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Javita MLM Compensation Plan Review


You are already aware of the fact that MLM companies are creating huge scope of job opportunities in America. But the problem begins for you punks when it comes to select the reliable one. It is essential to select the appropriate company otherwise your effort in acquiring financial stability will be wasted in the water. In this regard you can try your luck with Javita which is mainly known for selling various coffee based nutritional products in the market. To know more about the company, its products, compensation plan and other facilities read this review carefully. You can also read about improving your networks and earn more than 5K per week, to know more about this click here. 

About Javita MLM Compensation Plan


Javita was established in the year of 2011 and the head office of the firm is located in Boca Raton area of Florida. The firm mainly sells various nutritional tea and coffee blend beverages in the market and at present operates over 20 countries of the world. It has recruited above 20,000 distributors who have played a vital role in the current prosperity of the company. The annual revenue of the company is above 31 million and these distributors have played a vital role in the present revenue generation of the company. These distributors very effectively use the tactics of oral advertising to convince the customers to purchase and to use these products for free trials. The firm acknowledges the contribution of every employee and rewards them accordingly.

Products of Javita MLM Company

The firm uses advanced state of the art facilities to manufacture its products using natural coffee ingredients of various species. All products are quality certified by the US Food and Drug Administration and customers can clearly see the approval seal in the product labels with the manufacturing and expiry dates. Every product is properly packed so as to prevent the loss of nutritional values. Some of its notable products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Focus Fusion Cocoa: It is a coffee blend product which is mainly designed for improving the brain activity of the consumers. It is also helpful in removing the feeling of lethargy as it infuses the spirit of eagerness and activeness in your body. The taste is quite nice and is the ideal morning beverage for breakfast and after extensive workouts. Just follow the prescribed norms while using this product for consumption.
  • Herbal Cleanse Tea: The product is made from exclusive tea leaf extracts of various species and is quite useful in cleaning your digestive system. Besides it also enables your body to absorb nutrients from other diet and hence maintains a sound health of your digestive tract. The taste is also delicious when mixed with hot water to drink as the morning tea. It contains no harmful chemicals, artificial ingredients and other contaminants.
  • Active Blendz Control: This fruit drink is made up of a nice mixture of concord grapes and pomegranates with delicious juicy tastes that help in controlling appetite, supporting burning of the fats, reducing cravings, jumpstarting the metabolic process in your body and supporting decent level of blood sugar in your body.

To know more about this product you can either contact with any local distributor or can log on to the website of the company before purchasing or joining this company.

Javita MLM Compensation plan

As per the compensation plan of Javita a distributor has the scope of earning commissions in the following manner mentioned below:

  • Direct sales: Every member can earn cash on selling products at their disposal to the new customers. Usually consultants have the scope of earning the profit of thirty percent on the sale of each item. They can also enjoy the direct sales profits included in their commission check on a monthly basis. The profit of direct sales can only be earned when any new customer visit your site for placing order at the retail price for direct delivery from the firm itself.
  • Personal Customer Commissions: Every volume generated via the purchasing effort of the personal customers is considered to be the fragment of the unilevel team commission part of the distributor through the first generation. Actual percentage depends on the overall sales volumes of the personal customers during any given month and it normally varies from ten to twenty percent.
  • First Order Bonus: This weekly bonus is mainly based on your enrollment of any latest team member who generates sales volumes on their initial orders. Every Join Pack is worthy of various bonus levels which range from $20 to $250.
  • Top Enroller Bonus: Every month the company announces who are top 3 enrollers to be rewarded with handsome bonus amounts as a gesture of encouragement. First enroller is entitled to receive $1,000, the second enroller receives $1,000 and the third enroller is entitled to receive only $ 500 on the basis of the generation of their sales volumes. Qualified enrollments mainly involve new customers and latest team members and the winners are usually ranked on the basis of their overall initial order volumes.
  • STAR Program: This program is usually available to those who have purchased $999 or $499 start pack during the period of their enrollment as well as for those who have enrolled minimum 3 new members during the first thirty days. Such members associated with the STAR program are qualified for STAR Builder Award, STAR Pool and STAR Bonus.
  • Team Development Infinity Bonus: This bonus is mainly based on the capability of any consultant for selling products through the bonus pack. Team members at the consultant level and higher have the scope of earning bonus amounts in between $15 to $100 on selling any business pack within the organization of yours. The actual value of this bonus is mainly based on the rank of the individual during the initial pay period.
  • BMW Bonus: This bonus has been designed for helping you to pay for the new BMW through the lease contract between the BMW and Javita. Those working at the supervisor ranks and higher are entitled to this bonus which varies from $400- $1000 for every month usage of the BMW cars. However, when any distributor becomes disqualified for this bonus they still need to bear out the purchasing or lease costs of the car that has been selected by him.
  • MAD Builder bonus: These bonuses are usually available for the directors and managers for helping the members of the downline team on achieving the Supervisor ranks and more. The earnings of the directors and managers are being shared every month or it is being pointed towards a global pool share on every promotion of the team during any month. Then they are being paid with the small percentage of overall pool on the basis of the generation of the sales volumes in the local country during any pay period.
  • Team Commissions: The firma mainly disburses unilevel commissions for each team member in your downline till the depth of fifteen levels. Every consulate is entitled to receive four to five percent of the overall sales volumes of their team. The actual depth of the payment of any representative with the legitimate earning limits during any pay period is mainly based on the leadership level of any distributor.
  • Global Infinity Bonus: Those working at the level of Diamond and above are mainly rewarded with the shares of the global pool on the basis of the diamond ranking of such people every month. This bonus is equivalent to the one percent share values of the overall global commissionable volumes.
  • Diamond Advancement Bonuses: Those working at the level of Diamond and above have the option of earning single time bonus for maintaining their diamond rank. The bonus varies from $10,000-$25,000 on the basis of the achievement of the various diamond levels. Every rank should be retained for 2-3 months till the payment of this bonus.

Getting started with Javita MLM Business opportunity

The ideal way of beginning your career in this company is through signing as an independent distributor for learning the tricks and other tactics in convincing the customers to purchase the products of the company. You can visit your nearest Javita distributor for enrollment as well as for gaining other information regarding the company and its products. If you are unable to find any nearest distributor then you can directly log on to the site of the company for enrolling yourself as a distributor. During the online enrollment process you shall be provide with the following optional packs to start your home business and these mainly include $499 Business Pack, $99 Starter Pack and $999 Business Elite Pack. It would be quite ideal for you if you initiate the home business with the Business Pack of $499 so that customers as well as your close friends can take you seriously. If you have begun with the Starter Pack of $99 then hardly you can draw the attention of your customers and close friends. The main advantage of starting with the business pack of $499 is mainly the following:

  • You shall have the advantage of having various coffee blend beverages of this company for selling, drinking as well as offering to your customers for free trials.
  • You have the option of recouping your initial investment through selling ten coffee boxes.
  • You can easily set an example before your downline in the organization for replicating your success models.
  • Once you purchase this business pack you have no problem in getting the help of sponsors and other associates for expanding and growth of your business.
  • Usually people begin their business with this pack have the high rate of success than others.

Once your business flourishes properly then you can try out with the Business Elite Pack of $999 so as to gain more customers for generating higher sales volume in your personal as well as your downline capacities. You shall also receive with this pack superior quality of online training module. Follow this training module carefully and also establish rapports with any experienced distributor to increase your exposure in the MLM industry. You must devote considerable amount of time in your MLM business and follow the guidelines and instructions of your superiors for generating decent sale volumes. But always remember one thing it normally takes for every people 3-6 years to become successful in this business. If you join this company with the disillusionment of becoming quickly rich then you have the scope of losing in this business miserably.

Hence think carefully before you join this company. For immediate income you are having various options while joining this company. You can earn immediate commissions on enrolling minimum three members every month as well as enrolling orders of your preferred customers in the first month of your joining. For enrolling every person in the various levels business pack you have the scope of earning $ 100-$225 every month. Then you have the scope of earning leveraged income when your enrolled members further enrolled new members and so on. Besides the compensation plan is equally attractive and so get for it at once.

Conclusion of Javita MLM Compensation Plan Review

Before ending the review you need to know this fact that the industry of MLM business is quite tough and competitive. Every time you face unknown challenges to expand and prosper in your business. Many rival firms are always in the process of derailing you from your fixed goal for satisfying their vested interests. This is quite evident when you will hear many misleading and fictional facts about Javita. These rival firms in the garb of your well wisher shall manipulate you with these fictional facts not to join this company. But as you know the facts about this company are quite opposite as it is being spread by the rival firms. So always verify their information otherwise you shall be the sole loser and not those companies. Always remember that this company is quite transparent regarding its compensation plans and other benefits unlike other MLM firms. Both male and female employees do receive equal rewards from the company without any discrimination. Hence you must start with this company at once without giving due importance to these baseless information about this firm.








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