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It Works! Global MLM Compensation Plan Review


Multi-level marketing is attracting people from every walk of life to prove their marketing skills in a transparent manner. Many people already working somewhere else can participate in this commercial platform for earning part time income. But it is mainly the unemployed the people who are increasingly attracted to the multi-level marketing as it also helps them to develop their own home based business for selling the products and services of any firm. This multi-level marketing is a unique network marketing strategy for selling the products and services directly to the customers. Many firms are reaping the benefits of this marketing strategy and providing employment scopes for millions of people. If you are planning to join any MLM company then try your luck with the firm It Works! Global. To know more about the company, its products and compensation plan just read the review below. To know more about the MLM money earning opportunities click here. 

 About It Works! Global MLM Compensation Plan


This MLM firm was established in the year of 2001 with the ultimate objective of providing quality products to the customers. This company mainly manufactures an entire line of nutritional supplements for the purpose of helping people to lead a healthier life and for conquering series of health related difficulties. At present this firm is operating in more than eighty nations of the world and has employed more than thirty thousand distributors. These distributors mainly use the tactic of oral advertising and other means of convincing people to buy the products of the company. The company owes its current financial prosperity to the hard working of its distributors. Its annual average revenue of over 546 million is itself bears testimony to this fact. For the purpose of motivating its distributors, the firm rewards them heavily.

Products of It Works Global MLM Compensation Plan

It works utilizes superior state of the art facilities and natural ingredients to manufacture its products. It imports high quality manufacturing ingredients from well known wholesalers and under the supervision of experienced scientists these ingredients are processed to be converted into health friendly products. All products are approved by FDA and other third party agencies. You can clearly view these approval marks with expiry and manufacturing dates in its product packs. Some of its popular products mainly include the following:

  • Defining Gel: This clinically approved skincare product deeply hydrates in the body portions like upper arms, legs and abdomens. On using daily this gel reduces the chance of varicose veins and cellulite. Apply this gel in your targeted areas twice a day and you shall soon notice the difference within few weeks.
  • Repairage: This product utilizes the unique mixture of herbal and botanical ingredients for boosting the texture and tone of your skin with soften looks and absence of wrinkles. This cream can retain your youthful appearance and make your skin fresh and smooth. Just apply gently to your rough skinny patches and face to notice the difference within few days.
  • Greens Chew: It is a sweet blend of vegetable and fruit extracts. This product is useful in maintaining the optimum level of blood pressure with the perfect boos of the pre-biotic fiber. It supports your overall health system and makes you fit and active in the workplace. This product is also good for your heart as well. You can consume this product before getting down to work or with your dinner meals.
  • Confianza: This nutritional product is quite useful in increasing the level of your energy and also helps to reduce fatigue and stress. It comprises of special blend of herbal extracts to enable you to cope environmental, emotional and physical stresses. Its main ingredient is adaptogens which are useful in adjusting the adrenal glands of the body for combating different types of stresses. Just take some of these pills and see how you can resist and combat all types of stress.

Compensation Plan of It Works Global MLM Business Opportunity

As per the official compensation plan of the company, distributors have the scope of earning incomes in the following manners mentioned below:

  • Fast Start Bonus: When any of your newly enrolled distributor forwards orders of their preferred customers within the first thirty days of their enrollment, then you have the scope of receiving $99 as their enrolling up-line which is mainly paid in the next date of payment.
  • Distributor Rebate Credit: On enrolling four new preferred customers within first thirty days as a distributor you have the chance of earning the product credit of $120 in the shape of a bonus volume. With the help of this bonus volume you can easily purchase the products of the company at a discount price.
  • Wrap Rewards: On enrolling two preferred customers in each week you have the scope of receiving wrap reward from the company. Such rewards mainly include the box of the body applicator within the promotional cost of $ 25 for each box as well as the box of the facial wraps within the promotional cost of $20 each box.
  • 500 Dollar Guarantee: Every distributor who finishes the three successful steps within the first sixty days is rewarded with a decent commission amount of $500. If the overall earnings are lesser than $500 then the company shall provide the bonus on the basis of the difference between the overall commissions and the bonus guarantee.
  • O.O.D Bonus: This bonus is mainly rewarded for limited time period only. It is mainly given to those who have achieved the Diamond rank within the first ninety days. It mainly comprises of the bonus amount of $10,000 and is paid in the monthly installments of $ 400 till the completion of twenty five months. Executives receiving this bonus must retain their eligibility criteria in every month.
  • Car Bonus: Distributors who are enrolling sixty preferred customers along with generating sales volume above $3000 are eligible for this bonus. This bonus is mainly paid in the shape of $600 every month with the consistent maintaining of the $3000 sales volume.
  • Diamond Bonus: These bonuses, formerly known as the CAB bonuses, are mainly paid to the distributors on the basis of their leadership levels after achieving the level of diamond. Those working at the Diamond have the chance of earning $80 for enrolling new distributors. People working at the level of Double Diamond have the scope of earning $40 on the basis of every new enrollment. Similarly, Ambassador Diamonds mainly earn $5, Presidential Diamond earns $10 and Triple Diamond earns $15 on the basis of recruiting new distributors.
  • One Time Bonuses: The firm also has the reputation of providing one time bonuses to its distributors. The firm mainly pays between $500 to 2000 to its every distributor for completing their success steps within first sixty days or for achieving new level of promotion within its own stipulated time period.

The compensation plan of this MLM company at the basic level appears relatively uncomplicated and generous. The main ways of commission earning in this structure mainly includes Group bonus volume commission, personal bonus volume commission and cash carry. Distributors placing order at wholesale cost have the scope of earning carry and cash commission. On selling these purchase products on any social event they normally earn fifty percent of this commission. Here you also have the earning commission on the orders that are placed by your preferred customers via phone or online. They normally earn the flat discounts of fifteen percent on such orders. Lastly as a distributor you also have the chance of earning commission when your down-line members sell the products of the company. If you are a first level distributor then you can earn fifteen percent, ten percent commission for second and third level of distributorships and within two to five percent for every below level from those.

Getting Started with It Works! Global MLM Compensation Plan 

If you are quite serious to join this company then it is better to start your career as a distributor. For enrolling as a distributor you can either turn up before your local distributors or visit the website of the company to begin the process of enrolling yourself. You just have to pay only $99 to begin the online enrollment processes. In the first step you have to choose your marketing location along with mentioning your contact address and names. In the second step you have to purchase the optional business kits of your choice. It will be appropriate if you go for the costly ones then you shall receive huge amount of training materials for shaping your MLM concepts. In the last step you also need to buy the optional starter kits of your choice. If you purchase the costly kits then you will be able to receive more products for your consumption, selling and to offer your neighbors for free trials. After the completion of the processes a duplicate site bearing your name will be instantly provided to you by the company. With the help of this site you can easily forward the order of your preferred customers directly to the company.

Money earning opportunities of MLM Global Compensation Plan

This firm provides various layers of bonus, incentives and commission earning opportunities to the autonomous sellers. Those selling the products of the company from their private establishments to the preferred customers have the scope of earning fifty percent commission on selling items from the inventory of carry and cash. In addition, you also have the surplus cope of earning other down-line commissions and performance bonus amounts along with your retail profit. As the distributor you shall also have the option of getting discounted products for your personal use. This discount, mainly known as wrap reward, can enable you to earn product at the wholesale cost of $60 for spending only $25. To be eligible for this reward you need to enroll two preferred customers in every week for your company. Then there is the additional scope of earning two to ten percent commissions on the basis of the selling of your down-line. You also have the sole authority to determine the structure of your team as well as to determine the position and sales volume of every member of your down-line. It is the most flexible approach on the part of the company to give complete freedom to the distributors to determine the right combinations of the team for generating higher sales volume.

Training in It Works Global Compensation Plan

When it comes to staff training the company mainly presents its successful and experienced distributors to motivate the newly distributors like you. Here you have the scope of meeting some of the experienced distributors to know more about various concepts of multi-level marketing. If you establish rapport with any experienced distributors then you can easily comprehend the process of generating leads and to reach before your target customers quite easily. For much active support the firm offer superior back office websites for training distributors in the aspects of product marketing and promotion. Along with that if you sincerely attend the seminars, conference meetings and other official events of the company you have the chance of learning more.

Conclusion of It works Global Compensation Plan

Before closing the review you must always remember that MLM is often filled with unknown challenges and tough competitions. Every firm with the sole objective of attracting more customers can malign the prestige of rival firms without any kind of consideration. Unfortunately, similar is the case in response to this company also. Many firms for the purpose of running its prospects are resorting to unfair means like false propaganda. For such purpose they mainly target innocent youths like you. If you lure into their traps because of blind belief then you will lose the opportunity of working in this company. There is no point of repeating to you people how much this company is transparent in terms of every aspect. In terms of products it has clearly specified its constituent ingredients as well as the outcomes of various tests. Coming to the compensation plan, here also the company clearly mentioned the opportunities for earning immediate income as a distributor. So you see this company has nothing to hide and always ready to provide every kind of information to the users.




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