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JUSURU MLM Compensation Plan Review


Multi-level companies are playing a big role in improving the employment scenario of USA to a considerable extent. In the process, they have improved the lifestyles of many young American by providing them a good platform for setting up a good business opportunity. They have provided them with the opportunity of leading an honest life with greater financial autonomy. Though there have been various MLM firm functioning in various states of USA but the tough gets bigger when it comes to spotting the ideal one for inexperienced American youths like you. In this respect it will be wise to first choose your area of interest in MLM industry. If you are a health conscious individual and have the habit of consuming various types of nutritional products then you can try your luck with JUSURU. To know more about the company, its products, compensational plans and other attractive opportunities just read this review carefully. To know more about earning huge from MLM business opportunity you can click here. 

About JUSURU MLM Compensation Plan 


This MLM firm was established in the year of 2009 and it mainly deals in selling nutritional supplements and other personal care products. The sole objective of the company is to provide all customers with the top quality of wellness and health products. It has provided employment scopes for more than twenty thousand distributors and at present it operates in twelve nations of the world. The company owes its current annual revenue generation of above $630,000 to its hardworking distributors who are making every possible effort to maximize the selling of its products in the market. These distributors mainly use the tactic of word of the mouth in convincing the customers to consume the products of the company.

Products of Jusuru MLM Compensation Plan

Jusuru manufactures all its healthy products in its superior state of the art facilities. The scientists working in this firm have developed a new ingredients called Liquid BioCell which they use it in all types of products to reduce the problem of skin aging and joint pain. It was prepared while the scientists were conducting research on a chemical substance named hyaluronic acid. This ingredient after securing the prior approval of FDA and other third party tests are inducted in its various product lines. Every product pack is well sealed for proper preservation of the nutritional elements and you can clearly see the manufacturing and expiry dates in them with the approval seals of FDA. Some of its popular products mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Liquid BioCell Sport: It helps in realizing your genuine potential to perform in sports which require extensive physical activities. It has been mainly designed for promoting muscle and joint fitness, fuelling mental and physical performance and boosting recovery within a short period of time. It helps in improving the level of your game to the ultimate level due to the presence of ingredients like astragalus extracts, rhodiola, L-carnitine, Liqui BioCell and so on. You can notice the difference within few weeks of consumption and so don’t delay just get hold of this product immediately.
  • Liquid BioCell Life: This clinically approved product is quite useful for obtaining younger looking shiny skin, strengthening physical joints and also for promoting healthy aging. It is quite useful for the old aged customers and mainly comprises of ingredients like resveratrol and thirteen anti-oxidant based superfruits besides the Liquid BioCell. It also helps in improving the longevity of the cardio vascular health and reduces prominent aging signs totally from the skin.
  • Stromaderm: This product is manufactured using the age-defying, unparalleled combinations of collagen peptide and hyaluronic acid and is quite ideal for regaining the lost youth of your skin. It contains no artificial ingredients and will not affect your tissue. Just try this product on your skin and you will notice the difference within few weeks of usage.
  • Liquid BioCell Pet: This clinically certified product is quite ideal for improving the overall physical health of your pet animals like cats and dogs. It shall reduce their physical discomfort, improve their mobility and shall promote healthy skin on their body. It can be absorbed easily by your pets and you just need to observe the prescribe guidelines while feeding it to the pets.

Compensation Plan of Jusuru MLM firm

The compensation plan of Jusuru mainly enables the distributors to earn money in the following ways mentioned below:

  • Retail Sales: It enables the distributors to earn a decent cash profit on selling the products of the company to the retail customers. There is a profit of forty percent if any distributor uniformly charges the specific retail price for the specific amount of carry and cash products from the consumers. The level of profit never changes with experience or promotion. It is based mainly on the difference between wholesale and retail costs of the every product pack of the company.
  • Preferred Customer Bonuses: Customers who have been enrolled in the autoship program mainly for the purpose of enabling them to buy the products of the company at a discount price through ordering on a monthly basis. Here you have the scope of receiving fifteen percent commission as an enrollment sponsor on the basis of their monthly purchasing amounts.
  • Three for Free: You have the bright chance of obtaining this award when you enroll 3 new representatives within your organization with each having the monthly autoship generation of a minimum value of about 140 volumes. This would automatically convert your first autoship generation of amount $140 totally free.
  • Fast Start Bonus: This is mainly awarded to the sponsors when their enrolled representatives exhibit decent performance in the first sixty days. It provides you the scope of earning twenty percent commission in response to personal volume of every personal sale.
  • Team Commissions: These are paid till the depth of ten levels after the termination of the period of fast start bonus. You have the scope of receiving override commissions between five to ten percent on the basis of personal sale volumes of all the members within your down-line. They are mainly paid on the ranking basis within your organization and your payment is mainly determined on the basis of leadership rank.
  • Elite Leadership Bonus: These are paid till $2200 on the basis of achieving any latest promotion. There are multiple ways to become eligible for this bonus which mainly include earning of new leadership level, possessing down-line members for retaining and earning promotions and so on. It frequently varies from $100-$1000 depending on the achievement of the goal.
  • CheckMath Bonuses: This bonus enables you to earn till twenty five percent of the overall incomes of your team. Those working at the level Endeavor 2 and above can earn the matching percentage on the qualified earnings of their members. For instance, if any member within your down-line is earning the commission of $500 then you as an Endeavor II have the scope of earning ten percent bonus which is $50.
  • Luxury Car Bonus: It has mainly been designed for those working at the level of Endeavor 3 and above for obtaining any silver Mercedes Benz car for lease. It normally varies from $500-$1000 every month and should be applied only on the lease of Mercedes Benz. On obtaining this car bonus you should try to retain its qualification every month for getting this payment continuously. If you are unable to retain the criteria then you must bear the responsibility of lease payment on your shoulder till you become qualified again.
  • Dream Pool: It is equal to the one percent of overall global volume of the company for any specific month which is distributed among those working at the level of Endeavor 4 and above in the shape of shares. It is been designed to fund your unrealized dreams like buying special treats for your children, buying new house and so on.
  • Enterprise Pool: It is equal to the two percent of overall global sale volumes of the company and is usually available to the leaders of Enterprise level. It is mainly paid in the shape of shares as per the ability of any person to maintain his leadership rank in the level of Enterprise.

The compensation plan of the company mainly focuses on 2 actions which include recruitment of new distributors and maximizing the sale of the products. On unleashing these two income earning opportunities you have the scope of pocketing huge profits if your marketing is good. But very few distributors can become successful as they struggle hard to generate leads for their products.

Getting started with Jusuru MLM Business opportunity

If you are sincerely considering the option of working with this company then the most ideal step on your part is to enroll yourself as the independent distributor of the company. To enroll as an independent distributor you can either turn up before any local distributor or directly visit the site of the company to begin the process of enrolling. While enrolling online you need to follow certain steps. In the first step you will be asked to select your marketing area besides fill up certain essential information column related to contact address, name and so on. In the second step you will be given the choice the optional business kits. It is quite essential that you opt for the costly one because these kits mainly comprise of online teaching materials and other useful items. In the third and final stage you need to purchase the optional product packs containing product bottles of the company in various quantities. Here also if you purchase the costly pack then you can get the option of consuming some these products while using the remaining for sale and to offer your nearest friends for free trials. Once joining as a distributor just focus on your training and regularly attend the seminars, conference meetings and other events of the company to sharpening your skill in the MLM industry.

The firm provides multiple options for earning income for the distributors. Here as the distributor you have the chance of earning commissions between ten to fifteen percent on the basis of the orders of your customers and also on the volume of the down-line. As the distributor you will have the bright chance of controlling the market to run business in your own way. It mainly includes fixing your own retail cost, hosting parties, recruiting down-line members and so on. It will provide you with the surplus opportunity to know the tricks of generating leads for your products and to tackle your down-line to the considerable extent. Its training cycle mainly comprises six specific steps and the firm will help you to set up your own replicated website. Using this website you can forward the orders of your preferred customers directly to the company. But you must not allow the growth of disillusionment of becoming immediate rich in your mind once you join the company. Otherwise you will be miserably failed and your attempt of shaping any prosperous career will be in totally vain.

Conclusion of Jusuru MLM Compensation Plan

Before ending the review you must bear in mind that the industry of MLM is quite competitive and it is quite hard to survive here without acquiring the required tricks. Another point is that in MLM every rival firm does try to malign one other for obtaining upper hand in the market. It is also surprisingly true even for this company also. You will hear many baseless facts about the company but without proper verification do not believe them blindly. If you give importance to such fictional facts then you shall be the sole loser but not the company. As you have read the review you are now totally that in terms of transparency this company is much ahead than other MLM firms. It is perfectly evident in terms of its products. The firm has clearly specified the constituent ingredients and manufacturing process of all its products. In regard to compensation plan also it has clearly highlights the ways through which any distributor can earn immediate income. Not only this in terms of opportunities, it has clearly specified the guidelines that you need to follow to become the fully enrolled member within the organization.






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