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Juice Plus+ MLM Compensation Plan Review


MLM companies are opening up scopes for employments to millions of unemployed American youths who became jobless after completion of their educational courses. At present there are several MLM companies which are growing like mushrooms and so it becomes tough for any inexperienced American youth to select the suitable one from such vast groups of firms. In this regard you have the scope of trying your luck with Juice Plus+ which is mainly known for selling nutritional products in the market. Before deciding to join this company lets’ have a look at the review focus on the company, its products, compensation plans and much more. People can earn good amount of revenue through MLM compensation plans, to know more about earning good income click here. 

About Juice Plus+ MLM Compensation Plan

juice plus

Juice Plus+ was established in the year of 1970 under the leadership of Jay Martin with the sole objective of providing healthy supplements all over the world. The head office of the company is located in Cornville area of Tennessee and at present generates annual revenues above $ 250 million. It operates around more than twenty nations of the world has given employment to more than 40,000 distributors. It mainly manufactures wellness and healthy products using natural ingredients which have a surplus demand in both domestic and international markets. The distributors sell the products using the word of mouth technique in convincing the customers to purchase these products. These distributors are the assets of the company and play a vital role in its present prosperity.

Products of Juice Plus MLM Business Opportunity

The main products of the firm mainly include soups, nutritional bars, meal shake, soft chew, mineral and multivitamin pills and so on. All these products are made of pure natural ingredients including fresh fruits and vegetables to boost the energy level and to transform your skin into gorgeous appearance. You can notice the difference within few weeks of consuming these products. All these products are manufactured under the supervision of experienced scientists and are FDA certified. You can view the approval seal in every product pack besides the manufacturing and expiry dates. Some of its popular products are mainly the following:

  • Juice Plus+ Garden and Orchard Blend Capsules: Each ingredient of this product is carefully chosen for providing vast range of nutritional advantages to make you feel active and energetic in the workplace. It is mainly made from superior quality vegetables and fruits and does not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Juice Plus+ Complete: It is the complete food based mixed beverage which provides proper nutrition in each scoop. It can be consumed as the late night snack, recovery drink after extensive workouts, energy drink before doing the workout as well as the breakfast drink. It is available with 30 sachets of Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors.
  • Juice Plus+ Complete Nutritional Bars: These nutritional bars are not only packed with various tasty flavors but also contain fiber and protein for helping you to remove blank calories with that of healthy ones. These nutritional bars are non dairy, gluten free and contain low glycemic. It is the ideal supper for any diet and is mainly available in raisin, spiced apple, cranberries and wholesome grains flavors.

For more information you can refer to the website of the company before joining it.

Compensation Plan of Juice Plus MLM networking program

As per the compensation plan of Juice Plus+ an autonomous business owner has the scope of earning at least six percent out of the overall sale of the products which can be further enhanced to twenty two percent on the basis of your leadership level, team size and personal as well as group volume generations. The firm offers four ways of earning income which mainly includes the following mentioned below:

  • Retail Sales: Members can earn cash profit on specific product contained in their personal inventory through selling it to the customers on the basis of cash carry. Expected profit can be 21 dollar in every set of capsules however, the actual profits depends on series of factors but the most prominent is whether the businessman had sold the product at a discount or retail cost or not.
  • Commissions: It usually represents payment that is made from NSA to the distributors on the basis of their leadership level and successful recruitment of preferred customers during any month. The distributors can earn till six to twenty two percents on the initial order of each preferred customers besides the extra amount of twenty dollars each month for reordering.
  • Bonuses: These are based on personal level of promotion and sales volume of the team. There are primarily three main bonuses that are offered to the distributors of this firm working at the level of Virtual Franchise and higher. These mainly include Promote Out bonus, business incentive bonus and performance bonus.
  • Benefits: These are available only to the National Marketing Directors and are quite similar to that of the full time employees in general private companies. The benefit package mainly comprises of holiday bonuses, tuition reimbursement benefits, prescription coverage, life insurance, dental, vision and health disability coverage.

The compensation plan of Juice Plus+ constitutes seven promotional leadership levels and autonomous business owners generally progress to these levels on the basis of their active members in the downline as well as on the sales volume. Every member begins as the owner of the Virtual Franchise or Distributor of this firm on the basis of the monetary investment and subsequently rises to the remaining promotional levels through productivity.

Distributors have the scope of earning about 21 dollars on each item they sell which are entitled for cash profits from the retail selling through carry and cash basis. They must set order for physical inventory for selling it to the customers for earning decent income. They do not possess the accessibility for any of the promised bonus or commissions which are entitled to the Virtual Franchise owner.

Direct distributors have the entitled to the similar retail benefits like that of the distributors and can earn extra commissions for each preferred consumer they enroll in their program including the reorder of such customers. Direct distributors have the scope of earning the flat commission of six percent and are required to enroll at least five preferred customers in the first thirty days.

Virtual Franchise owners are entitled to the similar retail benefits to that of the direct distributors with the fourteen percent flat commission on the reorders and purchases of every preferred customer. They are also qualified for a performance bonus of five percent on the sales volumes of their down-line members. They are also required to sale overall $2,000 per volume commodity in the initial sixty days to be enlisted in the fast track success list of the company.

Sales coordinators entitled to the earnings from retail sales with a performance bonus of five percent but for earning a flat twenty percent commission they need to enroll the reorders and purchases of every preferred customer. Sales coordinators have the accessibility to Promote Out bonus which mainly constitutes four percent of the bonus amount and not to be disclosed before the third party.

Senior sales coordinators have the scope of earning all the rewards at the promotional level of sales coordinator. Besides, they have the scope of enjoying twenty percent business incentive bonus with the overall rewards of $500 every month.

Qualifying National Marketing Directors have the scope of earning every reward at the promotional level of a senior sales coordinator. They also have the scope of earning $1000 every month from Business Incentive Bonus scheme. They have the facility of attending Q schools as well.

National Marketing Directors are considered to be the full time associates of the firm and are usually rewarded with all the benefits which are mainly available at the promotional level of a qualifying national marketing director. Besides they have the scope of earning the business incentive bonus amount of $3000 each month with all the exclusive benefit packages of the company.

Advantages of the compensation plan of Juice Plus+

The benefit of this compensation plan mainly includes the earning potentials that are being unfolded through this unilevel design. A unilevel plan always encourages autonomous business owners to position every recruit in the top line for earning the highest amount from the sales efforts displayed by such recruit in the up-line. It mainly allows two things to happen:

  1. It enables team leaders to remove those who quit instantly increasing the chance of building more effective and solid down-line legs.
  2. It enhances the value of the production bonuses

Disadvantages of the compensation Plan of Juice Plus+

The major disadvantage of this plan is its details which are not revealed to the users before fully enrolling to this program. It often creates difficulties for the newly recruited distributors to comprehend their responsibility as the Virtual Franchise owner before being committed to the business financially. It also creates difficulties for them to arrive at a concrete decision without consulting the superiors. Independent reviews of former distributors often expose disillusionment which can be avoided if the company from the very beginning is transparent regarding its compensation plan.

Getting started with Juice Plus+ MLM Compensation Plan

If you want to start your career with this company then start from the very beginning as an independent distributor. To join as the independent distributor you can enroll to any local distributor of the company or you can log on to the website of the company to sign in as a registered distributor after filing the essential information. After this you shall receive a confirmation mail providing details of the information submitted by you previously. After cross checking of all the facts you need to shell out $ 50 as the processing and application fee for the ultimate enrollment. To know about it in detail you can contact the head office of the company or can talk with the distributor of the company. Once you enrolled as the distributor you have the scope of buying all the products at discount price which you can re-sell to your preferred customers for earning surplus profits. Your scope of earning profits will also be determined on the basis of your downline recruit as well as on their performance.

You shall receive top quality training kits for expanding your exposure in the MLM business and while working with experienced distributors you can automatically acquire the tricks of generating leads for your products. You will be given product kits also for sharing with your friends and neighbors for free trial. You should consume some of these products also for easy convincing the customers. The firm will provide all sorts of supports for your business development. You just have to focus on your training and to spend considerable amount of time for your business expansion and promotion. It takes at least 4-6 years to become successful in this business and so the onus is now on you to stay focus and gain experience and specialization in this market.

Conclusion of Juice Plus MLM compensation Plan

Before wrapping the review I must say that the industry of MLM is quite hard to survive for any ordinary individual lacking dedication and sincerity. Besides there are MLM firms that are jealous of the progress of this company and are always resort to false propaganda to malign its reputation in the market. They usually target common American fellows like you for achieving the goal. So never belief in false information without verifications otherwise you would be the sole looser and not the company. You should know by now that Juice Plus+ is quite transparent regarding its products, compensation plans and other facilities. Unlike other MLM firms this company always rewards the hardworking of its employees and rewards them with attractive packages and bonus amounts. Both male and female employees receive recognition from the company without any sort of discrimination. Employees working here do not involve in any kind of factionalism and hooliganism and so it is a perfect place for workaholic people. Besides, the level of cooperation among the employees is a pleasure experience for every new recruit of this company and so don’t waste any time and just go for this company.





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