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Job Killing MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Job Killing MLM Compensation Plan

Okay, you got me.  You found out my secret, or you are about to.  Since you have been reading Notebook Crazy all this time, following me on my quest to review every multilevel marketing (MLM) company known to man, the question has probably come back to your mind again and again: Who is this Brad guy, and what gives him the authority to review all these MLM companies and determines which ones will lead us to financial freedom and which ones will just leave us with exorbitant credit card bills and a basement full of, at best, vitamin supplements that we could have bought for a much lower price at the supermarket or, at worst, fungus?  Those of you who have read with interest my stories of how my life changed the night I went to that Pink Floyd planetarium show and how I bounced around in search of knowledge and financial freedom for all those years have probably been holding your breath, waiting to find out how I finally made it to where I can sit on my keister all winter while the rest of you wake up to your alarm clocks every morning, how I can afford to buy my friend the other Brad, who runs Notebook Crazy with me, a non-trivial amount of diet Vernors if I lose our bet, while, when the rest of you get thirsty, you have to go to the house of your extreme couponing aunt and drink whatever she had a coupon for.  You’re probably getting tired of cran-raspberry juice and non-alcoholic mojito flavored Crystal Light; in fact, anticipation of finding out how I finally made my fortune is probably the only thing keeping you going.

And I am going to tell you, but first, I want to express my gratitude.  I want to express my gratitude to everyone who read about my exploits, my reminiscences, and my choice words for the MLM nutraceutical industry.  You are what makes blogging such an enjoyable and rewarding vocation.  I want to thank all of you who scheduled a call with me and told me what would be a better thing to name a rock band besides A Lukewarm Shout Out to a Reasonably Attractive Fungus.  I want to thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement about exercising; there is still a month of winter left, and I still have a chance of winning my bet with the other Brad.  I want to thank everyone who actually Googled “quadruple crown diamond barf”.  And most of all, I want to thank all of you who heeded my warnings and decided not to join any of the bogus MLM business opportunities out there.

So here it is, my secret.  After experimenting with so many ways to avoiding working for the Man, after my classic rock blog, my world’s most knowledgeable minimum wage worker days, and my MLM experiences that left me with a basement full of vitamin supplements, I finally achieved financial freedom through Job Killing.  That is why it will be a little bit difficult for me to be unbiased in my Job Killing review, but here goes.

Job Killing: The Company and Its Products


Job Killing came into existence through the same sort of synergy that happens when you read about reminiscences on the early days of classic rock bands and it reminds you of the first time you went to a Pink Floyd planetarium show, even though you may live someplace where it is warm enough to go outside all year, and you may be old enough to remember the release of Dark Side of the Moon or so young that, when Syd Barrett died, you were not even old enough to drive to any of the impromptu memorials that sprang up to salute him.  I would say that Job Killing came into existence through a process similar to the one that led to my friendship with the other Brad, my partner on this site, but that would be a distortion of the truth, because the other Brad and I met and elementary school and played on the same Little League team, and we have just always stayed friends since then, even though, at times, our lives have gone in very different directions.

No, the story of Job Killing is a story of friendship based on excellence; I imagine it as the kind of friendship Aristotle held up as the ideal, one that was not based merely on usefulness and convenience or on having fun, but the kind that starts when two people recognize each other’s virtues and continues as they work toward a greater good.  The two founders of Job Killing, Brad Campbell and Dan Klein, had both established themselves as successful Internet businessmen before they ever met.  Klein had made a name for himself in Internet marketing with a business called Coupon Crusaders, while Campbell had first earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and then decided that it was his other talent, Search Engine Optimization, that was his ticket to no longer having to work for the Man.  Almost all the big names in Internet marketing agree that Brad Campbell is to SEO what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar, but you don’t have to take my word for it.  Try Googling almost any search term you can think of, and you will find a page made by Brad Campbell on the first page of search results.  I consider it my greatest accomplishment that this blog rank’s higher than any of Campbell’s creations for the search terms “placebo receptors”, “Ebertfest nightshade”, and “quadruple crown diamond barf.”

In addition to, or perhaps as an aspect of, his legendary SEO talents, Brad Campbell is also quite a talented writer, and it is no surprise that Dan Klein noticed his blog.  And yes, if I remember correctly, both men had tried their hand at MLM and realized that they would get nowhere with it.  You have probably read horror stories about two MLM big shots who got together and made their MLM company (a particularly nightmarish example is Internet Lifestyle Network), but I promise you that this is not that.  I think of it as being a lot more like that day in 1963 (I think), when Roger Daltrey caught sight of John Entwistle walking down the street and noticed that they were both equally snappy dressers.  Not only that, but Entwistle was carrying what appeared to be a bass guitar, which was, in Daltrey’s mind, the wave of the future.  (At any given moment, I have so many rock band origin stories bouncing around in my brain that you will have to forgive me for not remembering if this was the first time Daltrey had ever laid eyes on Entwistle or if he had admired him from a distance for some time.)  By the time their paths crossed, Daltrey had found the courage to ask Entwistle about the musical instrument he was carrying, and it was an innocent small talk question that paid off many times over.  Roger Daltrey found out, as did everyone else, that being a snappy dresser was the least of John Entwistle’s talents.  He could play the bass guitar in a way that sounded like order and chaos were circling around each other, staring each other down like two hyenas fighting over the last scrap of meat on a mostly bare carcass, and he had the twisted sense of humor that gave us such classic songs as “Boris the Spider.”

After reading Campbell’s blog, Klein contacted Campbell, and they hit it off immediately.  By early 2014, they had started the Job Killing coaching program.  The program teaches Job Killing members to do what Campbell and Klein have done, which is to build an Internet business through the art of lead generation.  Job Killing teaches you to build websites that will help you generate leads, by email and phone, for local businesses.  The goal is to establish ongoing relationships with brick and mortar businesses in your local community so that they will continue to pay you to generate leads for them.

I hesitate to call Job Killing an MLM company at all, although its founders know how to speak the language of the MLM industry.  You aren’t selling people overpriced vitamin supplements or trendy fungal tea or things they already have (like phone service).  With the Job Killing coaching program, you are actually being trained to operate a business that works with other existing businesses.

Job Killing Compensation Plan

The Job Killing compensation plan goes like this: you pay to go through training through the Job Killing coaching program, and by the time you finish, you will have started an Internet business that will remain profitable for years to come.  You keep the money that you earn through the work of your nimble mind and your clicking fingers.  You keep the professional relationships you have made with local businesses and with the other Job Killing members.  You don’t have to keep paying hefty commissions to your upline members.  You don’t have to keep cold calling people or bugging your relatives to pay into yet another bogus business opportunity.  And best of all, there are no barf-worthy MLM home sales parties.

It hardly makes sense to put the Job Killing compensation plan in the same category with MLM compensation plans at all.  You make money off of the websites that you make in order to generate leads for local businesses.  You are not competing with your peers.  I am here in my hometown in the Midwest, making websites to attract business to the local businesses here.  You can join Job Killing and make websites for the businesses in your community, or even somewhere far away from your community.  You would be surprised how many businesses out there do not have websites at all, and, of the ones that do, how many of these sites are utterly ineffective from the perspective of SEO or lead generation.  Just a few successful websites can get you a sizable income, so even if you and I are neighbors, we will not be in direct competition from each other.  Think about it the next time you drive anywhere in your town.  Does the dry cleaner have a website?  Does the dog groomer?  The family owned sub shop?  The hair salon?  The plant nursery?  All of these places and more could use your help with lead generation.  The possibilities are endless.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The Job Killing coaching program is a big part of the fact that I have enough free time to undertake my quest to review every MLM company I can find. If it were not for Job Killing, you probably would not be reading this blog at all.
  • There is no MLM sleaze involved in Job Killing. You do not have to recruit other members.  You don’t have to give a sales pitch that even an amoeba is smart enough not to fall for to people you trust and respect, and then when they call you out on it, beg them to support your dream of owning your own business.  With Job Killing, you just let your writing talents speak for themselves, and both you and the businesses in your community benefit.
  • Did I mention no nutraceuticals?
  • You can build websites in the middle of the night or when your kids are at school. If you are a stay at home mom, there is hardly an at-home business opportunity out there that respects your intellect as much as Job Killing.
  • You keep the money you earn. Job Killing is a real business opportunity, not a charade.


  • The price of Job Killing tuition is a bit steep if your credit cards are already maxed out on autoship charges of MLM merchandise, but there are scholarships available.


As I said, I can’t really be unbiased in this Job Killing review, but enrolling in the Job Killing coaching program was one of the most important steps on my road to financial freedom.

Want to know more about my experiences with the Job Killing coaching program?  Schedule a call with me today.


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