm offers several scopes for commission earning to the independent distributors. Its compensation plan ensures that above fifty five percent of every product purchase is given to these distributors in the shape of bonus and commission amounts. The firm will also help you to set up your own MLM business and so after completion of the enrollment process you shall receive a replicated website from where you can forward the orders of your preferred customers directly to the company. The online training kit similarly would be great value as it will provide valuable inputs on the process of generating leads and other practical tactics of convincing the customers to sell the products of the company. You shall regularly attend the conference meetings, official events and other programs of the company to obtain the knowledge of surviving in this competitive environment. You must also develop rapport with experienced distributors of the company to sharpen your knowledge in MLM marketing. The toughest job is to retain your focus and if you lose it then you will fail miserably. So you must devote considerable attention to your business and must not consider it as a temporary initiative. Otherwise you shall yield less revenue after spending heavily on your home business.

Conclusion of Genesis MLM Compensation Plan

Before ending the review you should always remember that it will take 3-5 years to become successful in this industry and if you join with the disillusionment of becoming rich immediately then your failure is guaranteed. You must keep in mind in MLM industry many rival firms are in the attempt of tarnishing the image of this company in the market. For this purposes they normally target inexperienced people like you. They shall try to lure you in their offices with the promise of making you rich immediately and if you step into their trap then you shall be the sole losers but not the company. It is better to verify their offers properly rather believing them blindly. Once you will read this review you will clearly understand that this company is quite transparent and never conceals any information from the job seekers. For instance it has clearly mentioned in its site the ingredients and manufacturing techniques of all its nutritional products unlike other companies. Even in case of compensation plan it has properly mentioned the scopes of earning immediate commissions for the newly recruited distributors in a simple manner. Not only this, the firm also rewards both its male and female employees for their hard works without any kind of discrimination. Hence you should not waste any more time and join this firm at once.







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