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Global Information Network Compensation Plan review


Introduction to Global Information Network Compensation Plan

Today we discuss on the MLM program of Global Information Network. Before jumping to any conclusion, I can assure you that it requires consistent effort and hard work. This is an opportunity to be taken seriously and not casually. Do you know about Global Information Network? Are you aware of their MLM plans? If the answer is ‘no’, don’t worry as I can guide you step by step. I have spent quality time in keeping up with multi level marketing industry. As a result, I came to know about Global Information Network abbreviated as GIN. Don’t be disheartened about the scams reported about MLM programs. Global Information Network is nothing but a genuine opportunity to make money. You cannot get confused with me at your side and I’ll guide you how to earn money by using this platform.

 A quick walkthrough of Global Information Network

Global Information Network

Global Information Network is a private club, an association or an organization. Membership of this organization is mainly the real product or service on sale which may provide decent commission.  This private membership club was founded on 2009 by a team of driven individuals. You must have dreams, aspirations, and goals for a better future and GIN can help you in this endeavor. People like managers, professionals, business owners, commissioned sales people and others can make good money. As a result, it will help you to improve numerous aspects of your life.

GIN is basically into enrolling you as a members and it gives you free access to other members. This platform can be used by members who are willing to expand their reach and look out for partners for potential joint ventures. Being a multi level marketing, there is an opportunity to earn substantial amount of money by merely recommending more members. Cultivating associations helps in earning more income and overall well being. Only GIN members get the privilege of significant information which are solely shared or discussed by other GIN associates. Since its formation, many members have managed to do business with each other earning 100s of millions.

There are many GIN members forming business alliances to assist each other in various business ventures. Several members have managed to connect and cultivate relations for arrangement of funds required to support their business idea.

The main idea to develop this association germinated in the mind of Kevin Trudeau. He is a globally known and respected author credited for writing the best seller “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”. This GIN is organized in the nation of Nevis and St Kittis conceptualized by a team of individuals across the globe. It includes high ranking members of private associations, organizations and groups. This membership was solely exclusive towards the privileged elite category of individuals.  The group included members from societies such as The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Brotherhood, The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and others.

No need to get confused folks, there are no tangible items or services available for sale. It is simply a home based internet business requiring no product or inventory selling. There is also no time commitment and no large upfront cash investment. As a member, you’ll have to market and sell the membership to start earning.

 Review Global Information Network MLM Plan

The GIN multi level marketing is different compared to the fraud scams hitting the headlines and news columns. Members have the exclusive privilege of gaining convenient access to the wide collection of audio, visual and written materials on different subjects. It includes subjects such as ways of making money, personal development, mental skills, business skills, and more. Subjects can be also as diverse as health, martial arts, law of attraction, savings and proper investment opportunities. The affiliate program only requires members to recommend other interested people.

If you are interested, there are only legitimate MLM opportunities available. It won’t be much of a hassle to get your friend, family members and closed ones into this. You’d be provided with adequate training materials on life coaching, getting rid of debts, and many other topics. The founder Kevin Trudeau is himself a famous personality responsible for the creation of exclusive society. He is also an ex-brotherhood member and ex-member of a secret society. You can experience something which has been experienced by millions. It has changed their lives forever by providing them with financial independence and you could be on the same path.

Apart from money making opportunities, the members are also provided with bonuses in form of free sponsored trips and vacations to exotic destinations around the globe. With immediate joining, you may be placed in first level. Gradually, you’ll also progress to higher levels depending upon the level of activity. The higher levels may include partner, inner circle, president’s club and chairman’s club.

Being a GIN member would give to convenient access to several webinars from premium speakers across the globe. It includes teachers, trainers and people from other professions and walks of life. Globally renowned faculty would be there to guide through almost 1000 hours of comprehensive teaching. There would be a free access to live local chapter meetings, seminars, events, rallies and similar gatherings. Some members also get an exclusive opportunity of attending the live one day seminars. It covers and reflects on almost every topic essential to achieve success and fulfill goals in life. Thus, it is nothing short of a golden opportunity to connect with other people and progress in life. Please take decisions considering the long term goals and you’d be on a memorable journey. Those willing to fill their pockets need to utilize platforms such as facebook, blog, linked in, online social forums and more.

Many people have embraced opportunities in multi level marketing to improve their lives. You can have the possibility of creating a steady and passive monthly income.

 Now let me tell you about membership levels of GIN

Joining GIN could be a life altering decision as it takes you through a dream journey. My

Perspective of life changed to a great extent after pursuing GIN. A membership of GIN requires an upfront payment of $1500 and monthly payment of $150. These members have full freedom to sign up into becoming affiliate members and assured of participation into compensation plan.

As a member, the people recruited by you are directly placed under you. Those affiliates and members are simply placed under you marking the level 1. A fresh member or even affiliate the level 1 recruit turns out to be your level 2 and so on. Percentage commissions are paid down by up to seven levels. There are various affiliate ranks and apart from qualification, their commission percentage payments are quite impressive. You must be referred by another GIN member in order to join successfully.

 Affiliate program

Affiliate rank of an individual plays an active role in figuring out the commission percentage. Listed and discussed below are some of the common affiliate ranks:


  • Affiliates

An affiliate is needed to sell a fresh membership to GIN per month. They are paid with 20% of first membership fee of levels 1 and 2. The recruits and platinum affiliates need to pay two months of membership charges prior to considering membership rank essentials.

  • Gold Affiliates

Members in this category are required to sell a new membership to GIN per month. They must have recruited a minimum of six members. These affiliates could be paid with 20% upon first and second levels. Afterwards, such affiliates are also paid out 2% on levels of 3 and 7. It includes month wise membership fee and initial membership fee.

  • Bronze Affiliates

Members belonging to this class are required to sell at least a new membership to GIN monthly. They are needed to recruit up to four members in totality. Payment patterns may include 20% on both levels 1 and 2. It may turn out to be 2% on levels such as 3 and 6 including monthly membership charges and initial membership fee.

  • Platinum Affiliates

These affiliates might be required to recruit a minimum of ten recently active members who have successfully recruited a single member each. Their payment patterns can vary from 20% on levels 1 and 2 to 2% on 2 and 6. On reaching level 7, it may also increases up to 3%.

  • One Star Platinum Affiliate

In this case, recruitment essentials can be similar to those of platinum affiliates. However, these members should have a combined unilevel team of minimum 500 members. It can have at least a single platinum affiliate therein. All of the members in this category are often paid 20% on first and second levels. The payment can be hiked to 2% on levels 3 to 6 while it may also reach 4% on level 7.

  • Two Star Platinum Affiliate

Members of this class can recruit up to 20 presently active members. Out of them, a minimum of 10 must have recruited an extra new member themselves. The affiliate need to have minimum of 1000 members within the unilevel team. It may also consist of a single platinum affiliate within two different legs. These affiliates can be paid with handsome amount of 20% on first and second level, 2% on 3 to 6 levels and level 7 brings 5% commission.

  • Three Star Platinum Affiliate

This affiliate group of members needs to recruit 25 recently active members. Out of this, only ten should have recruited an extra member each. He or she requires having almost 1500 members into their unilevel team with a single affiliate in three different legs. Such affiliates are paid handsomely with 20% on first and second levels. Levels three to six brings a commission of 2% while 5% is achieved after reaching level 7.

  • Four Star Platinum Affiliates

The affiliate of this class needs to recruit a minimum of 30 recently active members. Ten out of this 30 must recruit an extra member each. Unilevel team should consist a minimum of 2000 members with single platinum affiliate in four different legs. The commission amount paid to such affiliates is same as the rates paid out to three star platinum affiliates.

  • Five Star Platinum Affiliates

Affiliates falling under this category need to recruit minimum 35 members who are currently active. Out of them, at least 10 members must have recruited one extra member each. There must be minimum of 2500 members in the first seven levels of their unilevel team. In each of the different legs, there needs to be a single platinum affiliate. These affiliates are ultimately paid on the same lines as three star affiliates.

  • Presidential platinum affiliate

Affiliates under this category must recruit fifty of the recently active members. Out of this, 10 members must recruit an extra fresh member each. There should be a minimum of 3500 members within the unilevel team with a single affiliate member within ten separate legs. These affiliates receive similar unilevel percentage commission as three platinum groups.

  • Chairman affiliate

Such affiliates need to recruit a minimum of 100 members who are active recently.  Out of them, a minimum of ten must have recruited an extra fresh member each. These people need to have a minimum of 500 members within their unilevel team. It must have as single platinum affiliate out of twenty separate legs. The presidential platinum groups of affiliates are being paid on similar unilevel commissions as in case of three star affiliates.

 Review of compensation side

Compensation plan is based on a certain unilevel structure. The fresh members or affiliates recruited by you would be working under you. Such affiliates and members are likely to make up your first level. Apart from the unilevel commissions provided at a certain affiliate level, breakaway bonuses can be paid to eligible affiliates. It is basically an extra commission amount paid out to members within unilevel team. It extends the unilevel commissions more than first payable seven levels.

Breakaway bonus is there to payout through generations with one being defined as members within unilevel team. Such members can be counted as your initial generation while second generation is formed by moving below the unilevel leg. All of these generations aren’t stable and subjected to change in terms of size. It alters in line of members within your unilevel team advancing within membership rank. Each of the unilevel lineage leg functions independently of others in regard to forming generations.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • GIN comes across as a global association of likeminded individuals across professional, religious, social and financial background. Members have a convenient access to other associates for interaction. As a result, it works in favor of people seeking to extend their network and search business partners for investing in joint ventures.
  • Being a member also provides an easy access to a wide collection of written, audio and visual learning materials across different subjects. It includes personality development, mental skills, business skills, various steps to make money, etc. Some of the other subjects include health, martial arts, paying debts, investment, savings, etc.
  • Trading advice and stock recommendations are also shared by successful investors on this platform. Non members can never come across such priceless information. In certain instances, the members have reportedly received strong returns on their investment.


  • Some people may doubt while considering investment in business ventures with anonymous people. There is a certain level of privacy maintained which may cloud their judgment.
  • The signup fee of $1500 may not be paid by lower and middle income groups without a solid financial resource. Only a lower percentage of members were known to make the most of business opportunities.
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