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Jeunesse MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Jeunesse MLM Compensation Plan

Welcome back to Notebook Crazy.  I am Brad, writing to you from the Midwest.  Today, you have arrived just in time for my Jeunesse review.

Jeunesse: The Company and Its Products


The origin story of the Jeunesse business opportunity is quite straightforward as multilevel marketing (MLM) company origin stories go.  The word “jeunesse” means “youth” in French, so it is not surprising that the company’s founders chose that name, given that Jeunesse products are skin care products and nutritional supplements aimed at making customer look younger.  The name does have a whiff of focus groups and advertising agencies to it; the company has no other connection to the French language, and the name is neither outrageous nor a pun.  The Jeunesse website is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese, although some of the Jeunesse reviews I read said that the Jeunesse business opportunity is available in more than 80 countries.

The co-founders of the Jeunesse business opportunity are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.  The Jeunesse website says that Ray and Lewis retired from other industries before founding Jeunesse, but it does not go into any more detail about their professional backgrounds.  The Jeunesse website also has a picture of Scott Lewis next to the company’s other two leaders.  One Jeunesse review I read said that the company gives its highest ranking officials titles like CLO (standing for Chief Legal Officer) and CVO (standing for Chief Visionary Officer), which seemed either suspicious or outright silly to the reviewer.  At least one Jeunesse review said that Jeunesse is something of a spin-off of the now defunct MLM MonaVie, which I previously reviewed on this site.  If you have not read my MonaVie review, I highly recommend it.  It involves the suggestion of super-fruit on super-fruit violence, not to mention lawsuits galore.

If you have ever read Notebook Crazy before, you have probably heard about my misadventures with an MMLM that had me selling sachets of instant coffee that, thanks to a certain gimmicky ingredient from the fungus kingdom, was supposed to help people lose weight.  Even if you are just joining us (perhaps because you Googled “best British candy in the Midwest”, “shaggy iguana story”, or “are Xanthippe artichokes real” and, through the wonders of search engine optimization, you ended up on this site), to make a long story short, I have enough sachets of fungus coffee in my basement to this day to know that you should stay far, far away from MLMs that offer you any kind of sachets, regardless of what is in them.  Well, I thought I had seen every possible kind of sachet the MLM industry could dream up, but then I started reading about Jeunesse products, and the first one I read about is called Instantly Ageless, which is sachets of what some Jeunesse reviewers describe as a poor man’s Botox.

Again, I have seen some sachets in my day that really thought they were something special, but the directions on Instantly Ageless sachets actually say that you should massage the sachets before using them.  Anyway, you apply the contents of the sachet (Instantly Ageless is a type of cream, so it stands to reason that Jeunesse could sell it in bottles or tubes, but I learned my lesson long ago not to look for logic in the world of MLM) to your forehead, eyelids, or any other part of your face, in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and visible pores, and then you avoid moving your facial muscles while waiting for the stuff to dry.  (This is much easier for iguanas than it is for humans, but that is a story for another day.  The instructions on the Jeunesse website recommend fanning your face to make the Instantly Ageless cream dry faster.  I can only imagine that this whole business of not moving your face gives you a similar effect to the frozen facial expression associated with Botox, only I am not sure why anyone would want that.

Sigh.  I don’t envy the ladies for whom these sorts of routines are a normal part of life.  Writing this Jeunesse review makes me feel really thankful that I am a dude.  Only once in my life did I have to sit and wait for some cosmetic product to dry on some part of my body, and once was enough for me.  It was Halloween of 1998, and two of my female friends painted my nails a particularly grouchy shade of green before we went out trick or treating.  I had to wait about five minutes for my nails to dry, but it felt like an eternity, because there were boat loads of Halloween candy just out of my reach, all throughout the neighborhood, fun size Snickers bars waiting to be unwrapped and Starbursts and Now and Laters waiting to be peeled open.  You can read my Jamberry review on this site if you want to find out the whole story.

The list of Jeunesse products continues with a product line called Luminescence, which involves skin creams to be worn on various parts of the face at various times of the day.  I will not bore you here with the rhetoric about DNA repair and adult stem cells.  If you want to read that, you can always read the Jeunesse website or some Jeunesse reviews that sound like they were written by people who take such pleasure in search engine optimization (SEO) that the mere act of spitting out keywords was enough to lift their mood and distract them from anything negative they might say about the Jeunesse business opportunity.   And then there are the Jeunesse products that fit into my least favorite category of MLM merchandise of all, nutritional supplements.  There are supplements called AM and PM essentials.  As with other supplements that aim to regulate sleep cycles, an ingredient in these is melatonin, but in a fashion typical of the sloppy science so often associated with the MLM industry, some Jeunesse reviewers refer to it as “melanin”.  Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its color; it has nothing to do with sleep and wakefulness.  My brother Brian has very little melanin, and every summer my family gets a good laugh out of his inability to tan, but that is a story for another day.  Jeunesse products also include Nevo energy drinks, which come in four flavors: acai grape, lemon ginger, mixed berry, and peach mango.

One of the Jeunesse reviews I read was written by a family of Jeunesse distributors who said that they had tried several ways to build their Jeunesse business, but the way which had brought them success was by selling Jeunesse products through their blog.

The Jeunesse Compensation Plan

I found a copy of the official Jeunesse compensation plan document.  It is 14 pages long, and it uses quite a small font.  The first page is dedicated to describing the perks that you, as a Jeunesse distributor, get if you sign up two customers for autoship deliveries of Jeunesse products.  Lucky you, Jeunesse distributor.  In addition to visiting the plague of autoship on two people who though you were their friend, you also get some free Jeunesse products.

It is fairly common practice in the MLM industry for MLM compensation plan documents to base commissions and bonuses on how much “customer volume” worth of merchandise you sell, but the definition of “customer volume” is either nebulous or not explained at all in the compensation plan document.  It is as if I were a troll that showed up on your doorstep, refusing to leave until you hand over two Bradweights of Autumn Mix, only I failed to specify how much a Bradweight is.  I cannot be the only person to notice that the Jeunesse compensation plan is worse than most MLM compensation plan documents with all the customer volume talk.

The leadership levels in the Jeunesse compensation plan are Jade Executive, Pearl Executive, Sapphire Executive, Sapphire Elite, Ruby Director, Emerald Director, Diamond Director, Double Diamond Director, Triple Diamond Director, Presidential Diamond Director, Imperial Diamond Director, and Crowne Diamond Director.  Once you reach the Diamond Director level, you become eligible for a share of a bonus pool.  In the rare event that a Jeunesse distributor achieves the rank of Triple Diamond Director, there is a one-time bonus of $100,000.  Likewise, upon achieving the rank of Presidential Diamond Director, you get a bonus of $250,000.  Upon achieving the rank of Imperial Diamond Director, you get a bonus of $500,000, and if you achieve the rank of Crowne Diamond Director, you get a bonus of $1,000,000.  Of course, the Jeunesse compensation plan makes no mention of how much money you have to spend building your business to qualify for these high ranks.  You would probably end up in less debt if you just bought lottery tickets until you won $100,000.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Among ginger flavored beverages, Vernors has no equal, but a lemon ginger energy drink does sound like it would be quite tasty.
  • The order of leadership levels in the Jeunesse compensation plan seem to be arranged according to the relative values of the precious stones after which they are named, which indicates to be that this aspect of the Jeunesse compensation plan was designed by someone who either has basic Internet research skills or has been wealthy enough to own jewelry made of precious stones, or perhaps both.


  • The fact that the Jeunesse business opportunity picks up where the MonaVie business opportunity left off is definitely a red flag. You can read my MonaVie review to find out all the details, but suffice it to say that the story involves many gallons of MLM nutraceutical drinks being buried in the middle of nowhere, in a scene that cannot but call to mind the fate of the T. Atari game in the early 80s.
  • Reading all the pseudoscience and bad science describing Jeunesse products on the various Jeunesse reviews I read has put me in a bad mood. I am naturally a little bit grouchy, but nothing brings out my inner grouch more than when people uncritically sing the praises of nutraceuticals, like several Jeunesse reviewers have done.
  • Autoship figures prominently in the Jeunesse compensation plan. If mention of the word “autoship” does not give you the creeps, then I invite you to look at the boxes of fungus coffee sachets piled up in my basement and reflect on how much I paid for them.
  • If you followed my advice and read my Jamberry review, which I recommended in this Jeunesse review, you are probably craving Autumn Mix right now (unless, of course, you have such a delicate stomach that the mere mention of the word “puke” ruins your appetite, in which case, do not read any of my reviews of MLMs that require distributors to host home sales parties). Unfortunately for you, Autumn Mix is not available until the autumn.
  • Of all the things that people wish to do, if only their financial circumstances would allow it, is there anyone out there who aspires to the frozen facial expression of people who have had Botox?
  • The Jeunesse compensation plan involves bonus pools. If you have dealt with MLM before, then you will know that endeavoring to qualify for a share of a bonus pool is as ruinous as swimming in a Florida swamp infested with alligators, Nile monitor lizards, and perhaps even the occasional Nile crocodile.


Generally speaking, joining an MLM that deals in skin care products or nutritional supplements is not the way to make money.  Some people have found success selling Jeunesse products through their blog, and if you have a blog whose readership would be interested in these products, then Jeunesse may be the right choice for you.  Otherwise, you have little to gain by joining the Jeunesse business opportunity.

Want to find out how I was able to build a successful Internet business?  Schedule a call with me, and I will tell you.


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