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Herbalife MLM Compensation Plan Review


Hi there! It feels good to get your attention and I’ll share something which you may find interesting. How about increasing your income? It is not a joke but only serious work which can help you to earn some cash. Do you know about multi level marketing? Irrespective of your answer, i am here to make you understand. Herbalife is an MLM company with genuine programs for interested individuals seeking to increase their income. Proceeding further, I’ll take you through everything required to know about this company and income opportunities. Unlike other firms, Herbalife started off with an aim of enhancing the lives of people with better health. When a business itself is focused in helping others, success is likely to follow which has been proved by this company. I could make it easier for you to take the decision of joining or not joining the company. If you are interested to know more and go deeper, keep on reading.

About Herbalife – The organization


Herbalife was started off in 1980 as a network marketing company. The company manufactures high quality nutrition, health and weight loss products. Through this business model, products directly reach the consumer with no involvement of a retail set up. The company is valued at over $8 billion. It has already 3 million distributors spread over 90 countries globally. It was started off by an entrepreneur named Mark Hughes in the year 1980. The company has a wide selection of products in categories such as weight management, targeted nutrition, personal care, energy and fitness. There are MLM strategies that can help you earn more tha 5K income a week, to know more about this strategy click here. 

In the first category, the range of products includes protein powder, meal bars, enhancers, shakes, nuts and protein bars. In the targeted nutrition category, there are nutrition supplements for male, female and children. These are known to improve the health of heart, immune system, digestive system, and ensure healthy aging. Among the personal care products, there is gel, aloe based cream, conditioner, shampoo, etc. There is multivitamin skin treatment creams, skin revitalizers, fragrances and anti-aging creams. Various energy and fitness products are available such as health drinks, tea, guarana tablets and others.
It is not possible for me to list each and every product specifically in this post. However, there have been enough success stories out there for people joining Herbalife. Health problems may surface irrespective of age and Herbalife has products which can help in addressing them. For example, obesity has been an issue for both men and women of different age groups. Teenagers, adults, middle aged people and elderly people often develop weight issues.

Herbalife products have been catering to the needs of people for decades. Interested people get in touch with independent distributors who work hard to drive the business ahead.
Herbalife is an established company with thousands of people joining each month. It is enough to speak of trust and credibility. It can also help you to make money as in case with others. It is one of the few companies with network marketing business able to cross $1 billion mark in annual sales. Since its inception, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. Although the ownership was private during initial stages, it went on to become public after sometime. The company is also involved in sponsoring some sports teams, one of them being LA Galaxy. I think Herbalife is a great company to place your trust on. All of their products are priced fairly without sacrificing on high quality. The business opportunities in direct selling can be endless when it’s done in the right way.

Business opportunity of Herbalife MLM program

One of the well recognized network marketing companies, Herbalife is still growing. There are a lot of scams floating around internet and newpapers but Herbalife is not one of them. I have a nice experience of going through their products and business opportunities. It operates in the health and wellness sector within the MLM industry at California. Almost anyone can become a distributor by purchasing the membership pack. It provides the purchasers with product samples along with the right of buying more stocks at additional price. All of these stocks can be resold at a higher amount which provides decent income opportunities.

Compared to some of the well known players in MLM business arena, Herbalife steers ahead due to better sales. Direct sales and multilevel marketing are sole ways of making money. With the domination of internet, it has become quite easy to reach many people at once. It has also facilitated learning from some of the top notch business leaders. To make sure you achieve success, it is important to be with the right company and right people. Herbalife can give you more than that and sharpen your business acumen to a great extent.

Membership levels in the Herbaliife compensation plan

There are different membership levels or ranks of Herbalife. The first one is distributor which includes signing up with the company through a joining fee. Next designation could be of senior consultant based on performance and seniority. There is supervisor post for a person generating a sales volume of 4000 per month or almost 2500 for two consecutive months. It is more of an annual qualification to be fulfilled within a period to stay in the position with another year. Any supervisor with distributor under their ranks trying to be eligible for supervisor should qualify volume production at qualification months.

In case the upline supervisor fails to do so, qualifying supervisor can be shifted up to the qualified supervisor who can match up to volume sales generation. Override is a percentage of volume which is generated by the supervisors in different levels ranging from 1 to 3. Royalty overrides are paid out under a certain compensation structure. It will place a distributor at the top structure. It may include a personally recruited consultant placed under level 1.
Distributors in level 1 category can recruit more distributors under their wing to be placed on level 2. In case the distributors in level 2 keep on recruiting more distributors, they might be placed under level 3 and the table moves in same fashion. According to this structure, a supervisor distributor can earn bonus as per sales volume generated by level 3 supervisors. The supervisors qualifying for the overrides must have also made sales to as many as 10 retail customers monthly.

Global Expansion team is among the first of 3 membership levels going beyond the supervisor post. These distributors are able to make a living by earning up to 2% of production bonuses on their downline volume. However, it is only possible if they generate up to 5000 points during the month. There are many GET members who may qualify for various training events and vacations.

Affiliate programs in the Herbalife Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is centered on points which are primarily given as per sale of herbalife products. Extending past distributor and supervisor, those generating up to 1000 royalty override points can be a part of global expansion team. Another category of distributors are referred as millionaire team who can expand production bonus by 4%. It has to be done after generating 3000 volume points and up to 4000 royalty points per month. For qualifying in millionaires’ team, the distributors should generate up to four thousand royalty override points for three months consecutively.

Distributors in the president’s team may expand the production bonus to almost 7%. It is based on their generation of royalty override points. The president’s team must generate up to 10,000 royalty override points for three consecutive months or more. In the next level, distributors must generate up to 20,000 royalty points. These points grow to 30,000 and 50,000 in the next two levels.

Production bonus of presidential team goes beyond initial GET and millionaire team distributor of the downline. An additional 4% of production bonus can be earned by GET distributor. Up to 2% on the millionaire’s team distribution downline can be also earned.
Whenever a distributor joins the company, they start earning both wholesale and retail profit. It is done by purchasing products at a wholesale discounted rate of almost 30%. With senior consultant tag, this reaches to 40% commission. The distributors need to be eligible for sliding scale in a number of easy. It includes personal purchase on single order valued at 400 points or more. The next level is personal purchase of 400 points or even more than that per month. It must be composed of orders which may consist below 400 points each. Accumulation of 400 points through a period of two months leads to sliding scale qualification during the follow up third month.

Review of compensation side in Herbalife Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of Herbalife is good enough to attract many people throughout the year. You have to start off by searching retail customers who’ll purchase the products. They give the suggested retail price and you are able to make profit by ensuring the retail-wholesale difference. It will put a decent amount of profit inside your pocket. This so called retail profit may range from 25 to 50 percent based on qualification levels. Some distributors manage to make earnings of $500 to $5000 on monthly basis with the retail customers only.
The next level includes recruitment of more sponsors or distributors in your team. While developing a big team of sponsors functioning under you, commissions, bonuses and overrides can be earned out of their sales. Based on qualification, it could be 10% or 20% of the override charges. With your team growing, you keep on earning more such as leadership bonuses, trips and cash incentives. The company rewards the top distributors with enough perks which should be a motivation for newbies.

Most of the distributors are known to focus on both aspects to maximize profit percentage. They keep on increasing their total number of retail customer, from 10-20, 20-30 and so on. Emphasis is also given on having a team of downline distributors. Thus, you can make as much as you want from low to high income based on efforts, performance and luck to a certain extent. With a busy schedule ahead, you may still make time to do the business on both full time and part time basis.

There are different categories of people working as distributors for Herbalife. One of them manages to register enough sales to have the products for free. Another category of distributors build up to seven figures by forming large networks of distributors under their wing. Although, there is no guarantee of success but results vary based on work ethic, goals, recruiting skills, sales skills and marketing skills. You may also make enough money to replace your full time salaried job.

Advantages and Disadvantages


• There are over 2 million independent distributors of Herbalife who aren’t company employees. These people are working as independent businessmen who choose how and when to operate their business.
• Herbalife can help you earn a decent amount of money provided you’re doing it in an appropriate manner. It teaches you turn passion into a successful online business. Distributors get enough support and assistance to stay ahead of competition.
• Educational materials and catalogues are also provided for newly recruit MLM entrepreneurs. They can learn the tricks of the trade and unlock their income earning potential.
• The company is already established with presence in many countries which is a relief for newbies. They are not required to carry the burden of establishing this company. New consultants can reach a conclusion and also do their own research to sharpen their approach. It will also help them to generate an alternate income alongside a specialized career.
• By moving up the leadership ladder, you may order products at discounted prices. It may help you in earning a good commission apart from other bonuses. For moving upwards and qualifying at various levels, there is a need to earn points as per amount of products sold.
• Herbalife products are helping people to cut down on weight for a long time. The company operates with a loyal base of followers. A strong emphasis is given on acquiring customers which is a praiseworthy aspect


• Due to intense competition, the failure rate tends to be massive and many people fail to recruit enough under their wing.
• Some distributors in the past have used fraudulent means to trick jobseekers inot sales pitch.

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