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Global Force Gold MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Global Force Gold MLM Compensation Plan

I would like to begin my Global Force Gold review by taking you on a brief tour that begins in Chicago and follows a few idioms from the streets of Chicago, which I am very sad to be leaving, to the world of multilevel marketing (MLM), which is what motivated me to write Notebook Crazy in the first place.  You may never have been to Chicago, so perhaps you cannot understand why I am so nostalgic for it even when I am here, but you probably have been to an airport somewhere in the world, looked at the TV monitor that displays departures and arrivals, and seen the scheduled times for flights going to or from Chicago Midway Airport.  Even if, somehow, you have done all your traveling by car (in which case I can’t blame you, as road trips and the city of Chicago are both among my top ten favorite things in the world) and you have never heard of Chicago Midway Airport, I can at least assume that you have been to a carnival midway.  You may not have known that carnival midways, wherever the carnival may travel, are named after the original Midway Plaisance, a park in Chicago which is now part of the University of Chicago campus.  In 1893, before the Midway was part of the University of Chicago, it was the site of the side shows and amusement park attractions section of the World’s Columbian Exposition.

As far from Chicago as your local county fair may be, its midway is no doubt as full of scams and noisy hype as the MLM industry.  The unwinnable games and fast talking carnival barkers have more in common with MLM compensation and their flashy, strident leaders than I care to think about.  In the old days, the people of the traveling carnivals spent months at a time away from home, as perhaps they do now, but back then, there were no smartphones where you could video chat with your mom whenever you felt like it, so, at least according to folk etymology, the carnival guys developed a system for letting their families know they had arrived safely in the next town.  A carnival guy would make a collect call to his family, but he would have already agreed with them, before he hit the road, that they would not accept the charges and answer.  (Kids, ask your parents about when it was more expensive to make phone calls to another city than to make local calls.)  They would identify themselves to the operator by a fake name, always the same fake name.  (Kids, ask your grandparents what a phone operator was.)  Thus, when the operator told the carnival guy’s mom that she had a collect call from Kay Fabian, the carnival guy’s mom would know that her son had made it safely to the next town.  It was the equivalent of texting your parents a selfie from your dorm room to let them know you survived another weekend of college.  Thus, being on the road, where no one knew you, and where your purpose was to bend the truth for financial gain, became known as being in kayfabe.

Hey, Internet generation, where were you the first time you heard the term kayfabe?  I’ll bet you first heard it in the context of professional wrestling, like I did.  And I watched a lot of wrestling before I ever heard it, too.  If you are a male who is about my age, you probably remember how awesome it was when pro wrestling came on around midday on Saturdays, right after Saturday morning cartoons.  My brothers and I enjoyed the cartoons and all, but really they were just opening acts for wrestling.  We used to practice the wrestling moves on each other.  It never bothered my mom, because she saw it for what it was, which was stage combat.  She said that, if the wrestlers could do those moves without anyone getting injured, so could we.  In the summer after sixth grade, one of the families in my neighborhood built a wrestling ring in their backyard, and that was just awesome.  The kids were older than we were, so we almost never got to go in the ring, but we would just stand around and watch the neighborhood teenagers wrestle.  It was so much fun.  I can hardly describe it, and if anyone in your neighborhood ever had a wrestling ring, I don’t need to, because you already know what it was like.

By the time I went to high school, the kids who had the wrestling ring had moved away, and wrestling became less a part of my social life.  I know that sounds kind of weird, because the late 90s were such a fun time in pro wrestling.  I guess part of it was because there were so many other things on TV.  Besides, the hobby that took up most of my time was being an amateur music critic.  I wrote an e-zine called Classic Rock Ragnarok, which has been lost to history, but you can still read echoes of it here on Notebook Crazy.  To make a long story short, the next time wrestling became a big part of my life was after I dropped out of college.  The first job I got after I dropped out and moved back home with my parents was working the night shift at Kroger, stocking the shelves.  It was kind of a “when the cat’s away, the mice will play” situation.  It was just a bunch of young guys, always goofing around in the store, and hardly any work ever got done.  The guys I worked with at Kroger were huge wrestling fans.  Every time a wrestling pay per view event was about to air, they would spend the weeks leading up to it anticipating how it would turn out, and they would spend the weeks after it dissecting every match and spinning new fan theories.  They knew every piece of trivia about every wrestler, in real life and in kayfabe.

For those of you who have never associated with wrestling fans, “in kayfabe” means “in the story” or “in the fictional universe of wrestling”.  To keep kayfabe means to stay in character.  Pro wrestling isn’t real, and it isn’t fake.  It’s fiction.

Global Force Gold: The Company and Its Products


Global Force Gold is a new MLM business opportunity.  In fact, the first time I heard of it was today.  The first thing I thought about writing was that, because it is a new MLM, you should join while it is still new, so you will be at the top of the food chain; there is a line of thinking in the MLM industry to the effect that the only way to make money through MLM is to become a distributor right when it is starting out, so that you are “at the top of the food chain”, where you don’t have all these levels of upline above you that you have to pay your commissions to.  I am almost embarrassed that I still have thoughts like that.  Then I read a little bit more about Global Force Gold business opportunity, and I found out that even if you join now, you will be less of an apex predator and more of a scavenger or an insectivore.

The Global Force Gold business opportunity was founded by Jeff Jarrett of Global Force Wrestling.  Writers of other Global Force Gold reviews have already wondered out loud why a wrestling-themed MLM did not come into existence sooner, since, in some regards, pro wrestling is to athletics what MLM is to enterprise.  That is to say, you have to work out to participate in pro wrestling, and you have to put money into joining an MLM, but at their core, wrestling and MLM are both stunts.  You don’t win a wrestling match through athleticism, nor do you become successful at MLM through sound financial decisions.  For a few minutes, my mind went to places that involved how much fun a wrestling MLM could be, the championship belts you could win, how awesome it could be to try out your finishing moves on your downline distributors at a recruitment meeting in the ballroom of a hotel in the central business district of a midsize city.  Then I read a little bit more.

It turns out that Global Force Gold is a front for Karatbars, another MLM company which I have previously reviewed on this site.  That is not an exaggeration.  It is literally a front for Karatbars, as in, if you go to the Global Force Gold website, it shows you a recruitment video for Karatbars.  It is nothing unusual in the MLM industry for people who have reached a high rank in one MLM company to split off from it and start a new company, taking their downline team with them, but this is the first time I have seen someone put a name on a team within an MLM company.  It is as though Jeff Jarrett has joined Karatbars and is trying to recruit his fans into his downline team.

Since the Global Force Gold business opportunity is Karatbars wrapped in the trappings of pro wrestling, it goes without saying that Gold Force Gold products are Karatbars products.  They are individual grams of gold mounted on collectible cards.  The idea is that you market them by talking up what a good idea it is to invest in gold, and people who cannot afford to buy an ounce of gold can start by investing in a gram or two.

The Global Force Gold Compensation Plan

The Global Force Gold compensation plan is the Karatbars compensation plan.  It’s almost funny how incredulous some Global Force Gold reviewers are about some aspects of the compensation plan.  One writer on a wrestling news site described it as extremely complicated.  I just reread by Karatbars review, and one of the good things I thought to say about Karatbars is that its compensation plan is not too complicated.  I guess MLM really has made me cynical.

Another thing about the Global Force Gold compensation plan that outraged Global Force Gold reviewers is how much it costs to join the Global Force Gold business opportunity.  He was outraged that when you buy a business starter kit for $2,300, you get a FedEx box containing only $180 of gold.  He ranted that you are paying thousands of dollars for a cardboard box.  Welcome to MLM.


  • Gold Force Gold products are not nutraceuticals.
  • As far as I know, there are no MLM home sales parties with Global Force Gold.


  • Despite that it sells a more useful product than most other MLMS, Karatbars has gotten quite a bit of bad press for being so pyramid-shaped.
  • I mentioned this in my Karatbars review, but there is so much potential for people to resort to scare tactics while trying to get people to invest in gold.


Pro wrestling might be just for fun, but MLM isn’t.  It involves real money and real financial loss.  As I previously discussed in my Karatbars review, there are gold bugs out there who will try to convince you that US dollars are not real money, but debt can still be measured in dollars, and you will just be adding dollars to the amount of your debts and your friends’ debts if you get mixed up with the Global Force Gold business opportunity.  Besides, if you are so good at keeping kayfabe that you can actually convince your friends that it is a good idea to join the Global Force Gold business opportunity, then you would be better off using your talents to go into pro wrestling.  It is a lot more fun than MLM, and if you need evidence of that, consider that kids do not build auditoriums in their backyards so that they can host MLM sales events.



Do you live in the Midwest and have a wrestling ring in your backyard?  If so, I am totally stopping by on my drive home from Chicago.  Schedule a call with me so we can work out the details.

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