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Isagenix MLM Compensation Plan review


Today we will be discussing on Isagenix MLM compensation plan. When you punks are seeking an alternative ways of earning more money I am always there to help you out. Are you planning to start your business from home or thinking of becoming financially independent then follow my advice properly. You know better than me that MLM firms are the appropriate destinations for earning handsome income from home. But there are millions of MLM companies do exist at the present time and my job is to direct you to the legitimate firm whose products are not harmful and maintains a stable compensation and policy. Before that I would want to tell you that there is an increased demand of dietary supplements for reducing weight, proper care of skin and acquiring younger look. HA! Ha! You punks may be wondering why I am today so enthusiastic about healthy supplements. It’s because Isagenix is one such MLM which deals with such products. Now listen to me carefully when I shall discuss about the company, its products, compensation plans and other benefits. There are compensation plans that can help you earn more than triple digits, you can make 5K in one week by clicking here. 

About the company

Isagenix was established in the year of 2002 and it was founded by John Anderson because of huge demand associated with the industry of dietary supplements. At present the firm has sales associates of over 200,000 and generates surplus revenue above $ 330 million each year. Jim Cooper and Kathy are the co-founders of this company who look after the staff strength for creating smart and efficient work environment inside the office premises. Today the firm operates in countries like New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada. The staffs are very sincere with their tasks and you will found no workers unrest in its manufacturing units. One can hope that there is no stopping of the company’s progress as it provides employment opportunities to common American fellows like you.


Products of Isagenix

The firm produced tones of dietary supplements and skin care products every year and it would be not possible for me to describe each product individually. Its product lines can be categorized in the following manners mentioned below:

  • Mini meals and snacks.
  • Age defying skin care.
  • Weight reduction solutions and packs.
  • Healthy anti-aging solutions.

Believe me buddies I have myself used some of these products as a trial and it yields good results on your overall health to make you feel active, energetic and young. You must ask your old parents to try at least its healthy aging solutions and once they used it they would feel their rejuvenated spirit of their lost youth yet again. All its products are quality tested and are prepared with natural ingredients under the supervision of experienced scientists. Its packets contain bonafide seal of approval from FDA with expiry and manufacturing dates are clearly printed on the label. To have more product information you can log on to the site of the company.

Isagenix Compensation Plan:

The binary compensation plan of the company enables the sales leaders to build their teams into two legs, one on the right and the other on left so as to obtain consistent volumes generated by both the legs of the teams.  Volume of each leg is monitored on the monthly basis by the consultants using online based sales tracking system once signing in the official site of the company. If the matching volume of both the teams is consistent then the distributors get their payment. The main advantage of the binary system is that it emphasis on developing quality teams which allow the leaders to enable their downlines to build properly. Payment will be surplus as long as volume of both the legs is constant and there is a sufficient scope for promotions. Now if we want to describe this compensational plan structurally then it mainly comprised the following mentioned below:

Retail Commission: Each distributor has the scope of earning retail commissions at the beginning of their receiving first order kits. They earn 30-100% in between on the sale of each item depending on the markup or level they chose to use. The recommended level is 2X on the wholesale price for profit of 66%.

Bonusing: The firm offers two types of bonuses for encouraging growth of the team. Product introduction bonuses are presented to the distributors when their sponsored associates purchase any of the following start up pack of the firm. The bonus size is based on purchasing the types of kits by the sponsored associates. The second comprised of executive matching team bonus that are paid to the consultants on the basis of the sales volume of the each leg of their team. The sole purpose of these bonuses is for encouraging the leaders to provide adequate training to the downline to succeed and to encourage the growth of team spirit to maximize the sales volume on monthly and quarterly basis. It also seeks to ensure that respectable income can be earned by the distributors in the event of slow performance of any of the team legs.

Promotions: There four promotional levels in the company and these primarily include Executive, Star Consultant, Consultant and Associate. Executives are being ranked on the basis of their success in circular perspectives. Every promotional level ensures high level of compensation and payment for leaders for dipping deeper in the organizational downline for further development of solid team building.

Incentives: There is a special incentive for associates and leaders for signing new recruits with decent generation of sales volumes. These incentives are offered for limited period only for encouraging the consultant to build solid downline teams at its disposal. These incentives mainly include vacational trips, cars, cash prize and so on.

Getting started with Isagenix compensation plan

To start your MLM business with Isagenix you need to visit its official website to sign yourself on the following packs mentioned below:

Business Pak: If you are committed to lead a healthy lifestyle this surplus pack contains everything that are need to provide you a jumpstart on your business results in the beginning. You would be having enough products for making a decent start and this would keep you to feel great for about a month. This also includes healthy and super Isa Delight chocolate that can boost anyone’s moods through satisfying hunger on every day of consumptions. Once you begin experience its amazing products you would like to share its results with others. To meet this purpose the firm will provide top quality marketing tools to initiate developing your own business. You would soon experience financial rewards for helping others in losing weight and attaining optimum health. You have the scope of saving $ 10, 99.00 once you sign up with this pack.

President’s Pak: You can save up to $ 559 once you signed up with this pack. This pack provides enough products for trying yourself and to share its benefits with family and friends who are enthusiastic about optimum health, suitable body composition and considerable weight loss. This complete pack also arrives with powerful tools of marketing for jumpstarting your MLM business. You just know to use these marketing tools for selling your products to the potential customers who are really in need of them.

Pacesetter Pak: On signing to this pack you can save $ 399. It is a suitable pack for starting your home based business as it includes fabulous products in the 30 day  Fat Burning and Cleansing System with 3- 5 pieces of sample packs that are perfect to share with others. So now you don’t need to speak about the products of Isagenix to the people as you can show it to them easily. Once you have experienced the benefits of 30-day system you have no problem in sharing with others so as to convince them to use these products for themselves. You can use the sample pack pieces to distribute it among the customers for free trial and this would be the most apt way of starting your MLM business.

Sample pak: Here you can save till $ 10 for signing in the official site of the company. The combo sample packs of 5 pieces can be used for sharing with family and friends and so providing you an ample scope of marketing the products on a free trial basis. Now with this pack you can get shaker bottles of 16 ounce for presenting it to your special clients for their feedbacks and recommendations.

So now I can hope that you punks require no further elaboration but relax I am not leaving so early because there are lots more to come for clearing your conceptions.

Ways of attracting more customers for Isagenix compensation plan

Your MLM business will be unsuccessful if you’re unable to attract new customers every week for purchasing your products. The reason is quite simple as to why I am so eager to teach you attracting consumers for your business purpose. First majority of the people don’t have the time to spare on this business. Second, who joins this business lose their enthusiasm after spending 80 – 90 days and third, its pretty simpler to earn profit between $ 500- 1000 every month with a dedicated group of customers than that of the distributor’s teams. So now I am advising you punks to follow the below mentioned tricks for drawing more customers for your business:

Newspaper advertising: You must utilize the medium of newspapers to advertise your products in an attractive manner to grab the attention of the customers. Advertise on the issue of weight reduction and then introduce your products to draw the attention of the customers. You should not forget to mention your mail and other contact addresses for the interested readers.

Create a blog on weight losing: You can start your own blog and share the experience and tips for losing weight with the users. Here you have the chance of introducing your products as a remedy for weight losing within short period of time. You must post blog everyday to assess the reactions and curiosity of the viewers for your products. For reference you can see my blog posts to design and present the contents in such manner.

Conducting demo of your products: You can perform a live demonstration of your products once you have invited your friends and family members and share with them the advantages and results that you have experienced after using these products. It would help in you in making additional sales because people would surely feel your passions once you have been successful in convincing them.

Giving business cards: You can make nice looking business cards mentioning your contact address and other relevant details of the products and hand them to the no of people you meet every week. The appearance of the card must be professional and must target consumers who are concerned about losing weight. It would not only ensure surplus sale but also to generate surplus leads of your products in the market.

Final review on isagenix compensation plan

Before I wrap up my review I want to make it clear that never give undue importance to rumors because many rival firms are seeking to malign the image of the company in the market. So if you punks have faith in my reviews don’t pay attention to other facts. You must know by now that this company has earned a solid reputation in the market because of its quality products. Its work environment is quite better than other MLM firms and you’re really lucky to have been considered for the role of distributor in spite of not having solid educational qualifications. The leadership is always cooperative so that pals working in the downline do get the chance to succeed. But as I told you earlier it’s not so simple to be successful in this business. It requires lot of determination and hardworking to generate consistent level of sales volumes and also to sign up downline recruits to boost up further sale of the firm. Besides, there is no gender biasness so both and your beloved can get their legitimate shares of profits on registering good performance.



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