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Legal Shield MLM Compensation Plan Review


The internet is a useful tool to explore different income opportunities. There are several inspiring stories of people managing a successful side business running parallel to their career and actual professions. Hello everyone! It’s Brad here and I am would like to share something really interesting. How about increasing your level of income? I don’t know how it sounds to you. If you’re really interested, just keep on reading for I’ll reveal everything step by step. Do you have any idea about multi level marketing abbreviated as MLM? If your answer is ‘NO’, you can still go ahead and read out whatever I am going to discuss. Multi level marketing (MLM) is not a new concept but something which has been already explained from different perspectives.

I am here to review the genuine MLM programs offered by Legal Shield. This is a well known multilevel marketing company which relies heavily upon independent business owners. It is done to promote their business opportunities and array of legal services offered. Their MLM programs have changed the lives of many people who have pursued it passionately. There is no shortcut to success and it the same here. Many people join MLM businesses expecting a huge income at month end. It may not be possible without hard work, dedication and a disciplinary approach. Just like any other profession, you should have a proactive approach to things with a flair for learning. If my explanation so far has stuck the right chords, you may read further to get a deeper understanding of Legal Shield and their MLM programs. To know more about building a good network and earning more than 5K per week by using simple MLM techniques click here. 


 A quick walkthrough of Legal Shield

As the name suggests, Legal Shield offers an easy route to gain direct and cost effective access to law firms. It was officially started off in 1972 with a different name and presently employs more than 800 people across offices in many states. In the year 2011, it was known to register $416 in total revenue. Despite all the negative online reviews surfacing now and then, the company has experienced growth year after year. Legal Shield is selling a wide range of services to customers which include personal legal plan that may cost $17 per month. By using this plan, customers can reduce their total spending on legal services to a great extent. They can just speak to a specialist and experienced attorney without any requirement to pay a steep hourly rate. Benefit plans, small business plans and identity theft plans are also there for employees. Every plan is designed to suit a customer’s needs with each offering premium features in different versions.

The MLM business model is not at all confusing to say the least. Many people join Legal Shield based on their needs, choices and dreams. Some people are already pursuing something extraordinary in their career. However, they join Legal Shield for owning a personal business apart from a parallel running regular business or profession. Another category of individuals pursue the MLM programs to avoid the hassles and side effects of a regular business. It is done to avoid the stress and headache of employees, associated fixed costs, variable costs, etc.

Legal service needs vary from person to person. When you need legal representation for general legal cases, you can get in touch with Legal Shield. It may include writing a will, basic legal advice, submitting a filing, and more. You are likely to have legal representation fixed at discounted price depending upon membership levels. People rate Legal Shield based on their personal experiences which can vary from case to case. Many members have significant and regular legal needs which allowed them to make the most of the legal services offered. However, there are people who often complain of not receiving the real value of membership based on usage. However, only a small number of people have questioned the quality of legal representation services received.

 Review of Legal Shield MLM Compensation Plan

Legal Shield pays you handsomely based on your performance and achievements. It is slightly different from all the mediocre companies who offer ‘MLM’ programs. New and aspiring associates are given a realistic view of the possibilities. There are mainly three plans, namely Personal Legal Plans, Identity Theft Plans and Small Business Plans. Each of these plans comes with a number of benefits tailored to your needs. Legal Shield would always make it affordable for members to speak with experienced attorneys. There would be no need for paying the steep hourly charges synonymous with lawyers in general. As in case with any reputable network marketing company, Legal Shield pays you based on each enrollment of new candidates with decent income. Thus, their compensation plan is also good enough and being in the business for three decades and more is enough to speak of its credibility.

Newly recruited representative undergo a training which equips them to gather potential leads from their own surroundings. They need to make contacts and communicate with them about the products and services offered by Legal Shield. However, there are no pre-defined steps which can be utilized for creating a growing list of customers in the downline. New representatives undergo training presented by a back office software programs and upline led meetings. It provides a limited view of promotion and marketing strategies. It will not immediately result in average new associate to financial freedom.

People from different walks of life have joined hands with Legal Shield. Some of them might be working hard to earn a living while others often see this opportunity to get on the road to financial freedom in future. Your concept of business and marketing may change after working with Legal Shield. You’ll be able to discover things which were unknown and get to know what it takes to make it big.


Membership Levels in Legal Shield MLM Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of Legal Shield varies as per total sales and referral sales. There are different levels or stages as mentioned below:

Junior Associate – Based on each sale registered, the junior associates may receive %50 after reaching five personal sales. The commission rates are unlikely to go up until these associates progress to next level.

Associate – By registering three personal sales, new representatives can reach the associate level. However, they need to also refer each new recruit personally to do so. In case it’s not achievable, there is a way out. This status of associate can be reached by sponsoring at least two recruits with five sales during the initial 30 days. These associates are able to earn almost $75 on each sale.

Senior Associate – The senior associates are eligible for receiving $100 on each sale generated. This status of seniority is achievable by simply referring three junior associates who are active. It must be also accompanied by 30 organizational sales in totality.

Manager – This post is the next in hierarchy and managers receive up to $125 on each sale. However, they need to have a minimum of three active associates along with 100 total organizational sales.

Director – Reaching the status of director is no cakewalk and full of challenges. These people earn up to $150 on each sale which is not easily achievable. It requires having three senior associates who’re active along with 200 sales in total.

Executive Director – The executive directors taste the real cream by sitting atop others. They can earn up to $182.50 on each sale which is achievable from the position of a director. However, the director must have 50 sales with no 20 sales coming out of a single person within the organization.

Apart from the aforementioned standard commissions, bonus and incentives are provided based on total personal sales and referral sales. Bonus commissions are also provided by Legal Shield in case personal sales are renewing their legal policies each year.

 Affiliate Program in Legal Shield MLM Compensation Plan 

As already mentioned, Junior Associate remains the entry level rank at enrollment time. These associates are paid with half commission based five initial sales. After the pending part in each sale, an extra $34 is payable immediately on signing up fifth customer as member. There are mainly two different ways of promoting an associate. Any junior associate has the chance of earning fast start incentive for promotion during the initial 30 days. They can also gather up to ten performance club points which involves a sum of ten sales within the downline.

For the promotion of a senior associate, the distributor needs to have three downline legs active. It also includes a sum of at least thirty members or personal sales. For promoting to manager, the 3 downline legs should have promoted the associate along with organization combinable registering at least 100 sales.

For promoting the director to next level, at least 3 active legs need to promote senior associate. The team should have a combined total of a minimum of 200 sales. In order to promote to the position of executive director, the director needs to have fifty personal sales. Not more than twenty out of this fifty should be placed on a single downline within this organization.

 Compensation Plan of Legal Shield MLM Business Opportunity

Legal Shield provides simple access to different types of legal services. It includes advice on unlimited issues, call made upon behalf, attorney letters, etc. The membership levels are a step by step process with a compensation structure. It is specially designed to help in growing the leaders along with a wide and stable team structure. There are junior associates who sell an expanded family plan to be entitled for commissions. The highest position is that of Executive Director who earns almost $182.50 on each sale. However, there are primarily three ways of earning commission as discussed below:

Personal Advance –

A new member makes onetime payment after signing up for normal one year membership. The real amount of commission earned by each representative on personal advance sales is based on their promotional level. Junior associates can make $34 per sale of plan and also increase this amount. They can also earn $68 by turning fast start qualified or brining five fresh customers to register them as members during initial 30 days. Every promotional level can earn the associate a minimum of $30. Executive director can be paid with $252 on each plan.

Team Overrides –

The upline sponsor is mainly eligible for team overrides payments each time a downline representative gets a customer to register for full membership. Each of the promotion level can earn up to $34 extra for team overrides barring executive director level whose earnings are $44.

Lifetime Residual –

Lifetime upgrades work as continued commission payable on monthly basis as maintenance fee. The customer who is retained after 13th month leads to a monthly residual commission. It is solely for the purpose of signing the distributor for lifetime in the contract. Specific percentage payable is based on promotion level of distributor and customer retention rate. It may vary from 1% to 18%.

The nonstandard payments are awarded in form of bonuses and incentives. Some of the well recognized incentives include exotic vacations, cash prizes, cars, and further bonus opportunities. A distributor needs to fulfill some guidelines in order to earn these onetime offers or accomplish certain goals.

Advantages and Disadvantages in Legal Shield MLM Compensation Plan 


  • Based on real facts, there is not a single reason to consider Legal Shield a scam. Many prospective sellers have made a living and fortune with the income opportunities offered. Undergoing the training and following the advice of leaders can take you to places.
  • Your outlook on product marketing and MLM is likely to go through a major update after pursuing Legal Shield. There would be meetings, seminars, webinars, and video tutorials to help you fuel your efforts. It will teach you on the exact approach required to expect success in the long run.
  • There is no limit to the income level as it is likely to multiply based on your efforts and ultimate performance. Distributor’s skill level, work ethic and consistency also play a role in taking him or her closer to success.
  • This is not a regular 9-5 job with an intimidating boss. There is no compulsory deadline to meet in order to prove worthiness. Many people pursue the MLM business opportunities on a part time basis. It can run parallel with their mainstream profession or business. There are also people who pursue Legal Shield on a full time basis. You are likely to come across both the categories of people.
  • Many reviews tend to flag it as ‘scam’ without even exploring the real facts. Such rumors are primarily spread by former independent distributors who’ve failed miserably. Generating commissions are really challenging but the efforts are worth the rewards in future.



  • Unfortunately, if the distributors didn’t receive proper training and support essential, the chances of failure looms ahead.
  • People with less understanding of marketing concepts, no prior work experience in this field or weak communication skills will find it really difficult at initial stages.
  • It is up to the individual to ensure they possess all the essential tools for making the right move. A laid back approach may not bring desired results but a proactive approach can give better returns.





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